Book Blast: Levon’s War by Chuck Dixon

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Anyone who follows me knows that Chuck Dixon is one of my favorite comic writers. If comics had a Grand Master status, he would definitely have earned it. In fact, I’ll confer him the title Grand Master of Comics right now. But I discovered he also wrote prose fiction early last year, when I saw him post to a Facebook group, promoting the book, Levon’s Trade. I immediately picked up the book and found he’s an extremely competent prose writer as well.

Most of the fare I signal boost on here is fantasy or sci-fi, but Chuck’s series is a straight up action thriller. If you like Bruce Willis movies or Seal Team Six or Brad Thor books, this series will most definitely appeal to you. And with the 5th book of the series releasing this week, you have something cool to binge read as well.

Check out Levon’s War! 

His word is his bond. 

A promise made in the past takes Levon Cade from the hills of Alabama to the caliphate of ISIS.

The US Marine turned backwoods vigilante returns to the Iraqi desert on a mission of mercy that will take him to the heart of terror. 

It will take all his skills, all his courage and all his will to survive the hell that Mosul has become. 

It’s time for Levon’s War.

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