5 Authors You May Never Have Heard Of And Should Support For Christmas!

It’s presents time. For yourself for your reading edification, and also for your friends and family. While I really want you to buy my book for every single person you know and then have them do the same for every person they know… there are other deserving authors out there of whom I am a fan. I mention a lot of personally knowing these folk, which I do to varying degrees for most, but I am a chatty person so that tends to happen when I read someone’s work or see them at a convention. So let’s focus on them for a post or so: Continue reading

Anxiety Dreams

I have some pretty strange anxiety-based dreams, and have for the longest time. Not sure what’s involved with it but because of that, I have trouble sleeping when I’m not in my own bed, especially when I’m in a car or on an airplane—as I have this phobia where I think if I’m not awake to do something or react, that I may die in that situation. Every time I fall asleep on a pain I wake up in a panic when there’s a bump. In a car, I feel my neck starting to weigh heavy and wake up thinking it’s going to snap from my head rolling. It’s pretty draining at times.

I think my most difficult dream was in 2009 or so, when I was certain that we were getting nuked by North Korea. I, before I was awake and cognizant, ran outside, saw the early 5 am morning sun with a ton of red in the sky, and really panicked until I realized where I was and what I was doing.

Last night, I woke up thinking that fluid was filling my lungs and I was going to die, and also thought I was an extreme old age. It was bizarre, and partially because I’ve been pretty sick this last week (which is why I’ve been quieter than usual).

Anyone else have odd sleeping patterns like this? Is there anything to be done about it? When it happens, I spend the next day so tired and drained, and therefore unproductive. Would be nice to have a solution.

Interview With Star Realms Artist Antonis Papantonio

Today I had the pleasure to sit down with White Wizard Games’s artist, and cover artist for Star Realms: Rescue Run, Antonis Papantonio. He did a great job on the book cover, and also designed the cards Chancellor Hartman, Commodore Zhang and Screecher for the Star Realms Deckbuilding Game. He’s done numerous other cards for WWG’s Epic and Hero Realms and also some art for the game Among The Stars.

star-realms-rescue-run-cover-509x764 Continue reading

The Final Countdown

This is it! Star Realms: Rescue Run hits tomorrow. Kindle preorders are still up at http://bit.ly/starrealmsnovel and I have word that ordering for the physical book will also be available tomorrow for those waiting for that. So excited! If you haven’t heard much about it yet…. well then you haven’t read this blog. But if you’re new to the blog then here’s some info and links. Reviews and interviews will soon follow:  Continue reading

Trading Card Games: Old and New



Something New: 

A couple of ridiculously cool gaming things occurred this weekend: 1. Final Fantasy Trading Card Game released. Now I’ve ignored all TCGs the last several years because I like the Living Card Game (LCG) format pioneered by Android: Netrunner, and find it’s a more sustainable situation for playing games not to have a “I have better cards” war with other players. Of course, what’s lost in that, is that you don’t get that rush from cracking a pack of cards, finding that sweet money card or card you want.   Continue reading

Terry Moore’s Motor Girl #1 Review (Spoiler Free)


Last week marked the release of Terry Moore’s new comic, Motor Girl #1. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this since the end of Rachel Rising, which is my favorite comic book series of all time, which you should check out the omnibus here.  I’m a bit late in reviewing because of other obligations, but here goes!  Continue reading

Chatting with NTY Bestseller Todd McCaffrey

I’ve wanted to do a fireside chat, casual talk show for a long time, and on Saturday, I’m going to be doing my first test. The concept is Geekchats, where I talk with fellow geeks and industry professionals about, well, geek stuff. Baseball is included in the literal definition of “geek stuff” because if you haven’t seen how intense the sabremetric nerds like me drill down into the math of baseball, you aren’t living.  Continue reading