CLFA Book Of The Year Award Winning

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Thanks everyone for all your hard work in going out and voting on this. It was a really tough fight on this front, because every book on the list was 100% deserving. It was even harder on one front, because of dozens of votes coming in each day for both For Steam And Country and the already award winning Moira Greyland’s The Last Closet for a really good reason. And for that reason. we need to talk about The Last Closet and just how important of a book it is in this context.

The CLFA exists because the culture in publishing, most specifically in science fiction and fantasy, has become so extreme that if you step off the reservation with any idea outside of extreme leftist ideology, you will have one or two things occur to your entire writing career: 1. you will be completely ignored and shunned 2. they will run a whisper campaign to destroy you. It happens every time, and this is a support network which is incredible. I don’t think I’d be able to keep going without them.

The publishing elite’s hate is that extreme. It’s to the point now where conservatives who are known authors like myself or John Ringo are kicked out of conventions just so the left doesn’t have to even see that other people who make other ideas exist.

Moira Greyland has been fighting this battle as a vocal Christian and conservative for a long time. She is truly one of the pioneering heroes who fought the good fight before there was a network, before there was anyone there to support and say “you’re doing the right thing.” Moreover, she stepped up in the context of extreme abuse.

Her parents sexually abused her as a child, and within this very science fiction community that has perpetuated since then. And because of the identity politics being so extreme, instead of nurturing her and caring for Moira as a victim, they instead shun her and talk badly about her. Why? because Moira’s mother is an idol for the identarians, as a feminist and homosexual.

That’s all that matters to them. Your identity. If you have one wrong aspect to your identity, as I do as a Hispanic conservative, you become vilified like none other. Moira has experienced this over the course of her life, as she once was very involved in the science fiction convention scene as a wonderful harpist and singer (check out her music), and since revealing the true, ugly facts of the abuse she endured, doesn’t receive the convention invites she used to.

Her book details everything that happened, just how ugly this culture is, and the extreme lengths the gatekeepers of this field will go to to hide the perversion and extreme pedophilia going on within their ranks. Early this year proved more evidence that the community is not willing to accept it has a problem, as I was banned from the Science Fiction Writers Of America under the guise of reasoning that I questioned why their president wouldn’t condemn this known pedophilia. Their president hates me for being of the “wrong” politics, and has turned the organization into one that doesn’t care about professional qualifications, and only cares about clique politics and personal squabbles. It’s shattered the organization and made it a joke.

But the CLFA has been a place where, from day one, authors can talk about different ideas, they can have camaraderie with one another. It’s the one breath of fresh air in this science fiction community, with so many supportive people. Moira is one of those people, quietly cheering on authors, being there for people, praying for us. She is a true champion and a true winner. What she endured, and how she’s come out of it and been able to live her life because of the strength she’s received from the love of Jesus Christ makes her an inspiration to everyone.

Today, pick up The Last Closet and see for yourself. It will shock you just how bad it really is. Moira’s story is why we have to fight for culture to bring it back to sanity. She deserves your love today.



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8 thoughts on “CLFA Book Of The Year Award Winning

  1. Again: very happy for you, Jon.

    Query: who did For Steam & Country cover? My next, The Saga of Nichole5: Part One – ‘Friend & Ally, needs a similar look. If you’d rather not say openly, please email.

    • The guy blacklisted me over politics I wouldn’t recommend him. However, the guy who did the sequel which will be out in July and it looks even better is Matt Margolis.

  2. Did Shawn King do the cover for “Knight Training” as well, or is that Matt Margolis?

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