5 Authors You May Never Have Heard Of And Should Support For Christmas!

It’s presents time. For yourself for your reading edification, and also for your friends and family. While I really want you to buy my book for every single person you know and then have them do the same for every person they know… there are other deserving authors out there of whom I am a fan. I mention a lot of personally knowing these folk, which I do to varying degrees for most, but I am a chatty person so that tends to happen when I read someone’s work or see them at a convention. So let’s focus on them for a post or so: Continue reading

The Final Countdown

This is it! Star Realms: Rescue Run hits tomorrow. Kindle preorders are still up at http://bit.ly/starrealmsnovel and I have word that ordering for the physical book will also be available tomorrow for those waiting for that. So excited! If you haven’t heard much about it yet…. well then you haven’t read this blog. But if you’re new to the blog then here’s some info and links. Reviews and interviews will soon follow:  Continue reading

Terry Moore’s Motor Girl #1 Review (Spoiler Free)


Last week marked the release of Terry Moore’s new comic, Motor Girl #1. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this since the end of Rachel Rising, which is my favorite comic book series of all time, which you should check out the omnibus here.  I’m a bit late in reviewing because of other obligations, but here goes!  Continue reading

NaNoWriMoPrep: The Anatomy Of A Novel Part IV: Expanding the Big Idea

We’re only 6 days away from NaNoWriMo. Are you getting nervous yet? I know I am. I have a book dropping mid-November that I have to promote every day. I have edits of another book I’m working on, I’ve got my job which keeps me busy and two kids which keep me even busier than that. Whew. How am I ever going to find time to write a novel?

This is exactly why I’m preparing as much as I can in advance so I can just be in the flow and not think about it. So far we’ve gone over generating ideas, worldbuilding and producing characters that have some life to them. I’ve made 6 character sheets myself, and anticipate at least 4 perspectives out of this book. So what next? Continue reading

NaNoWriMo Prep: The Anatomy Of A Novel Part III

Hello there, NaNoWriMo enthusiast! Whether you’re writing, thinking of writing, or just interested in how these books are made, you’ve made it to Part III of my Anatomy of a Novel blog series. This step is going to be the first part where I’m actually going to be doing the work along with anyone else at this point, as I’d had plans for parts I and II for awhile now.

This part is about defining your characters. Continue reading

The Five Books That Got Me Interested In Writing

I’m going to take a brief detour from my NaNoWriMo prep, as today I started thinking about when I became interested in writing, and what pushed me to it. Honorable mention has to go to the television show, Babylon 5, as reading those scripts opened my eyes to in depth story telling at a young age, as I became interested in the magic behind creating something for the screen. Without further ado, here’s the books:   Continue reading

NaNoWriMo Prep: The Anatomy Of A Novel Part I

After my last post, I received a question asking: how much prep can you really do for NaNoWriMo? And that’s a really good question.  I’m aware that there’s different types of writers out there, some people just write and go, letting the flow take them where it needs to. This really isn’t for a writer more in that camp.

I, like most people, have limited time. So I have to plan my writing. I may get 30 minutes here, an hour there, and I need to make sure that is maximized if I’m going to hit goals. NaNoWriMo isn’t the hardest goal to hit, as it breaks down to about 1,667 words per day, which I do pretty regularly, but if you miss a few days or get stuck, it can be overwhelming to catch up.

I plan a bit ahead of time so I don’t have to worry about what I’m writing, I just have to execute what I already intended on doing.

Which brings me to part one of my Anatomy Of A Novel series: Where Do Ideas Come From? Continue reading

On Space Opera


Space Opera has been a sub-genre that’s excited me since I discovered the subgenre of Science Fiction at about 12 years of age, when I first discovered Babylon 5 on television. Truth be told, I knew of it much earlier through Star Wars, but I didn’t recognize that as space opera until much later. All I knew at the time was that I loved the sense of wonder and exploration of alien cultures mixing with our own, watching as vast interstellar wars captured my imagination.

What is Space Opera and what differentiates it from other science fiction? Continue reading

Some Trips To Gomorra and a Semi-Announcement

Wow! A lot has gone on these last couple months. Been plugging away at the Doomtown: Reloaded stories, which you’ve seen if you follow my facebook feed at all. If not, here’s a bunch of them for you to catch up on with some brief commentary which you may find interesting if you’re a Doomtown fan, or a fan of my writing in general:

Continue reading