New Federalist Article: Thot Patrollin’

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I lay out the details of this weekend’s #ThotAudit in the normie news:

Which is a friendly reminder while that it seems like a YouTube comic guy might be swarming and causing a scene… but I set actual discussion agendas for hundreds of thousands of people, not just a couple hundred comic weirdos on Twitter. It’s part of why these guys push so hard against me, because they’re jealous of my influence.

The other part is I write fun, professional level stories. Art isn’t everything. My stories can stand on their own and do, and it’s a threat to guy who don’t write and draw. I’m making science fiction AND the news fun again. You can pre-order my new short story collection with an intro from Gamergater Daddy Warpig here (out tomorrow).

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5 thoughts on “New Federalist Article: Thot Patrollin’

  1. Oh man, this is hilarious. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as justice, is there?

    Your Federalist article is great–it hits the right tone between serious and fun. And the piece by Megan Fox at PJ Media that you mentioned was likewise fantastic.

    This David Wu guy is a hero. Everyone must pay their fair share!

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