Alt-Hero Novel Update And Cover Art

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If you missed Vox’s blog today for whatever reason, you’ll know that the title and cover for my Alt-Hero Novel was revealed — at least the line art for it.


Alt-Hero: Covert is coming in January!

As an ordinary high schooler, David Wright struggles with loneliness, stress, and a lack of purpose. There’s nothing special about to make him worth noticing by anybody. Being too ordinary, he realizes he might as well be invisible. One day, the invisibility becomes all too real as he finds himself disappearing in the middle of school.

Unable to control his powers, David registers with the U.N.’s Superhuman Protection Council for their new schooling and training program for young specials. His powers are spotted by the U.N. as useful for reconnaissance and spy work, throwing David far in over his head into matters of national security. 

All David wanted was to be someone who matters, but will the work he’s forced to do cost him his soul?  

If you’re new to my writing and what to see how my prose is, the best place to start as a comparison to what I’ll be doing for Alt-hero is The Steam Knight series, featuring James Gentry. Book 1 is only 99 cents and it’s a quick read so you’ll be able to check it out pretty easily. Read it here:


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