Spy Training Is Live – Full Steam Knight Trilogy Out Now!

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Spy Training – New Steampunk book is live!

Deadly secrets lie behind enemy lines…
…will he make it out alive?

The Kingdom of Rislandia sends their finest Knights of the Crystal Spire on an espionage mission in hopes of uncovering plans to the one weapon that could turn the tide of the war in their favor—the airship.

James Gentry takes on this difficult assignment while juggling overwhelming personal troubles that threaten his ability to do his job. If he can’t regain his focus, it could lead to his death.

To compound his problems, the Wyranth have a secret plan far more dangerous than the knights could have even imagined.

Buy the thrilling conclusion to The Steam Knight’s first year of adventures and experience the epic gun slinging action of the special forces of Steampunk!

The third book in my reader-favorite Steam Knight series is out, this one really giving James a lot of character growth in the midst of some HUGE developments in the world for Rislandia. Things are about to get crazy.

This is a great jumping on point as you get a taste of all the major characters who will be moving and shaking the two steampunk series.

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The first two are available on Audio to make it very easy to catch up!

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