Weeaboo Squad – ACTIVATE!

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Not for one of my projects this time, but for my great friend Timothy Lim.

Tim is a patriot, a wonderful person, a great artist, and if you watch my youtube streams, you see him usually once or twice a week co-hosting with me.

And so I want everyone to come in hard for his project, Kamen America, his new manga-style superhero with a patriotic theme for Americans — the weeaboo dream. 

And she’s got HUGE fukken anime tiddies.

But Tim always delivers a great book, does so regularly. He’s a hard worker and a winner, and his partner-in-crime, Mark Pellegrini is one of the best writers out there. I’ve watched these kids as a duo really come up and get better and better with each book. They’re funny, witty, tell a good story, and you know you can count on them as people through thick and thin.

So back Kamen America — join the weeaboo squad today. #KamenKampaign HAIL!

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