Book Blast: Imani Earns Her Cape: A Middle Grade Novel by Bokerah Brumley

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We love highlighting authors who are fighting the good fight over here, and Bokerah is one of those authors who does great works. She just released a clean reads middle-grade targeted novel, and we should support her efforts. If you have middle grade or young reader types, think of going this direction before something like Harry Potter. 

Bokerah is a wonderful writer, having contributed a story to the Mars anthology I edited.

The book:

Twelve-year-old Imani Chausiku should be celebrating the most important day of her life by eating merfruit, casting flying spells, and laughing with her mother. There’s just one massive problem.

Her mother has been kidnapped by a giant troll, and now Imani is lost in the Fae Realm with no way back home to Virginia. Completing her rite-of-passage alone is inadvisable, but if Imani doesn’t want to lose the only family she’s ever had, she may have no choice.

Trans-portal train travel, underwater cities, submarines, sea dragons, and unexpected family all combine in Imani Earns Her Cape.

Buy Imani Earns Her Cape here.

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