Former SFWA Leader Viciously Attacks Recently Deceased Author

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SFWA has been quite the embattled organization. The Science Fiction Writers of America have tarnished the great name of their writers’ guild over the last several years, refusing admission to popular authors over political affiliation, targeting their own members when their awards received nominations their leadership didn’t like, and of course a famous incident where their former president, Cat Rambo, defended a known pedophile for their actions against their victim.

It’s been an absolute travesty, but this is the end result of social justice taking its hold and wringing the neck of sanity until there is none left.

Yesterday, SFWA’s former communications director, Jaym Gates, attacked the venerable Mike Resnick, one of sci-fi’s most awarded and highly-regarded authors with a nasty post on her facebook page, attempting to demean his legacy with unsubstantiated attacks of “sexism” and ‘harassment” much like these types always do for attention, bizarrely rambling about “white men”. The full post is here:

Insane ramblings at best, malicious at worst as Resnick passed away after a long battle with health problems this last week, and his widow just put up a GoFundme to try to cover some of the medical expenses which she’d incurred and inherited over the last year. Tragic.

But everything she speaks to is also complete nonsense. Resnick never did anything other than to say SFWA shouldn’t be playing identity politics with their club — their intention is supposed to be to FURTHER the careers of professional authors and provide a network for each other.

As SFWA’s usefulness has declined in the internet age, they’ve been reaching out and causing controversy in an attempt to stay relevant, but fewer and fewer members of the professional community are active within the club as they’re more prone to spend their resources working for nonsense like this, than to actually help authors.

Gates herself has a long history of harassing male authors. Last year, she targeted another fan-favorite and award winner, John Ringo, false-flagging him for harassment with unsubstantiated claims and actually getting him removed as a guest from a convention because of her loud protests, when it turned out he didn’t do anything of the sort, and when she was pressed for details, she stated the only thing he did was say something that triggered her while he was on a panel.

She’s attempted to ruin the lives of authors, and it seems the reason she pushes against them is identity — she picks white, male targets in order to try to make a name for herself among identarian terrorists.

This woman obviously has problems interacting in normal society, and that SFWA puts people like this in leadership positions speaks volumes of the organization.

Mike Resnick is owed a direct apology officially from SFWA for the way he’s been treated by their extremist agitators within the club. It would be the right and stand up thing to do to make sure we can celebrate the life of this man who did so much for the community, and worked so hard by being one of the most prolific authors of our time, a true inspiration.

If you liked Resnick’s work, check out Justified: Saga of the NanoTemplar. His style and work ethic were an inspiration to me, and I’m glad I got to meet and shake his hand last year at LibertyCon before he passed.

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2 thoughts on “Former SFWA Leader Viciously Attacks Recently Deceased Author

  1. Not only do they rabidly hate men, but they also hate indies. I mean they really hate indies. Look at what happened to AK DuBoff. She was nominated for a Nebula! She flew in from Germany… only to be seated in the back and not mentioned or recognized the entire night. Either because she was white, a woman, or (more likely) an indie. They feel the seachange and like all people who see their relevance, position, and power waning, they fight against the new guard. The irony here is, it hastens their passing.

    Cat Rambo and her ilk are all in the pocket of trad. If you’re not one of them, you don’t matter. Hugo and Nebula awards used to mean something. They were what we all strived for. A badge of excellence of writing for any sci-fi author. Now they’re just tokens given to whoever has the right identity as chosen by the group in power.

  2. I am listening to Vox Days e-book SJW Always Lie.

    Eric Weinstein describes something he calls the “Distributed Idea Suppression Complex” I feel it is at the root of the systemic stagnation in the life sciences. A fallacy is that science progress is rooted in consensus. It is also related to the dislike of the Indie in some way.

    Hard in the beginning to listen to but later into the interview it gets very good.
    “Bret Weinstein on “The Portal” (w/ host Eric Weinstein), Ep. #019 – The Prediction and the DISC.”

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