What The Hell Is Marvel Comics THINKING?

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Yesterday, someone brought to my attention their new unveiling of the New Warriors, covered by Bounding Into Comics, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

It looked like the company’s had a turnaround in the last couple of years from their constant pushing of complete nonsense on customers, but then they show this:

The heroes nobody wanted…. the heroes nobody asked for…

One would almost think they were intentionally making jokes of their own characters at their own expense. With writer Daniel Kibblesmith coming from Late Night talk TV, it would seem to lend itself that way.

But with a title like The New Warriors, a reader wouldn’t expect something making fun of superheroes and comics and woke mentality, the title evokes serious battles, action. it’s not the right place for it.

The concept is the “old” new warriors are mentoring new New Warriors. I assume Kibblesmith wants to highlight generational differences between Gen X and Zoomers? But is there an audience for it? It sounds and looks like a trainwreck.

We’ll find out soon whether this is SJWs embracing words like “snowflake” and saying screw you to us, or whether they’re making a joke at their own expenses. Either way, not going to be a lasting New Warriors title that anyone wanted.

However there is a superhero you can count on, my Dynamite Thor. It’s got everything you loved from the original New Warriors – compelling story, great characters, action, and there’s ONLY 24 HOURS LEFT to get it! Back now.


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