Spider-Girl Complete Collection Volume 3 Announced!

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Via Amazon, the 3rd volume of the greatest comics series of all time by Grand Master of Comics Writing Tom DeFalco and astounding artists Pat Olliffe and Ron Frenz will be hitting stands.

According to the site, this collects issues #33-50 of the series, with a release date of August 11th, 2020.

The only collected editions so far of Spider-Girl come in the form of small “Digests” with the last edition, Volume 12, collecting up through issue #72. The series, however, famously hit 100 issues — almost unheard of for a spinoff character — due to its popularity with fans and constant letter-writing campaigns by the Spider-Girl faithful.

Amidst even more letter writing, the series was relaunched as Amazing Spider-Girl and Spectacular Spider-Girl respectively, both of which did not last nearly as long, and concluded with shorts which only appeared online and finally a “The End” issue.

I’m hoping the Marvel complete collections will COMPLETE Spider-Girl and not be canceled midway through. They seem to be coming out annually, and at this rate of amount of issues in a volume, we will need 4-5 more volumes to 100% complete the series (depending on if they put in the crossover MC2 Universe events in), which means the series would be fully collected in 2024 or 2025. So far they have not collected the tie-in miniseries of Darkdevil and The Buzz in these Complete Collections which revealed crucial character elements of recurring characters in the Spider-Girl universe.

I’ll also note that amazon has a $44.95 price tag for this collection, up from the prior two volumes at $39.99.  WIll this be a new normal for Marvel collected prices?

The image on amazon which you can preorder the book here: 

Not sure if this will be the cover art but no logo or title has been placed on here yet.


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