Von Monocle Hardcovers – Now On Kickstarter!

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I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this, but with The Iron Wedding launching tomorrow, I wanted to get an option for hardcovers up for everyone.

I’ll be signing and numbering all of these books from Kickstarter and these will be available for Christmas to make for some epic Steampunk fun for all.

The first 4 books are available in hardcover. The reason for the kickstarter is: 1. To pay for set up fees for each book which will cost approximately $200 and 2. to pay for the formatting of the hardcovers, which will cost approximately $100.

I loved the hardcovers on Justified so much I figured why not go for it and see if folk want my biggest selling series in a beautiful form for their bookshelves.

Makes a GREAT gift. Remember it for your Christmas needs for family and friends!

Check it out here. 

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What Flouncing Gamma Males Don’t Understand

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Every day I get several messages, comments, tweets from gamma males trying to assert their non-status by either trying to act like they’re smarter than me, or trying to pull a “you’ll be sorry when I leave!” when I don’t respond kindly to their “well, acktualllly….” style comments.

The last couple of days as I’ve been hammering on the topic of gammas has been particularly bad in this regard. I’ve also, of course, put out a couple test the water posts to draw out that kind of behavior and make it easier to block.

The most common I get is of course “I was going to check you out, but NOW I’ll never buy your books!!!”  i.e., they never bought my books to begin with and are using an empty threat to try to get me to cower to them.

Here’s the problem though — I probably don’t want them reading my books. It’s just going to be endless nitpicks and demands from that type of person which will make their $5 read of the book not worth my time, as they’ll constantly try to suck up my time from that point forward which could be better spent writing another book.

And that’s being generous and assuming they would actually read the book. Most of those comments are prefaced with “going to” because they are making some magical assertion of another reality in which they sort of maybe might have done something.

I don’t got time to worry about that.

This morning I got a concern gamma on youtube telling me I’m not as good as another youtuber. I hope not, as I put almost zero effort into my videos. I’m on there specifically to impart information that I find interesting, talking about books and writing and topics of my choosing. If people want insight into me as an author, I figure it’s a decent way to provide that without spending a lot of time (when again, I could just be writing). I in no way intended to edit videos, work on lighting, make a professional production out of youtube. I am an author, not a youtuber.

When I told him to get lost, his immediate response of course was “you’ll never be getting much above 1,000 subs with that kind of attitude!”

As if I care. I know his favorite youtubers buy subscriptions to make their numbers look better than they are. I know I like the people who watch me on a regular basis. I don’t care if he or anyone else joins them. It’s their loss.

And that… is why the gamma male will never win and remain in a tortured reality. They care what everyone thinks on the internet to the Nth degree. They demand that everyone else do too.

And I don’t.

Gonna go write more books now. In the meantime, catch up on my Justified series. It’s  the best science fiction series out this year if not in the last decade or more.

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The Rise Of Corporate Communism

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I’m seeing a distinct lack of posts by my “well corporations are free to do whatever they want. Muh corporations!” from my Libertardian friends — or perhaps it’s because I have less Libertards following me than I used to.

It’s pretty amazing how quickly these multi-national corporations jumped from “Made In America” as brands like the NBA or Disney seek to censor their people, change their products, all to bend over for China.

When they see a market of billions vs. a market of a few hundred million, these corporations will ALWAYS choose to squash freedom down to the individual level. They will always choose the evil human rights violating over their true market if it’s perceived there can be some sort of gain there.

They’re bought and sold. And communists learned the game over the last decades — buying the corporations and getting a foothold to bend it to their will is a much better plan to destroy capitalism than ranting about it.

This is why corporations are evil. This is why they should NOT have rights like human beings do. And this is why you should be supporting independent entertainment that isn’t mass produced garbage drawn up by a board, and not these big brands.

Or you can be like LeBron James.

The choice is yours.

If you haven’t caught up on my new series, read Justified, the beginning of my Nano Templar series. I never equivocate on my values, because I don’t report to anyone who dangles a purse string.


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Announcing Sirius Science Fiction!

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Superstar Short Story Writer Lou Antonelli stopped by the blog to let people know about a new science fiction short fiction outlet, Sirius Science Fiction: 

Lou Antonelli is a Texas-based author who in the real world owns and operates his local newspaper, The Clarksville Times in Red River County, Texas. He’s been a journalist for 40 years, which probably explains why he is so prolific at the short story length of fiction. His first professional sale was Gardener Dozois’ last acceptance at Asimov’s Science Fiction in 2005.

He’s had 126 short stories published in 16 years, and has been a finalist for both the Hugo and the Sidewise Award for Alternate History. His only novel so far, Another Girl, Another Planet, was a finalist for the Dragon Award in Alternate History in 2017.

Lou says the always tight short fiction market has become almost non-existent if you were a Sad Puppy, such as he was in 2015. Earlier this year he decided to do something about it, and he started his own online short fiction venue last spring.

Sirius Science Fiction (get it – Sirius, the Dog Star, puppies?) kicked off with five fine original stories in May, and then went on hiatus for the summer. It’s started again this fall and each week publishes an original story online.

The guidelines state:

“In a time when mainstream speculative fiction has been overrun by political correctness and identity politics, we offer a venue free of pretension and ideological litmus tests. We read the story free of preconceptions, and we do not ask for a biography from an author until and unless their story is accepted.”

Antonelli elaborates:

“Years ago, editors read and accepted stories without any consideration of the author’s religion and/or politics. That’s not the case today. If an editor at a major publisher today gets a submission from an unfamiliar name, they Google it, and if they can tell the person isn’t a standard sanctimonious social justice warrior, the story isn’t considered. Mainstream science fiction has been completely converged by the Left.

“Of course, this politicized crap is boring and redundant to read, and it’s driving readers away into other genres. I felt just opening the slush pile free of preconceptions would allow the traditional creative “sense of wonder” stories to naturally rise to the top, and I was right. The stories I have received are varied, well-written and enjoyable

“There’s a lot of good short fiction not being published because of blackballing and blacklisting.  It’s not such a serious problem for me, because I’m a self-employed small businessman. I don’t need the money. But it’s heartbreaking for other authors. I decided to do a little something about it.”

Antonelli can only afford to pay $25 per story – which he is taking from his own pocket – with a maximum length of 4,000 words, but’s already published some quality, entertaining fiction. You can visit Sirius Science Fiction web site at https://siriussciencefiction.blogspot.com/

I hope you’ll check it out to read and submit. And don’t forget to grab Justified: Saga Of The NanoTemplar. The full trilogy completes on November 1, so you’ll want to catch up!

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Flying Sparks – End of IndieGoGo

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We’re reaching the end of the indiegogo portion of the campaign, which we ran short for 14 days.

The book is 100% done, getting ready for print so will be out to you very soon.

Get in now. Only 5 hours left as of this writing. There will be a short indemand period for people who read in the morning.

This is the best indie superhero comic out there, and each volume only gets better than the last. Catch up!

Back here.

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Talk About Indies, Dammit!

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I know I beat this drum all the time, but culture wins because of a system where corporations have you attached to brands so you constantly talk about them.

When you talk about them, the discussion goes viral, it’s FREE MARKETING for the corporation.

Doesn’t matter if you loved something. Doesn’t matter if you hate something. At the end of the day the big establishment corps comprised of people who hate you and want to bend over to China for a bigger market get money — and you lose! They will continue to overproduce brand content that is tired, uninspired, and “isn’t for you” as they’ll say when you complain.

It’s like Kanye says: “Everybody gonna say something / I’d be worried if they say nothing.”

Smart brand managers understand this and get people talking about projects whatever the cost. If it’s outrage — great. They don’t care, as long as it gets discussed.

But what happens when a book is just good and indie and not overly-political in nature, not something to be outraged about? It dies on the vine. Because people don’t just discuss story content anymore. People never bring up the new properties which will compete. It’s always going back to the old and tired.

Joker movie which everyone’s talking about was originally written under a completely different name, had nothing to do with The Joker. The director couldn’t even get the film made. And then they changed the names to be Batman related and everyone drank it up like a bunch of thirsty hoes.

Our culture is THAT stupid right now.

And it’s on you to change it. Start talking about whatever you like, and make it a regular habit. Alt-Hero, Cyberfrog, Flying Sparks, I don’t care. Change the discussion to change the culture.

I’ve got 3 days left on my Flying Sparks campaign, and due to a bunch of youtubers who purposefully try to hold the book down and bully people who actively promote it, I can’t get any discussion going about the book — even though reviews are THROUGH THE ROOF. The intimidation campaign on indie books has to stop. And it’ll do so if more folk talk about it and move the needle.

Everyone who reads it says it’s the best indie superhero comic ever made. Go tell your friends about it! And back it yourself if you haven’t already.

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I Really Want To Catch Up On South Park

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Unlike the coward NBA, Trey and Matt from South Park don’t seem to be playing the game with China. Their content got banned and they left a snarky response to China’s censorship:

It reminds me why South Park really is, oddly, the only pure thing left on television and the only show worth watching.

These guys don’t give two fucks what anyone thinks of them, and they’ll say what they want. It’s odd that these guys who dropped acid and put on dresses to the MTV awards 20 years ago are our cultural revolutionary heroes today, but here we are.

I guess I know the one show I’ll be watching this season.

If you want some fiction that doesn’t cuck out because someone threatens them, read Justified, Saga of the Nano Templar. This is the real deal you’ve been waiting for in sci-fi. Two books in the series out and the third dropping November 1! Read now.

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Who Do These Big Corps Care About? Spoiler – Not You

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It’s been an interesting 24 hours watching the NBA deal with a series of tweets encouraging democracy in China.

The league scrambled and went full court press over the Houston Rockets’ owner standing up to China’s corruption — as the country then retaliated by cancelling NBA games there and making threats I’m sure to the broadcasts of games.

China is a bully. They don’t want any information out there on them. They are the ones trying to force “social credit scores” on people to shut down dissent or opinions.

And think about it from this perspective, as we’ve got another counterpoint:

Steve Kerr, the coach, targets half of Americans every time he tweets. The NBA applauds this. Why? Because they don’t give a fig about you or your viewership.

They’ll care about a foreign interest like China before you.

I’m sure if someone tweeted about Obama or Black Lives Matter negatively, they’d chastise the coach/owner/player and probably suspend or fine them.

No matter what, these corporations would prefer you were dead.

And they get away with it because they know, like chumps you’ll tune in and watch anyway.

The NBA is just an example. It’s not just sports. It’s Marvel Comics. It’s Disney Star Wars. It’s Netflix. It’s all of these entertainment services you gleefully pay for because of nostalgia brands that are trying to erase you, your opinions, your life, in the name of social justice.

When’s enough enough? When will you wake up and care about culture that doesn’t hate you? Start discussing those? Change the discussion, change the culture.

Check out my new book, Sanctified, now. I’m actively working toward real change. Are you?

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