RIP Mike Resnick

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I’m very sad to have to report that Mike Resnick, one of science fiction and fantasy’s great modern pulp writers, has passed.

He’d been struggling with his health for awhile, and there was a gofundme posted to raise money since he missed most of last year’s writing due to his health complications, but no doubt he is one of the greatest influences on the genre today.

I stumbled across Mike Resnick with his weird west series about a decade ago, which was fantastic. Not only was he a great writer, he was a wonderful editor, bringing back pulp sensibilities to short fiction with his Galaxy’s Edge magazine, which published a lot of friends of mine.

I got to meet him briefly at LibertyCon, and was very honored to be able to shake his hand.

If you go look at his catalogue, he is an inspiration with how hard of a worker her was, and how much he was able to output. I hope his family is well and will pray for them during these times, and also urge everyone else to as well.

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