Another Right Wing Scalp Is Claimed…

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…by the right.

Why do we eat our own?

You may not have heard of DC McAllister before. but she’s a writer who’s done a ton of work for The Federalist and The Daily Wire as a staff writer. She’s been doing it for a long, long time, the type of person who’s consistent, putting out really good writing work. The kind of person you’d want at your writing outfit. She’s not a celebrity, not all over the news all the time for her shock-jock style antics or with long legs at the end of the desk in a short skirt. She’s just a good writer.

And it doesn’t matter, cuz the right is not about merit as much as they like to squawk like they are.

Our establishment only cares about optics, and what the left thinks of them. It’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever seen, and it’s why we consistently lose. Our leaders constantly apologize to the left for being, even when the base and even they probably don’t agree.

McAllister made a vulgar tweet, one which was actually pretty true, even if it was a little cringy in the way it was stated. And there’s context to it.

She’d been under fire by a social media mob for talking badly about The View, which is the most horrendous awful program on television. Meghan McCain is used as a token whipping girl against hardcore leftist crazies. She’s used as an optic to be “fair” but in reality it’s just about mocking conservatives and Christians with a smirk saying “See, this is what they are.” It’s their platform, and enemy territory.

McAllister’s tweet was taken as a personal slight to McCain, when it wasn’t meant as such, and the internet went wild going after McAllister. People kept piling in and suddenly a New York Magazine writer by the name of Yashar Ali chimed in concern trolling her.

He’s a leftist, he works for New York Magazine. He’s a vocal homosexual as well. He made a comment implying that McAllister’s husband was beating her.

It was too much for McAllister.

Her tweet (since deleted) was: “Oh so sad. @yashar is lost. He doesn’t know his purpose as a man. He doesn’t know his purpose as a human being. He doesn’t know his purpose as an Individual. So he wallows and tries to find himself in another man’s asshole. Sad.”

While vulgar, she’s not wrong. And second, since he pushed about her husband, it’s firmly in a personal realm.

Naturally everyone flipped out. Ben Shapiro made his standard virtue signaling, everyone in the establishment turned on McAllister for “homophobia.”

Who’s cheering at her firing?

Jezebel, Salon, USA Today.

The enemy.

People who aren’t going to give the Daily Wire or the Federalist the time of day. People who are here to bring these companies down. They’re not going to get cookies from these groups for throwing their writer under the bus when she was under heavy internet mob attack and lost her cool. That’s all that happened.

And most of their audiences agree with her, even if we aren’t into the vulgar elements of what she said. Obviously someone who’s criticizing a masculine man and turning away from God to a sinful lifestyle is lost. There’s nothing wrong with saying that.

When will our side learn? This happens every time. We can’t even TALK about issues anymore because of the way the left frames them and we accept it.

It’s disappointing. And I stand with DC McAllister even though she did the wrong thing… by apologizing. But that’s another blog topic.

If you appreciate the right, support our cultural efforts. The establishment doesn’t give culture the time of day, leaving us to flail much like their commentators. You are the ones who can make the change. Culture pushes the Overton window. Culture is what influences the next generation. Back Flying Sparks today and help make a change. 

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Video Games Cause…

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…something good?

Yes, you’re reading that right.

I figured we have enough bad news all the time that when I see a good story, I want to repeat it and shout it from the rooftops.

A 15 year old girl went missing, and police did everything they could to find her, including Officer Strebel of the NYPD 19th Precinct going into online video games she played and trying to find her via her username in chats.

The girl logged on, he chatted with her, she was found, came home safe and sound.

Great work by police in figuring this out, and wonderful that video games could be used for some good.

A real picture of the officer and some of the chat which was displayed by the NYPD 19th Precinct on their twitter:

And in other good news, Flying Sparks is fully funded and is easily going to hit its first stretch goal for extra content through the chapter covers. You can get us there easily by backing this fantastic indie comic today.

Back here. 

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Worldcon 76 Committee Member Attacks Hispanic Author With Fake Review

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One would think that while Worldcon was in a lawsuit with me over their defamatory statement calling me a “racist bully” that they would at the very least instruct their committee members not to further tamper with my business or try to harm my reputation over their angry extremist political stances.

Well, it looks like they’re at it again.

Worldcon Committee Member, speaker, and attendee, Christopher Garcia, has taken to the internet to leave one-star reviews on my books in an attempt to hurt my rating and my career.

I’ll also note real readers don’t agree with his statement on my book, as they’ve given me an incredibly high 4.8/5 star rating.

Given his odd phrasing, it’s impossible to tell whether he even actually read the book, though it appears as if he has not. He also implied with “I’m glad I didn’t pay for it” that he pirated the book, which is almost more troubling than the fact he’s trying to harm my business over his personal malice of me (I do not have any personal contact with Mr. Garcia, so it seems his anger directed at me is due to the lawsuit).

It’s a very strange look, and a reminder that the SJWs will stop at NOTHING to try to force us out of business. They are malicious and mean-spirited, and very upset that people on average enjoy our books over theirs.

I’m committed to fighting back, and I will not let people like this bully me or anyone else because we don’t ascribe to their extremist philosophies.

We’re going to keep crowdfunding, starting tomorrow with my new book Flying Sparks Volume 2: Mob Ties. And we’re going to keep releasing great books to Amazon.

If you want to check out my writing, please do so on Amazon, or come back tomorrow when we go live with the Kickstarter for the new comic!

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The Feast Of War Recap: The Value Of Good Men

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Apologies for the lack of blog on Monday, but I was recovering from a weekend of too much fun, joy, energy, and needed the headspace to work on prepping my Kickstarter launch on Thursday for Flying Sparks 2: Mob Ties.

You might be wondering what the title Feast Of War is, or why it was so much fun. I’ll explain.

The Feast of War is a gathering of men set up by philosopher Ivan Throne. The concept is to come together, discuss business, share fellowship, enjoy the fruits of labor with good food and wine, and have a place where men can get away from the world for a moment and reflect together.

It’s invaluable.

It’s also something our society’s lost that we used to have. If you look at old fraternal organizations whether it be the Freemasons or something else, these groups of men’s fellowship in community were VITAL to our societal cohesiveness, and the general happiness of men.

We allowed those institutions to dwindle, and in doing so, never replaced them with anything where we can connect on the masculine level we are supposed to. In fact, it’s been deemed bad by society that we show masculine affection toward one another.

It was a great time on multiple levels because one, on the superficial hedonistic level, it was high quality in terms of the food and accommodations, especially the atmosphere in beautiful Napa.  But two, the quality of the people present meant for engaging conversations we don’t often get in our regular busy lives.

The most valuable lesson from The Feast of War is that as a man, you need to surround yourself with good men. You need to have men to bounce ideas off of, to hold you accountable, and that you’re willing to loyally do the same for them. Even if you don’t have the same hobbies – some folk were into guns, others into books and comics, others into entrepreneurship—you can still do well from listening to and talking to smart men who broaden your perspectives.

We need much more of this in our society. The Feast of War is a starting line, not a finishing point. These networks need to develop more, and I’m looking forward to putting in the work to make sure it happens in the coming years.

For now, make sure to go find a Feast of War near you.

And don’t forget on Thursday I’ll be putting up a Kickstarter for my new comic, Flying Sparks Volume 2: Mob Ties. I need everyone to back and share and push this viral. You guys are the best and I depend on you!

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#ComicsGate Doesn’t Want Or Need Gatekeepers

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Political gatekeeping has to stop.

Last summer saw a group of guys who were forging ahead in indie comics in a way that was unique. We pushed each others books, cared about the craft, were working toward building a world where GOOD books were what mattered.

The whole point of ComicsGate was to point a middle finger toward gatekeepers, especially those on the left who try to stop right-leaning content from being seen.

Yes, a reminder is needed again that this whole movement came about because the extreme left establishment that runs comics blacklisted people on the right wing. Entire point was to counter this behavior, and to welcome independent creators with open arms who want to put BOOKS FIRST.

As I maintained this message through the fall and winter, after the crowdfunding period ended, same with the honeymoon period, some folk went into political and fiefdom finger pointing just like the establishment did. I opposed this, and I still oppose this.

Some folk saw the light, we made up. Why? Because we’re stronger together. Independents rely upon each other to boost each other because we don’t have the giant network, platform, and distribution that Disney and Warner Bros have. They are our opposition.

Now I blog today because of a group that took the IndieCron concept from me, an idea that originated on this blog. Originally, Edwin Boyette and I pushed indie books, and made an easy resource for people to find them and how well they were doing. Anyone who wanted in could be in. We weren’t gatekeepers. We were just facilitating readers connecting with creators. That’s the whole point.

Unfortunately, IndieCron got co-opted by a couple of guys who decided they would be the arbiters of what books they want seen. They became just like Disney and Warner Bros. Content they don’t like for thatever reason—politics, personal, even content they judge “aren’t going to sell” now is getting removed from their site. It’s become pointless. I’m very sad too see my idea used like this.

But there’s an answer. This is why I started

This site is designed to promote and support ALL indies. Anyone who wants on can be on. It’s a spot for readers to connect with projects and creators. It’s not a pissing match to make some sort of nebulous statement like the other site has become.

We all need to stand together and stop the nonsense. When we divide like is being done, it divides the readers, it divides the creators, we will have LESS books getting into LESS people’s hands as a result.

My dream has always been to create something new and different. Where it’s about the love of the books. I hope you all will join me.

And join in on The Ember War before it’s too late – this book was the first one that IndieCron refused when the new owners went off the rails. None of the major YouTubers even acknowledged the book despite it being a great sci-fi book by top-tier creators who are KNOWN for performing. Readers chose the book anyway. The Ember War made $25,000+ without them. Their gatekeeping not only is pointless, but they’re not even very good at it as readers will choose what they love anyway. And they love great science fiction by an award winning author like me.

Buy it now before it closes this weekend! 

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Captain Marvel: FINALLY, A Movie Supporting Trump’s Immigration Policies

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I’m not going to give the same hot takes as everyone else. You’ll have your movie reviews that talk about the mess that is Captain Marvel. I think the sad part about the whole movie that there’s just very simple choices which are easy to fix and it could have been a fine movie. But! There was a very interesting subversive element because of the way they chose to tell their story which ends up a very interesting message.


For Marvel fans, the whole twist of the movie where the Skrulls are just sad good little refugees who are being held down by this meanie Kree empire as they chase them down to the ends of the galaxy to exterminate them was a WTF moment. The Skrulls are evil shapeshifters. It flies against the face of every archetypal element of shape-shifting in humanity’s collective memory. It’s about the dumbest twist they could have come up with, especially with Marvel’s history. It also didn’t make sense with the beginning (as it was not foreshadowed at all) and the characters did complete 180 flips in order to shoehorn the plot in. A trainwreck to say the least.

However, there was one element that came out of it where it put a smile upon my face.

The end of the movie, the little girl naively starts going on about how they can stay with her and her mom, in their house. The heroic mom shuts it down immediately despite her idealism. Why? She knows the Skrulls don’t belong there. They can’t stay.

Despite the Skrulls fleeing a fascist oppressive group in the Kree (who in this context appear to be an allegory of middle eastern tyrants), the Skrulls cannot stay on Earth. They even explicitly say they can’t stay here. They have to go back.

It’s much like Trump’s agenda on refugees from Syria from the beginnings of the campaign. They can’t stay here. He says we need to work with local partners to set up safe zones elsewhere for them to live — just as Captain Marvel is intending on doing when she takes off away from earth at the end of the movie.

With the Skrull past of shape-shifting and lying, and just too many problems they created, even if the Skrulls are nice people with their families trying to make better lives for themselves for the most part, we just can’t take the risk of having them on Earth, let alone Captain Marvel’s friend’s house.  It won’t work, and the heroes know it, despite the naive idealism of the little kid.

It’s a bit heavy-handed of a message by Disney, but it shows the writers and board understands: They have to go back. There’s no choice.

If you want fun superhero fiction without the messaging, read Flying Sparks. It’s just good old fashioned fun comics. Chuck Dixon calls my writing “worthy of your support.” You’ll want to read volume 1 before the new book hits Kickstarter later this month. Buy it here.


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Women Lie About Rape

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The #MeToo movement went completely out of control this last year and a half, destroying men’s lives, dragging them through mud, and more often than not, during incidents that are complete falsehoods like in the case of our supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Award-winning journalist Megan Fox will be joining us on the lunch stream today to talk about this, and all of the other incidents she’s discovered in her new book, Believe Evidence which is now up for pre-order on amazon.

Make sure to like and most importantly subscribe! We are increasing our reach slowly and every one helps, doesn’t cost you anything.

It should be a very fun chat, as it always is when Megan drops by. She’s extremely knowledgable on this topic and what she’s written in her new book is shocking.

Speaking of shocking, you might not know of the most recent SFWA controversy with a group 20BooksTo50K. Establishment publishing has gone off the rails again. I wrote it up in The Federalist here.

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I See The Same Mistakes In Every Culture War Battle

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Every time there’s a flare up, the folk who try to be fence sitters and moderates do exactly the same thing. They’re engaged in a battle because they’re attacked, or some of their friends are attacked, and they try to play a “voice of reason” in this. The problem is, when you’re in the middle of someone’s identity game, there is no reason, because identity is not a reasonable thing, it’s all outrage emotion .

These folk are usually on the conservative side of the aisle, but they don’t want to actually acknowledge the ID politics or full on culture war going on. And by doing so, they invariably lose and set back the cause.

I am vague posting a little bit because I’m watching something happen, and I am not going to just force someone’s involvement, but I am going to warn against what I see this person doing all the same, because it matters.

  1. You’re not going to get in with the left. If they have targeted you or your friends, you’re out. Despite their lines about diversity, they do not want diversity. They are in a full on culture war. Read history in Europe in the 1930s-1950s about communism, or China from 1970 forward. If you’re not a member of the party, you get ostracized, you’re just as suspect as the actual opposition. You get nowhere without joining them because they ARE in a full on identity war and you’re not their identity, therefore you’re the enemy.
  2. DO NOT APOLOGIZE DO NOT APOLOGIZE DO NOT APOLOGIZE. I see this so much, especially when someone does something so innocuous there’s nothing wrong with it. They think if they apologize for the slight they can get back in the good graces. The truth is, the apology just opens the door to bigger and stronger attacks. They’re going after you. They’ll push harder because they smell blood. SJWs are not in this because they genuinely care about getting something accomplished. Failed Tor author John Scalzi made a nice thread about this last year where he posited about “allowing someone back in” after their supposed thought crimes. He stated it would take 10-15 years of reparations to be able to even consider it. Do you want your life to be that? Don’t apologize.
  3. Yes, you’re going to get ostracized. But there’s no camp for the fence sitters. You’ll be stuck. Join us already because this is a culture WAR. The other side is fighting to win, if you want to survive, fight to win too.

And you can help fight by supporting folk on your side. We’re working hard to Make Science Fiction Fun Again and stop the nonsense. Check out the collection of great sci-fi stories in the book or on audio.

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A Phenomenal Review + The Lunch Stream with Brian Niemeier

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I received about the most substantive review of Flying Sparks to date last night from Elzibar. This person truly understands the importance of character to drive a story, and what I’m going for by proxy.  It’s not a puff piece, he has very good critiques on the book but on the story front, you can tell that I knocked it out of the park. My stories are going to be a cut above a lot of crowdfunded books in general, but don’t take my word for it, just get to where he says “I want to read more” — that’s exactly what a reader should be feeling at the end of a serialized book.


And today we’re going to have a NATIONAL EMERGENCY lunch stream, featuring Brian Niemeier and his new kickstarter project, Combat Frame XSeed (volume 2).  You’ll not want to miss this as Brian’s a great guest. You’ll want to tune in, and make sure to subscribe! We’re growing nicely and still need to get to 1K. It’s just a click!

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Never EVER Apologize to SJWs

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It’s 2019, and I feel like this has been beaten to death as a topic, but it still bears repeating as we now have the millionth example of someone hoping to get back in the good graces of SJWs who control publishing after explicitly VIOLATING THE NARRATIVE.

I need to point people to the great book SJWs Always Lie by Vox Day is the single best resource to see how SJWs will act, to be able to predict their behavior, and also to be able to recognize how you should act when you are under SJW attack.

We’ve seen as YA has blown up yet again with fake controversy, drummed up by a few authors jealous of a contract received by Amelie Zhao– who, the SJWs in publishing apparently decided to give their token Asian a $500,000 advance for her first published writing efforts. It was an insane move, and one meant to garner pats on the back from New York elites so they could show how diverse they are with “own voices” (a buzzword used in publishing which will send you down a terrible rabbit hole if you look up).

Despite her sacred minority woman status, she was targeted for VIOLATING THE NARRATIVE, and, instead of rightfully saying “Fuck you” to the censorship brigade who was fake outraged about her having a fantasy book with slaves in it (oh noes!), she pulled the book from publication. She has not made a statement since apologizing. She’s been mobbed. The New York Fake News Media actually came out and protected her to some degree because she’s a minority (which they hadn’t done for white authors in the past), but her brand is forever tarnished as she has been branded a racist. Her career will never be the same.

Keira Drake, a person who underwent much the same situation as Amelie Zhao a year ago, but as a white woman, took out an op ed in the New York Times to discuss “social media mobs.” I was pretty excited for this at first because I thought “finally, someone’s fighting back and doing what they’re supposed to do.” Until I read the article, which is why this needs to be restated.

Her article is spent apologizing for her work, where she “copied” Native American and Japanese cultures and made them into fantasy cultures in her book The Continent, a pretty standard trope in the fantasy genre. You can point to almost any culture in books and see parallels to real world cultures, and that’s part of the fun of the genre, being able to play with “what ifs” outside realism’s bounds. She was branded racist for this because of this fake outrage “cultural appropriation” where white people aren’t allowed to write anything under SJW rules. She was branded a racist. Her book was pulled and rewritten and delayed as a result, and the publishing industry threw her under the bus with very little marketing effort, and just let her flail in the wind against haters.

Unfortunately, Drake didn’t learn from the situation. It’s a year later, and the article keeps apologizing, saying her critics “were right.” This is a fatal mistake against SJWs. Their intention is not for you to have some actual inclusive book to make all the feels happy and everyone to get along — their intention is to destroy you because of your identity.

I repeat: they are disingenuous. They do not care about what they’re espousing. Do not ever take them at face value.

Drake is targeted because she’s white. She’s not getting the coddling from the media that Zhao gets because Zhao is not white. That’s all there is to it. They want a scalp, because much like Keira’s fantasy culture in her book, they are bloodthirsty savages. Keira’s changes to her original book were “not enough” — and they will never be enough, because this is a crazed mob, not a group of people seriously debating topics.

Think about it. Their whole point is topics and debate get shut down. They want white people to never write cultures outside of white experiences, yet at the same time white people need to write more diversity.  You must not write A, but you must write more A is the logical syllogism. It’s contradictory. The point is to remove white authors, nothing else. Over identity. Just like they’re complaining about identities being “marginalized” they want to force marginalization on another.

SJW attacks will happen, they can come out of nowhere, it doesn’t matter if you’re a good diversity liberal like Drake, or if you’re an evil right winger like me. They do try to pick easy targets, people who can’t psychologically handle the stress so they can bring them down.

There’s only two ways to handle the attack, as we see the result of Drake’s apologies — her career is in big trouble and she doesn’t have a support network because she said “they’re right” so she is not a cause to rally behind. Apology is not an option if you want to come out with your career or life intact. You can:

  • Fight It Directly
  • Keep your head down, do your work and act like it doesn’t exist (another form of fighting it)

I’ve seen both of these strategies work, and it depends on the type of person you are and what your identity type is. If you’re a white male, I don’t recommend the keeping your head down strategy because you will be perceived as aggressive at every turn. If you’re female, I’ve seen it work in certain situations. Those situations is where you’re NEEDED by the industry you’re in — to where you’ve reached critical mass to the point where you have to be able to produce your work and it’d cause your company a big loss to stop you. If you’re too small, you’ll still get screwed.

But fighting it is the best solution for most people. You will never be accepted by the SJW mob. Don’t try. They are not going to bring you into their tribe after scalping you. They always will sneer at you, it will always be uncomfortable at their conventions. There’s nothing you can do. They will view every action you take as evil, you can’t change it.

However, these are very weak people. They’re so weak minded they can’t even handle fantasy books after all. If you fight and say you’re good at what you do, screw SJWs, you can create a business for yourself. It’s going to be outside of the standard corporate business (because those are run by SJW mobs at this juncture, or at least people friendly to them), but you can thrive. I’ve done it. Vox Day has done it. Larry Correia has done it. Ethan Van Sciver has done it. It drives people INSANE how successful we are because we have our own platforms and it’s very hard to tamper with them. We make good money in our fields, and have such loyal fanbases it makes other authors very jealous.

The reason is because our audience knows they can depend on us. We’ll fight when it’s hard, we won’t bow to social pressure, we refuse to lose, we refuse to go away. People want to be around that kind of mentality, and for good reason, because if someone screws with our friends, we’ll react much the same way. We won’t abandon people. That kind of loyalty and kinship makes us more than just your average writer with disposable books, it make us a cause. And our cause is to fight this garbage outrage culture is win.

In conclusion, if you come under similar attack, fight. I’m here to help you. All of the names I listed above will help you as well. You can ask us questions and we’ll do our best for you. Reach out to us. We know how to do it. We know how to win. We’ll help you make your business great again.

In my book, The Blood of Giants, Zaira von Monocle travels to a strange continent where she faces off against savage jungle warriors. You can check it out here and support the cause with good fiction where I refuse to censor myself or my ideas.  

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