Some World-Shattering Steampunk!

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I’m going to be publishing a trilogy with Silver Empire Publishing later this year, who just put out an awesome new steampunk.fantasy from a new author which I think you’ll enjoy if you like For Steam and Country or Knight Training.

Jason is not a child anymore.

He hasn’t been a child since the King betrayed his family, killing his mother and all his friends in a terrible surprise attack against his home.

He is not a child anymore, but everyone still treats him like he is. His father, his uncle, his sister. And especially Nanny Grace. Jason knows he can help. But he’s stuck washing dishes, tucked away and protected as the heir to the Falconbone family. All he can do is dream of the day when he finishes his ship, The King’s Regret, and flies it to the capital to avenge his family.

When Father flies away to search for allies, a saboteur wrecks havoc on their refuge. Jason is determined to find the traitor, to prove that he can be useful. The last thing he expects is to find his family’s oldest enemy lurking in the shadows of their mountain hideaway.

And for that man to be his only hope for bringing his Father home alive.

Author Philip Ligon returns to the Steampunk genre with his Young Adult debut. Readers young and old alike will love his imaginative world full of pirates, adventure and fantastical airships.

Buy it here. And let me know what you think! 

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YouTube Admits Shadowbanning

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I’ve always wondered why when I have by far the best stream on the entire web with real interesting topics, great guests, and good discussions on politics, christianity, masuclinity, the culture war and more that it seems the better the show and more popular the guest, the lower the numbers I’d get.

Now I know why:


This is a huge admission that there’s a “borderline” ranking system which I’m sure doesn’t target right wing content at all. Insane. But you can’t expect anything else out of these companies. They’re trying to suppress us at all costs before 2020.

Get my books before Amazon shadowbans them for their toxic masculinity: 

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Something To Have PRIDE In

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The whole corporate pride movement these days is to try to push the most degenerate of hedonistic lifestyles. It’s not about leaving people alone or allowing rights, it’s now about mentally disturbed people flaunting their disturbed sexual fantasies and forcing them on the next generation.

They’ll go to absolutely insane extremes to do so: 

In Samambaia, Brazil, lesbians Rosana da Silva Candido and Kacyla Damasceno Pessoa were arrested after kids caught them trying to dispose of suitcases containing the mutilated body parts of a nine-year-old boy who had been missing for five years. The kids who spotted the duo called the police and Candido and Pessoa were promptly arrested where they confessed to killing the nine-year-old boy. This took place a year after they cut off his genitals in an attempt to turn him into a little girl.

At least they got rid of his toxic masculinity, right?

This is horrific. I can’t even promote my books on this post cuz I’m so disgusted and angry.

The elephant in the room is these people are MENTALLY ILL. They should not have children around them ever. Society needs to stop with the “we don’t judge” BS and protect our innocent so we don’t raise another generation of abused victims who take it out on the next.

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The UKeg Nitro Is Legit

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Growlerwerks is one of my favorite companies. I almost exclusively use their cool metal coffee cups because they’re the only cups that fit in my Cadillac’s cupholders — they’re the best for warm drinks or cold drinks because they keep them cool or warm and don’t burn your hands.

But I digress, what I’m hyped about is their new product the UKeg Nitro — a variant of their UKeg growler that turns any beer you poor into it into a pressurized keg, keeping it fresh for days. Works for cocktails or anything. It’s one of the most brilliant modern inventions.

Maybe until Nitro. This is a nitrogen system that keeps things fresh and makes frothy drinks for you — meaning you can get cold brew coffee now.

This is CRITICAL for summer for me because I’m a huge coffee fiend and I hate drinking warm coffee in the summer. What it’s going to save me is daily (sometimes 2x) trips to starbucks for iced lattes because I can cold brew my own frothy black coffee. I’ve never been so excited.

They are mailing me a prototype and I’m going to be testing it out on The Lunch Stream next week, but I highly recommend it. I’m definitely backing this product and hope you will too — these guys are awesome.

You can also put Nitro beer in it — and if you’ve never tried nitro beer, you’re in for a treat.

Check it out here. 

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Meme Of The Day: Hashtag Body Positve!

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Corporate pride doesn’t just mean smiling with a rainbow, it means putting fat chicks in yoga pants too.


Meanwhile I’m dedicating myself to losing weight and being healthy. Down 5 lbs since memorial day! I ain’t gonna go around wearing tight clothes and looking disgusting.

I want to get fit like my superheroes in my comics. Read them now by pre-ordering Flying Sparks Volume 2. 

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FREE Short Story for Mailing List Subscribers This Afternoon – SIGN UP NOW!

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Want an awesome free steampunk story?

Sign up for my mailing list. 

It’s how I notify folk about new releases and the like, I don’t send much more than one or two emails a month.

But I’m going to be sending out a FREE Rislandian short story for readers today, a prequel story to For Steam And Country staring Major Ral and Lieutenant Colwell from the airship crew. It directly ties into Spy Training so you’ll want to read it.

Sign up here.

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So Begins The Comics Reconquista

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Everything changes, yet nothing changes.

I wasn’t particularly surprised to see over the weekend the group I spearheaded a couple of years ago now championing the LGBTQWTF agenda and talking diversity unironically as the movement got co-opted by folk who were not pushing pro-Christian nor pro-conservative agendas.

I wasn’t surprised to see people “outraged” at Mike MIller’s positions on homosexuality — about the one thing Mike has been consistent about in the last 2 years.

But this is what happens, whether if it’s an invasion of migrants from another culture, or letting the left into your right wing cultural movement.

They take over.

They change it.

It becomes unrecognizable to everything that was great about it.

It’s time to pull a full Atlas Shrugged. Make a new valley free from outside influence, free from the left, free from anything the SJWs push.

We’ll carve out our own territory, our rightful territory, and build an empire worthy of challenging the establishment’s lockstep destruction of truth, justice, and the American way.

We stand for Christianity.

We stand for Nationalism.

We stand for traditional family life.

We stand for bettering oneself.

This is the Comics Reconquista. We will win this culture war by producing truth and beauty, by not compromising core values for a few bucks, by being authentic, by showing the way despite adversity or whatever the outrage of the week is.

Our agenda is simple: bring truth and beauty back into the world through art, and fight back the hordes of barbarians at the gates.

Hop on board by starting here, with Flying Sparks Volume 2. We’ll be going to print toward the end of the month so there’s just a few weeks left to back. And unlike many others, I am producing content at real levels that compete with the industry at large. 332 pages so far since I’ve been on the scene in 9 months while others are screwing around on YouTube peddling the left wing agenda to you in another form.

Back Flying Sparks here.

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