The Great Rislandia Wiki Project

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As I mentioned yesterday, I started going through and updating all the information on Rislandia contained within the books and short stories. As there’s 3 novels, 2 novellas and 5 short stories of content, it took some combing through and doing. I spent the last 3 days re-reading through all of them and taking note of locations, characters, important military battles, myths and legends and cool steampunk-y devices to list on the site.

Everything is now in. I created close to 200 articles, cross linked many of them and set up a basic structure. Because of how monumental the task ended up being and how complete of a resource it is, I decided to get the domain and have it direct to the site. I also registered @RislandianArmy on Twitter as a handle to be completely dedicated to the books (no politics).

I’m going to be fleshing out a lot of this into real articles that look more like an RPG supplement and adding new information. If there’s anything you’d like to see, let me know. And if you have suggestions for organizing, also let me know. Right now we’re working on prettying it up and making it feel more like “Rislandia” as a theme, where yesterday the site felt like a generic fantasy site. Again it’s

And if you still need to get into Rislandia, start with For Steam and Country here. The book was just updated with a fresh new version, a re-edit for continuity and cleaning up the prose. It’s a brand new book and feels great!

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