Back From Vacation!

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You may have noted a huge lack of activity on my end for the last week, something not seen very often (maybe Christmas week every year since no one reads the internet around that time).

I went on vacation!

I mentioned it on all of my social media but forgot to mention it here — sorry about that! Took a complete break from looking at anything on the internet for 5 straight days, and it was amazing.

Honestly I’m not sure much value is lost by getting off the internet, and I know it’s counterintuitive for me to say this as someone whose business is almost solely built on internet sales, but we spend way too much time as a society surfing the web and scrolling social media. It’s really warping our brains, sometimes mine included.

Does that mean I’ll quit for good?

Probably not. I have a lot of books in the pipeline and cool stuff coming that I’m going to need to maximize all of my outlets.

But I definitely want to spend less time on social media in general, more time writing, more time with the family. I think it’s healthier that way.

What do you do to limit internet time? Be interested in seeing your thoughts.

Next week I’ll be launching The Steam Knight, my steampunk special forces stories of James Gentry as he comes up through their ranks. It’s a lot of fun and standalone so don’t worry about it saying “book 5”.  You can preorder here for Monday release, and print will be available in a couple of days.


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One thought on “Back From Vacation!

  1. RE: What do you do to limit internet time?

    I’m not perfect with this, but I set a specific fiction reading goal on my iPad or Kindle: reading on the PC and phone doesn’t count. My iPad is also my Square POS so all I have on it is Square, a PDF reader, and the Kindle app.

    The fiction reading goal pulls me right out of farting around on the interweb tubes.

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