Hold Me Closer, Clockwork Dancer

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Unless you’ve read my Epic #1 Bestselling Steampunk saga, you’ve never experienced Victorian drama on a level in which you’re about to read in Clockwork Dancer, now available on Kindle!

Awesome automatons!

Gallant gadgets!

Amazing airships!

It’s all here in Clockwork Dancer, the first steampunk comic by #1 Bestselling and Award-Winning Steampunk author, Jon Del Arroz.

The British Empire views her as an abomination…

…to be captured or destroyed at all costs!

Alastair has created a monster, at least in the eyes of the Anglican Church and under the laws of Queen Victoria. His clockwork automaton has the spark of life, but little does the outside world know she has a heart of gold.

They must go on the run from Her Majesty’s Secret Service and evade an evil plot by the man who first invented clockwork automatons–who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the Clockwork Dancer for his dastardly plans.

Buy now and start reading your adventure with Alastair and his Clockwork Dancer! Only $2.99 on Kindle! About 60% of the price of a Marvel or DC digital comic!


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