Make Science Fiction Fun Again Now On Audiobook

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Very excited to get this short story collection out on audio, including fan-favorite novella “Gravity of the Game”. This took quite a while to make because of the length of the book, so it should be well worth it on the audio side.

It’s available through audible, so if you have a credit, now’s the time to check out Make Science Fiction Fun Again.

Most of these stories have only been released to Patreon supporters, and some not at all outside of this collection. They have all sorts of different concepts– high action, some romance, some harder conceptual stuff, but what they all have in common is fun, and no holding back in terms of ensuring the sense of wonder that you would expect from sci-fi.

It includes my first published story, “The Romance Chip”, which appeared in the Irony of Survival anthology but went out of print a long time ago, so I’m happy¬† this is available again.

My favorite characters I’ve developed outside my novels are in “Love IRL” and its sequel “Altered Program” — I’ll probably be writing a little more in this world soon over on the Patreon front.

Regardless, I’m proud of this collection, and it’s a great sampling of my writing. You can get it on audio or any other format here.

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