Hugo Nominating – “Gravity Of The Game” By Jon Del Arroz

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Hugo Nominations just opened, and we’re a month since Wolrdcon made an unprecedented move by banning me from attendance without giving much of a reason, but defaming me on their website and calling me a “racist bully.”

The leadership of Worldcon has made it clear that they are not willing to extend protections to political figures they disagree with in this action, as they didn’t talk to me, didn’t respond to my concerns for my and other conservative writer’s safety when I broached the subject in November, but instead took this shameful action to discriminate against me because of my political beliefs.

But we the writers and fans can send them a message. The Hugo Awards are still a part of this convention, and you can nominate my novella, “Gravity Of The Game” for best novella.

Reviews are extremely positive for this classic science fiction tale. It’s in the spirit of science fiction past, when everyone was welcome at a Worldcon regardless of creed or beliefs. It presents a welcoming future, where we can get along as a society, and this is the vision of the future I want to present in my science fiction. This is the vision the gatekeepers in science fiction are trying to prevent from spreading.

The novella has gone out to everyone on my mailing list for free, and it’s available on amazon for 99 cents. If you’re planning on nominating for the Hugos, I’ll happily send you a copy. The message needs to be sent that both we love fun science fiction, and that their behavior is not acceptable.

Check out the novella on Amazon here, sign up for my mailing list or contact me and I’ll make sure you get a copy.

Nominate “Gravity Of The Game” by Jon Del Arroz for best novella category!

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