Trading in Danger Ch7

Trading In Danger Ch7

“—an emergency like this,” she heard. “Unprecedented, we simply have no idea what will happen now.” 

I’ve tried to find a good quote that exemplifies each chapter, and so far I’ve been able to do so very easily. Ms. Moon’s writing is clear, crisp and easy to follow, which is part of the reason I chose this book for an in depth study. Continue reading

Trading in Danger Ch6

Chapter 6 opens with Vatta heading to the embassy at Sabine Prime. We learn that the situation between the planets in the situation is much more unstable than we thought. The embassy has Slotter Key residents who require passage to get off planet, as they’d been abandoned before. Ky agrees to take them aboard, which solidifies her as someone who’s both compassionate and loyal to her home planet, giving the reader yet more reason to like and empathize with the character. That there are citizens panicking to try to get off planet quickly tells us how bad the situation is as well, of which is repeated over and over in the chapter.   Continue reading

My 2016 Planetary Award Nominations

As much as I of course want to nominate myself for such an award, with so few categories and as a “book blog”, I’m going to recuse my own work from this vote, which I may not do for other awards later so do stay tuned, friends and readers!

Without further ado, here’s my Planetary Award nominations:

  1. Shorter Story. I had a few thoughts for this but the story that sticks out in my mind the most as most memorable because of its cool characters, high stakes conflict and interesting concept all alike is Brad Torgersen’s novella, “Purytans” which appeared in Analog’s July/August 2016 issue. This was science fiction at its best as it provided a perspective that actually felt alien as genetics of this world had been so mucked with in the future, and also provided a look into truly alien social structures. It takes some current social thoughts to extremes that really shows the absurdity of accusing others of wrongthink.
  2. Longer Story.  This is something that didn’t get a lot of press, doesn’t have a lot of attention and it’s a crying shame and speaks to the sorry state of the publishing industry that someone hasn’t scooped this series up. I’m talking about Hel’s Bet by Doug Sharp which came out in December of 2016 and is available at Doug’s writing can only be described as Robert Heinlein on acid. It’s so incredibly well-written, so cool conceptually sound and so laden with Spider Robinson style word humor that you really cannot go without this book. Doug’s personal story is one that’s so inspirational it drives me to work harder on my own writing as well, which you can read about here:

Please look into these works and read them and consider for the Planetary Awards.


Gaming and the Future According to FFG

Team Covenant this week put up a pretty interesting video from a gaming business perspective. It’s a bit dry if you’re not interested in the topics, but they interviewed Fantasy Flight’s CEO Christian T. Petersen about the Asmodee merger last year, what it means, and Fantasy Flight’s direction going forward. I love Team Covenant’s videos, especially the one where I walk in the background at Gencon 2016 because it has my pretty face on it. I’ll let you find that one yourself if you haven’t seen it. The info from this video seems to be from Nov 2016 as there is some dated material, but it’s still worth the watch as it’s been posted this week.  Continue reading

Washington Redskins GoFundMe Update: What The Heck Do I Do With The Money

Again I want to thank everyone for the laughs, the clicks, the support. This has been a lot of fun, and as there is a time for everything under heaven, there is a time to end this campaign. I’ve been debating what to do with the funds raised for the last couple of days, as I don’t need it myself, and a couple of the folk who came on here to concern troll me gave me a great idea, so I’m going to follow through with it.

I’ve decided to not only donate the funds raised, or even to match it but to give a 5x donation and the funds themself to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. This is a great medical charity who do incredible work in a lot of people’s lives. If you don’t know what Cystic Fibrosis is, it’s a really nasty condition that impacts the lungs, is terminal, and can lead to a life of complete agony until its victims drown in their own mucus. Really heartbreaking stuff. So I like to support them a lot.

For the folk who donated, I hope you find this cause worthy. Thank you again! I do know that I am very blessed and I feel honored that I’ve gotten 500+ shares and that thousands of others find my performance art amusing. Cheers everyone, even the haters and losers!

What YOU Like Is Literally Hitler


The above photo is of me, while I was pretty deathly ill with bronchitis. A friend, who I won’t attribute for his own safety, added the iconic ugly mustache that was popular in the 1930s to the picture, to let me know that I, in all that I do, am literally Hitler. I thank him for this, as what would I have done had I not had someone to let me know that, and had the opportunity to reflect on such seriousness?

I’ve had some fun this week by putting up a GoFundMe about such an absurd cause, and so out of left-field by having 2 goals that are completely unrelated, that it brought amusement to thousands of people when it went viral. If you’re reading my blog for the first time because of that, hi! I’m actually a serious writer who writes mostly serious adventure science fiction stories. I like humor too though. Please check out my project, The Washington Redskins, here: I’ll remind that 1 like = 1 prayer.
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Trading in Danger Ch5

Something was going to have to give somewhere.

Here we get into the meat of the story. I’ve been talking about transitioning from exposition to complication for the last couple chapters, and here we have it! The first thing Ky does here, is confront her crew about her plotting to not follow the letter of the mission – to go scrap the ship – but to find other ways to make ends meet, based on her plan to get Ag equipment for the local system. You can feel the awkward tension that Ky has when she approaches her crew, not knowing them well enough to make a determination on how they’ll react. It’s a marvelous piece of work in emotion, and then the payoff where the crew laughs and admits they had a betting pool on how long it would take her to do it was fabulous. Very human, very engaging. Continue reading

Trading in Danger – Ch4

“A matter of trade and profit.”

This marks the 4th chapter of exposition. We were introduced to Ky’s military life in Ch1 . Introduced to family life in ch2. Introduced to shipbound life in ch3, and then in an interesting turn of events, Ky goes through customs at the planet Beltina. Ky spends some time with a customs officer there and learns of a grievance that the planet has with a rival shipping entity, and at this point, Ky sniffs a profit, seeing if she might be able to make more of this mission than simply scrapping her ship. Continue reading