Marked Safe From World War 3

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Well, President Trump just made his remarks, and everyone who was hyperventilating about Iran on Twitter dot com seems to have been BTFO by rhetorical missiles that actually hit.

Most of us don’t really have a clue as to what’s going on in foreign policy, and so spouting off with limited knowledge is just foolish.

I’ve noticed Twitter goes ballistic every time there’s a minor exchange, whether it’s Syria (which I was guilty of), North Korea, or this.

Honestly, the best thing to do is wait to formulate your opinion until you see what’s going on with real information.

It’s pretty obvious that Iran sent missiles that failed in their attacks on purpose. A symbolic gesture to show they wouldn’t “lay down” after the assassination of their general, but they also understood they were the ones who started it with the attack on our embassy in Baghdad. With no casualties, no more prospective strikes, it looks like it’s over and this was just something that they needed to do to save face.

And our administration understands this too.

Stop panicking all the time, it’s bad for the soul.

If you’re interested in war and its repercussions, the Von Monocle series gets really heavy especially toward the third book as the characters delve deep into the war. Start reading today.

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