Space Force: Old And Busted Legacy SF vs. New Hotness Indie SF

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Sci-fi is about sense of wonder. It’s about exploration. It’s about seeking the unknown to better humanity.

If you’re confused, it’s because you’ve been reading Hugo Award winning fiction for the last 20 years and their cohorts who have taken over the industry. This is a group of people ridden by mental disorders who have been on social media so much that they’ve created vast echo chambers of constant political outrage. And their books have turned into vast echo chambers of political outrage as a consequence.

It’s interesting seeing the reactions to the Space Force announced the other day. What can be more sci-fi than that? What can be cooler than the US leading the way with a dedicated team to both be in and defend the great frontier? It’s everything we wanted from Starship Troopers, it’s the beginnings of Star Trek, this is science fiction become reality. It’s a beautiful and exciting thing.

Naturally, the new hotness indie sci-fi authors embraced the idea. The memes flowed like I’ve never seen them before.

I immediately came up with a Space Force novel idea, and have outlined the potential book. Greatest comic writer alive, Chuck Dixon, wrote a Space Force comic which he’s doing with one of the top artists in the industry, Timothy Lim and superstar colorist Brett R. Smith (I got to see a portion of the script and it’s gonna be YUGE! believe me.).

How did the legacy establishmentl sci-fi authors celebrate?

By whining about politics. Nothing can just be a moment of celebration. Nothing evokes a sense of wonder in them because they have none. All they do is the relentless DNC talking points angry outrage 100% of the time. What an exhausting life. No wonder they can’t write as fast or as interesting as folk like me:

And it’s probably a good indicator as to why indie sci-fi is eating up so much of the market. Who wants to turn to science fiction to feel like crap and be outraged by fake news all the time?

That’s the difference in a nutshell. Onward and upward to the stars. The American people seem to want it. Maybe these authors should pay attention to things that matter to sci-fi instead of relentlessly beating a political drum.

If you are interested in my space force novel concept, it’s a ways off. But I have a space military with humanity in the stars, dealing with an alien race that’s getting aggressive and attacking. See how they solve space force-style problems in The Stars Entwined! 

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NK Jemisin Libels me, calling me a Nazi

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This is extremely shocking and defamatory. First off, I’ve never spoken with Jemisin in my life. I found out I was insta-blocked by her awhile back just because she uses auto blockers against other science fiction authors’ followers.

I’ve submitted this case to Twitter Support, as I was suspended for saying “transgender is a mental illness by definition” in a discussion on gender related politics. Surely, NK Jemisin libeling as “Nazi” is much worse than that. She must delete this tweet or face the same standards I faced.

In the meantime, please check out my latest book, The Stars Entwined, which deals with an individual who has misgivings about the mob behavior of her race when it comes to blaming humans for their problems. She stands up for what’s right even in the hardest of circumstances in a galactic war. Read it here and fight the bigots like NK Jemisin who try to stifle differences of opinion in the publishing industry.


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The White Male Initiative For Worldcon 76

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Recently, John Picacio raised enough money to send 50 deserving Mexicanx professionals and fans to Worldcon 76 happening in San Jose, California from August 16-20, 2018. Let’s replicate that success by opening the door for interested members of the white male community.  Welcome to the White Male Initiative for Worldcon 76!

You can participate in two ways.

As a Donor

Your donation will fund sponsored memberships for White Male science-fiction and fantasy professionals and fans. Right now a kind donor has donated enough for two memberships.  Help us keep that momentum rolling!  We’d like to help 50 individuals.

One adult attending membership costs $160.00, but you can donate as much as you’d like.

E-mail us at for information on how to donate to this great cause.

As a Sponsored Membership Recipient

To apply for sponsored memberships, send an email to telling me about yourself and why you want to attend Worldcon 76.

  • You must identify as white male.
  • You can be a professional writer, artist, or any kind of performer in the science-fiction and fantasy realm. Why do you want to attend Worldcon 76? Show me your enthusiasm!
  • You can be a fan. If so, why do you want to attend Worldcon 76? Let’s see that passion!

I, Jon Del Arroz, the leading Hispanic voice in science fiction, will review submissions and select recipients.  Please keep your statements under 500 words. I may ask follow-up questions, however.  If you’re a professional, links to examples of your work would be helpful.

We realize that marginalized majority groups have felt reticent about joining us, and understandably so. But we need more representation from the white male community in science fiction fandom! Bring it!

Worldcon 76: San Jose, California, August 16 – 20, 2018.

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The Biggest News Story You’ll Never Hear: Big Tech Strikes At Finances Of Political Opponents

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As you know, I urged my fans and friends who are supporting this blog and my fiction work on a subscription basis to switch their pledges from Patreon to Freestartr because Patreon was removing right wing political commentators over their content.

This weekend, Freestartr was shut down by Stripe, the collections company used to process credit card transactions– a company set up as a paypal alternative because the latter was already known for trying to deplatform right wing personalities through demonetizing. From their website:

FreeStartr currently has lost the ability to collect funds for our creators. CEO Charles C. Johnson’s comments can be found here.

We are busy developing another payment gateway solution, but it will take some time to bring this online. (Watch this space).

Freestartr has effectively been destroyed as a company because they cannot get funds processed because Big Tech monopolies have decided to punish them over not policing their content creators’ politics.

Read that again. Because they have free speech, their company is being destroyed. There is no free speech in America. This is exactly, in a nutshell, why libertarianism doesn’t work and there needs to be regulation. Discrimination on a scale like this hasn’t happened since the Jim Crow era. People’s livelihoods are now being taken away in the name of left wing politics by financial institutions. At what point are we going to seriously fight this?

As financial institutions, this is the most dangerous moment in American history. These companies are not technically banks, and therefore financial discrimination regulations are not forced to apply to them. But they are banks. This is the way finances are conducted in 2018.

Everything is made harder for people on the right at every step. Big Tech is trying their hardest to squash us in order to unduly use their influence on the 2018 midterm elections. This is why Twitter is banning speech on a political level as well. This requires oversight from the highest levels, because as citizens of the United States, regardless of our politics or political affiliation, we should be able to speak without fear of being completely shut down in ever aspect of our lives.

The left is trying to give us no quarter in which to function whatsoever at this point. What are you going to do? Are you still going to say “well I”ll just be apolitical”? Stop buying things from people who hate you. Stop supporting those companies as much as you can. They will not hesitate to make your life a living hell on the flip side to try to “punish” you for simply believing something different than them.

As far as my subscription service, I’m going to wait for a little and see what Freestartr comes up with before making a move. I still have the option of going back to sites like Patreon, though I don’t want to support them if I can help it. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long to get this sorted out because we have to keep rolling.

If you want to support in the meantime, buy The Stars Entwined. My books are still vastly my primary income for my journalism work here, and it’s got a lot of great reviews by readers. Check it out here.


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Social Media Sabbaticals Are Good For The Mind And Soul

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Yesterday a lot of people text me saying they couldn’t believe I was taking off social media right in the middle of the most important American diplomatic achievement since Nixon went to China.  The internet is on fire, people kept telling me.

And honestly? It didn’t make that big of a difference to me. Of course, I had some memes I wished I could share a little more freely, but I was in the zone, getting work done, having a pretty good day, and my stress levels were a lot lower.

Stress levels in general are extremely high because of social media. It creates anxiety both in the desire for acceptance and in building up extra rage against one’s enemies. When we’re on there too much (and we’re all on there too much), it exacerbates any problems we might have. A study was posted on Drudge Report yesterday saying that 70% of all conflicts are due to the online. People don’t read the same tones into text as they do to talking. Can you imagine if Kevin Roche from Worldcon or Cat Rambo from SFWA had picked up the phone and called me like adults used to do, rather than blow up online because social media tells them conservatives are monsters and Nazis? We might have a very different science fiction industry.

But while our opposition is so steeped in these online identities to where they have little else, we have the world. We have our work, we have our families, we have a beautiful creation that God provided us to explore. Just stepping back and taking a few days away makes everything better and gives life perspective.

A question I received also was “what’s wrong?” in conjunction to taking a few days away from the online. Nothing’s wrong over here. Everything is going great. I believe we have a propensity to take off online only when things are sour, which means we’re in a bad mood and won’t fully experience the goodness of everything else in the world. Take sabbaticals in good times and bad and you’ll see a vast improvement in life. I quit facebook for the entire duration of Lent last year, and it was freeing time wise, and it was good. These sites are geared to addict us toward them, so it takes several days to break the addiction habits we always fall back into. That’s why i’m doing a full 10 days this time as well.

It’s tough, as I’m getting very close to launching a crowdfund for my Flying Sparks comic, as well as launch several books this summer, but at the same time, making sure I’m dialed back, energized, and working hard on all these projects to complete them is the most important thing.

Join me in the the challenge. Drop twitter and facebook for 10 days, see how you feel, and report back to me!

If you don’t subscribe to my Freestartr, you barely see how productive I am. I come out with a short story a month, give out draft chapters, do a video on the making of my work and that’s just the beginning. Once we reach certain levels  it’ll help me to put out content like professionally produced podcasts and comics. Plus you can support my blogging effort here. Join me and a community of fans and friends in changing the culture.

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Why It’s Important Not To Isolate Oneself To The Echo Chamber

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A question I often get is: why do I engage with the leadership of SFWA and others who have legacy positions in science fiction? They clearly have it out for me, so is there any good that comes from talking? 

I had good relationships in the past with several of the legacy names in science fiction—and I still do, though most are quiet about it at this point because they don’t want to get overrun by the mob that comes from File 770. 

I’m obviously working to build my own platform and help others build their independent platforms in the ashes of what traditional publishing left when they decided politics was more important than story. The party line was more important than the customer. Their act of willful defiance against the market, as if the people reading books were somehow some faceless “oppressor” and they, in their establishment in corporate industry were somehow “oppressed” is mind boggling, and that’s what led me to questioning the set up of the industry to begin with.

But my questioning threatens power structures. Because of the way these folk have had their cut throat fights with one another, they believe that I’m making moves to attempt to usurp their power in their organizations— which I am not in the least. My success is a threat to their power structures in a lot of instances. 

But I do want to make change in science fiction publishing. I want a science fiction where you don’t get blacklisted for your ideas, because the whole point of science fiction is to create unique visions of the future, to be able to posit “what if?”, to hope for better days and a better humanity. My ideas of what a better humanity can look like are valid, and actually more artistically expressive than those who toe the line, because I’m actually putting out t something different to the masses of writers out there. I want publishing to allow the free flow of ideas and not check mark identity politics with the fear of a strong arm threat.

Though I in no way am worthy to compare myself to the apostles, my strategy is a long term one that bears an analogy in the way Paul conducted himself. You may recall a story of how he was flogged and beaten, and then thrown in prison, though he had committed no crime. That metaphorically can apply to how conventions like WorldCon have treated me as if I’m some sort of criminal over my outspoken political views. There was an earthquake and the chains were loosened, but Paul remained.


It’s because the jailer who was there was primed to listen. For every magistrate or corrupt judge of science fiction who’s misusing power to an extreme extent to try to say, block me from SFWA and turn the non-profit organization into a personal club rather than a professional writer advocacy group, there are people in the ranks below who see that there’s something not quite right. They often are in position they have to follow orders, they often are in position to have to try to hurt me themselves, but they know there’s something wrong about it. And when the ground shakes… they will talk.  And when we talk and dialogue, we both discover we’re humans on the other end of the line. That is the first step toward making science fiction an actually inclusive place, and not one that is beholden to a few loud “point and shriek” writers who form a mob.

I’ve already had great conversations with authors big and small, ones you wouldn’t expect. I’ve had great ones with agents and publishers as well. We’re still in the very early stages. This is the first phone call before we can even make an ask to summit over North Korea. These things take time, years even. But the momentum is on our side, and the people who aren’t extreme zealots see it both financially and with the way culture is moving. They understand that talking and humanizing can only be a good thing. 

And overall, I’m an optimist. I don’t have a bleak dystopian science fiction vision of the future. I have a bold, optimistic vision that is awestruck in wonder for what we all can accomplish together. That is what I’m hoping to forge in the years to come.

If you like bold visions of the future where individuals can enact change on a galactic scale, read The Stars Entwined. It shows that love can conquer even the staunchest of prejudices.

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Announcement: The Return Of Flying Sparks (Making Comics Great Again!)

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Over the last few months I’ve been working on comics in tandem with my award winning novel series. I’ve penned several comic issues which are in various stages of development. What I’ve learned in creating comics I that it’s a slow game. More often than not, collaborations with artists don’t work out and you’re stuck with half-drawn issues and don’t really go anywhere.

It’s a difficult business because of that, and that’s why the top tier talent commands such a high price for their art — it’s really hard work and dedication to stick with a project even through a full issue, let alone a graphic novel.

The one artist I’ve loved working with beyond any other over the last decade is Jethro Morales. He’s currently hard at work at my adaptation of Richard Fox’s bestselling military science fiction series, The Ember War, but a lot of folk don’t know that he worked with me before, nor do they realize that I’ve been in this writing game a lot longer than the last couple years.

Comics Are My Passion

I started with comics. My first writing was all comic scripts. I dreamed of doing comics since I was in junior high, but never had the artistic talent myself to do anything other than write. In 2010, I decided to make a go of it. I decided to save a bit of my paycheck get a professional to do a page a week for me, and I created the webcomic, Flying Sparks.

At its base, it’s the story of a hero and villain in love under their secret identities. Both of them get frustrated when the other seems to disappear for their extracurricular activities, and their relationship complicates as they find themselves in over their heads with their super-lives. 

Flying Sparks was wildly successful. I created a fairly complicated superhero universe revolving around a mysterious classic golden age style hero, Meta-Man, and a corporation who is up to some nefarious things. Thousands of people read each week. CBR even wrote it up at one point, stating, it’s the kind of stuff that made me fall in love with early Marvel comics”.

There was a lot of depth to Flying, a lot of plots that were going to converge into something very epic. This superhero world was my baby. I scripted out audio dramas of Meta-Man’s old school adventures, did a backstory issue with him on the side, wrote up a series of video blogs for the main Flying Sparks heroine to document her adventures with. I was ready to go multimedia with it and have a folder full of ideas and stories in this universe.

It’s Hard Out There For A Writer

The only problem was, as a writer only, there was no way to monetize webcomics. Most webcomics are done by artist who write their own scripts, because they can do commissions or whatnot on the side and they use the webcomic to fuel it. By the time I got myself about 6 issues into the series, I saw Flying Sparks was burning a hole in my wallet, and even with its audience, the monetization problem wasn’t going to change. 

But now we’re in a new world, one where #MoveTheNeedle and #ComicsGate is changing the game. Crowdfunds for series are a real viability, and I love my superhero world and would love to be able to finish the story, or take this to the next level. 

Which is why we’re taking to crowdfunding to rerelease Flying Sparks. We’re going to start with the first 3 issues worth of content in a single collection, a 66 page giant special. And the best part is — the art’s already done. We’ll be able to deliver quickly.

What the crowdfunding is for is both for printing costs and to get the book relettered. The reletting is key because I’m so much of a better writer now than I was in 2010 when I first scripted these books, and I’m going to do a “remastered”version, with brand new dialogue to really make the book shine and make it one of the best superhero books out there.

This being by the same creative team that’s bringing you my next comic can also serve as a nice way to check out our work while it’s being completed.  As you can see from some of the sample art I have, his work is pro, and this is going to be a lot of fun.

The Announcement

We’re going to launch the crowdfunding effort around the end of June/early-July. So stay tuned for lots of updates. We’re going to have great stretch goals, lots of cool rewards and potentially swag — and if it does well enough, we’ll be pushing this to the next level by completing the story of Flying Sparks. There’s 8 issues worth of content drawn already, the 9th issue is scripted, and it was planned for about 14 issues total… onward and upward. I look forward to showing you this fun and heartwarming story. 

If you’re new and haven’t checked out my writing before, why don’t you read my award winning novel and see if you enjoy my work? 106 people on amazon have all rated it positively with no negative marks at all, something unheard of with so many people reviewing a book.  Check it out here. 

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Star Wars Creators, Media Lash Out At Star Wars Fans In Attempt To Sweep Their Failure Under The Rug

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Ever since Solo debut in the box office, we’ve been hearing rumblings from the media about how the film was a dismal failure. Forbes came out with an article on May 27th calling it a “bomb”, following several articles across the internet where it mentioned Disney was ready for the movie to fail. In some ways, it was set up from the start with production troubles, switching teams midstream, even if there weren’t a disastrous problem with the Star Wars franchise as a whole, movie goers were tepid of this film going in. 

When the movie fulfilled the prophecy where everyone agreed it was going to fail, the internet became a hotbed of analyses explaining why the movie performed so dismally. Perhaps the oddest theory was male feminist and science fiction writer John Scalzi’s tweet proclaiming the movie didn’t do well because it didn’t have a strong female lead. But the majority of the internet’s consensus was that they tuned out of Star Wars because of The Last Jedi’s slap in the face to fans, the film having destroyed the legacy of beloved characters in a train wreck of a plot. 

As the mainstream media reached peak worry for the franchise’s future on Monday, June 5th, with stories of Solo’s failure reaching Drudge Report, it looked like some heads would have to roll within the franchise. After all, anyone with business sense would see that the very expensive Star Wars investment was squandered by people who didn’t understand the pulse of moviegoers.

But like clockwork, the media got involved in what appears to be a coordinated assault on Star Wars fans.

Solo Failed Because… #GamerGate?

On the same day all of the bad box office news was releasing, Last Jedi actress Kelly Marie Tran, who played Rose, deleted her Instagram account. Within minutes of this, director and writer Rian Johnson made an ominous, passive aggressive tweet on the topic:

Manbabies? By the vague post, it appears as if Rian knows he screwed up with The Last Jedi, and instead of taking responsibility, blamed the fans. The timing was very odd for the Instagram account being deleted at the very least, and shortly thereafter, The Mary Sue came out with an article claiming “racist” mobs were harassing the actress which led to the Instagram deletion. NBCNews went on to liken the situation to #GamerGate and actually evoked Milo Yiannopoulos in the article, even though he’s been largely silent about Star Wars. It was strange to say the least, and with Rian Johnson’s follow up tweet, it started to look coordinated:

The Fake News Media Strikes Back

Like usual with the blogosphere, once one group set into motion, the others all joined in. Soon there were articles about how poor Ms. Tran was “harassed off the internet” popping up in the Washington Post, USA Today, Slate, The Daily Beast, all the usual suspects. Their content was all so similar in the articles that none are worth speaking about individually. This was clearly a coordinated effort. The oddest part was not one of these sources actually had a screen shot of any of the alleged harassment and/or racism on Instagram. All of the original articles only referenced Rian’s tweet on the subject and an alleged change to the Star Wars Wikipedia which is called “Wookiepedia” that referenced this about the character Rose (I’ll stress not the actress, the character in the film): 

Childish to say the least, but not nearly a harassment of the actress as the media’s portraying it to be.

After scouring more than 30 articles on the subject, I was unable to corroborate any of the alleged Instagram harassment of Tran. Given that she is a star of a very prominent geek franchise, I’m certain some mean comments were left regarding The Last Jedi, but alleging “harassment” by fans and racism seems to be the playbook that’s used every time there’s a social justice failure at the box office. This happened with #GamerGate, where they claimed poorly made games were due to “sexist” fans. This happened with #ComicsGate where with horrible stories including making Captain America into a Nazi, fans were blamed for “not wanting diversity”, and now fans are being blamed for the failure of a movie. 

Star Wars Creators Lash Out:

It didn’t end there. A new round of articles to keep this media cycle going hit this morning. The tactic by the media seems to be to overwhelm everyone with a blitzkrieg of articles on the topic so that the general public has sympathy for Tran and therefore for the Star Wars franchise as a whole. That way the blame can be shifted away from those who have been in charge of the franchise for the last several years as it’s sank lower with each release. 

Mark Hamill even was brought into the fold, posting a picture with him and Tran with the hashtag, #GetALifeNerds. It’s not the best look for such a prominent actor to be lashing out at fans and telling them to get a life to say the least. It adds to the appearance of a coordinated attempt to blame the movie failure on fans, and with more lack of evidence in this new round of articles, it makes the entertainment media look very suspect.

Perhaps the oddest of all was Star Wars novel writer Chuck Wendig, who has been under fire the last several years for his shoddy writing in the Aftermath series. He finally lost it on twitter, lashing out at fans, blaming white male fans in particular for both his and The Last Jedi’s failure: “it’s sexism and racism. It’s sphincter-stung white dudes who are so tender, so brittle, they cannot hack that the world is now only 90% about them instead of 95%.” 

Very odd comments to say the least, when the only people talking about race in the contest of the film are the filmmakers themselves and the media who’s pushing the narrative. Wendig’s rant  went on for more than a dozen tweets, reported by Bounding Into Comics. How far he goes to defend this strange narrative is astounding.

Anger, Fear, Aggression, Of The Dark Side Are They

With the hard media push, the strange deletion of any potential evidence by Tran of the accusations, and the creators all lashing out in tandem, it appears as if this is a deception campaign aimed more at Disney’s executives than at fans. They’re framing an argument as if to say “if you fire us, you’re on the side of racists and sexists!” In order to shoo away any responsibility for the fans abandoning the franchise. It’s such a bizarre move that it’s only going to hurt the franchise further, as fans now have been insulted not just by a movie giving them the proverbial middle finger with its content, but by the creators they’ve been following telling them they’re horrible people and they don’t deserve to even watch the films.

Begun, the #StarWarsGate have.

If you like great characters and epic space opera, try my novel The Stars Entwined, on sale for 99 cents this week only. It’s got characters who are true to themselves, and an epic backdrop with world building that blows the current Star Wars iteration away. Check it out here. 

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How To Know If The Negative Voices Are Right Or If You’re On The Right Track

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As you progress in any field, or really anything in life, you’ll find that you will get a contingent of negative voices toward whatever you do. They’ll come in a variety of forms from outright hostility, to some subtle passive aggressive remarks, even to quiet concern over the direction you’re heading. It can get overwhelming at times, and if you’re got a unique enough a vision, sometimes you’ll have the weight of an entire industry on you.

But at the same time, great artists have unique visions, ones that are in their own direction, and that’s what makes them great. Sometimes, great artists aren’t even recognized when they’re alive, though with the internet, it’s much easier to find your niche and connect with those who might be able to connect with your work than in ages past.

There’s a few simple things you can do to know if you’re on the right track, or a few observations you can make. At the end of the day, it’s hard to know conclusively if you made right moves in anything, and mileage may vary, but there’s guidelines.


First thing to do is pray to Jesus Christ. His will is far more important than mine, yours, or any of the people surrounding us. And remember, “A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also.” It may be his will for you to bear some suffering. But don’t worry, light is up ahead and so is eternal salvation. If you pray and listen to God, you will always be on the right path.

Surround Yourself With Smart Friends Who Understand Your Vision

This is so crucial. It’s kinda like don’t be unequally yoked, another Biblical truth, in some ways. There will be people who get what you’re doing, and what you’re going for. Those types are invaluable because you can bounce ideas off of them before you start to move. If those people are maintaining you’re doing good work, the outside voices are more likely the ones in the wrong about what you’re doing. The opposite is also true — don’t surround yourself with the naysayers. The voices can be overwhelming and can drag you down so you don’t actually produce your vision, and that doesn’t help you accomplish what you’re setting out to do. You’ll be able to tell who’s who by their general way of being and if it’s aligned with yours. Is this person seeing what I’m going for? Is the advice they’re giving toward my goals? Haven they even attempted to ascertain what my goals are? Drive by negative comments vs. someone legitimately interested in helping and providing critical feedback are also easy to spot.

Set Yourself Tangible Goals And Deadlines – Are You True To Your Own Vision?

If you have very specific goals and things you want to accomplish, write them down. Make yourself a list of what you want to do today, what you want to accomplish this week, month, and also in the long term. Revisit these and make sure you stay on path. If you have your work clearly organized, odds are you’re going to do something good. It’s hard work, but everything in life that bears fruit is always hard work. There’s no easy path.

How’s Your Passion Level? 

If you’re taking heat and you’re finding yourself still excited, still energized, there’s a good chance that you’re on the right path. The whole point of most of the naysayers is to get you down, slow you down, bring you back to earth, but if you’re still flying high, that’s the most important thing. Follow your passion.  Sometimes you’ll get a little tired too, but recognize when that’s a temporary thing vs. a not wanting to do this anymore sort of situation.

Is Your Work Resonating? 

We get instant feedback in today’s age. For every negative person out there that loudly spews hate, is there an equal and opposite reaction? If you have that going for you, then it just means your work has an audience of one sort of person and not of another. That’s okay.  If you’re finding people are giving acclaims, buying your work, loving your work, not only does it make it easier to bear the negativity on the opposite end, but it likely means there’s a different motivation for the negativity than for your success.

All of these examples are not cut and dry metrics, and except for the last one, they all require action on your part to make sure you’re going in the right direction. Artistry is hard work, whether it’s in the form of writing fiction, making other content, reporting on important events, performance art, whatever it is, if you’re dedicated and have a clear vision, don’t worry about the naysayers. They’ll be there no matter how good your work is, they won’t always see what you see. It’s a part of life. Now go forth and create and be free from fear, because fear is what’s used to hold us back.

Zaira wasn’t sure if she was on the right track when she inherited an airship from her missing father. He was the adventurer. He was the leader. What was she but a simple farm girl? Could she really bear his mantle? Her lessons in persistence and passion, and how to stay determined to vision, are exactly what we’re talking about in the blog today. Read it here.

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Federalist: SJWs Must Uphold The Same Standards They Place On Us

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My new article is up in the Federalist this morning about double standards and the way we’re targeted and destroyed by them en masse, and yet we don’t put enough pressure on them for their horrific behavior to keep them accountable.

The double standards for what constitutes a fireable offense in the entertainment industry are shocking and completely politically driven.

Samantha Bee has not been fired for calling Ivanka Trump a “feckless c–t.” She uttered some of the most vile comments about a daughter of a sitting president ever to be recorded (and family members of politicians used to be considered off limits by polite society). Her network, TBS, issued an apology, but took no substantive punitive action toward the comedian. She is costing the network money as two sponsors have dropped the show so far, but TBS sticks with her.

Roseanne Barr, by contrast, faced severe consequences for calling Valerie Jarrett the “baby” of the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes. She lost her show, and the other actors, producers, writers, and all of the employees of her show lost their jobs because of a single bad tweet. ABC acted within minutes, as if they had been waiting for an excuse to fire her, although the reboot of “Roseanne” had been making the network millions.

Read the rest of the article here.  

And while you’re fighting, read a book about individuals who decide to fight evil trends of galactic proportions in my book, The Stars Entwined. Buy it here. 

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