Cancer Is Standardized in RPGs

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Back in the day, degenerate cancer used to be confined to White Wolf games — namely World of Darkness.

Believe it or not, I used to GM a massive roleplaying chat of New World of Darkness. The shit I saw people roleplaying made me want to vomit.

We had to ban someone because they were going around in Mage using the different magic to turn other player characters into cats, and then using life magic to “force ejaculation”.

I mean what the hell? I was just trying to run a game of secret societies and taking down monsters and people do this weird, creepy, depraved sexual shit with it.

I didn’t see much of that in other RPGs. Deadlands, D&D, L5R, Pathfinder, Star Wars… the stuff i generally played was safe from that after my White Wolf experience (I never went back to that game).  But then when you look into Vampire with their different powers too, it’s all about creepy weird shit. I don’t know how I overlooked it in the source material. Once you see it though, you can’t unsee it.

But now, Monte Cooke games has standardized SJW triggered culture, making a checklist of all sorts of depraved shit so that a GM can know what triggers you or not. It’s here:

A consent checklist? I was just here to throw a magic missile at some kobolds. What the hell is this stuff?

Explicit sex? Racism? Aren’t we all racist against elves? What the shit is this shit?

If you need something like this to play a game, not only are you the biggest depraved pussy on the planet, but if a GM is doing some of the creepier stuff in this, then that person likely is a mentally-deranged sociopath who you should be RUNNING AWAY from.

Bottom line is, if someone pulls out this checklist at a gaming table unironcially, run FAR FAR away.

Evil things happen, and we need good people to fight them. That’s why I wrote Justified: Saga of the Nano Templar. It’s about standing up for objective truth, standing against depravity and evil, doing right for God and your fellow brothers. Read it this weekend. It’s much better than these “popular” RPGs.  

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Justified HARDCOVERS Now Available

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This is something that I’ve wanted for a long time, and honestly makes me smile that we made this happen even more than the crazy sales we’ve been getting on the ebook for the last few days.

I’ve never had a hardcover of my prose work before (set up costs don’t usually justify making them), but because this one is such a crazy seller, we’ve got them available.

And don’t worry, if you want matching sets for all of my books, we will have something for you soon. Working on having a special quick Kickstarter for the set up fees for the steampunk series to get them to you for Christmas.

For now, enjoy this absolutely beautiful cover of my new #1 Bestseller in stunning hardcover. I’ll have to snag myself a few copies.

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The Craziest Day Of My Career

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Well, gents, this is it.

Justified is officially a break out hit. It’s doing the numbers the big boys sell.

I’m not completely surprised at how well it’s doing, as an action-packed military science fiction with a strong male lead, promoting Christianity, is something that is a universal truth in what people desire. Heroism. Bravery. Honor. Loyalty. Love. Chastity.

These are what our society refuses to give us in entertainment because of their nihilism, and readers are starved for this kind of content.

And the reviews are showing already that Christian or non-Christian as a reader, these heroic archetypes are resonating. It’s engrained in us as a species by our Creator to crave this kind of mythology.

So I knew it would be a success, but I couldn’t imagine how far it’s gone.

A lot of the big players have taken note of the book. People in entertainment, video games, movies, and of course wildly successful authors have all messaged me with congratulations. I’m being invited to private talks with super successful people, into clubs. I’m at a level now where I cannot be ignored–and neither can my message.

It’s vindicating in a lot of ways, of course, but the thanks has to go to the reader, the people who truly want this kind of content, that will make the push, and will stick with me through the good times and bad.  You are the real heroes here. You’re making your voices heard. You’re building a movement out of this that’s beyond just a single book (as we’ve shown time and time again). And it’s compounding and growing.

Our wins are intoxicating. People are flocking to the energy and the message.

So thank you for this. I make a vow to you that i will continue to fight for justice where it’s needed, draw attention to folk who need a lift up, and forge ahead with this budding movement–nothing will slow us down because God is on our side. And second, I vow to you that I will continue to write the funnest books in science fiction and beyond, and keep working my tail off to provide you what the rest of the entertainment industry won’t.

This isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning. Science Fiction is being reborn as we speak.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Justified so far. Please leave a review if you have! It’s invaluable for folk who are clicking for the first time. And if you haven’t grabbed the book yet, today’s the day. Buy the book that’s transforming culture now. 

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Writing For God

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If you follow me, you know that Justified launched today, and it’s by far my biggest release ever. I wrote a post in a forum about Christian fic and the choice to write this book, which I think is interesting and worth the the read.

I’m so excited I don’t even know where to begin, but I have been trying to think about how to write this for others’ encouragement for the last hour. Forgive me if I ramble!

Justified is my first overtly Christian novel — the first time I’ve opted to dip out of the general market and into something that pushes my faith, and I was not even remotely subtle.

As I write this post, the book is at #1,031 on all of Amazon, #1 Bestseller in Christian Sci-Fi, with the other two books already in the top 3 new releases as pre-orders. It’s going viral and I’ve never had a book have so much buzz.

The common misconception is that toning down your faith, your belief in Christ is the best way to write to market, to make sure that you don’t offend anyone, or turn people away from checking it out because faith is considered a no-no in the general secular market.

I’m here to tell you that it’s anything but the case, that we’ve been somewhat deceived in that regard, and I believe it’s a spiritual warfare attempt to hold down Christianity as a concept and to keep it from being prominent in culture.

Ever since I started, which was in the general fiction market, I spoke at many conventions and conferences, doing well enough that I had buzz building around what I was doing. Invariably, folk would find out I’m a Christian, and invariably, folk would give me advice that I should hide it, that sci-fi readers “don’t want that message”, etc.

It was something that tore at me for a long time, but I did my best to take their advice as I was gaining credibility within the ranks of major sci-fi authors, becoming friends with big players like David Gerrold, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Lois Bujold and others. But as my popularity grew, folk started to see who I was, the publishing establishment absolutely shunned me because of this — which was fine.

The truth though is major publishing has lost sight of what readers want, not that we should be toning down what we’re passionate about. If we’re passionate for Christ, that will show through our work, it will make the work more authentic and more than anything — readers want authenticity. I’ve gotten dozens of messages this morning from people saying they’re not Christian, but they are checking out the book anyway because it looks awesome. This is the end goal! Reaching people through showing Christ. It’s 100% of why God gives us the gift of creativity to begin with.

There’s opportunity out there. People in our society are starved for truth. They are eager for something different than the dark, nihilistic visions being presented by every single entertainment outlet. The reason Christianity resonates is the same reason it always has throughout history — we provide hope because of the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

I went into this book very worried. Should I pigeonhole myself? Will it sink me? Will it turn readers away? I prayed over it constantly, asked God for guidance, and though it sounds cheesy, I prayed, “God, please help me write these books, give me a career and I will give glory to you.”

There is hope here, both for Christian speculative fiction as a market, and for the careers of Christians who don’t want to push the worldly agenda of hedonism and sexualization in their novels. The truth is, God WILL provide for the faithful. You will grow from the experience. He will take care of you. It may take time, but there is 100% a plan, and it is GOOD.

And that’s the message I hope to impart. Don’t tone yourself down. Be true to yourself and the Lord Jesus Christ. All art that is beautiful points to truth, and if you speak the truth of the Word, you will have something awesome. Be for Christ and He will be for you.

Onward, Christian soldiers! Deus vult!

Buy Justified here. 

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Meme Of The Day: Godless Heathen Books BTFO!!!!

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Everyone always told me not to put my faith in my books, and like usual, when people tell me not to do something… well, I don’t like being told what I’m allowed to write or not. I’m an artist.

And guess what? Readers are starved for Christian sci-fi. Thank you all for making the book #1!

Have we already purged all the heretics?

If you love Warhammer or memes or Deus Vult or all of the above, join the thousands of other crusaders who’re buying and loving Justified: Saga Of The Nano Templar Book 1 today!

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Announcing The John W. Campbell Literary Prize!

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This post is brought to you by my new release epic space crusading novel, Justified. Available on Amazon now! Buy here! 

Greetings fellow true believers!

Over the last month, there’s been a concerted effort by identity-politics zealots in science fiction publishing to erase science fiction history in regards to the contribution of one of the most well-known editors of all time, John W. Campbell, whose work with Astounding Magazine shaped the field of science fiction as we know it today. Campbellian-style fiction became the standard with greats like Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein, and Isaac Asimov, and the legacy continues to this day.

We’ve been very busy in the Happy Frogs organization this year, especially within the board of trustees, and our annual Ribbit Awards were pushed back several months because of those delays. The awards, however, are returning for their second annual showing, and we are pleased to announce we will be permanently renaming them The John W. Campbell Literary Prize.

The prize is to represent excellence in science fiction and fantasy, and related speculative fields.

Here are this year’s esteemed nominees:

Best Short Story
“The Temple of Baktaar” – Jason Restrick (StoryHack)
“Kakerlacs” – Alexandru Constantin (StoryHack)
The Law of the Wolves – Schuyler Hernstrom (Self Published)
“Crying In The Salt House” – B. Morris Allen (Cirsova)
“The Faerie Pool” – Edward McDermott (Cirsova)

Best Sci-Fi Novel
Dawn Of The Iron Dragon – Robert Kroese
Combat Frame X-Seed – Brian Niemeier
A Star Wheeled Sky – Brad Torgersen
Superluminary: The Lords of Creation – John C. Wright
Star Wars: Thrawn: Alliances – Timothy Zahn

Best Fantasy Novel
Sidequest in Realms Ungoogled – Frank Fleming
Jake And The Dynamo – D.G. Davidson
Rogues of Merth: The Adventures of Dareon and Blue – Robert Zoltan
Amber Eyes – S.D. Grimm
Origins – Lindsay Buroker

Best YA Novel
Pirates of the Electromagnetic Waves – Fenton Wood
Mark of the Raven – Morgan Busse
Crosscurrent – Catherine Jones Payne
Story Peddler – Lindsay Franklin
Fawkes – Nadine Brandes

Best New Author
Paul Platt
Adam Lane Smith
Nathan Dabney
Fenton Wood
Avily Jerome

Best Comic Book Or Graphic Novel
Alt-Hero #2 – Vox Day, Richard Bonk
Grass Kings Volume 1 – Matt Kindt, Tyler Jenkins
Rebel Dead Revenge – Gary Kwapisz
Robyn Hood: The Curse – Chuck Dixon, Julius Abrera
Trump’s Space Force – Timothy Lim, Brett R. Smith, Mark Pellegrini, Chuck Dixon

Best Video Game
Underworld Ascendant
Star Control: Origins
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Best Film
Death Wish
Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse
A Quiet Place

Best Video Series
EmpLemon – YouTube Geographic
Ross Game Dungeon
The Orville
GusToxward – The Trainwreck Awards

Best Sci-Fi Or Fantasy Artist
Ethan Van Sciver
Dave Dorman
Kirk DouPonce
David and Liz Lillie

Best Geek Journalism
Ian Miles Cheong
William Usher (One Angry Gamer)
Nick Monroe
Liana Kerzner
Liz Finnegan

Best Podcast/Stream
Geek Gab With Daddy Warpig
Nick Rekeita
Metro City Boys
Literary Wonder & Adventure Show
Writestream – David V. Stewart

The Lifetime Achievement Trophy
Sarah A. Hoyt
Larry Correia
Mark Kern
Larry Niven
David Weber

Congratulations to all!

We are hard at work voting within the Happy Frogs organization and should have our winners within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for a date announcement. Congratulations to ALL the nominees — by nature, a Happy Frog is a WINNER, and you are all winning by being chosen as a finalist for the 2nd most prestigious awards in science fiction and fantasy.

If you appreciate the hard work I do for the genre, check out my new book: Justified: The Saga Of The Nano-Templar. It features a strong male lead, is pro-Christianity, and exemplifies the virtues of honor and loyalty in this space-crusading epic. You’ll love it.

Buy Justified here.

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The Return To Superhero Fun

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I’ve been reading a lot of comics from the 60s-70s lately, and just enjoying how much unabashed fun the artists and writers have. Drawing absurd scenarios, heroes overcoming overwhelming odds, character development that mattered and changed characters, this was the promise Stan Lee delivered when he turned the superhero paradigm on its head and ushered in the silver age.

As comics became more “brands” they stopped the focus on the fun storytelling and character development. In the 80s-90s properties got gobbled up for film rights and the folk who took over realized “wait, if we change too much these lose their iconic flavor for the potential films, we have to reset!” — and then event fever took place, with “world-shattering” and “universe changing” crossovers which always had the world ending, always had something resetting and changing when the world was made right again. A hero would die. A hero would come back to life.

When these events became the norm, comics stopped being fun. Because there’s no danger, there’s no wonder, there’s no progression, there’s just an ever stagnant property where they’re tricking you into buying the brand so they can keep Hollywood happy by having a promotional item for the film.

It sucks. It needs replacement.

On that note, I was thinking about how Stan called The Fantastic Four the “World’s Greatest Comics Magazine”, and he was right. The family dynamic, the character development, the crazy sci-fi adventures, it was all there.

And as I think about how times have changed in the industry, and what I’m doing to combat it, I’m trying to give that fun factor again. Have a storyline where things actually change, what happens actually matters. As Flying Sparks reaches its apex in this first arc (of which I hope will be many), there will be a world shattering event. It will change the entire dynamic of the comic — and it’s not just an empty promise. The events in it will MATTER. There will be no erasure, no reset.

I don’t even think readers are prepared for what’s going to happen, but I’ve hinted along the way.

We’re bringing it back. Just like FF was the World’s Greatest Comics Magazine, Flying Sparks is America’s Greatest Modern Superhero book, I’m sure of that more than ever before. We have something special going and more folk need to hear about it.

Tell your friends. Let them know the change they demanded from comics is here. Flying Sparks is the flagship and you should be reading it if you love comics.

We’ve already hit huge success. Back today and let’s get this even bigger.

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I Hate “I Don’ Support That Platform” Concern Trolls

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There’s nothing more annoying than someone on twitter or facebook rambling about how they would -love- to support my work, but because it’s on Kickstarter/Patreon/Amazon/Whatever they can’t support it.

It’s a virtue signal tactic that people like to do, and I notice it’s often the same type of people who don’t like to take real stands to actually fix culture, but the folk who love to get caught up in the “outrage” brigades that spin their wheels and give youtubers clicks and superchats. They’re about the complaints, not the solutions.

I get about one of these concern trolls a week, sometimes more at this point, and invariably, responding to them with helpful ways to purchase my work is a complete waste of time.

The folk who do this aren’t interested in supporting the art that’s making culture change, they’re not interested in my books at all. They’re just interested in the “team” virtue signal, and by nature of making their posts, signaling to their friends that I’m “not on the team” because I’m “using the wrong platform.

If someone were actually concerned about SJW big tech, they wouldn’t BE on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, making complaints about SJW big tech. Those are all THE WORST SJW big tech platforms.

So when they go off on Kickstarter, as if IndieGoGo is better (which we know IGG discriminates against the right over politics), it’s just to signal to their YouTuber ComicsGate monkey troupe that “I am one of you, Jon is not!” There’s never an actual interest in my real comics that are on time, coming out at a speed of pros, and actually providing solutions to the crisis on the comic industry. Why? Cuz you can buy my books on Kickstarter/Backerkit,/Amazon/Direct from me, however you want. I’m accommodating as many platforms as possible. These people aren’t about the books, and so I generally chastise them for being the retards they are.

Here’s why: whenever I post these alternative links, the complainers invariably NEVER purchase. They gotta save their money for superchatting their YouTuber so it gets read on a stream like a chump, after all.  No time for real comics or real change.

And it’s the same thing on Patreon. I get just as many “concerned” folk telling me how SJW it is and how bad it is. Folk telling me “You should use Subscribe Star”.  So I set one up, I sent it to those people, and as you see, there’s zero backers on subscribe star (though my patreon is cooking along very well). It’s not even worth the time to have set up the platform to accommodate these people who told me to do it. They literally wasted an hour of my life I could have spent writing.

Instead of complaining about the marketplaces, support the art. I’m not in the business of researching every marketplace and trying to pull my books in there — cuz I want my books to be seen by the most people possible. That means advertising on Twitter/Facebook, selling on Amazon/Kickstarter, using Patreon, because those platforms get the most views of people who might CONVERT. You should already know where to find my work and support, so you shouldn’t need me to investigate somewhere else to put it up.

Besides, what’s better than being a rebel, using these marketplaces in order to make money for MY cause, when I know they seethe and would LOVE To ban me? Nothing. By being in their space, I am making the most impact, I am creating the most change.

So I’ll use whatever damn platforms are available, and if I get banned, so much the better cuz it just means they’re afraid of me.

Back my current book now on Kickstarter.

Support my patreon.  

I’m working harder to provide more pro content than almost anyone out there. This is the cultural revolution. Get on board and stop complaining about the entertainment industry unless you’re willing to do something about it.


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