Never EVER Apologize to SJWs

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It’s 2019, and I feel like this has been beaten to death as a topic, but it still bears repeating as we now have the millionth example of someone hoping to get back in the good graces of SJWs who control publishing after explicitly VIOLATING THE NARRATIVE.

I need to point people to the great book SJWs Always Lie by Vox Day is the single best resource to see how SJWs will act, to be able to predict their behavior, and also to be able to recognize how you should act when you are under SJW attack.

We’ve seen as YA has blown up yet again with fake controversy, drummed up by a few authors jealous of a contract received by Amelie Zhao– who, the SJWs in publishing apparently decided to give their token Asian a $500,000 advance for her first published writing efforts. It was an insane move, and one meant to garner pats on the back from New York elites so they could show how diverse they are with “own voices” (a buzzword used in publishing which will send you down a terrible rabbit hole if you look up).

Despite her sacred minority woman status, she was targeted for VIOLATING THE NARRATIVE, and, instead of rightfully saying “Fuck you” to the censorship brigade who was fake outraged about her having a fantasy book with slaves in it (oh noes!), she pulled the book from publication. She has not made a statement since apologizing. She’s been mobbed. The New York Fake News Media actually came out and protected her to some degree because she’s a minority (which they hadn’t done for white authors in the past), but her brand is forever tarnished as she has been branded a racist. Her career will never be the same.

Keira Drake, a person who underwent much the same situation as Amelie Zhao a year ago, but as a white woman, took out an op ed in the New York Times to discuss “social media mobs.” I was pretty excited for this at first because I thought “finally, someone’s fighting back and doing what they’re supposed to do.” Until I read the article, which is why this needs to be restated.

Her article is spent apologizing for her work, where she “copied” Native American and Japanese cultures and made them into fantasy cultures in her book The Continent, a pretty standard trope in the fantasy genre. You can point to almost any culture in books and see parallels to real world cultures, and that’s part of the fun of the genre, being able to play with “what ifs” outside realism’s bounds. She was branded racist for this because of this fake outrage “cultural appropriation” where white people aren’t allowed to write anything under SJW rules. She was branded a racist. Her book was pulled and rewritten and delayed as a result, and the publishing industry threw her under the bus with very little marketing effort, and just let her flail in the wind against haters.

Unfortunately, Drake didn’t learn from the situation. It’s a year later, and the article keeps apologizing, saying her critics “were right.” This is a fatal mistake against SJWs. Their intention is not for you to have some actual inclusive book to make all the feels happy and everyone to get along — their intention is to destroy you because of your identity.

I repeat: they are disingenuous. They do not care about what they’re espousing. Do not ever take them at face value.

Drake is targeted because she’s white. She’s not getting the coddling from the media that Zhao gets because Zhao is not white. That’s all there is to it. They want a scalp, because much like Keira’s fantasy culture in her book, they are bloodthirsty savages. Keira’s changes to her original book were “not enough” — and they will never be enough, because this is a crazed mob, not a group of people seriously debating topics.

Think about it. Their whole point is topics and debate get shut down. They want white people to never write cultures outside of white experiences, yet at the same time white people need to write more diversity.  You must not write A, but you must write more A is the logical syllogism. It’s contradictory. The point is to remove white authors, nothing else. Over identity. Just like they’re complaining about identities being “marginalized” they want to force marginalization on another.

SJW attacks will happen, they can come out of nowhere, it doesn’t matter if you’re a good diversity liberal like Drake, or if you’re an evil right winger like me. They do try to pick easy targets, people who can’t psychologically handle the stress so they can bring them down.

There’s only two ways to handle the attack, as we see the result of Drake’s apologies — her career is in big trouble and she doesn’t have a support network because she said “they’re right” so she is not a cause to rally behind. Apology is not an option if you want to come out with your career or life intact. You can:

  • Fight It Directly
  • Keep your head down, do your work and act like it doesn’t exist (another form of fighting it)

I’ve seen both of these strategies work, and it depends on the type of person you are and what your identity type is. If you’re a white male, I don’t recommend the keeping your head down strategy because you will be perceived as aggressive at every turn. If you’re female, I’ve seen it work in certain situations. Those situations is where you’re NEEDED by the industry you’re in — to where you’ve reached critical mass to the point where you have to be able to produce your work and it’d cause your company a big loss to stop you. If you’re too small, you’ll still get screwed.

But fighting it is the best solution for most people. You will never be accepted by the SJW mob. Don’t try. They are not going to bring you into their tribe after scalping you. They always will sneer at you, it will always be uncomfortable at their conventions. There’s nothing you can do. They will view every action you take as evil, you can’t change it.

However, these are very weak people. They’re so weak minded they can’t even handle fantasy books after all. If you fight and say you’re good at what you do, screw SJWs, you can create a business for yourself. It’s going to be outside of the standard corporate business (because those are run by SJW mobs at this juncture, or at least people friendly to them), but you can thrive. I’ve done it. Vox Day has done it. Larry Correia has done it. Ethan Van Sciver has done it. It drives people INSANE how successful we are because we have our own platforms and it’s very hard to tamper with them. We make good money in our fields, and have such loyal fanbases it makes other authors very jealous.

The reason is because our audience knows they can depend on us. We’ll fight when it’s hard, we won’t bow to social pressure, we refuse to lose, we refuse to go away. People want to be around that kind of mentality, and for good reason, because if someone screws with our friends, we’ll react much the same way. We won’t abandon people. That kind of loyalty and kinship makes us more than just your average writer with disposable books, it make us a cause. And our cause is to fight this garbage outrage culture is win.

In conclusion, if you come under similar attack, fight. I’m here to help you. All of the names I listed above will help you as well. You can ask us questions and we’ll do our best for you. Reach out to us. We know how to do it. We know how to win. We’ll help you make your business great again.

In my book, The Blood of Giants, Zaira von Monocle travels to a strange continent where she faces off against savage jungle warriors. You can check it out here and support the cause with good fiction where I refuse to censor myself or my ideas.  

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When You Can Predict How Enemies React (SOTU Analysis)

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When you easily can predict how opponents will react, you can set a persuasive agenda that is unparalleled. We watched this in action in the state of the union address last night where President Trump has pushed the Democrats to go full tilt. I love watching this strategy in play because it’s useful on a smaller scale for people who understand the basic concepts here.

Let’s talk about the framework in which President Trump is operating: the Democrats have pushed the narrative that he is LITERALLY HITLER for several years, forcing that comparison to be so commonplace within their ranks, it makes them have to disagree with LITERALLY EVERYTHING he says. After all, you can’t compromise with LITERALLY HITLER, cuz we all know what happens if you do.

It’s a powerful rhetorical grenade, not for the Democrats (as most people find such comparisons exhausting at best), but for President Trump to use.

And he did so to great avail last night with imagery of holocaust survivors, world war two veterans, victims of anti-semitic attacks, and heroes who took down anti-semitic killers, all who President Trump PRAISED and appeared to support President Trump. The imagery in the minds that sticks is “This guy is the Anti-Hitler.”

And you watched as Democrats reacted tepidly. They knew they weren’t supposed to applaud. They knew Trump is LITERALLY HITLER… so what was he doing? But they were forced to clap because if they didn’t, they would have a very, very bad look. You can see it in their body language and expressions that the cognitive dissonance they suffered was very difficult for them. It was absolutely beautiful to watch.

And the polls agreed. 76% according to the very hostile CBS News poll approved of the speech, which means the real number is even higher. No one could be opposed to what Trump was saying made America great. If you are opposed to it, well, you might actually be a Nazi.

It was brilliant visually as a display, of course, especially in contrast to Virginia Governor Northam, who was shown in a picture with a KKK hood. This made powerful visuals again in Trump’s favor as several of the Democrats chose to wear solid white together. The link is clear in many Americans’ minds, and it was a bad look for Trump’s opponents. Moreover, because of Northam’s insane defense of post-birth abortion (which we will call infanticide from here forward), Trump used the visuals of the white KKK Democrats and holocaust to hammer the point that late term abortions are Nazi-level murder. It went beautifully.

And it forced the Democrats to oppose his agenda despite this powerful imagery on his side, pushing them into more extreme positions. Let’s look at what he proposed:

  • Banning late-term abortions (unlike Nazi Germany who tried to “abort” quite a bit of the population)
  • USA is not a socialist country (unlike Nazi Germany the imagery reminded us)
  • No endless wars (unlike Nazi Germany)
  • Negotiating and peace (Unlike Nazi Germany)
  • Healthy respect for God (Unlike socialist soviet Russia)

The points are very simple things pretty much all Americans can get behind, and the Democrats already fell right into the trap.

The response was canned, not even listening to or anticipating the speech, nor making any adjustment. Abrams rambled about her own life personally, as if she were some sort of victim because she lost an election. It fell utterly flat and gave no real contrast other than saying Republicans are bad. But we just were filled with imagery that Republicans love the things that we all agree made our country great. The economy is good. It looked very bizarre, and she may have just been made a sacrificial lamb because no one else wanted the job.

Second, Kamala Harris, a presidential candidate for the Dems, immediately made a post about “politicians shouldn’t tell women what to do with their bodies” – but in conjunction with late term abortion. Polling shows that about 29% of the populace thinks abortion should be legal “no matter what”. If you look at polls, around 20-30% believe ANYTHING, but it means the vast majority of Americans want limits. Late-term is a sensible limit and a bad optic for the candidate, because she can get blasted with pictures of fully formed babies, and most people agree that killing fully formed babies is bad.

Trump forced her into this position by taking a very reasonable position, and got his opponent to react because LITERALLY HITLER. And that is expert persuasion at work. The question is, how far are the democrats going to go to keep up their rhetoric? I can’t wait to watch and see.

If you like my content and analysis, consider supporting my Patreon. I put out a lot of short stories, comics, books, a huge amount of content for the value, and it also helps me support my blog, Youtube, and other cultural commentaries I provide. You can subscribe here.

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Last Chance For Steam And Country 99 Cent Sale!

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The sale ends today and it’s been a tremendously successful week for the series as a whole. Thank you everyone for checking out and enjoying the books.

You can get For Steam And Country for 99 cents here, get into the series at pretty much no risk (they only get better as the series goes along too). I’ll be uploading a new version of the book with a fresh edit and new formatting very shortly as well, everyone who has the book through Amazon will be able to get this new version free and I’ll be posting instructions on how to do so.

Knight Training also got an audiobook last week. If you have a credit, good time to get in on that. Guard Training is being reviewed now on the audio front so it’ll be up soon to get the full series experience:

The new version also went out to Patreon subscribers last week, and a brand new James Gentry short story today. I post a LOT of content and my subscribers get it first, it definitely is worth your while to sign up and helps me to push a lot of cool creative stuff out I wouldn’t otherwise be able to spend time on. Please subscribe here!

Firing on all cylinders and getting stuff done. It’s gonna be a crazy slate for 2019 but we’re going to transform this industry!

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Burnt Out On Fake Outrage

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If there’s one thing the internet is good at, it’s fake outrage of the day. For the people stirred up, it isn’t even fake. The passions are real. But the reason people stir it up is for clicks and engagement, not about any concern about an actual topic.

The danger we run into is there are very real abominable things that occur, like the Virginia governor covering for killing babies, and it gets lost in the mix of all the fake controversies out there.

I try to only stick to real topics, real issues in our society that matter, but it’s getting overwhelming out there with people flailing from one topic to the next — it’s not even a political thing I can point to with the SJWs anymore, it’s just everyone trying to out-outrage each other for attention.

I’m hesitant to bring up examples of what I’m seeing these last few days, because I’ve gone into a couple of different forums pointing out problems I’ve seen with fake outrage both left and right — and I was met with hostile results both times. Trying to say “this narrative is bogus and a waste of everyone’s time” only gets a mob pointed at you for daring question them. Your loyalty gets questioned, you’ll become a target of “defending” whatever they’re outraged about, when your point is actually to try to help the group.

Because when someone not invested in the outrage story sees the outrage and sees people flailing like crazies over it, the optic is that the outraged people are the problem in the situation. It actually dilutes the topic they’re upset about because the story becomes about them. It turns off more people than it turns on about the topic.

So be careful with what you react to. If you react all the time in a panic, people will see you as a person who cries wolf. If you are measured except for rare instances when it really requires it, you’ll be more persuasive because people will know it’s something important that moves you.

Sorry to vaguebook today but I think putting any context will just make the wrong point and become a political team thing, which is not the intent of this post.

Did you know this blog costs money? It does! I have to pay for domain and hosting. Part of why I have a Patreon is so I can up my content game and cover projects like this, as well as help the up front art costs for comic projects. It helps me get a lot done to have the steady contributions, and I give a ton of value compared to a lot of other patreons just by how much I produce. Check it out here.

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Tom Brady Won And The Internet Went Insane

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The best part about SJWs is they make everything into some sort of race war, even though both quarterbacks are white, both coaches are white, and both teams have a mix that’s working together. It’s completely absurd. But that doesn’t stop twitter from going off. Here’s a fun compilation for you to laugh at and mock.


And of course a blue check mark I’ve never heard of has to get in on the fun calling all Patriots fans…. anime nazis?

Bizarre to say the least. Like always, they overreact, overplay their hand, and just go completely off the rails.

America hates this. People hate this. I always see authors and the like in the business getting worried about perception or trying to bend to these mobs — you never can. If they’re after you, it just means you’re doing something right, you’re WINNING, and you should just keep your head down and continue to win.

That’s what Tom Brady does. He doesn’t spend time on the bullshit, doesn’t spend hours mocking an anti-patriot NFL fan on live streams, but instead improving himself and working hard to win. He’s just getting the job done. It’s a lesson for all of us as we get more fame and as this culture war goes on.

The sale on For Steam And Country went really well, staying in the top 5 for 3 full days, which I appreciate. Thanks everyone for checking out my book and here’s to winning even more sales and positive reviews from readers. The sale is still going for one more day so make sure to grab it while you can if you haven’t already.

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Flying Sparks Cover Art Live – Plus A Livestream

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Gary Shipman is inking the cover for Flying Sparks Volume 2: Mob Ties live. it’s been really fun to watch. He’s doing a BEAUTIFUL job and I’m very excited to see this cover come to life. So far it’s taken a couple of videos:

Do subscribe to Gary’s channel as he’s about 24 people from the sweet 1,000 which is monetization for YouTube. It’s important and only takes a click. He’s a great artist and wonderful person.

I’m also going to be on the Critical Blast show today talking writing in about 15 minutes. Here’s the link for that channel (the stream itself is not up as of this writing):

I also mentioned i redid For Steam And Country with a fresh edit and new formatting. It provides for a MUCH better reading experience and I’m excited to have it up to the standards of the other books in the series. The version 2.0 will be going out to Patreon subscribers first and will be up for the general public next week (along with a new print edition). Subscribe to my Patreon and support my content production on all fronts!

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Amazon’s Tampering With Castalia House Is A Lesson In Anti-Fragility

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For content creators, we rely on platforms. This blog is hosted. Amazon sells books. Indiegogo crowdfunds. Patreon provides a stable source. Youtube provides video advertising and discussion. Twitter provides interaction with fans.

It’s a necessary part of the game if one wants to have a full career where one is actually getting their content out to the consumers.

What occurred yesterday when Amazon took down all of Castalia House’s ebooks was not only a travesty for free speech, as it’s clear they were politically targeted, but also a frightening reality for content creators — you can have one of your platforms ripped away from you at any time.

When Vox spoke with Katrina and me on the lunch stream yesterday, one of the things that struck me is his saying “you’ll notice I’m calm about it.” I definitely did notice it, but the question is why? I’d be in a panic if I were in his situation.

It’s because he took precautions to set up other distribution outlets in the event of this occurring.

What happened when Amazon pulled the books is CH got a massive SPIKE in sales on their proprietary store, where all the books are not only listed — but in higher quality formats than is offered by Amazon.

The lesson is to have things set up in a way where death on one platform will not kill you.

Whereas I’m fairly reliant on Amazon for my books, I spread my business along a lot of different platforms. I mentioned most of them above, and it’s intentional so in case one of these big tech monopoly decides to mess with Your Favorite Hispanic Author (me), there will be options and alternatives.

I like Patreon because it has a nice tiered content delivery system which makes it easy and it accepts PayPal, which is big. It provides me a decent monthly base every month in which I can rely on to pay for a portion of my editing, art production costs, and do some extra things like make maps for my worlds and commission character sketches.

I like IndieGoGo because I can crowdfund projects like comics and cover my big art costs.

I like Amazon because I sell a lot of books there.

But at the end of the day, only really Amazon would hurt me if they were unfairly ripped away from me. The others I am aware of alternatives and have back ups planned. They’re not as slick as the main sites in terms of how they work, but I’d be able to recover and mobilize quickly to enable them.

And that’s important. Castalia House has taught us that it can be a matter of time before one of these platforms changes, stops being useful for sales, any number of things can happen. I have seen amazon change their kindle unlimited from a money making machine for authors, to when they cut royalty rates, to pittance compared to what people used to get. They can do the same with ebook royalties. What will you do as an author then?

I try to exist on as many platforms as possible. For marketing, it gives people a much higher chance to find me. For anti-fragility, not relying on one platform is crucial for survival.

Right now my hit award winning steampunk novel, For Steam And Country is on sale for 99 cents. Sales have gone through the roof. Have you tried it yet? Grab it at a very low cost before the sale ends!

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Lunch Stream Emergency Broadcast

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Had a very nice chat with Vox Day and Moira Greyland about the craziness in the book publishing industry covering the YA Drama with Amelie Zhao and Amazon’s insane censorship of Castalia House by bringing down their entire catalog.

Definitely worth watching. Also, be sure to subscribe to the channel. We’re sneaking up in the numbers, almost to 600!

And if you subscribe to my Patreon, you’ll be getting a nice surprise in a few minutes. Please do go there and back! All books go to my subscribers early and often you’ll get short stories that don’t hit the market.

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The SJW Book Mob Came For An Innocent Asian Girl

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First they came for Vox Day… and I said nothing.

Then they came for Larry Correia… I said nothing.

Then they came for Jon Del Arroz… I said nothing.

But those were just political people right? Oh, wait.

Then they came for a YA author who never delves into politics, Laurie Forest… I said nothing.

Then they came for another YA author, Laura Moriarty… I said nothing.

Then they came for Keira Drake…. I said nothing.

But those were just white women. I mean cultural appropriation, right?

Not anymore.

When is the industry going to stand up to these hateful mobs who seek nothing other than to destroy innocent people’s lives?

Last night, Asian immigrant author Amelie Zhao posted this screen shot to her twitter account:

a faux-outrage mob hitting because her book had slavery in it. As insennnnnsitive. Even though slavery is portrayed as bad, even though it appears from the Amazon blurb that the book is about liberating from slavery, even though active slavery is a condition in the world where millions of people are affected (more than any time in history), the nutjobs in the book community literally can’t even a topic being spoke of.

We are living 1984. People are such sheltered triggered little snowflakes that it’s unbelievable.

But you’ve seen this all before. I’m not raising awareness anymore for this topic. Like all the names above, this has happened time and time again and it’s batshit insane.

The problem here isn’t the crazies, which we know exist. The problem is GIVING IN.

When you do this, your career is toast. You are over. Amelie’s associations will forever paint her as “the slavery girl” and they’ll never want to touch her brand again. She probably got a 6-figure advance, quit her job, decided to go full bore into writing, thinking she was gonna have a cozy career and would be uplifted as a token immigrant Asian to show how diverse New York Publishing is.

Not even that ID is safe anymore from the mob.

Now she’s stuck. Her book is pulled. It may get published, but if it does, the publisher isn’t going to push it. it’s going to be buried. She’ll sell far less than someone like me does, and her career will die and she’ll be out of the game. It’s happened dozens of times in YA now, and it’s always the same pattern. I wish it wasn’t the case, but I’m here to tell you the honest truth.

So here’s what Amelie should have done, and here’s what you should do if you ever come under SJW attack like this: fight back.

You gain nothing by bending to the mob. They don’t function in a space where it’s earnest. No matter what, you’re a racist bigot to them, even if you’re a minority like me or Amelie. Get over it. Don’t care what they think. They are not your readers. They’re not going to buy your book regardless. They’re going to leave you hate reviews. Embrace that you’re bullied, be a champion of anti-bullying. It will drive them MAD– and it will be free advertising for your book.

Only in that environment will your book flourish, will you be able to overcome this and keep a career going. Only by showing them their tactics WILL NOT FAZE YOU will you be able to get them to eventually give up. Every author needs to do this, for if they see one caving to their mob, they will continue on and on and do it to everyone until we can’t create art about topics important to us because some idiot with a keyboard might be triggered.

For the sake of art existing, we have to rise up and write what the hell we want and not give a flying fuck what these people think.

It’s that or let your career die — and not only that — but let the careers of the next 20, 30, 50 poor authors targeted by that die because no one would fight the mob.

Tell them no, you will not change your work. Tell them freedom of speech is what makes art great. Tell them you will not be bullied. Tell them your art and your work are worth it and you will never back down because it’s your life.

I choose to fight. How about you?

Speaking of fighting, Zaira von Monocle comes from a life where she never expected she’d have to go fight a war. But she steps up to the job and does what no one else can by leading her kingdom’s only airship on a very important mission. It’s on sale this week for only 99 cents. Get it while it’s hot and dive into my Steampunk world — and trust me, SJW mobs do NOT want you reading my books!

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