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I just finished up my periscope announcing this, but I am horrified at the shocking treatment of Faith Goldy by the crowdfunding website, Patreon. Patreon has banned other journalists in the past, but this time it’s a flagrant political move to silence independent journalists and content creators who won’t go along with the establishment media.

Faith has been doing great work, reporting as a conservative and Christian.  Patreon claimed she violated their community standards by posting this video:

The video is Faith showing up at a demonstration, showing the behavior of the terrorist group, ANTIFA. They swore at her, spit on her, tried to grab her equipment, it was very disgusting. Faith did not engage in violence herself, she simply reported on the situation.

The fact that Patreon would ban someone because she was reporting the news, and would punish someone for getting spat on, is disgusting and disturbing. It’s clearly politically motivated, and therefore I can no longer justify the 10% of my income stream going to this company. Like the NFL, like Marvel Comics, we cannot support people who hate us.

It will be a financial hit for the short term. When moving platforms like this, usually only 80% of people make their way over, and freestrtr takes a bit more of a percentage than Patreon, but its time to make a change, and time to disassociate with companies that would gladly deplatform people like me.

I’m restarting my campaign on freestartr. We have a very modest goal to get some new content going (in addition to the short stories and draft chapters I provide every month)  which will happen when we reach the $360 a month level. My goal is to get there this year, which I think is totally obtainable. $1/mo really helps out when a lot of people join in, and $3/mo is just a Starbucks coffee for a short story by me. It’s a good deal! Also, it’s supporting freestrtr as a startup, which helps them add functionality and grow to be a competitor to the censoring Patreon.

This should be good all around. Please join up on my Freestrtr campaign and let’s get this culture change rolling!

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