Star Trek: Discovery – It’s About Hating You

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We’ve seen how their marketing campaign led, with hailing virtue signalling and making claims that weren’t true to say how ‘diverse’ they were, to being straight forward that the villainous Klingons — who in no way resemble Klingons — were simply Trump supporters in disguise.

With the show getting terrible reviews from people who actually watched (and hailed by critics who aren’t in touch with audience demands), it seems things can’t get worse for the highly-divisive show.

After the release, however, the cast decided to make it more political, by posting selfies “taking a knee” — in a bizarre online “activism” apparently trying to get accolades from instagram fans, and signal that anyone who loves America should not watch the show.

One of the actors doubled down today, according to the Washington Times, by spewing names about Trump supporters who watch the show.

The message is clear to Americans: If you love America, don’t watch this show. They don’t want you. It’s time to tune out and definitely ignore CBS All Access.


Update:  An observation on Discovery: The Klingons start out by being “xenophobic” about the Federation, mentioning how even contact with them will destroy the Empire.

Federation immediately goes out in space suit and slaughters a warrior exploring. Then she goes back and tries to fire upon the Klingon ship immediately. So basically… the Klingons were right. The Federation is extremely dangerous and their multiculturalistic borderline religious fanaticism and zealotry towards bringing everyone into a single government probably will destroy the empire and their rich culture.

Maybe I’ll just watch this show after all and cheer for the Klingons who have a right to exist and have their own identities without being harassed by the Federation.

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25 thoughts on “Star Trek: Discovery – It’s About Hating You

  1. * 10 million people watched it.

    * 81% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

    * CBS ACCESS had a record number of sign ups.

    Sure, that doesn’t mean it’s great, but it’s not the disaster your triggered self thinks it is.

    Life must be awfully frustrating for you, seeing everything through such a highly-politicized lens. The cast and crew of this show owe you nothing.

    Hopefully Chuck Norris will make a sci-fi show you can enjoy.

      • Granted, the audience score did go up from 40% to 65% yesterday (you’re citing critics — of course you are, critics are dumb). This changed happened after it became hyper politicized so a few people went on and padded it for the sake of politics. When it was just reactions to watching it, people hated the show.

      • Just stating some facts: CBS All Access launched in 2014. It has over 1.5 million subscribers.

        Is it the best platform to launch a new Trek series? No, but by all accounts the show had a successful launch.

  2. Trumps approval ratings are through the floor (and the disapproval ratings are through the roof). So the message wouldn’t exactly be clear to the majority of Americans.

  3. The show had a successful launch, but so did The Phantom Menace. CBS lied to fans about the new Klingons being an offshoot and about the show sticking to cannon. The show is fine for the casual ST fan, but most long term fans seem really turned off by it.

    • Those are all valid arguments, Stephen! I even agree that it’s place in cannon is muddled beyond recognition.

      But it’s ridiculous for some to claim the show is awful and will fail because of “virtue signaling.” There isn’t a vast SJW conspiracy out there to ruin Star Trek. All these self-entitled right wingers think everything should be made for them.

      I for one applaud their decision to try something different and bold, even if they fail in the process. And they also need to bring in new viewers.

      • “All these self-entitled right wingers think everything should be made for them.”

        That’s cute. And kind of hilarious. I would actually like for there to be one TV show made for me. Just one. Broadcast, please, because I never actually had a cord to cut.

        Oh, wait, there was. But they cancelled “Last Man Standing.”

        • Those evil bastards cancelled it after only a paltry SIX seasons! How dare they?!

          It sounds like you need to cut your umbilical cord, because you’re acting like a baby.

          • Betay Ray, it’s interesting to see someone spew so much anger and hatred at different viewpoints. Wishing you were more tolerant of others.

          • Oh, okay. It’s just fine that they cancelled the one and only show that actually had balanced viewpoints. I stand corrected. How many seasons has The Simpsons had again?

            It’s also cute that you’re engaging in ad hominem attacks instead of just, you know, showing me a single TV show that caters to the right (one that’s not a cop show, and even they get a lot of stuff stupidly wrong) on network television. I’ll wait.

          • “showing me a single TV show that caters to the right (one that’s not a cop show….”

            Um… a cop show? Or The Orville? Or the 8 thousand cop shows?

            Also, what do you think ad hominem is?

          • “Not a cop show,” Ryan. Reading comprehension is your friend. There are only so many of those I can watch before I choke on them. Also, pardon me if I don’t particularly trust Seth McFarland very much and am waiting a bit before I start watching The Orville.

            The beta fish basically said I was a big baby instead of engaging the actual issue. This is rather the definition of an ad hominem.

          • Um… I think my point is that you’re complaining about a show that was cancelled after running for 6 seasons, which is completely on point. (Breaking Bad only had 5 seasons.) “Those SJWs cancelled my favorite show after 6 seasons! What a travesty!” Sounds like you and Tim Allen should sit down and share a plate of sour grapes to me.

            Let me help, you, though: Looks like almost the entire CBS lineup is tailor made for you, Julie:

            Give some of those shows a shot.

            There. Did I address the issue?

          • … A “Slate” hit piece from last November.

            Are you kidding me with this.

            Also, I am so freaking sick and tired of the “dopey dad” trope (“Man With a Plan,” and “Kevin Can Wait,” according to the article) *barf*, which is why “Last Man Standing” was such a breath of fresh air. I like shows about competent people, thanks. Tim’s character in LMS was far from “dopey.”

            That being said, I may check out “The Great Indoors” and “Pure Genius,” if they’re not on opposite shows I’m already invested in. Thanks.

  4. At least that Van Helsing show, which is now on Netflix, leaves the political crap at the door. Or it has up to episode 4. At some places it’s so goofy and over the top. The special effects department ordered fake blood by the semi truck. Wonderful! Van Helsing doesn’t hate us. Grimdark gallons of blood isn’t for everyone, but at least they don’t hate the audience.

    There are so many shows I can’t watch because the writers/network/decisionmakers hate me.

    They Gayify everything. Riverdell has GAYS. Football star has tv sex with SASSY GAY BFF. Then two female characters make out, cause that’s how you get on the cheerleading squad. Pretty Little Liars has more lesbians in one “small town” than you’ll ever meet in real life.

    Diversity for its own sake. Not that a character happens to be black/Hispanic/Asian, oh no, not good enough. Gotta shove DIVERSITY in the viewer’s face constantly. Do you see the struggles that come only from being DIVERSE, not as a result of any personality flaws, or character interaction? Look at how much better DIVERSE is than the dumb white guy. DIVERSE can do no wrong. DIVERSE gets no real character AND insults the audience. Great writing, team!

    The worst is normalizing pedophilia. Pretty Little Liars starts the series with a 16 YO making out with her teacher before the title credits. In the teacher’s defense, both he and the girl are new to town. But then their relationship is presented as stable and good. GROSS, gross, gross.

    But PLL is so 4 years ago. Riverdell says, “hold my beer” and over the summer the music teacher fucks her student. Yup, they went there.

  5. “Pretty Little Liars has more lesbians in one “small town” than you’ll ever meet in real life.”

    AnnoCow; I think that’s your problem. Small Towns aren’t aren’t real life, but they definitely aren’t all of real life.

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