The Consumers Have Spoken And Love Flying Sparks!

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These are the reviews I like the best, cuz it’s clearly someone who READS, it’s not a professional youtuber who’s just generating content. Not that I mind the other reviews either.

As you can see immediately, and might expect from every other mention of Flying Sparks, the readers are VERY impressed with the book. He says it restores his faith in comics and most importantly “the writing’s phenomenal.”

That’s going to be the difference between my work and some of the recent crowdfunded comics, is this is a book by a top tier professional writer with a top tier professional artist together.

As far as whether you can still purchase the book, you can on Amazon. We’re working on getting a Kindle edition up in short order, hopefully within the next week or two.

Also happy to announce ALL of Flying Sparks has been fulfilled. It was quite a lot of work and hours getting books all shipped, and I’m probably going to outsource it to the printer in the future because I want to be in the business of writing and content creating, not packing and shipping. It’ll allow me to come out with books faster and actually will probably make it cheaper for you to purchase as well.

I posted an update on the IndieGoGo page yesterday with a bit more information as well:

  1. We’re working on a Flying Sparks: Meta-Man Special tie-in which is going to be 24-Pages. It goes into Meta-Man’s past and subtly reveals crucial information about our characters for keen readers.  The art is by my good friend Mike Abuan. This book is going to be a test because we’re going to release it directly to Amazon and see how the market’s going to be for a book like that and if it’s sustainable to do it that way without a crowdfund to help pay for art and the like. The book will be $4.99.
  2. Flying Sparks Volume 2 is slated for crowdfund in February. And there won’t be much wait time for you to get the book after it closes! The machine’s in place and we’re going to run like clockwork. The cover artist for Volume 2 will wow you and I can’t wait to announce who it is.

In the meantime make sure to catch up on the first book. I’m excited to make this an ongoing superhero world and keep expanding the scope. I’d had planned audio dramas, a youtube show, and more for this property so if we can keep growing, we can make some awesome content become a reality. Pick it up here.


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One thought on “The Consumers Have Spoken And Love Flying Sparks!

  1. That’s because Flying Sparks is awesome. Well worth the money spent backing, and it really reminded me of the kinds of comics I loved as a kid. I’m really looking forward to the further adventures of Chloe and Johnny.

    Good for you and Jethro. I’m really happy for you both.

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