Some Quick #PulpRevolution Reading

A friend of mine brought to my attention a couple of anthologies produced a couple of decades ago, where a couple of heavy hitter editors went back and researched some of their favorite old out-of-print pulpy stories and assembled them for ease of read for the new generation to discover these Worlds of Wonder: The dedication to old authors “who knew the secrets I was trying so hard to learn” is what makes this one quite interesting. Ignore the bad rebrand that makes this look like a textbook on how to write, with a bad name and bad cover.  The original name was “Worlds of Wonder” as I alluded to before, which is much more apt for such a study.

Modern booksellers don’t know what they have with these rebrands. I posted yesterday,  that I thought that Tarzan must be about gardening and sipping mint tea based on this barnes and noble classic recovering of the great book:

No idea what they were thinking!

I haven’t read the two anthologies above yet, but given some of the names involved and the source that brought them to my attention, I am picking them up for sure. They’re super cheap in paperback and you can get a good glimpse about what the Pulp Revolution entails by looking at these stories, a bit easier than reading the whole books on the Appendix N list. If you’re just looking for your first dabble into this world of laser swords and giant monsters to wrestle with on Mars, this is a good place to start.

Going For The Throat

That’s what the bacteria or virus or whatever inside me has done. Spent last night unable to sleep, throat so swollen I can’t swallow. Hurts! Needless to say, if you haven’t realized, my Geekchats with Superstar Editor Jason Rennie – The Man Who Makes Amazon Bestsellers has been pushed back to next Friday on account I can’t talk.

I’m super tired, trying to get at least some editing done today on For Steam And Country in between naps, but also being lazy and resting as well. This comprises of:

  1. Watching Radar Men From The Moon – a 1952 adventure serial about Commander Cody, who is basically The Rocketeer. So far there’s Atomic Rays and Jetpacks, so I am pleased. Can’t ask for much more out of Commander Cody. Some #PulpRevolution right there.
  2. Reading John C. Wright’s Count To A Trillion. I’m not often floored with how smart and creative someone is. As I’m certainly a genius and creative myself, it takes a lot to impress me to that degree. Mr. Wright has been on my “to read” list ever since the Injustice Gamer brought him to my attention a couple months ago. After that, becoming friends with the esteemed L. Jagi Lamplighter-Wright has bumped his books up on my reading list to “top priority.” I am not disappointed. About a hundred pages in and I can’t believe how a science fiction genius like this exists. His realm of imagination, his prose, the way he presents scientific concepts as plausible so far surpasses anything I’ve read in such a long time I am sitting here jaw dropped. I’m glad I moved this up on my list. You should check it out if you haven’t already.

Also, Gab people. Don’t forget my little book giveaway of Star Realms: Rescue Run. All you have to do is send me a message on gab saying you want to enter, and it is so! Running the contest through the weekend

That’s all the thoughts I’ll leave you with for today. Hope you, kind reader, have a great start to your weekend.



Super sick today, laying in bed with a fever, but I did hit 500 followers over on the social network. I love it over there, and want to help promote them. In honor of that, I am doing a book giveaway of a signed Star Realms: Rescue Run to mark this follower milestone.

I’m also going to be doing a beta test of their GabTV very soon for the Jon Del Arroz Sci-Fi Power Hour! It should be a lot of fun and we can talk geek culture together.

For now, get on Gab: . Find me @otomo and my post about Star Realms for details on how to win.

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A Landslide Victory!

The other day, I asked my dear readers to help me choose the title of forthcoming book, which will be a YA Steampunk novel about a young farm girl who inherits and airship and hijinx ensue! Action. Adventure. Romance. Thrills!

Here’s the results of the polls:

50% For Steam And Country (Apparently my readers like Bond references..)

33% The Blood of Giants (I think I may use this for book 2…as I have an idea)

17% Zaira’s Airship (Glad this one didn’t win because can you imagine people trying to amazon search and spell Zaira? Bad marketing!)

0% The Adventures of Baron von Monocle (Apparently my readers don’t like Terry Gilliam references…)

There you have it, and I will honor democracy’s result. Time to make steampunk great again!

If this sounds fun to you, don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list.  That way I’ll let you know when it comes out.

Also, if you like this, you’ll probably like my current book too!

Friendship In The Time Of SJWs

An author friend of mine wrote an interesting blog about social media and politics from the perspective of a European living in America, citing how bad it’s become. As I mentioned on Vox Popoli last week, “The Science Fiction and Fantasy writing and convention scene is one of the worst SJW converged subcultures.” When people you think are your friends are part of that establishment, you’ll find that it’s far more exacerbated than any other group on social media. Dario’s post provides an interesting perspective, which is worth reading. From an American right perspective, despite his conclusions, where we have to deal with the hatred, the death threats, the physical violence, all of those things deserve proportionate response. We cannot stand down while they keep hitting us over and over. Continue reading

Love Is A Drink That Goes Straight To My Head

It’s Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air. I took the occasion to tell some of my favorite authors how much I’d love to co-write with them on Twitter, but the day also spurs thoughts as to what romance is within the context of Science Fiction, and whether it has a place being central to the story. The late-great, and my personal favorite, Anne McCaffrey once responded to criticism of romance in her work with “everything I write is romance,” which is an interesting perspective to think about in the context of SF. Continue reading

Geekchats: The Man Who Makes Amazon Bestsellers

There’s one man responsible for creating a short fiction anthology that propelled so many authors into the Amazon Top #100 author rankings, no small feat at all. He did it by telling stories that no other publisher would dare touch. Short fiction is an incredibly tough market, with most not selling at all in today’s market. Editor and Publisher Jason Rennie will share his thoughts on the industry, and the future of Sci-Fi short fiction.

This Geekchat will be live on Friday, Feb 18th at 11:30 AM PST.

A Mailing List + Crowd Sourcing A Book Title

I’m getting hip and with it in this modern internet age with a mailing list, as I realized I’ve skipped that valuable marketing step. I won’t post to it except for new releases and perhaps a couple of times to push for Dragon Award nominations, so it will be low additional email quotient for you. It is worth it as a reminder for when my new awesome books come out (which will be soon!):  link and I also have a handy dandy button on the bar up above. Please sign up!

Also, I’m taking a poll on what’s the best title for my Steampunk YA I’m working on. I’m going to go with the most votes of my readers, so let your voice be heard!

#PulpRevolution Mindset

This might be total confirmation bias speaking, and I mean this to spur discussion rather than ramble about it too much. I see a very different style of posting from the Appendix N, Pulp Revolution, Science Fiction Should Be Fun crowd than the Literary SF group.

The Pulp group makes fun, talks about stuff they love. Music, movies, Edgar Rice Burroughs, gaming. The posts feel high energy and are about a lust for life on average.

The literary SF crowd has a lot of downer posts, usually links to fake news Huffington Post or angry poltiical sites on repeat. They talk about seriousness and professionalism at length.

Fun vs. Boring on display. It may come down to mindset, which could impact what we create in terms of art. Something to think about. Have you noticed this too?