The Gamma Male NEVER Stops

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Ever since entering the world of comics, I’ve had to deal with hundreds of gamma males harassing me day in and day out trying to gotcha me in a futile effort to stop me making my great books.

Their M.O. is to make an anonymous account, come online, tell me how much of a “failure” I am at life, love, friendship, and my book business, and then when I tell them rightly to eff off, cry that I’m “attacking customers.”

Last week, I had one of these incidents where I was being harassed by a known troll who openly admitted on a livestream they like to instigate fights between creators to watch the shit show, and when I called this person out on not being a customer by saying I knew their identity and they weren’t one of my backers (I did not reveal said identity), they cried doxxer at me and got a gang of YouTube crazies to make hours and hours of livestreams calling me all sorts of names.

A week later, I’m still getting the nonsense. A youtuber who goes by the name Cecil has a new crowdfund campaign out, and within minutes of it launching, he decided to dedicate his twitter to attacking me, as if it gets him some sort of cred to sell his book. I’ll note I’ve never once seen him talking about the merits of the book as a story — which makes sense as it’s an amateurish self-insert book starring him as a superhero to make inside jokes to the Twitter audience, no real lasting story appeal no matter how it’s sliced.

But it’s constant attacks on me when I’m talking about the actual quality of my book, Flying Sparks, which readers say is the best indie superhero graphic novel of the last decade.

It started with this guy making some comment that I don’t know how to sell books, which is really odd since combined I moved around 30,000 units between all my books last year, while his lone campaign (he won’t be doing other books I’m sure, as he’s not a pro-writer), has less than 1,000.

But with the gamma males, it’s not about reality. They’re always secret kings in their own minds, and since he has a single book making a moderate amount of money, he thinks he’s the king of the hill. His audience, being primarily gamma males as well, chime in further. Again, an anonymous weirdo comes to ask sales figures on a specific book, Flying Sparks, which has to date moved more than 3,000 copies, and told me it “actually” hasn’t sold more than some other creators’ book.

They’re never interested in accuracy, but they want to suck up your time to go through an endless “gotcha” cycle, which is what occured next. I mentioned For Steam And Country is my primary seller, and he kept going on about how “actually that’s different” as if it didn’t count because it’s a different genre of book. He proceded to call me a “snake” which is a word a lot of these YouTubers use on repeat when attacking their victims from their platforms, signaling he’s part of the tribe in order to try to get likes.

The gamma doesn’t care about truth, doesn’t care about the actual objectives of what’s going on (selling books in this case), but only cares about trying to suck up your time to get attention, and also to get likes. Almost always, these situations delve into “LOL you only got X Likes on this post”, to which I can only laugh, because only teenage girls care about likes as social status.

Gamma males act like teenage girls, except for they are fat ugly men on average, which gives them zero redeeming qualities.

Another followed me to facebook in a group I’ve been a part of for a long time, calling me a failure in life from what appeared to be a fake name, with a fake picture. Another tell of this gamma behavior is they love to not put their name on it. At the end of the day, they’re chicken shits and want to hide behind anonymity, because they’re lashing out at normal people, ones they psychologically believe bullied them in high school. The anonymity gives them a shield to which they don’t want to get their proverbial swirlie. This is why they flip out about doxxing so much. At the end of the day though, they want to be doxxed so they can cry victim about it. It’s an endless cycle of attack attack attack and cry.

I give about 2-3 posts at this point as a strategy. If the person keeps fighting, wall of texts me, tags in other bigger accounts to try to engage a pile on, I know these are low status males who just want a little bit of dopamine hits from likes, cuz they can’t get that from their real relationships. Even that is too much rope most of the time because you can tell by one post whether these folk are gammas.

But it never ends. They’ll make new fake accounts. They’ll keep coming out of the woodwork to try to get head pats from youtubers. It is the saddest, lowest status male you can imagine.

They want to slow my book making down, and I don’t have time for it. I’ve got art to create and culture battles to win.

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