Our Community Is Unstoppable

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We’re almost there on Dynamite Thor, less than $750 to go as of this posting for a success.

This is a huge win, because as Bounding Into Comics reported, the book has been removed from any possibility of a random person discovering it on the site or on Google.

We’ve been effectively erased, which means it’s all the more crucial for you — the loyal reader — to come in and push this book over the top.

The more we show we’re a profitable endeavor, the better options we have to work with larger platforms in the future. If we show them we are true comics fans, truly here for the book, going to come in hard for our indie artists and writers, we have the upper hand.

Kickstarter isn’t deplatforming me, but giving me the opportunity to show my value as a creator and allowing my project to go forward. It’s a big opportunity to seize a victory under difficult conditions and show how strong we are.

We need you for continued success as a movement, as an art community, as a group trying to change culture.

It’s 100% doable to get funded this weekend. Back today, don’t wait. Give us a huge victory this week to where we can show everyone we’re going to have the best comics possible in 2020 and no one can stop our momentum.

Back here. 

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