Planetary Mars Anthology – Out Now

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This book’s been coming together over the last year, an anthology I edited with Mars-themed stories. I wanted to incorporate both the God of War and the Red Planet and it came together really nicely with some great stories from fantastic authors. Thank you so much to both Chuck Dixon and Kevin J. Anderson for contributing to this!

I can’t speak highly enough of a lot of these stories. A couple I really want to highlight are Jay Barnson’s “The Martian Princess” and Avily Jerome’s “To Open The Gate.” While I love all the stories in this anthology, I’ve been watching these two grow as writers. They’re going to be major forces in the field with the talent they have and folk should get used to seeing their names out there!

Anyway, pick up the anthology and read the stories for yourself. I hope you enjoy!

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Book Blast: Levon’s War by Chuck Dixon

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Anyone who follows me knows that Chuck Dixon is one of my favorite comic writers. If comics had a Grand Master status, he would definitely have earned it. In fact, I’ll confer him the title Grand Master of Comics right now. But I discovered he also wrote prose fiction early last year, when I saw him post to a Facebook group, promoting the book, Levon’s Trade. I immediately picked up the book and found he’s an extremely competent prose writer as well.

Most of the fare I signal boost on here is fantasy or sci-fi, but Chuck’s series is a straight up action thriller. If you like Bruce Willis movies or Seal Team Six or Brad Thor books, this series will most definitely appeal to you. And with the 5th book of the series releasing this week, you have something cool to binge read as well.

Check out Levon’s War! 

His word is his bond. 

A promise made in the past takes Levon Cade from the hills of Alabama to the caliphate of ISIS.

The US Marine turned backwoods vigilante returns to the Iraqi desert on a mission of mercy that will take him to the heart of terror. 

It will take all his skills, all his courage and all his will to survive the hell that Mosul has become. 

It’s time for Levon’s War.

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For Steam And Country Now Available On Audio

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Happy to have out my first audiobook, read by the wonderful narrator, Katie Wright. She did a great job and now you can listen to For Steam And Country on audio! 

Book 2 is with editorial and I’ve just started writing book 3. Hopefully I’ll have book 2 to you around summertime, and depending on book 3 it may not be that long after that. There will also be a James Novella titled “Knight Training” which I’ll have for everyone about the time of book 2.

Here’s the link again for the book and audio option (just click audio). 

Or on Audible here.

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The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For: The Stars Entwined Cover Reveal!

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The Stars Entwined, my military sci-fi/space opera epic, is finally done and ready, and we have a March 20th release date through Superversive Press. I’m loving how this turned out, and early readers are saying it’s my best work so far.

If you missed the mailing list giveaway and reveal yesterday make sure you sign up. I use it very sparingly and it’s often accompanied by cool stuff.

But you’re here for The Stars Entwined. This book and space opera world has been in my head since i was about 15 years old… and I started writing down snippets of it when I was 18. Earth has expanded out into the stars and is bordered up with a couple of hostile alien empires, though we’ve got allies of our own. The world of The Aryshan War has such a deep history and rich background that I’ve got a number of stories set in this universe to tell, and I’m so excited to bring you my main characters Sean, Tol, and Tamar and the very cool Aryshan aliens. Here’s the cover:

Pictured is an Aryshan warship, looming over us with its dark shadow stretching out. It’s very thematic for what’s going on in the book. You’ll see very soon.


The Aryshan Empire and Earth are on the brink of war!

The Stars Entwined is the first installment in an epic space opera series by multiple award-nominated science fiction writer, Jon Del Arroz. If you like Vatta’s War by Elizabeth Moon or The Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold, then you’ll love this epic adventure with action, intrigue, and star-crossed romance filling every page. 

After several recent attacks along the border of Aryshan space, internal affairs agent Sean Barrows is brought to Palmer Station to ensure the Interplanetary Navy’s on the right track in their terrorism investigations. What he discovers could lead to the biggest war the galaxy has ever seen. Sean’s work leads him to his most dangerous assignment yet—into the heart of Aryshan territory as a spy.

Meanwhile, Aryshan Commander Tamar is being groomed by the Ruling Committee to one day assume leadership of her people. First, she needs to prove herself in warship command. As tensions increase with Earth, Tamar finds herself increasingly isolated as one of the few in opposition to the war. Her troubles deepen when she comes face to face with a new member of her crew, the most intriguing man she’s ever encountered.

For now, make sure to back my Patreon!  I put out short stories every month, you get details like this early, and draft/deleted chapters, and I’ll probably be putting out some in The Stars Entwined’s universe in the next couple of months.

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Evil Girlfriend Media Shutting Its Doors

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It saddens me today to receive notice that EGM is shutting its doors and closing down. I wish there had been a little more notice but the kindle version is already gone. Jennifer Brozek, my former editor, was the chief editor there. All of their books will be gone from their stores soon, including, sadly, my debut novel.

This book was nominated for 2 awards, including the most prestigious award in science fiction, the Dragon Award. I think it was a fantastic debut.

As of right now, the paperback version still exists. I have emailed the people at Star Realms (White Wizard Games) to see if there’s anything I can do to get this back in print because I know people love to check out my books, but we’ll have to see how that goes.

For now, you might want to pick this up while you still can:

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Making Peace by Adam Lane Smith

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Making Peace is a new book out by a debut sci-fi and fantasy author today worth checking out. Adam has incredible talent with voice and character, and this reads like a book by someone who’s a veteran writer.

You’ll note I already gave a blurb about the pacing and action. I read this over the Christmas break and it’s very well done. Do check it out!

Explosions, swordfights, psychology, and humor combine in this unique sci-fi/fantasy blend! It’s sword and sorcery on a dystopian colony planet.  

Interstellar romance author Belkan Candor has had a string of bestsellers, and his latest hit, My Mech, My Love, is flying off store shelves. When he takes a job as an embedded journalist with a peacekeeping organization, he expects a plush assignment with a big payout. What he gets is an exposé into human trauma and psychological pain, and a twisted conspiracy on an entire planet looking to stay off the grid. 

Swords are swinging and magic is flinging, and Belkan is right in the center of it. Assassins, serial killers, prostitutes, and obsessed romance novel fans collide in a web of intrigue and violence which threatens to tear his world apart. 
Will he survive, or will this novel be the death of him?
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Friends Friday: Devastator by Jason Cordova

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Last week I announced I’d be doing guest blogs every Friday to highlight some other authors in the field. With the craziness of the last week, a broken link to the email I was supposed to have those sent to (whoops! sorry anyone who tried to submit), I haven’t had time to coordinate with anyone.

However, I’d like to promote my good friend Jason Cordova. He’s one of the finest Hispanic authors in the field, and a wonderful person. I’m actually currently listening to his Wraithkin via audiobook right now, and it’s a lot of fun.

He just came out with a book today, Devastator, book 2 in his “the Warp” series. This is YA Sci-Fi and I definitely can’t wait to check out this series when I’m done with Wraithkin.

Check it out here.


The Warp is perfectly safe, its creators claimed.

After the events which took place one year before, the last thing Tori Adams wanted was to go back into The Warp. She enjoyed college and the challenges it brought. She had no desire to set foot into the virtual reality realm ever again. Life moved on, and The Warp changed for the better as improvements were made.

The Nexus was a new login realm that allowed for gamers to avoid being stuck in-game for too long. The alpha testing had gone fine, but when the open beta testing began for the Nexus, it turned on—and stayed on. Nobody could explain it, and WarpSoft did everything in their power to shut it down. Unable to investigate from without, they asked Tori to go back in to find out what was keeping the Nexus online. She’s convinced it’s nothing more than a computer glitch. WarpSoft agreed with her, but…

What if something—or someone—far more dangerous was behind it?

There was only one way to find out.

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Book Blast: Damnation’s Robot by Aaron Crash

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Damnation Robot

Part of being where I’m at now is getting messages of some very cool fiction that’s coming down the pipeline. Damnation Robot is one of those. I don’t think I ever would have discovered Aaron Crash without someone bringing him to my attention, and I would have missed out! This isn’t someone I know personally, but the writer certainly has a lot of talent. What a fun Military SF romp. It should definitely appeal to the folk who read me.


In an infinite universe, evil knows no limits …

When a black hole exploded, killing Blaze and Elle’s father and opening the demonic Onyx Gate, they had no idea how much their lives would change. 

Now, thirty years later, Blaze is a highly trained astral Marine, and Elle is a powerful Onyx witch. Together, the siblings have formed an uneasy alliance with a misfit crew of aliens and monsters to track down demons, snare ghosts, and destroy hellish creatures bent on murder—all to discover how to close the Onyx Gate for good. 

There’s just one problem. A demon-possessed robot has infiltrated their starship, the Lizzie Borden, and a vicious coven of stellar vampires have stranded them in a graveyard of ships at the edge of known space. All the while, an unimaginable evil is brewing—one they cannot possibly destroy.

“Damnation Robot is a phenomenal mashup of Dresden Files, Firefly, and Warhammer 40K in a fast-paced, shoot-‘em-up, thrill ride that will leave you reading late into the night.” –James A. Hunter, Author of the Yancy Lazarus Series and Viridian Gate Online

Check it out here.

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The Super Hype Jon Del Arroz Book Of The Year

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I read a lot of great books this year. It makes it exceedingly hard for me to choose one or even do a top five like I am prone to doing. Of course, then it’d be just as easy to name one of my own books as book of the year, I mean I am rather partial to those…

But over the course of all of my reading, one book really stood out to me. Even though it’s been about 6 months since I read it, the book is fresh in my mind. The characterizations were so visceral, the worldbuilding so tight. It opened in a very unique battle sequence which was very intense, where unlike most fantasy/mil-sf I read, I felt the characters were in  overwhelming danger and not going to get out of it. The book took such a brave 180 as it got further into it, transitioning to another kind of battle — the battle for the main character’s heart.

Just the pure breadth and depth of this story meant it had so much to offer. The author has such a depth of connecting with character that it makes it hard to put it down once I started reading, all of which is positive.

And so… I decree the book of the year 2017 to be Wandfasted by Laurie Forest. It’s billed as a novella, but it’s really about the length of a short novel.

It’s a prequel to The Black Witch, and actually I believe was released more as a promotional tool for that book. It really stands on its own and I feel is superior to the main book it’s meant to support. Where I felt TBW bogged down with some pacing issues in the middle, this book was about perfect on that level. I keep saying Laurie is someone to pay attention to as THE NEXT BIG NAME IN FANTASY. If she keeps up work like this, she may be hailed as one of the greats sooner rather than later.

Wandfasted is available only via ebook, though I think her publisher should look into doing a limited edition hardbound run. Check it out here:

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Books For Success

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A lot of people ask me about my strategies, tactics, marketing and just general life advice these days. I don’t really read direct “marketing” or “social media strategy” books. Most of those have platitudes that don’t look at general larger scopes or battles. I tend to want to take a global perspective of things rather than pay attention to minutiae. If you have sound strategy that can apply to different situations, you’ll know to adjust your tactics accordingly. These books all offer that.

I read a lot of books but there’s several that really shape the foundation of what I do:

  1. The Holy Bible. You should be reading this every day. Get on it. It needs no explanation other than God literally came down to earth, was tortured and brutally murdered in order to act as a sacrifice to save your eternal soul. That kind of selflessness in the name of love is why we fight and what we want to preserve. Learn.
  2. Rules For Radicals by Sal Alinsky. This is your step by step tactics guide for successful guerrilla revolution. Doesn’t matter what field it’s in, it’s very good.
  3. SJWs Always Lie by Vox Day. This goes deep into what the enemy of the west is thinking, and how they act. He gives ways to guard against their actions and signs to look for.
  4. The Art Of The Deal – Donald J. Trump. He is the master of persuasion and making deals. Get into a business mindset by thinking like the top business leaders. You do that by seeing how they work and live.
  5. Influence by Robert Cialdini. This is one of the leading books of all time on the topic of persuasion. It will help you hone your marketing, social interactions, whatever you’re looking at accomplishing. It’s very important stuff.
  6. Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich. Mindset is life. I don’t just say this because it’s his tagline, but because it’s true. You gotta get yourself motivated and learn to talk to yourself successfully if you want to be a success.
  7. How To Fail At Everything And Still Win Big by Scott Adams. This is the life story of the Dilbert creator turned political commentator. He talks a lot about using systems for success rather than creating goals that create black and white win/loss situations. I use this a lot in the way I influence if you might notice. Very useful stuff.
  8. 4th Generation Warfare Handbook by William S. Lind. This ties into Rules For Radicals in some ways, but it talks about military strategy and tactics in a decentralized world where media and perception is everything. A lot of good applications for marketing.

That should be enough to get you started! But if you’re looking for fun fiction to just be an escape and give you the good times like fantasy books used to do, check out For Steam And Country. A lot of people are loving it!

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