Only Boomers Care About Social Media Optics

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It’s the same old story.

Disavow! So outraged! What is X doing talking and being friends with Y?

The amount of fretting people do about the association game on social media is ridiculous. And it’s even funnier that when someone doesn’t care about it at all, they get so indignant at that person for not caring as if this constant outrage standard upheld must be kept sacred.

But it’s an old-guard game. It’s played on the national TV level because this works for killing politicians’ careers in moments where there’s a single day vote that matters in that regard and it’s all about a quick in-the-moment emotion to try to manipulate the public.

It’s just a game to the consultants who run these kind of things.

And social media is just a game in reality as well.

How funny can I be to get followers? How poignant can my content be to keep engagement up?

It’s just a game for that, one where celebrity fanbase is the most important factor for determining which comments get the most likes, or who cares about what.

And that’s why you can’t take it seriously.

I had someone I won’t name the other day tell me “I lend you legitimacy by commenting on your facebook wall!”

I read this and laughed hard.

I’m an egotistical guy, no question there, but that’s a level of absurd ego that is just ridiculous and pretty boomer in mentality (though we know boomers are egotistical — it’s all about them after all. Did they tell you about woodstock yet?)

First, a couple thousand people in a world of 7 billion have the potential to see my facebook wall at all. Second, of those, the FB algorithm only shows the feed to like 1/10th of those so at any given time a couple hundred people might see it.

Of those 200 people, maybe 50 are looking at the comments and maybe 10 of those know who the person is. Facebook is meaningless. The posts are meaningless. Associating is meaningless.

Post what you want, don’t care what people think is the conclusion here. If someone wants to hang out and be a friend, that’s great, if they don’t, they can go away. There’s no legitimacy or meaning beyond that.

And in the context of book sales, it really doesn’t matter.

I’ve had establishment publishing work overdrive to destroy me. I’ve had jealous people come after me many times, trying to drum up outrage, tell people I’m some awful being because they were soooooo “upset” that I posted something funny they didn’t find funny (which is usually what it comes down to). There’s been a social media crucifixion of me over and over.

Big names in the industry have run whisper campaigns to each other to tell people not to associate with me, not to talk to me, not to treat me as human — it’s pretty disgusting to watch — and they keep getting more and more frustrated that IT DOESN’T WORK.

The truth is no one cares. They don’t care about whatever the outrage is. They don’t care about anything except the book on Amazon they’re looking at and whether it’s fun for them.

You’ll get a fanbase on social media who’s there for you,,but the readers that are just there to read will flock to quality product which I have. And there’s nothing the haters and losers can do about it.

The best part is this represents 98% of the population of readers. Just last night I was back up to #3 in Steampunk category again, all of my books doing well. This is the best sales month of my life and people are grinding their teeth because it’s happening without a political controversy surrounding me — despite their constantly bleating that people only read me for political controversy. They are wrong.

And it’s cuz social media doesn’t matter.

So my advice to you is don’t worry about who said what, who talks to who, who follows who. That’s high school bullshit, and it just speaks to your life that you’d care about something like that, not the other person involved.

As for me, I’m going to keep having fun and keep winning.

My blog gets nearly 1000 views a day. I spend hours on this content, this is where the real opinions matter. And I count on you to keep it going. I gained a couple of Patreon subscribers yesterday because I’m looking for a $20/mo subscription to push my video content further. I’m almost to the goal, just need one more person to subscribe. The value is there. Short stories, comics, books, all produced regularly and at the top quality in the industry. Moreover you can help the blog and the cause if you like this content too. Subscribe today.



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Meme Of The Day: Too Close To Home

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I feel this meme more than any other. It’s my life every day on the internet.

I’m making a push today for Patreon for a REALLY good reason and I need your help:

I’ve got a way to stream so I can push to FB Live, Youtube, and Periscope here simultaneously — the cost is $20/mo which is equivalent to 4 patreon subscribers at the $5 comic tier. I’ve already got 2 new ones signed up so now only need 2 more to make this work.

If you like my video content this will be a huge upgrade which can boost the audience and make it all way more worthwhile. Plus you’ll get my great stories every month — huge value compared to other authors.

Make it happen, Subscribe today! 

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We’re Really Doing It! The Times They Are A Changing!

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I’m extremely pumped over Flying Sparks volume 3 next week, and though it may get old, I’m going to be singing it to the rooftops for the next couple of weeks.


It’s more than just the fact that I got a book coming out. That’s a regular occurence for anyone who follows along here.

But with comics, it’s harder. The costs to produce these are so high, the time it takes to get a book from script to finish is a lot, but we’re still managing to put these out like clockwork and keep it going at a pace which only the big publishers can match.

Other indies don’t operate at this speed at all. Even the biggest kickstarter successes usually put out an issue or two a year.

It’s a little daunting, because I choose to put out 3-issues at once rather than one issue like is traditional, which means these books are big, they add up real quick in page count, shipping becomes harder as each book comes out

But it’s happening. And this is expanding into a whole universe.

Just like the Marvel Cinematic, I’m going to have a phase 2 when we get close to completion of the first arc of Flying Sparks (book 5) where we’re going to do something extremely ambitious for indie comics.

I’m going to have my whole universe just like Stan Lee, and it’s because we’ve got the readers to make it happen who are here for GREAT COMICS.

I really appreciate all of you being there because I have really high ambitions for art, want to try different things all the time (comics, music, radio dramas… film eventually) and you are the best folk out there because you’re not just demanding I do the same thing over and over like a formula, but you stick with me through the changes.

Thank you again. This week’s gonna be a fun one. More previews to come!

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The Long-Awaited Flying Sparks Volume 3 Cover Reveal!!!!!!

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Here it is fam! I’m so excited.

Next week we’re going to be launching the third volume of Flying Sparks, bringing the issue count of this series to 10 (counting the Meta-Man special) and page count of the series up over 250 pages. All in less than 1 year!

We are producing the best comic out there at a rate where we are actually competing with the mainstream industry.

It’s also a feat very few independently released indie comics ever can get to. And we’re not going to stop here. It’s my goal by this time next year we’ll have 22 issues worth of content in my superhero universe — with a couple of new players on the field and another volume or two of Flying Sparks.

But today, we’re here for Flying Sparks Volume 3: Choices.

It’s titled such because there’s going to be a LOT of choices involved which will change the fate of our characters forever — and when I say that, I mean it. There’s no retcons, no magical events that reset the universe, you get REAL character progression, just like you used to get from comics when you were a kid.

The situation get very dangerous for Meta-Girl as she catches too much attention from the evil Peter Buxton… and Johnny further descends into darkness in his role as a mafia boss.

Here’s the beautiful cover by Julius Abrera (Von Helsing, Robyn Hood) and Brett R. Smith:

Wow. By far the best one yet. If you haven’t caught up on the series, you can still do so here! I ship out immediately and it’s called “the best indie comic of 2018” by backers. Don’t wait! Get in on this awesomeness.


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Meme Of The Day: There Are No Laws When You’re Drinkin’ Claws

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I know this feels… though I don’t vape. But maybe I should… It’s illegal in San Francisco, after all.

Help me support my white claw drinking habit by backing me on Patreon. Get short stories, novels, comics, all before anyone else. I produce the best content at an astounding pace. Once we get to 25 supporters I’ll try to do something special for everyone too! Not too far off!



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Drawing Inspiration

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If you follow my social media you might have seen that I’ve been talking up Spider-Girl by Tom DeFalco with artists Pat Olliffe and Ron Frenz as of late.

They just came out with a new collected edition of this, which is my favorite comic of all time.

People who haven’t heard of it or read this charming series always get shocked: all time? What about watchmen? or sandman?

If you follow along, you’ll also know that I think Watchmen/Sandman and that style ruined comics, as it took a fun, pulpy medium based on action, and turned it into a dark, introspective, nihilistic experience.

But that’s another blog.

Today I want to sing the praises of Spider-Girl. This is comics done right. There’s a great supporting cast with deep relationships all the way, heavy amounts of conflict both personal and with super villains, and it only gets better as the issues go along with twists and turns and developments in characters which couldn’t be allowed in the basic marvel universe.

It’s sorta like it’s own indie universe within marvel with characters we love actually progressing.

And that’s why it was so easy for me to just turn to indies as these companies drifted from their cool stuff like Spider-Girl, finally cancelling the book which really is a primer on HOW TO WRITE COMICS.

I want characters that develop, characters that change. I don’t want mysterious magic events to erase continuity and reset everything for the sake of selling a little on a coat tails of a movie. Nor does anyone else. There’s no fulfilling stories if the heroes can never win, never change. No one dies, nothing matters. The whole concept of current modern comics with this reset mentality IS nihilism. It’s literal hell.

Spider-Girl, meanwhile, even when things go wrong, there’s something to look forward to. Even when she loses her powers, she fights for what’s right. It’s inspiring. It’s what a hero should be.

I think I captured the feel of this book very well in my Flying Sparks, with Meta-Girl and her development. It’s a different story with a different outlook, of course, but being able to tell a full story in a single issue while developing a whole greater work is what comics is all about, and we’ve accomplished that. Once Volume 3 is out, that will make 10 issues worth of content for a series — most indies never get NEAR this far and I’m hoping I can last as long as Spider-Girl did with this — or perhaps even beyond.

I hope you’ll check out Volumes 1-2 and catch up for the kickstarter launch in 11 days!!!!

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Meme Of The Day: Know Your Christian Rock!

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Not all heroes wear capes, but the one in Flying Sparks does. If you haven’t read Flying Sparks Volume 2, now is the time to do so. It’s the best superhero book out there right now and brings you right back into the best days of Marvel-style storytelling from the 80s. You’ll love it. Catch up now (or get any of my signed books) here: 

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Hate Website File 770 Pirates Bestselling Author’s Work, Refuses To Apologize

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I couldn’t be more shocked.

To some degree, I understand the ribbing over politics that goes on. It’s part of the culture, even if these people take it to such extremes that it’s a wonder how they function in their day to day lives (most of them don’t function well from what I’ve seen — otherwise why would SFWA have so many panels on mental illness?).

Instead of appealing to normal folk to read, the backwards industry has decided to focus their efforts on riling up these poor mentally ill individuals, including taking pot shots at very popular authors on a regular basis (see Larry Correia’s recent blog) so that these mostly fledging authors who read this site can take comfort in each other as they snipe at people more successful than them.

We have a similar situation here, where File 770 posted a short story by a bestselling author from a piracy site, giving away this author’s work to everyone who came there, potentially harming the author’s career. I couldn’t believe it myself. Political nonsense is one thing, but this is a new low for File 770, as everyone in the community regardless of politics should hold sacred the author’s right to their work, and to get fairly compensated for their work. Without that, we have no civilization or copyright laws, let alone a science fiction publishing industry.

But they posted it, and when the author emailed about it, the author was greeted with absolute rudness by File 770’s proprietor, Mike Glyer (posted with the author’s permission):

I’ll go over the chain of events because the emails embed backward for the sake of timeline.

  1. Author requests the pirated work go down.
  2. Mike Glyer is absolutely rude to the author about it — and claimed the file was posted by said author.

I’ll full stop here — if I found that I had a link on my website to a piece of fiction that the author did not want disseminated on the internet, I would immediately say “oh, sorry, my bad I didn’t know, I removed it” and do so. It’s pretty simple business. Even for my enemies I would be courteous. It’s shocking how Mike escalated the situation when there was absolutely no need to.

Glyer proceeds to insult the author–which as File 770 is an agitation and hate website, it makes sense that this would be his goal. No doubt his entire goal was to get the author riled up so this gets blogged about so he can post another out of context quote on his website and rile up his mentally ill minions again. We all know the drill at this point, even if it doesn’t make sense why Glyer does this. It’s sad to watch over and over as so many authors get targeted and harassed in this manner.

I’ll note that this was exactly how I came on the scene as a fledgling author, File 770 making posts harassing me which were then escalated by people like Cat Rambo, Kurt Busiek, John Scalzi, and now is being continued by Mary Robinette Kowal. All of those people owe me an apology and then some for the way they’ve treated me. And they further this behavior by giving File 770 legitimacy. This is why Mike is incentivized to keep doing things like the above to authors with followings.

It’s as the author said, all he had to do was remove the pirated link, but instead he gave the author lip to try to start yet another feud. And he further escalates at the end by adding talk of lawyers — does he want this escalated to a legal conflict? As much as Glyer is glib, if the author’s content is being given illegally, FIle 770 would be the liable one.

Someone really should go after File 770 and the commenters there who harass so many authors it’s absolutely disgusting. It needs to stop. This is so far over the line it’s unbelievable.

If you like my content and journalism, support my books. My characters are much like me — do the right thing in the face of adversity, being loyal and true in the toughest of situations. The series starts here, and there’s a lot of great books to read with a new one coming soon. Read now!


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