Flying Sparks #3 Now On Kindle

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We’re pushing out Flying Sparks as single issues if you haven’t seen it, just got #3 out on Kindle and am working on setting the series up on amazon.

The purpose of this rerelease experiment is to give people lower price point options to get in on the series, with each issue at $2.99 so folk don’t feel like they have to break the bank all at once to start reading. Lets you pace at your own leisure and budget. #3 went live on Kindle yesterday.

You’ll notice issue #1 has a print option also. I’m working on these for issues 2 and 3 as well but we’re having some formatting issues so bear with us on that front.

This is the best indie superhero book out there, and one of the very few to get this far in — so far counting the #0 and Meta-Man Special, we have 11 full issues of the Flying Sparks story and universe. I’m not sure any other books have done that in recent years outside of Image Comics. Check it out now if you haven’t already.

Issue #1 starts here. 


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