Our Enemies Can’t Laugh

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Have you ever noticed that the SJWs social media feeds are filled with vague posting about anxiety, depressing, rage, and just general disdain for the world as it is?

To them, the entire world is a dark, dreary place. There’s no hope, there’s no point. Yet they’ll lash out anyway.  It’s part of their philosophy of nihilism, and it comes across in their works. We’ve talked a lot here about how science fiction has moved to be incredibly dark — in the name of being “realistic” — which has caused the genre to lose its sense of wonder over the years.

But part of why they hate someone like me so much is because I love life. Laughter feels good. Laughter takes the pressure off.

One of the best examples is our dear friend the SFWA President Cat Rambo, who, in her infinite wisdom representing the club, lashed out at me several times over the summer. Everything to her was serious, angry, dark. When she said something nasty about me, and I requested “hey, stop it, it’s a bad look” — she couldn’t reconcile my hitting back in a funny way because to her, I am such an abject enemy as just a normal male with a wife and kids, trying to work and get ahead, my identity is everything she hates and loathes.

It was deadly serious to her. So when I replied to her very serious and heavy anger where she actually was trying to actually harm my career by posting in response  a poster of Mean Girls with a very poorly cropped face of hers from MS Paint on it,  she went off the rails. The humor, the flippancy, the punk rock nature of it is what really set her off. She is the president. No one does this! It comes from taking yourself too seriously.

And I don’t take myself seriously at all. I write books about airships and giant blob monsters. There’s nothing serious about that. I’m just a guy loving life and having fun with concepts, and it drives them absolutely crazy.

I’ve got a fan/friend (all my fans are friends! that’s how we roll around here) who very constantly ribs me, sometimes taking things a bit too far, but you know what? It’s in humor. And it’s amazing. Sometimes you just need to laugh and remember you’re not the king of the world (or God-Emperor of humanity like Donald J. Trump who very much is your president, for any File 770 folk reading this). And it’s actually useful to have someone doing that because it takes the seriousness out of it.

If you lose your laughter. You lose your soul. And that’s what’s happened with the SJW contingent. They spent so much time being angry and hateful in the name of their gods of Diversity and Inclusivity, that they lost themselves in it, and actually in the process became less diverse and inclusive than pretty much anyone else in society. If you don’t laugh, you become what you hate.

Laughter is effective. I talk a lot about “the one rule of the internet is be funny”.  It’s true. A lot of following and the like has to do with being funny, amusing people. As artists, that’s what we’re here to do– is entertain. And laughter can be a very useful component in that.

So on this day, I encourage you: remember to laugh. Both with your friends and at yourself. It makes the world a better place.

If you enjoy my philosophy, you’ll probably enjoy my book, The Stars Entwined. It’s got a lot of coming together as humans themes to it, standing up to bullies, laughter and love. A little of everything. Read it here.

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Coming Out As A Woman

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I’ve thought long and hard about this, talked with several friends over the course of the past year. This isn’t an easy decision for me, but given the current climate, I think it’s the only choice I can make.  I have to be honest with myself, and therefore, honest with you, my readers.

The truth is…

…there is misandry in publishing. It is very real. Publishers prioritize women with female-only author events such as Artemis Rising, or have special submissions windows for female authors only. The Guardian reported the publishing industry is 78% female, and they want to push the other 22% out. All of their websites say they prefer women/minorities over other writers. I did an analysis last year, demonstrating with empirical facts that men have a harder time of getting published than women by a long shot.

After serious deliberations, I will be only submitting short fiction to professional markets from a new female pen name. I’ve come up with the name, I’ve got the email address, it’s ready to go. I will be, for all intents and purposes, a female author. It’s the only way to get ahead in the business, and the smart thing to do. I won’t be broadcasting the name here in case of any inadvertent discrimination, but I will keep you informed as to how reactions change based on having a female name. It’ll be interesting to say the least.

If you think I might not be able to pull it off, read For Steam And Country. My award-nominated book is written first person from the perspective of a 16 year old girl. I can be a character as easily as I can write them in my books. And dozens of women have emailed me saying I wrote about the most realistic female character they’ve read in SF/F. Check it out for yourself. 

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Pray For Worldcon

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I did a periscope earlier which is one of my most important ones I think ever. As you might be aware, my WorldCon lawsuit was filed on Friday, and it got out to the media last night. It’s been a crazy day as I’m flooded with notifications both friend and foe, but i took the time to record a little earlier.

We’re battling for civil rights. That’s the right of you or I to be able to be who we are as conservatives in the arts, and to not be hated, shunned, blacklisted, demeaned, or injured because of how we voted in an election. It’s the most basic of rights guaranteed to us in the United States, which is all about the peaceful transfer of power when it occurs.

I never intended to break any rules of Worldcon (and to my knowledge and according to their posted code of conduct, I still haven’t), I just wanted to attend in peace. And they unfortunately, because of their abject fear of anyone on the right, wouldn’t afford me that. It’s happening to others now, so we have to continue our fight, even if they refuse to dignify us as human beings and just talk out our issues like adults.

It’s reminiscent of the civil rights fights of the 1960s, where African-Americans were refused entry into certain venues because of who they were. But that’s not my major point of the periscope.

We are all created in the image of God, and the fear they hold is because they don’t acknowledge God’s deep love for you, me, and for them. We can operate without fear because we know our place is secure. I wanted to take a few moments to make sure my readership and audience prays for the Worldcon Committee, that they do the right thing, that they can operate out of love and inclusivity, not fear and division.  I said more here:


Check it out. And please pray for these folk. Hopefully together we can make a difference and bring about a fun science fiction community again.

If you like my work, please do check out my book, The Stars Entwined. It’s all about love and community, even in the middle of a war.

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Tor.com Calls On Writers Not To Write Female Villains

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In an absurd rambling about “gender imbalance,” Tor has really gone off the rails this time in an effort to tell creatives what they can and can’t write in their content:But the trouble is that all of these types, no matter how much fun they are, share a common thread: villains who are women are villains as women.

That is to say, while women may sometimes get to be evil, they tend to be evil in ways that are strictly constrained by or defined by their womanhood: as mothers or wives, angry at a man for spurning them or jealous of other women, especially those who are more attractive to men. Femme fatales trade on their dangerous female sexuality (a trope as old as time), while evil stepmothers resent their stepdaughters for surpassing them as ‘fairest of them all.’ Even in villainy, women are bound by the stereotypical limitations of their gender.

So the writer wants female villains to have no real motivation.

In real life, where most Tor writers don’t actually partake, the most emotional moments are built over jealousy, over love lost, are the ones that sting us the most, the ones that drive us to do the most absurd of things. It’s love turned jealousy that create the seeds of hate. Whether that love is for a person, over a cause, something taken from us, it’s how human emotions work.

But in the minds of ridiculous identity politics, it’s “because of gender!”

The analysis by outfits like Tor have gotten to a point where they’re just a parody of themselves in 2018. It’s part of moral relativism, of course, which is the punchline of the article:

The villains I like most are the transgressors who push the boundaries of right and wrong, whose darkness has layers.

Right and wrong are right and wrong because there are boundaries. When they’re “pushed” into grey, you don’t have true villains. You have a lot of the garbage that’s out on TV or in films now, where it’s dark for the sake of dark. Everyone is evil, just different variations of it. Everyone is tortured. The world is a disaster. It’s called nihilism.

It really doesn’t work in story form for the most part because we understand there is true good and evil. We know where the root of it all comes from (by the way, it comes from Eve’s womanly weakness in grabbing the apple off the tree), and we know that we want to be inspired by characters fighting it, by people overcoming their basic instincts to do something more, by resisting the jealousy and hate that makes evil percolate.

It goes to show why certain outfits can’t tell good stories. It’s because they don’t understand the human heart.

Matters of the human heart are complicated, and that only escalates in a time of war. I wrote about this in my book, The Stars Entwined, which you should check out if you like my thoughts on characters and protagonists.

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Never Give An Inch To SJWs, OdysseyCon Learns

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You might remember last year, when I made an effort with several other great authors to support OdysseyCon, after SJW author Monika Valentinelli decided to torch the convention last minute and flake as a guest, citing that she literally couldn’t even that some man was going to be there who made an off color joke to someone unrelated at WisCon several years earlier at a party.

Tad Williams then went to virtue signal and torch the con.

The artist guest of honor did the same.

The Con tried to apologize, removed the fellow from attending the con, and it didn’t matter anyway. The SJWs had their teeth in, and once they get there, they only push harder. You can never signal hard enough. Just like Tor’s #FearlessWomen only brought criticism that they weren’t politicking hard enough, OdysseyCon learned the hard way that dealing with the SJWs just means:

  1. You can’t appease them
  2. Your volunteers burn out because the heat is too much
  3. People get turned off cuz they just want to go have fun and not deal with political nonsense

It’s very sad because OdysseyCon is run by very nice people. And this is the destruction SJWs bring on fandom.

It makes me wonder what’s going to happen to Con Carolinas now that they’ve gone down the SJW rabbit hole and banned John Ringo from attending? It’s “mutual” they say, but it just means Ringo is being nice and not torching the volunteers. They still are bowing and acting like removing Ringo from the con is removing ‘harassment.”

We will have more on that later. For now, just another example of trying to appease the crazies. When the crazies run free, the families and paying attendees flee.

And the SJWs really don’t want you to read my book, The Stars Entwined. It’s all about overcoming differences and working together for good. They can’t stand that.  Read it here.  

Continue reading

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Press Release: Jon Del Arroz’s Statement On SFWA President’s Continued Bigotry

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Jon Del Arroz’s Official Statement On SFWA President’s Continued Bigotry

Cat Rambo’s Conduct Toward Science Fiction Professionals Is Reprehensible

San Francisco, CA April 13, 2018.  SFWA President Cat Rambo has shown nothing but contempt for the independent author community in statements dating back to last year, when she called a blog post on rallying independent authors for successful self-publishing, “egregious stupidity.” This was her first attack on award nominated and bestselling Hispanic author, Jon Del Arroz’s content. Since then, she has continued to rally against his work, as if his and other independent authors’ ability to self-publish and create well-loved science fiction series is a threat to her career.

After her attack, Mr. Del Arroz spoke with Cat Rambo, attempting a civil dialogue with the SFWA President. When his next fact-based post was released, detailing examples of the publishing industry’s bias toward female authors, and subsequently against males (as confirmed in statistics presented by the respected newspaper, The Guardian), Ms. Rambo took her harassment of Mr. Del Arroz to a new level. She taunted Mr. Del Arroz, calling his figures “alt-numbers”, while never providing any statistics of her own as a counter argument. She since took to her platform to tarnish Mr. Del Arroz’s reputation, and used the SFWA official non-profit organization account, in a violation of their rules, to further spread her personal dispute with Mr. Del Arroz and vendetta against male authors.

What followed from Ms. Rambo was a campaign of slander, libel, and character assassination, as she called on writers in the field to shun Mr. Del Arroz, because he replied to her attacks with a light-hearted, funny meme inspired from the promotional poster of the popular film, Mean Girls. Mr. Del Arroz’s attempts to laugh off Ms. Rambo’s rage was hampered by her very real attempts to injure his business, which inspired an anonymous alt-left internet troll to send a dangerous, unsolicited spring-loaded package to his house. Ms. Rambo refused to tell her supporters that such behavior is not acceptable.

Mr. Del Arroz was subsequently blacklisted by the SFWA organization in Ms. Rambo’s personal vendetta, with a libelous claim about him, illegally discriminating against him by holding him to standards that others of different political affiliations are not held to. SFWA did not contest that Mr. Del Arroz has the credentials to be a member, but still denied him to from the club for political reasons, despite being an open-to-professionals, public non-profit organization.

It appeared Ms. Rambo was content to leave it there, until yesterday, April 12th, 2018, at 6:07 PM PST, when Ms. Rambo added fuel to the fire, attacking Mr. Del Arroz once more. Her tweet was as follows:

“I don’t know why she would target me for her harassment again,” Mr. Del Arroz said. “It’s shocking. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m male, Hispanic, or conservative, or perhaps all three, but her continued attacks on me are completely uncalled for.”

Mr. Del Arroz has been in a constant battle for civil rights, since Worldcon 76 in San Jose banned him under false pretenses because of his outspoken conservative views. Conservatives have been under attack in fandom, which is continuing to escalate, most recently with an alt-left hate mob threatening boycott of a convention unless New York Times bestselling author, John Ringo, is removed as a guest. Mr. Del Arroz has expressed his support and solidarity the victim, Mr. Ringo, and vows to continue his fight for equal rights for conservatives and male authors within the publishing industry.

Jon Del Arroz is the Leading Hispanic voice in science fiction, multi-award nominated and bestselling author, and a professional journalist. His new novel, The Stars Entwined, is available for purchase on amazon, and is already being discussed for contention for major science fiction literary awards.  

JDA Books


If you would like more information about this topic, email jdaguestposts (at) gmail dot com.

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Marketing And Mindset: What To Learn From #FearlessMen #FearlessWomen

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When readers discovered my science novella, “Gravity Of The Game” (hint: you can get it for free up top this site by signing up for my mailing list), the commentary. I received the most was “I don’t love baseball, but it’s very clear you do, and I loved this book despite not being interested in the sport.” It was a risky proposition putting out a sports-themed novella to a market who’s used to my swashbuckling steampunk and epic space opera, but it worked anyway. There was a key to it: having fun.

When you’re having fun and you have real joy, that’s attractive. People like to see that kind of thing, and it resonates. A lot of what we’re taught as authors is that writing should be a struggle. It should be torture. We are starving artists and it’s terrible to endure the process, the edits, etc. Well, if that’s what you’re posting, you’re like the person always vague booking about “UGH, NOT AGAIN” or posting all of their medical problems on repeat — it’s not very fun to look at. It won’t grow your following.

I very carefully stay relentlessly positive on social media. It takes some conscious thought, and it helps with the mindset of always promoting, always selling, and always closing, which is what it takes in this business.


Yesterday, Tor announced a year-long initiative to highlight #FearlessWomen in publishing. They presented the strategy as if women are some oppressed minority, that there’s a huge problem in the industry, that it can only be corrected by consciously playing identity politics an ignoring male authors. Again. You’ve probably seen this a lot with Escape Podcast’s “Artemis Rising” which they do a couple times a year — where they refuse to publish anyone but women. Or in the Feminist Frequency book bundle, which highlighted women. Or in the countless anthologies where it’s dedicated toward “strong female leads”. The entire industry has been pushing this narrative for decades, even though the publishing industry is mostly comprised of and mostly publishing women.  Even back to the 90s, Dave Tuesdale of Tangent Online showed that pro markets were about 50/50 between men and women. So what is this?

Tor was trying to rile up angry women for identity politics to sell a few books. There’s just one problem with the strategy — it’s not having fun. It’s seeking problems where there are none. It’s getting people in a hostile mindset. The responses were about as you’d expect:

Pure anger. Why aren’t you looking at this other angry cause? I’m so oppressed. These people are so oppressed. When you start your marketing off from that kind of a mindset, not actually dialed in on sales or making your readers feel good, but on creating problems, you’ll see that more problems are created. I’ll note that the commentary I’ve seen is disproportionately from pro-authors who aren’t going to be buying/reading books anyway.

It’s a horrible start for a marketing initiative that probably took weeks in their marketing department, hammering out the details of who to promote, and then getting indignant outrage about a non-issue in publishing (even NYT bestseller Rachel Caine, when she came to attack a smaller author like myself calling me “nonsense” yesterday, admitted Tor’s catalogue was 60% female 40% male), and receiving more indignant outrage.

It’s mindset. Tor has forgotten to be about “fun books” and gone all in on identity politics for so long, they don’t know how to promote their authors. There’s one female author on their list I’ve probably done a better job of selling her books than they have, simply because I like it. I never lead with “OMG This is a Female Feminist Author Down with the power check out this book.” It never comes up. I just say, “This is a really fun fantasy book, and a lot like mine.” and my readers check it out. See the difference in mindset?


Blog readers who didn’t have the context of my social media posts might be wondering why I posted my odd #FearlessMen post yesterday. It looked to be the weird rhetoric of Tor’s marketing department — because it is. I took their exact language, and just changed the words to men. Why?

For fun.  I love co-opting their initiatives as I did with #SpaceOperaWeek last year, when my fans and friends dominated the conversation about space opera, and Tor again fizzled by trying to talk identity politics in a genre that’s about fun epic romps.

I immediately took to fun with the hashtag. The Tor authors got REALLY mad, and it provided for even more fun. I owe most of it to V.E. Schwab, who was incensed that men would dare question this initiative. It’s what gave me the inspiration for #FearlessMen, and I said so.

She didn’t take kindly to that:

I guess #FearlessWomen just fear that there’s men in publishing who can send a tweet supporting male authors. So brave.

But it went on from there. I listed a number of great authors who are male (and David West / Richard Paolinelli I didn’t forget you!). They’re putting out tons of books this year and this summer with no sign of slowing down. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and we’ll continue to highlight them for the fun of it.

My results? I sold a lot of books the last several hours. All by spending five minutes messing around with a hashtag on twitter. It’s still rolling, and it’s still fun. The mindset is everything. What do you choose: high energy fun? or low energy outrage?

Think about it for your marketing and for your life. You only get to dwell on this world once.

If you like high energy fun, read The Stars Entwined. It’s got a little of everything for everyone. #FearlessMen in Sean and Tol. #FearlessWomen in Tamar and Maela. A thrilling epic space opera / military sci-fi awaits. Check it out here.


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JDA Books Presents a Year of #FearlessMen

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Men are shining in every genre of speculative fiction, and it is no longer enough to say “Men are here.” Instead, #FearlessMen everywhere are taking a stand to say “Men will thrive here.” Despite the efforts of companies like Tor Books to shut them out of the industry.

Beginning this summer, meet a new generation of #FearlessMen who are shaping new blockbuster worlds—and re-shaping our own. Highlighting major titles from bestselling authors Nick Cole, Robert Kroese, Richard Fox, Jon Del Arroz, Larry Correia, Mark Wandry, as well as titles from acclaimed and debut authors such as Yakov Merkin, Jon Mollison, Jason Cordova, John C. Wright, Brian Niemeier, Adam Lane Smith, and G.D. Stark. #FearlessMen will be a celebration encouraging fans to start a dialogue about men in publishing, their worlds, their voices, and their unique stories.


JDA Books’ handles across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will be using the hashtags #FearlessMen (and #FearlessFantasy and #FearlessSF) to promote excerpts, exclusive content, quizzes and giveaways beginning in May.  We’ll also be coordinating exclusive giveaways through our authors’ mailing lists.

The Aryshan Empire and Earth are on the brink of war!

The Stars Entwined is the first installment in an epic space opera series by multiple award-nominated science fiction writer, Jon Del Arroz. If you like Old Man’s War by John Scalzi or Rogue World by B.V. Larson, then you’ll love this epic adventure with action, intrigue, and an escalating interstellar war between galactic civilizations.

After several recent attacks along the border of Aryshan space, internal affairs agent Sean Barrows is brought to Palmer Station to ensure the Interplanetary Navy’s on the right track in their terrorism investigations. What he discovers could lead to the biggest war the galaxy has ever seen. Sean’s work leads him to his most dangerous assignment yet—into the heart of Aryshan territory as a spy.

Meanwhile, Aryshan Commander Tamar is being groomed by the Ruling Committee to one day assume leadership of her people. First, she needs to prove herself in warship command. As tensions increase with Earth, Tamar finds herself increasingly isolated as one of the few in opposition to the war. Her troubles deepen when she comes face to face with a new member of her crew, the most intriguing man she’s ever encountered.

Trapped 1300 years in the past, they have one mission: survive.

In the 23rd century, humanity has been hunted to the verge of extinction by an alien race. When an exploratory ship accidentally travels back in time to Viking age Scandinavia, the human race is given a second chance. Pursued by the power-hungry King Harald, the four surviving crew members join a ragtag band of Vikings as they pillage their way across Europe. It will take all their ingenuity, courage and technical know-how just to survive. But survival is only the beginning. To save humanity, they must somehow return to the stars.

Thus begins a decades-long effort to teach the Vikings to build a craft capable of reaching space—a ship that will come to be known as the Iron Dragon.

THE DREAM OF THE IRON DRAGON is the first installment in the IRON DRAGON trilogy. The sequel, THE DAWN OF THE IRON DRAGON, will be published in June 2018. The saga will conclude with THE VOYAGE OF THE IRON DRAGON in December 2018.

THE IRON DRAGON trilogy is being produced as part of the phenomenally successful SAGA OF THE IRON DRAGON Kickstarter, which raised over $10,000. Meticulously researched and packed with action, THE DREAM OF THE IRON DRAGON is a must for sci-fi and alternate history fans.

Dragon Award winner Brian Niemeier’s groundbreaking Soul Cycle reaches its startling conclusion in The Ophian Rising, the highly anticipated sequel to The Secret Kings.

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Xander and Astlin have transformed the desert world of Tharis into the hub of a flourishing trade empire. Their Nesshin subjects spread a new faith promising true freedom in another universe. But when Astlin seeks forbidden knowledge to resurrect her long-dead family, sinister forces exact a terrible price from those she loves.

With the Ophian threat engulfing the spheres and a primeval terror rising from its prison, Astlin must turn to a shiftless gambler, the outlaw squire of a fallen knight, and a mismatched pair of smugglers to escape the ghosts of her past and save all souls from eternal death. But can mortals succeed where even gods have failed?

The Earth is doomed. Humanity has a chance.

In the near future, an alien probe arrives on Earth with a pivotal mission—determine if humanity has what it takes to survive the impending invasion by a merciless armada.

The probe discovers Marc Ibarra, a young inventor, who holds the key to a daring gambit that could save a fraction of Earth’s population. Humanity’s only chance lies with Ibarra’s ability to keep a terrible secret and engineer the planet down the narrow path to survival.

Earth will need a fleet. One with a hidden purpose. One strong enough to fight a battle against annihilation.

The Ember War is the first installment in an epic military sci-fi series. If you like A Hymn Before Battle by John Ringo and The Last Starship by Vaughn Heppner, then you’ll love this explosive adventure with constant thrills and high stakes from cover to cover.



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What You Missed In #MisandryInPublishing Last Week Will Shock You

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Misandry in publishing is very real. It’s a women’s game, as I produced evidence with in science fiction, a genre with a false-perception that it’s the only man-controlled wing of publishing, last year. What happened when I called it out? The president of the lone trade guild in science fiction, SFWA, actively tried to destroy my career and life by going around to different friends and acquaintances to tell them not to associate with me. The whisper campaign she started made me lose my cover artist, and made me scramble as an independent author, and led to the harassment I’ve received by Worldcon 76 and people stalking me in real life. Simply asking a question as to fairness as a man will get you this treatment.

And we saw it again last week. Twitter erupted with this hashtag, something one wouldn’t expect to see, shooting into trending topics. What happened?

An author named David Kearns, someone with no following, with only one out of print published work from more than a decade ago, no real presence, no power in the industry, was submitting a novel to an agent, like any normal Jane-blow author.  Except he wasn’t a Jane, he was a Joe. And this posed a problem. He went on a rant on twitter, which he didn’t thread, so I’ll post up the highlights.


A woman, a professional with more power than David, was ranting that men couldn’t write descriptions of women properly. As a class. She was demonstrating her complete bias against the male sex in doing her job, something that interferes with these authors’ civil rights. And David called it out.

Like I said, he didn’t have much of a following, so how did this go viral? It wasn’t men being incensed about how they’re treated by female editors/agents/publishers. It was women in the industry who took this and launched an attack.

Professional agents and editors started swearing about him. They shunned him, they said nasty things about him and men. His mere act of questioning what was going on because an agent was TARGETING men, led to absolute crazy behavior in the industry. A couple highlights:

There are thousands more like this. Even some men joined in the attack.

I engaged a few of the professional agents attacking this poor fellow on here, as I am in all situations, a defender of independent publishers, and these agents similarly lost their collective minds on me. How could anyone defend what Dave was saying? He stepped outside the Narrative, which states women have a harder time getting published than men, and he proved a point without much emotion involved. It’s shocking to see how crazy these women — in actual positions of power in the industry — will go just to not allow some random guy (he didn’t tag any of them) not to have his opinion.

This is what happens in the publishing industry every time. Someone says something that’s factual, isn’t part of the establishment’s creed, and they get torched and destroyed. Every time. Artists and authors don’t feel free to produce the art they want, they’re forced to even produce content that appeases this outrage mob. One woman had to rewrite her book entirely because the mob went crazy on her before her book even came out. It delayed the novel for a year, and is out now–and the mob still isn’t happy, still calling her racist, still trying to destroy her career for merely writing a fantasy novel (I’ll review her book on the blog tomorrow).

It’s absolutely crazy the lengths these folk will go to to defend their false Narratives. No one is safe, but if we all speak out together in the way that they do it to us, we can start to make legitimate opinions and discourse something that can occur in the publishing industry again. We need your help to do it. If they can’t concentrate on a target, they can’t create the bully mob. Everyone must speak out so we can all have a voice, a brave voice like David Kearns.

If you like my free speech, you’ll probably like my novel about heroes who go against the grain in their society to try to make a difference. War is coming, and it’s nonsensical, but very few are even willing to question their superiors Can they make a difference before millions die? Find out in The Stars Entwined.


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Robert A. Heinlein Is J.K. Rowling

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…at least to the right-libertarian crowd.

You can’t go through a single conversation about books, science fiction, anything without Heinlein being invoked as if he’s some kind of deity, or as if his future history is somehow prophecy (even though it was kinda poorly strung together later as a retcon to make them all in the same universe).  You see his books talked about in almost the same fashion as SJW millennials do with… yes, Harry Potter.

Yes, the average right-libertarian’s facebook page looks almost like the sign above when it comes to Robert A. Heinlein. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress proves government should get out of our lives! In both cases, I gotta tell people — it’s not real.

While Heinlein’s work tends to have a bit more political philosophy in it than Harry Potter, in both instances they are taken to extremes for “the cause” which just cause onlookers to eye roll because it’s yet another instance of the same thing being repeated. And it glosses over that Heinlein’s obsession with free-sex relationships in later books gets borderline on downright creepy. You don’t usually hear those being championed in these circles.

Whether you’re a Harry Potter’d millennial or a right-libertarian Heinlein obsessee, the solution remains the same: read another book.

Edgar Rice Burroughs and Poul Anderson often present better archetypes for living. As was mentioned on Twitter today, ERB’s Mars/Venus stories amount to a young strapping man exploring and working hard, and he topples evil dictatorships by just his sheer willingness to fight. We don’t have that anymore, and it’s something you can’t really find in protagonists in Heinlein books. Anderson presents positive aspects of military service and loyalty in his Fire Time or Young Flandry series, and gives some awesome Deus Vult In Space action in The High Crusade. But these books never get referenced in terms of policy, debate, or anything else. Why not?

The breadth of reading is what stretches our imaginations and will enable us to come up with better, more creative solutions than the same talking points regurgitated about a couple of authors. Let’s develop some new references so we don’t look like dated millennials.

If you find me amusing or heck are even offended, another book you could check out is my The Stars Entwined, just out a couple of weeks ago to positive reviews. It tackles themes of loyalty, love, war, and what it means to be human. Kinda like a lot of Heinlein books. Check it out here.


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