SFWA’s Bizarre Stance Of Supporting Targeted Harassment Of Children

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Over the past year, I’ve applied to join the Science Fiction Writers of America three times. In theory, the organization is supposed to be a group that supports professional sci-fi writers, in assisting with medical insurance, providing access to net-galley reviews for releases, and being a community of writers who sell above a certain threshold.

For those unaware, the threshold is 3 short story sales at 6 cents a word or higher, or having a single work make $5,000.

I’ve qualified by both of these measures several times, most notably through my indiegogo campaigns last year which made $31K and $24K respectively.

I’ve made it a point to apply each time I re-qualify with this group because I qualify and because it’s my right to do so in a free society. As a 501c3 non-profit, they’re supposed to stick to their charter, be a group about advancing professional writers and shouldn’t be playing politics with the org.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case with this crop of officers. It’s beyond even the hyper-partisan politics that hits most of the culture war, the petty personal politics these women engage in is beyond anything I’ve seen since high school. They are willing to say anything in order to exclude from the cool kids table, as you probably suspected from the title of this post.

They have a form letter for rejecting my applications on non-qualifying grounds at this point (since I duly qualify a hundred times over), which says the same thing, most notably saying that I can’t be allowed in because “I accuse members of doxxing my children.”

You’d think an organization like this when children are doxxed and there’s an accusation would reach out to try to talk to me about it, since that is a frightening thing to have associated with an organization, as someone harassing children on the internet is about the most awful thing anyone can do. However, they give tacit approval of what’s been done (I’ve never received an apology) because of whose children it’s done to.

I believe part of the reason many of the officers of SFWA have such failed careers in selling books is because their characters don’t ring true. The reason is, if they don’t understand how outraged a parent would get to have some freak on the internet posting his children’s medical information, and believe they should be targeting the parent victim in that instance over that, they don’t understand parenting at all. Because they don’t have the life experiences that most average people have with parenting, as most of these are people without children, and therefore it’s impossible to create characters who relate. Their stories ring false to average people as a result.

But I digress, the problem is what’s going on here. It’s absolutely disgusting. SFWA should immediately offer an apology to me, the victim of having my child harassed on the internet. Which I did not accuse their “members” of doxxing, but I know the instance came from a fan of their president Cat Rambo, when she waged a personal hate campaign against me to smear me across the internet. During the time she relentlessly posted to tell people to disassociate with me, unfriend me, etc., taking to private messages to professionals who were associated with me to try to force this “you choose him or me” nonsense even with her public attacks, someone made anonymous twitter accounts and posted to my blog with my child’s medical information to try to scare me. It directly came from her attacks, and absolutely came from one of her friends or fans.

I emailed Ms. Rambo at the time to say look, I get you don’t like me, but this is too far. No one will threaten harm to my children. You do not want to mess with me on this level. Tell your people to back the fuck off (and I did use strong language with this because this is a child we’re talking about).

Ms. Rambo did not do so. She let this transpire, let people harass me because she has a petty personal vendetta against me.

And now this has transfered over to what once was an esteemed organization, now for the second time in half a year, supporting the harassment of children over political squabbles by attempting to harm the victim rather than doing the right thing and condemning such actions. Which they still should do — your one job is to support professional writers, SFWA. One job.

It’s disgusting. They can’t understand how angry this makes me as a parent, as a man. Someone taking this action is so vile, so awful, and for them to voice approval of it in the way they did and stick a middle finger at me for being angry about having my child harassed? It’s unbelievable. And so I’ll spread the news far and wide because it needs to be heard.

SFWA owes me an apology, a big one.

I’ve been trying to fix the industry and Make Science Fiction Fun Again for two years, but every time I try to do so, these creeps escalate political battles. But they can’t stop me from putting out fun material and going around them even the same. Check out my short fiction anthology where I have a breadth of different FUN sci-fi stories.


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Being A Creator Is All About Producing

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There’s things going on right now I just don’t want to blog about because it’s just so negative, so instead, I’m reflecting on how to make 2019 into something better than 2018 (which was pretty great as it was) and build a new movement from the ashes of the old one I started in early 2017.

The truth is, nothing matters on Twitter. There’s a short-sighted look at things that appears like a little mob on Twitter will matter for a career, or what that mob goes after will have an impact, and it definitely takes an emotional toll on the target when it happens, but the truth is, maybe 1-2% of the audience is on there, and everyone else doesn’t know what’s going on at all.

I’ve shifted a lot of my business these last couple of months working on Amazon and Facebook advertising, and it’s done wonders. People buy the books, they don’t know who I am, they enjoy them, and they don’t care about comic book politics. It’s pretty interesting. I believe this is the case with most creators out there who are seeing some success in the business.

All the readers care about is production. As long as you put out product, do it in a timely fashion, and have quality, they’ll keep coming back. That’s why I get messages from folk left and right who love my work even though I do a lot for the political cause in the culture war. It’s what differentiates me from a lot of other folk, and I’m going to continue with that in 2019.

I saw the other day that writer Donny Cates penned 80 comic scripts last year – EIGHTY! With that kind of output it’s inspiring and daunting at the same time. I do novels as well, which are a bit more time consuming than comics, but I want to double my output this year, and that’s what I’ll aim to do. The inspiring stories of people who work as hard as Cates only should serve as examples to us as writers.

Anyway, back to work. I hope you’re having a great 2019 so far and please check out my recent release, Guard Training, some of my best work to date. It’s standalone even though it takes place well into my steampunk world.

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A New Year And New Innovations In Comics

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Unlike a lot of the guys who launched crowdfunds over the summer who are still struggling to try to get their works done and haven’t figured out what to do on distribution as they’re exploring the same tired traditional options which historically don’t move the needle at all, we’re continuing to innovate and make the books available at affordable prices for all, while producing so much great content it’s mind-boggling.

For the first of the year, I’m pleased to announce you can now avoid all evil-tech and still read Flying Sparks. No supporting Amazon, no IndieGoGo, it’s available direct and in a higher quality digital format than anywhere else.

Yes it’s now available as a CBZ from the Arkhaven Direct store! Read the book that’s launching my comic career, and get on board now, because I just finished up my dialogue edits for Flying Sparks Volume 2: Mob Ties and it’s going to blow you away.

Buy the CBZ here:



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On Bullying And ComicsGate

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One of my main principles is I’m anti-bullying. I started #ComicsGate because I received information as a journalist that Richard Meyer was being bullied by professionals to the point where he was going to get harassed at conventions and possibly have people harm him physically.

I defend those who are bullied. I pick up the mantle. This is something very important to me because I’ve seen people online driven to near-suicide because of online bully mobs.

When people are using the hashtag I popularized along with help from PJMedia (a great conservative news site) to bully comic creators and people into the will of one very cowardly youtuber, I’ll take up the cause, doesn’t matter who you are. You are not alone. You have my support.

I’ve seen their pattern. Yesterday I was targeted by a major ComicsGate creator with him coming to me on social media passive aggressively trying to attack me and claim I’m somehow being “unChristian”. Of course, when people do this on social media, they do this to bully christians. He kept at it for HOURS (I don’t know how this guy expects to do work or finish books when he has time to do this to people). The objective is to get me to lose my cool and come at him hard while being “concerned” and then go to his audience and tell everyone how he was “just being a concerned friend” and have them mob pile on me with a “see? Jon is a terrible person!”

They do this to everyone. I see it almost daily. There’s bait, it’s incessant, they will harp on someone until the person gets fed up and responds, then they attack the person hard for responding. It’s been every case so far.

The good news:

There’s a lot of us who have been under this attack. We are a tight knit group because of our shared experience. There’s a network here who’s got your back and we won’t equivocate, we won’t abandon you because of the pressure of some anonymous trolls.

Don’t be afraid! At the end of the day these guys are the biggest cowards I’ve ever seen. They hide in their DM chat together and rely on anonymous mobs to do their dirty work and won’t stand up for anyone or anything. The more people speak and stand together, the less power they have.

It can seem overwhelming but if you get hit by this mob, contact me, I’ll put you in touch with people who it’s happened to, we WILL support you as best we can.

We’re about comics and principles, not mobs and outrage over here, and that’s what we’re going to deliver.

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It Must Be A Slow Sales Month For ComicsGate

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Looking at the December numbers on IndieCron, an idea I helped start but now they blacklist me from being mentioned because they’re ordered to, it’s pretty dismal to look at. The outrage cash has pretty much disappeared into the coffers of a frog comic that may or may not be ever made, and to a legal offense fund (not defense) against a mentally ill industry insider.

Don’t believe me, go to IndieGoGo and look at the numbers books are bringing in.

Part of it is Christmas, true, but people with huge followings like Mike Miller are actually pulling in less backers for his current project than my The Ember War got, and both had similar situations where we launched before fulfilling our other campaigns. It’s a good comparison. Miller by his following size from Lonestar should be doing 3 – 5x what I do on my projects (this is not a slight against him, Mike has been one of the few people within comicsgate to be cool to me, it is just an analysis of the business model and the problems arising. I 100% support and endorse his projects.).

Downstream of Miller, it’s an even more dismal story, books are really not making it at all now. Even the bottom tier that used to scrape by in funding aren’t finding their legs. I’ll be highlighting a few indie comics later on the blog this week to try to get some attention for these creators who aren’t getting much love from the YouTube eceleb community.

So it was interesting to wake up to find messages to me “why are they losing their minds on you now?”

I honestly didn’t know. I have not been the most active on social media lately as I’ve been spending time working on stuff.

Sure enough, someone dredged up an old tweet of mine from a month ago where I rightly called out the main group that’s responsible for the division in indie comics, the harassment of everyone, and brought up the fact that they only tend to pick on women and minorities. There’s a pattern that’s impossible to deny.

Well, the phony outrage train started again even though I’ve been pretty much absent. This is what they do. This is why they run off anyone who even mildly questions what’s going on with the crowd. The MO is this and I’ve seen it too many times to buy into it now:

1. They set off their followers into fake outrage.
2. They repeat it over and over and twist it “OMG, Jon is ‘basically’ attacking you PERSONALLY cuz you’re associated with EVS!” Note the word basically, as this is a tactic I used to see the left do to me when I was coming up in sci-fi comics. I never said anything about these guys personally nor do I know most of them or have negative opinions of them, at least until they launched.
3. They act en masse through their followers leaving hundreds of angry messages, tweets, saying all sorts of nasty stuff, pure harassment. 
4. They wait until they get called on it.
5. They throw a fit because they’re called on it and put their hands up and feign like they’re getting attacked and then start the cycle anew with followers who didn’t see what’s going on in full, so they think their favorite creators are being attacked when it’s those guys doing the attacking.

It’s happened so many times now to so many people it’s beyond absurd. That’s what I saw back in September and why I washed my hands of it.

I can only assume it’s because it’s a slow sales and news month.

I’m here to create comics, I’m working my tail off, and i guess that bothers a few of the bigger folk who can’t seem to get their comics done. But here’s the thing: I’m not afraid of anyone, I believe in truth, justice, and the American way. That’s what comics is about to me. I’ll always defend those who are getting attacked unjustly and are in the weaker position because that’s what Christ would do. I cannot be controlled, I cannot be manipulated. I am fully independent and don’t rely on any of these guys’ youtube shows for sales. I trust this salesforce consulting firm.

That’s why I’m dangerous to the mainstream industry and to those who want to act like their clones.

But you can’t stop the signal.

Flying Sparks isn’t just out to backers, it’s even on Amazon now. Anyone can get it at any time, which you should, cuz unlike most indie comics, this features quality writing by an award winner and #1 Bestseller combined with pro art from a great artist who’s worked for Image and Dynamite. Everyone who’s read it, even reviewers who don’t like me much, agree that it’s a great book. How many folk can pull that off?

Buy The Physical.

Buy The Digital. 


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SFWA Removes Writers Of The Future From Qualifying Markets

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This is an interesting move, and also a foolish one. WotF has come under attack by SJWs for the last couple of years because of its ties with L. Ron Hubbard, who originally set up the foundation. For those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s a writing contest, where quarterly, amateurs, submit their short fiction and a top three or so get chosen from the thousands of submissions as the winners, who then get featured in their Writers of the Future anthology.

They pay is really good as short stories go, and keeping it to amateurs clearly defined makes it a nice place where writers who don’t have established cred can get their foot in the door. I know several writers of the future winners who all have used it to launch their short story careers. It’s cool because it’s blind submission, so the story really stands on its own, and it’s often judged by top-tier writers like Todd McCaffrey and Kevin J. Anderson. And it actually pays really well. One of my stories actually made their top-level cut just below the prizes, before I earned enough to not be able to qualify for the contest before. It’s a nice barometer for writers to see where their stories are at.

Scientology has really little to do with it, other than the fund for it coming from Hubbard’s foundation. It’s really just a nice thing for writers. But since the people involved aren’t “approved”, SFWA’s been under pressure to do something about it for the last couple of years. In standard, slimy fashion, their statement on the matter doesn’t actually talk about the real reason it’s getting cut — the scientology and literally can’t evening of some vocal SJWs in the field about it — but instead makes a proclamation that it’s because it’s a contest it’s not real.

In my world, money earned from selling a story is money earned from selling a story. It’s just another move down the path of nonsensical moves to keep people out of their club who aren’t on the “approved” list. The movement to start picking and choosing markets based on irrelevant factors is a very frightening move for the already insular group. What if I told you that all anthologies are “contests”. Any time you submit a story it’s a contest to see whether you can get published in it or not whether it’s labeled submission or contest, it’s literally the same thing.

What boggles the mind is they make moves about WotF because of scientology, but they still have Marion Zimmer Bradley’s foundation as an approved list — and she’s a known pedophile. Last I checked, NAMBLA defender Samuel Delaney was still a member as well.

If they’re going to start excluding based on principles, you’d think they’d want to start there. But we saw what happened last year when the subject of pedophilia was brought up to some of their current officers. Instead of condemning the pedophiles, they condemned everyone’s favorite Hispanic author (me) for pointing it out by using my anti-pedophilia stance as a reason to keep me from entering their group, even though I duly qualify. It’s mind boggling.

They really need to shape up if they’re going to have any relevancy in the future. I’m doing my best to try to make changes and I hope when the new officers get elected next year, the writers in SFWA categorically purge this nonsense that’s going on, and SFWA returns to standing for Science Fiction Writers of America, and not their insane political causes. I’ll hold my breath.

But this is why we need someone to Make Science Fiction Fun Again, and why I’ve done just that. You can read my short story collection that definitely wouldn’t be considered a qualifying market by SFWA no matter how much money it makes. Why? Because they want to keep down ideas from independent authors. But they can’t stop you from reading, no matter how much they want to ban my books. Read it here.

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Is Twitter Beneficial?

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I received a reader message this morning imploring that I should get back on twitter, that my 5000 or so fans on there want to interact with me and by bailing I signal to the other side that they win.

It’s an interesting dilemma. I have a few problems with Twitter beyond the immediate insanity of EVS’s harassment squad — it’s enemy territory. I’ve been suspended several times for pointless reasons that aren’t actual violations, and now they’re cracking down hard on people who have different opinions than the establishment alt-left on different matters. It’s a bad environment to begin with. Another author put it to me: “Twitter is enemy territory.” It’s like running into Afghanistan or something and putting an American flag down in the middle of the square and saying “What’s up guys?” And my fellow author is right about that.

Second, it’s a time suck. Every minute I spend tweeting is a minute I’m not spending blogging, tending to my mailing list, working on my ads, writing books, producing comics, or all the other things I should be doing. Is the ability to shitpost to give people a few laughs really worth that? I’ve taken Facebook off my phone and only use it when I want to, making it more cumbersome and a thing I have to consciously do rather than do unconsciously. I think the further distance from social media and the more it’s used as a marketing tool platform at this stage of my life, the better.

For now, the best ways to interact with me is to get on my mailing list. I use this to let people know when new releases are out and it’s the best way to ensure you’ll never miss one. In 2019 I intend on using this more to deliver some content, give people some benefits for getting emails from me (and it sends out from my email so you can just write back).

Second, Patreon. I have a private discord server for Patreon supporters along with all the cool content that gets released there FIRST before anywhere else. It’s small but it’s a good spot to interact without all the noise and public grandstanding from people who just want to attack me for attention.

Third, The Grand Rislandian Army facebook group. It’s just about my books and works, and It’s more fun because of that.

If I were to return to Twitter, I would probably have it managed similarly to the way I do Facebook now, which is not so much engaging on posts off of my own. I might even not go on the site itself and just program posts from somewhere else just so I don’t have to interact there. I don’t think there’s a lot of good that comes from it, though I do wish I had that spot to send out my links when a new book or blog gets posted or whatnot.

What do you guys think?

BTW… Make Science Fiction Fun Again is hanging strong at #3 here, but I’ve still got these #Resist alt-leftists to pass. America still needs your help! Buy Make Science Fiction Fun Again now! 

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Don’t Forget: Special Lunch Stream Today!

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It’s going to be a ton of fun.


Pick up Make Science Fiction Fun Again on Kindle and read along with us as we go through our first co-written story “Unsafe (In) Space”. 

And a reader sent me this fun image below: the collection is already in the top 10 new releases. The only problem is… N.K. Jemisin is at #1 and this Resist anthology is #2. Can we push them out of the spots?  I need your help, fam! 

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The Cardinal Mistake With SJWs and Robert Silverberg

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Robert Silverberg, a science fiction legend who’s responsible for editing some of the greatest sci-fi anthologies and short fiction collections of all time, among having one of the biggest writing careers in sci-fi himself, had a private email list with a few friends over the summer. On the list, he made commentary about NK Jemisin’s Hugo Award speech, in which she riddled with identity politics like she does everything else. He thought something along the lines that it’s a shame that people seem to be voting based on identity and that instead of celebrating and enjoying that people cared about a story, she used the platform to launch into “muh racist”, like she always does. He lamented this is not good for sci-fi, and rightly so, because it’s not.

But it is an indication of what science fiction’s become. The last decade, establishment publishing has treasured identity over story, and it’s become a trainwreck just like the speech. What Silverberg fails to understand, is it’s not like the glory days of sci-fi where it was about creating exciting stories with these people, it’s about sticking it to “the man” in the literal sense–and he is one, so he’s on the outs regardless of his accomplishments.

The problem is, he was attacked by this very crowd, despite his track record, despite his wondrous accomplishments that should be praised. He violated their most sacred law of “thou shalt not make a comment about a minority whining about racism”, and therefore the entire establishment elite must condemn and destroy him for the rest of their days. He thought he was just talking to people who loved science fiction, loved the work, just like he does, however, and this is where he made his mistake:

He tried to explain himself.

Silverberg made a post with the wrong topic in the wrong forum. He took to File 770 to do a long-winded post basically saying “I’m not racist, I just care about science fiction.”  The problem is– the people’s he’s talking to are racist and don’t care about science fiction. You can look at the comments, all they do is trash him: http://file770.com/racism-and-sexism/

Of course, sci-fi elites like Jemisin herself replied with passive aggressive drivel like you would expect. The woman has a publishing contract solely because of her skin color, sells books solely because she whines about it, and wins awards solely so people can pat themselves on the back for it. It’s a joke. She’s used her race to create her entire career, and is one of the biggest race-baiting liars out there. She can’t even be consistent enough to not attack everyone’s favorite humble Hispanic author (me) on race matters, but that’s another story.

It still comes down to this, and i’ve made this mistake with the comicsgate crowd: don’t explain yourself. Don’t argue on the internet. People who are shrieking “racist” aren’t around for rational discussion. They’re not your friends even if you think they are. They’re just trying to destroy because that’s all they know how to do. They’re deriving pleasure from that, not the books, not the work. They don’t care about it.

And that’s the state of the sci-fi industry today. But don’t worry, reader. Because in the indie world, we’re rebelling against this kind of thing. We’re making stories for the fun of it, making stories to entertain YOU, the reader.  We’re going to make science fiction adventurous again. We’re going to make science fiction full of wonder again. We’re gonna make science fiction entertaining again. And we will Make Science Fiction FUN again! Make sure to read my new short fiction collection, out today! Read the back cover to see how the establishment in publishing is panicked by me:


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