#20BooksVegas Day 1 Recap! #20BooksTo50K

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What a great time.

I flew in yesterday morning and missed a lot of the early activities, but got my badge quickly and went into the panel where several industry professionals were speaking — and I’m not talking just authors telling you how to write like most conferences, but representatives from Amazon, Ingram Spark, Podium Audiobooks, ACX, Bookbub and more. Real companies that actually help with the business.

The best part of the conference from a business perspective (as a more experienced author) is the ability to talk with these people once identified and talk to them about questions I might have about their platforms and features I’d like to see to help me with my advertising and product placements.

It’s really awesome.

Of course, there was a nice space opera panel as well, which I went to so I could support my boy Richard Fox (who you should be reading if you aren’t) plus my favorite author Lindsay Buroker. A real star-studded team of people who are making huge money in the field to draw on their wealth of experiences.

But the business focus is where this is different. This isn’t a “you can write your first story and make sure to revise revise and kill yourself to find an agent!” type of old and busted conference, this is a forward-focused group always trying to find the next tech and leg up and share it with each other so we can thrive and be ahead of the old and busted publishing groups.

There’s a lot of fun to be had for day 2 as well. I’ll try to catch up later. Look for a bit of content on my YouTube channel. Today I’ll have an interview with the head of Ingram Spark going up. Subscribe! 

And check out my books if you’re knew. My Nano Templar series is changing the industry and lighting science fiction ablaze with the fire of the Spirit. Read it here.

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On My Way To The Most Important Writing Conference Out There

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Today I’m off to the 20BooksTo50K conference in Las Vegas.

If you followed last year, you’ll know this is the most important writing conference in all of the industry. It’s the ONLY one geared toward helping an author learn to be successful for themselves rather than to try to leech of the teet of the dying traditional publishing industry.

No “hot dating meeting with agents” or “manuscript feedback” or “what’s it take to get published” BS here, just pure business helping you to get your book out to where it matters—readers who pay you money.

Last year I learned so much from this conference and it set me aflame to be doing what I’m doing now. 3 successful crowdfunds so far this year, 4 novels, and more coming as I’m changing my business model to become a content machine. It’s working, every year getting better than the last.

The techniques they teach to focus on business-first are what’s important to writers. Anyone can “learn to write”, all it takes is you doing it over and over, but most folk fall down when they don’t look to the business ventures necessary to sustain a career.

That’s it. I’ll be broadcasting a lot from my YouTube channel, hopefully interviewing some cool people and talking about great industry tips I find along the way. Make sure to subscribe to the channel to see what I’m up to. 


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Is Publishing Just A Scam For Power?

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It’s looking increasingly so.

There was a time back in the dark ages of the 1990s, when one couldn’t publish themselves easily, or get out there to any degree where people could see your work without a lot of incredible circumstances falling into your lap.

Those times are no longer.

You can do everything yourself. it just takes the work. I’ve been learning photoshop, illustrator, indesign, and the process of printing through different companies, so I can make this happen for myself.

But it’s getting crazy out there. Even long time establishment hailed heroes like Alan Moore are now saying everyone should just go out and self-publish.

“Publishing today is a complete mess. I know brilliant authors who can’t get their books published,” Moore says, explaining that many publishing houses are afraid of taking risks on fiction. Moore’s solution? “Publish yourself. Don’t rely upon other people.”

I too know many brilliant people who could never get published, and would never sell. One of the greatest hard sci-fi epics of the last decade was done by a guy who has a condition which medically prevents him from interacting with almost anyone, he barely got it done because it took him 10+ years to write, and no one heard of it. But at least he got it out there. At least his work is his work and it stands. I know it for what it is, if no one else does.

Alan Moore is right. Editors don’t have taste. Publishers don’t have taste. They have no idea. It’s why the comic stands are filled with crap, it’s why there’s nothing even worth picking up when you make a Barnes & Noble trip. Everything that’s worthwhile is on the new frontier of self-publishing.

It’s great. No one can water down your vision. No one can tell you what to do. It’s on you to formulate the team that works.

And of course, even in establishment writing, they’re showing that in many cases, no one even gets paid. Look at this trainwreck thread:


As I said, if you publish yourself, this can never happen to you.

Get my first self-published work, Flying Sparks #0. All proceeds go directly to me, which feeds my art so I can make more.

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Make Comics Great Again!

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As a new addition to my hat line, we now have Make Comics Great Again hats for sale!

These are long overdue, as we’ve been in the process of Making Comics Great Again for over a year with unparalleled productivity in indie comics, but now we have the swag to go along with it.

These will look great as you walk through your convention halls, pining for the pricey back issues of years past when comics were great and sold in the millions. But you and everyone around will know you’re doing your part to bring funny books back to their glory days.

Make Comics Great Again! Get your hat here.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Introducing ComicsGate Comics!

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Good morning, true believers!

Jon Del Arroz here, the Leading Hispanic Voice in Science Fiction and proprietor of the Diversity & Comics YouTube channel.

Watching the trends in the independent industry as of late, I’ve been pushing independent comic content at rates faster than anyone before, including the equivalent of monthly comics plus a new feature of monthly exclusive short comics on my Patreon in the style of old Eerie or EC.

The publishing experience has led me to conclude that we can do better for ComicsGate, the movement I founded in 2017.

Therefore, immediately, I am launching a new publishing and comics services company, ComicsGate Comics, to help small independent creators get their books published and on platforms where everyone can see it and always be able to purchase their work!

We will be providing formatting and distribution for complete books, and Editor in Chief Ya Boi Jon will begin offering editorial and project management services to make your comic creation experience go more smoothly as of today.

If you are interested in either the ComicsGate Comics publishing, Ya Boi Jon’s services, or both, please email jdaguestposts at gmail dot com to discuss terms.

Together, we will build a brighter future for independent comic creators, and help customers and readers discover OFFICIAL ComicsGate comics.


You can pick up our first book today in both kindle and print format. Flying Sparks #0!

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The Deplatformings Continue

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It never stops, in fact, it’s going to ramp up before the 2020 election. The intent of these tech companies are going to be to remove all content which could even be remotely linked to people voting positively for Donald Trump.

You’ve probably heard by now that Stefan Molyneux, one of the premier philosophers out there, softspoken guy who ruffles a lot of establishment media feathers by going after pedophilia advocates, was removed from paypal’s services. He’s been deplatformed from receiving money, which is the next step in their warfare. We can’t use the commerce platforms, we can’t even transfer funds. In this case, it’s a clear situation where they want to prevent Stefan from covering anything related to Trump or his opponents in the next election, as his message spreads far and wide.

All the left-wing sites are cheering it on. I won’t link the news stories. Just search Stefan.

But there was another, lesser known deplatform yesterday as well. Alexander AJ Cortes — a personal fitness trainer and friend of mine who focuses solely on men’s self-improvement, rarely if ever even talks politics, was removed from Twitter. They said he violated their “hateful conduct” policy, but was not given a reason as to why. Someone clearly targeted him in this because they don’t like someone standing up for men being stronger.

It’s absurd that a personal trainer can be hit. I really want folk to support Alexander, because he’s a great guy. He’s got a mailing list which is very useful, usually giving tips for fat burning or workout or some other element of self-improvement, it’s one of the few mailing lists I’ve stayed on since it provides very useful content.  Link is here.

They’re gonna keep happening. They hit my book last week, now these gentlemen. Get the messages now before you can’t anymore. They’ll be disconnecting us all soon. Glorified is back up on amazon in it’s full glory, buy and read this banned book today. 

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The Importance of Morale

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Posts like this morning’s from Vox Day get me fired up:

If you’re going to be a despair nancy, just go away now. Take that weak, worrisome “I just fear bad things will happen to people who are braver than me” bullshit to Hell from whence it came. You are literally worse than useless.

Very true. Look, we’re all taking risks out here. Anyone who advocates for anything but The Narrative to ANY DEGREE is a target. It doesn’t matter what you do, doesn’t matter what you say, they will come after you.

It doesn’t matter if you go “Uhm Libertarian I voted for Obama” — you are not pure enough for their inquisition.

All the haters always come from a position of fear, that if they “associate”, if they “lend their legitimacy” to someone more right wing than them, they’ll get ostracized further somehow. They want back with the establishment and hope by showing how fearful they are, that they will somehow suddenly be shown virtuous and win their Hugo Award they always wanted.

They worship the culture like they should be worshipping God.

Their goals are to please the establishment and get them to “see” because they’re boomer-lites. That is what fear does.

I chose to have none of it, to do what I’m going to do regardless. I have a vision, I have a plan. I have ideals which will guarantee me persecution but are the only true light. I’m not worried because my salvation is guaranteed. I will speak my mind and don’t need any negging to slow me down. This is 100% the same for Vox.

I hope you’ll join us. We’re stronger and more fun because we don’t sit around worrying about gossip like a bunch of women.

It’s a big leap and it can hurt to rip off the band aid, but it’s more fulfilling because you’ll have true purpose.

Join the crusade now and pick up Justified, the book transforming science fiction with masculine, Christian ideals.

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Moar Comic Booksssssss!!!

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An unscheduled release. I started tooling around to figure out how to print-on-demand stuff on my own, so I present to you: Flying Sparks #0!

These are early stories of Meta-Girl, one off shorts which are very fun. It includes:

“Meta-Girl: Origin”

“Hannah’s Story”

“Dynamite Thor”

And several character bios of the main characters and our supporting cast.

These are the digital stretch goals for the first three campaigns of Flying Sparks — but it’s the first time these have seen print.

If you haven’t picked up yet, now’s the time. It’s a good little intro vignette into the universe too.

Hope you’ll enjoy! 

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Kanye West – Canceled, Winning, and Changing Lives

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Well then, the numbers for Jesus Is King is in, and it’s a #1 Bestseller. 

It goes to show, that no matter how much the culture tries to cancel you, the one thing you should do is go forward. If you are at odds with the culture, the odds are you are doing great things as the culture is filled with cancer to the point where we need a serious purge.

Same thing happened with my Justified series. I was warned for years not to insert religion into my sci-fi. I took the leap of faith, wrote what I wanted, and it resonated — a #1 bestseller as well.

But moreover, when you are brave enough to put out the messaging that matters, you do more than just make money, you change lives. There’s huge reports that more than 1,000 gave their lives to Christ at a Sunday Service this weekend. This is what Kanye is moving the culture for.

Don’t be apologetic, keep moving forward. They will try to hit you from every side. The left will hit you hard because they hate you and want you dead. The right will get mad because they want you to fail and don’t want the successes so they can keep whining about how no one will change the culture and make excuses about how you’re “not really principled” in some way. There will be bitterness and jealousy. It happens every time.

But there is one way, truth, and light. And He will work through you if you let Him.  Don’t worry about the haters.

Glorified is out this week. It’s already meeting incredible reviews from readers. We go deep into my world’s theology in this one and it turned out amazing. Read today: 



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NaNoWriMo 2019

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I don’t participate in this every year, but I think I’m going to.

Most motivational writing things I don’t love, but I do like things that have tangible goals, very specific sets of what to do every day in order to get things done.

It’s useful, and it’s also useful for anyone wanting to write professionally getting into the habit of having to do 1,667 words per day without stopping for 30 days straight. That’s how you set habits, which is the only way you can produce at a rate which works in the modern amazon era.

Now I”m about 1/2 through the current novel I’m working on, but I think the plan will be to set it aside, as the project is a collaboration anyway. I’ve got another novel outlined and ready to go and can plow through it pretty quickly.

We’ll see. I do have comic scripts needing writing as well, and crowdfund fulfillment to do this month, so this one will be a strange juggling act.

Anyway, if you wish to join me and see progress and the like, my profile is here. I haven’t set anything up today yet, but probably will at some point. 

And don’t forget to grab Glorified, it’s out now. This completes the Nano Templar series and it’s a wild ride. You will definitely want to read it this weekend. 

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