But Why Do You Defend THAT Person? Aren’t You Angry About How They…

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This is a follow up to my viral blog about our movement, from last week.

We’re at war.  There is a side that’s in lockstep. They don’t care how offensive any of them treat us. They don’t care how crazy they go in the defense of the cause. They are the Borg.

They’ve made whole industries of assimilating and bringing their collectivism to a point where if you’re not in 100% agreement with the outrage of the moment, you will be destroyed. It happens everywhere. Every time.

And yet when someone who’s not in lockstep as an artist steps out of line, maybe says something a little controversial, doesn’t phrase things the best, were taken completely out of context, whatever, they send their full collective media to destroy that person. It’s a law of nature. And it’s effective. They dominate the conversation about that person until the collective consciousness only remembers one thing: “that person is bad. we must never allow them to work again.”

You’ll note I have a track record of being extremely consistent on one important thing: I always stand up for the individual artist in entertainment who’s up against the SJW Borg cube of information destruction. I don’t care if that person is extreme right, if they’re a centrist, or even if they’re likely a leftist. The reason is, the independent voice needs to be heard in a free society. We need to be able to, as artists, create work without fear of some monolithic destruction of our livelihoods and families because we spoke out with different political views.

And it’s always about the political views. It’s never about the person, even though the media works overdrive to frame it that way. But why don’t I care about this person being a “terrible human being?” Let’s go down the checklist of what “terrible human beings” do and ask if in any of the instances the person destroyed over politics in entertainment did the following:

Did the person rape?

Did the person murder?

Is the person a pedophile?

Is the person a human trafficker?

Did the person sell hard drugs repeatedly and destroy others lives?

Did the person say something mean on Twitter?

Notice how one doesn’t match the others at all in the “standards” used for what a terrible human being is? How one on that list is not a crime but the others are? And yet it’s used repeatedly as a standard to completely shun someone like a scarlet letter.

If you are an entertainer and you’re writing or saying millions of words, you’re going to say something that’s offensive to someone. It’s going to happen. It doesn’t matter. Not a single person can be that polished to NEVER say anything offensive. Not a single person out there who uses twitter regularly without a handler doing it can ever NOT get mad and say something a little over the line. I really don’t care.

We are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God. There’s not one perfect human out there, not on our side, not on their side, not in the middle. We live in an absurd time where we can view every other person’s private thoughts, actions, etc. in real time, something never done before. And the media has tricked us into when, someone center-right says something, that we must immediately completely detach and destroy. It’s a scam meant to hold our movement down, nothing more. They have billions and trillions of entertainment dollars at stake, and they don’t want to risk losing even a small segment of the market to anyone on our side. That is what this is about.

And so I’ll stick up for the artist vs. the corporation. The artist vs. the convention. The artist vs. the establishment media. That’s the right thing to do. That’s what individualism is all about. The corporate demands we all assimilate or be destroyed. The line must be drawn here, this far, and no further.

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