The Best And Easiest Way To Maximize Your Indie Publishing Sales

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We’ve seen how over the last year, the biggest successes seem to have come from teams of authors co-writing, as they can get their projects out slightly faster than others, and create these shared universes where the plot just keeps coming. They both bring in their fanbases, there’s a lot to binge read, and boom, suddenly you have megasuccesses.

But we can’t all get co-writers who are on the same page as us and willing to push several books all that easily. There is one thing we can do, however, to mimic their strategy and maximize our own returns on our books we release.

People want series. It’s the name of the game. And often times, people won’t even check out a series until you have 3-4 books in it, so they can get through as much as they can. It’s part of the current psychology of the reader. The problem is, if you release book one, write book two, release that, and go on repeat, your sales for the first and second drop off and out of Amazon’s algorithm priority before the third gets anywhere near ready. This hurts that strategy.

Peter Grant tried something similar, experimenting with his own sales, with his new release, Cochrane’s Company. waited until he had a trilogy, got them all ready to go, and released them one month after another. The results were astounding. His books didn’t just take off in a linear way, the sales compounded exponentially. All of the books got boosts, and they all promoted each other because Amazon viewed them all as new releases in the window. It meant he wasn’t just making $4.99 every time someone clicked through, but $14.97!

The stacking releases works, even if you don’t have a co-writer. Hold your book, keep it a trilogy or more if you don’t have time to write a book a month. If you do — well you’re gonna be ahead of the game. But this works every single time I’ve seen it tried. This is how you build audience with the modern amazon. It’s pulp speed ahead out there and it’s a surefire way to maximize the sales of your books.

I’m doing the same this summer with my #SummerOfSteampunk. I’m putting out sequels to my award winningĀ  For Steam And Country with “Knight Training” this month, The Blood Of Giants in August, and Fight For Rislandia in September. I’ll let you know how it goes on my end when I’ve already got a book 1 that’s been out for a long time. If you want to catch up on that you can check it out here.

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4 thoughts on “The Best And Easiest Way To Maximize Your Indie Publishing Sales

  1. Timely: my copyeditor is to deliver the first book in my Nichole5 series this coming weekend. I’m 16k words into the 60k-word sequel.

    Sounds as if I should sit on book one until book two is on the flightline. Interesting.

    Thanks, Jon. Any other tactics an award-winning author such as you has to share?

  2. Thanks – yeah, I already published the first book, but I’m planning to not do much in the way of promotion until I have several more up, for this very reason.

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