Do You Feel The Awakening?

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2020 is becoming an interesting year. But I am starting to see a major sea change and feel a big energy shift in the current climate.

People are seeing through the B.S. They know the problems that exist and are caused by corporate establishment and their stooges in culture, and are starting to see real alternatives arise.

On our side, I feel like the in-fighting needs to stop. This is a big year for everyone. There are people who will want to destroy us because they don’t like how productive our movement is, don’t like that they can’t compete with our fun content and ideals in art that they can never capture — because our art points to real truth, and therefore has real beauty.

There’s a lot of temptation to bicker, fight each other, try to harm each other, but this is what the Enemy wants. It’s meant to tear us down. Think of how the corporate world works — they are in lockstep. The authors support each other. The media supports them. The reviewers support them. The authors then support the reviewers. It’s a big circle where there’s a TON of positive messaging where it snowballs exponentially.

We can have that too. It’s easy to get frustrated, to look like the pie is shrinking or stagnant, but we have to play the long game. We can’t afford to slow down or get frustrated. This is generational work, it won’t happen overnight. But there are those of us who see the long-term, see the horizon, and we’re going to create the real change.

Join me, and urge your favorite indie creators to do the same. We can make a difference. It’s time to put our small differences aside and make for a bright future.

Start by reading Clockwork Dancer #1, my new BESTELLING steampunk comic. It’s got excellent reviews so far. Check it out here. 

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