Those Who Attack Right-Leaning Art Are Destructive To Our Movement

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We are in a budding movement. It’s still small and still in its infant stages. We are up against a culture that is lockstep with a fully controlled news media who will print anything in order to promote their culture, and likewise will ignore and diminish ours at every turn. They have a fully controlled big-production industry from comics to publishing to movies, to where they can promote their big names and brands with millions of dollars of advertising revenue, they have Big Tech who will censor our content so it can’t be seen by others and promote who they want to be stars, and they also have a collectivist-thinking legion of fans who are all 100% in lockstep who will attack us on the social level and give “reason” for the three big corporate arms of their media empire to shun us.

It’s overwhelming.

On our end, there are several loose independent coalitions trying to get things done. Whether that’s ComicsGate, the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance, Castalia House and its circle of creators, or others, there are very few of us still in the scheme of things, and we’re all Indy’s, even those of us who are minor internet celebrities.

Whenever I have a story blow up big in the media, which is becoming more frequent, I get detracting comments. “Why would you associate with ______?” “Why are you promoting _____?” “Don’t you care about ______ that ______ allegedly said once?”

I almost always mock these comments or ignore them. I will not attack fellow creators on the right ever. We’re already under immense pressure from above. We’re being banned from conventions en masse. We’re being blacklisted from publishers by threats from industry professionals. There’s no way you can ever get me to talk smack about someone who’s struggling as an independent to create art and make it against these insurmountable odds.

Every time you do it, you are holding our movement down.

I know it sounds counter intuitive, as the media will lambast Person X and make them look really bad! If only we had respectable creators, well then they couldn’t lambast and that’s what we need, right?

It’s wrong. No one on our side is respectable to their media machine or legion of groupthinkers. No one is even HUMAN on our side according to them. So what if we have some ideological differences? So what if the artistic project isn’t my cup of tea? It’s not like it’s some giant corporate promoted propaganda, it’s an independent person doing it on their time, taking enormous risk.

I’m only here to lift up the movement. I don’t care about disagreeing with someone on minor matters, I don’t even care if I love the product they put out. There’s personal reasons their product is done the way they want — that’s what art is all about. Sometimes there’s financial reasons that it looks or feels a certain way as well.

So I urge you, if you don’t like a book or whatnot or someone on our side, don’t say anything.That’s the best you can do. You’re not obliged to promote everything, but don’t squash this movement in its infancy.

Attacking on that level is destructive to us. It is in fighting while the mainstream major media laughs and ridicules and further tears us down. I’m human. Of course I don’t like every person in our movement, but you’ll never see me trying to tear them down in public. It’s crucial we all follow this suit and create our platform to counter the degenerate mainstream culture. It’s time to win.

If you like my thoughts and if you’re down to check out my books, read my award winning novel For Steam And Country. Like anything, it’s my art, but a lot of other people think it’s some of the best of our movement so far. Check it out here.

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5 thoughts on “Those Who Attack Right-Leaning Art Are Destructive To Our Movement

  1. These people who complain about minor details are the same as Paul Ryan or any other RINO in congress. They care about the BIG PICTURE, ignoring the fact that the BIG PICTURE is being written, directed, and produced by liberals. They try to take the passive, centralist position. They are the ones who are constantly willing to compromise, giving an inch there, a bit of a god-given right there, all for the “greater good.”
    When playing tug of war, and one side is aiming to win, the other side is simply trying to “stand their ground” …. the guys standing their ground will lose, every single time.
    Its time we start pulling ourselves, with the goal of winning.

  2. Personally, I only review things I like anyway – I figure, if I don’t like something, I’m just not the right audience for it. So that’s an easy one for me. I suspect that’s the way a lot of conservatives feel, too.

    I truly believe in Terry Pratchett’s line, Let there be Ten Thousand Voices. Apparently thinking that makes me, makes all of us, extremists of some kind.

  3. Case in point, your article on Dangerous about the comic guy who got banned from the comic store, and someone makes a comment of “Well, at least now he has a better chance of getting a girlfriend.”

    Shit like that doesn’t help.

  4. This isn’t just a problem with ‘right wing art,’ it’s an issue with the Right in general. When someone on the Left screws up, assuming that person is still useful/loyal to the movement, then they circle the wagons and ride out the storm (see: Joy Ann Reid and the saga of the time traveling Russian hackers that made homophobic posts on her site under her name). When it comes to the Right, it doesn’t even need to be a big thing. It can be that you made a racist joke in a IRC chat once in 2003, exclusively among friends, and to a friend who was of that race, and in on the joke. You’re still getting disinvited from the RNC, booted off Fox News, and ‘allies’ like Ben Shapiro and the NR crew will publicly mock you. I think it’s just a remnant of wanting to be liked by the mainstream (e.g. the Left), and for some, maybe a little bit of secretly, subconsciously suspecting that the Left is right about your side.

    The Right really needs to learn to support its own. It has actually been getting better at this over the last few years than it used to be, perhaps largely thanks to the God-Emperor, but it still has a very long way to go (for instance, people were criticizing not just Milo Yiannopoulos’ public comments recently, but *the kind of passwords he used*). Dying on a hill for your principles, when fighting an enemy that has absolutely no principles whatsoever, is the height of stupid. You will lose that war 100% of the time.

    Nobody needs to endorse things they think are stupid, or pretend things that are terrible are actually good just because it’s made by someone on ‘your side,’ but the constant purity spiraling, schoolmarming, attempts to get into the good graces of our media overlords, and endless “That’s not who we are”-isms need to die already

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