Amazon CANCELS Two Christian Books – No Explanation!

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What a week. I wake up this morning to find out that my e-book of Glorified was cancelled by Amazon — with all pre-orders cancelled along with it.

As this was my biggest series to date those returns hurt pretty badly.

But it gets worse. It didn’t just happen to Glorified, they also hit Declan Finn’s upcoming release, Deus Vult — both books with heavy traditionalist Christian themes. I can’t believe this is a coincidence to have happened at the same time.

This has happened in our circles before. Just a couple of weeks ago Yakov Merkin had his Amazon ad censored. We know this has happened to Vox Day and Castalia House with several books.

What’s happening?

My publisher is getting a runaround right now. He’s lighting up the customer service phones and emails trying to get anything done. One employee told him if this gets resolved the pre-orderers will get a “link” to purchase new ones emailed to them — which we’ll see if that happens and if it gets the same amount we had before. We’ll see. There’s no clear answer right now nor commitment to any remedy.

Someone showed me this, where Amazon can make up its “Terms of Service” on demand. Did they just decide rules apply to me and Declan that don’t apply elsewhere?

But with two books from two different authors hit, both on the radar of the the cultural thought police, and both with very clear message-based books, it looks like some employee tried to take censorship into their own hands to make sure our truth doesn’t get distributed.

Fortunately, the first two books are up still in the series. But to be safe, it’s probably best to get through the Silver Empire direct store and not Amazon for now. Through Silver Empire, we can guarantee distribution. I’m glad we have this as a backup. Here’s the links:

Book 1: Justified

Book 2: Sanctified

Book 3: Glorifited. (The one Removed From Amazon – you can get it now ahead of release date)

Declan Finn’s Censored book, Deus Vult.

And my cover for my censored book. Did this really trigger them that much?

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Announcing Weekend Worship

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If you haven’t seen, I’ve been quite moved by the Spirit all weekend and motivated like I’ve never been before as I see the culture shifting right before my eyes.

And so I want to start something new, since the whole theme of Christianity is rebirth and creation, this is what we’re called to do.

My plan is to have a weekend worship group, that meets the 2nd Sunday of every month, starting November10th at 7 PM. We’ll be spending about an hour hanging out, communing, and praising the Lord through song.

Bring your instruments, your shakers, your tambourines, you voices and lift up praises to the Most High King.

The plan is to do about 30-45 minutes of music just pure worship, people can hang out, we can pray for folk who need it, you can stay and fellowship or go home after, whatever is convenient for you.

It’ll be at my home, which I’m going to open up to anyone who wants to come. All are welcome and I hope you’ll join us. I’m in the east San Francisco bay area for those who aren’t aware. Ping me via email at jdaguestposts at gmail . if you’re interested and local.

Those who aren’t might think: how does this apply to me then?

I’ll leave you with a challenge — start your own group. Let’s do this across the world and have our worship going in tandem to praise God and start changing the world. Open your homes to the local community, show the Glory of Christ through song and love.

That’s all for now! I’m practicing my gospel piano and singing this morning:

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Jesus Is King Review – First Impressions #NewKanye

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I’ve listened through the new Kanye West album once, and of course fast content is king of media as much as Jesus is King of this reality, so I’ll post up real quick my thoughts:

this is absolutely brilliant.

People are flabbergasted online already as they couldn’t believe Kanye would make a real gospel album, but he did it. And it’s got deep thoughts, all over the map, not just your mom’s cheesy Christian music. It’s also filled with the great production you’d expect from a Kanye West Album.

Filled with great dark keyboards and his amazing chior, it’s really something beautiful and different like I’ve never heard before.

It opens up with a pure gospel choir over fancy piano in “Every Hour” before getting into deep thoughts with “Selah”.

“Follow God” feels the most like a traditional Kanye track with the most rapping he does on the album, and Lyrics that are very much in tune with the title.

“Closed On Sunday” is literally a song about Chik Fil A. Epic Kanye trolling mixed with some more praise verse.

“On God “and “Everything We Need” are solid Gospel songs. The second is a bit odd as it’s a bit out of Kanye’s vocal range and he struggles on it a bit, odd he went with this key but it mostly works. The song carries when his voice won’t.

“Hands On” features some vocoded vocals and is not my favorite track.

“Use The Gospel” features the rappers Clipse with KENNY G. And honestly, it’s the best song. I love it.

“Jesus is Lord” is a coda that’s only about 30 seconds.

Overall, it’s brilliant. I don’t know if I like it more than KIDS SEE GHOSTS last year, but it’s so fresh and different I’m happy to see the artistic development.

If you appreciate the blog, or my content, support my Patreon. It helps me deliver more and I’ll be providing a lot of exclusives soon!


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Reporters Are There To Cause Drama, Not Report The News

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There’s a new “controversy” going on, this time surrounding the Houston Astros. It’s another lesson in the media these days — that all of these “journalists” or “reporters” or whatever you want to call them are actually blood-sucking parasites trying to get under the skin of successful people and tear them down.

The backstory is one of the Houston Astros’ relief pitchers has an accusation of domestic abuse. I’m not looking into the story and that’s irrelevant to the situation here.

The story is that three “reporters” — all women — went in and wore charity bracelets to “raise awareness” and flaunted them, asking questions about domestic abuse and trying to harass the staff and this pitcher during a time where they’re all stressed, trying their hardest for victory, in an effort to distract them and tear them down.

An Astros executive of course is annoyed with them, because his team has a job to do and these “reporters” trying to force a story where there isn’t one, and make themselves a part of the news by creating drama, are detracting from their jobs.

Now apparently everyone’s “outraged” because after Osuna gave up a 2-run homer, but the Astros won anyway, and these reporters tried to shake Osuna’s confidence more in a time that he needed his team to rally around him for the next round, the executive allegedly said within earshot: “Thank God we got Osuna! I’m so fucking glad we got Osuna!”

That’s it.

He wasn’t bragging reporters, it was in the clubhouse after they WON THE PENANT, and all were celebrating. And the reporters wanted to take away form that situation and force some fake news.

The fake news is he went on “a profanity laden rant” to create a picture that he hounded these reporters, harassed them, etc. When he was trying to get them to go away and ignore them while they were harassing his player, is the truth of the matter.

All of the media picked it up, the commissioner of baseball says he’s “disappointed” — which is a pointless corporate speak platitude meaning no action will be taken because this is pointless, but the media did everything they could to try to get this executive fired and the pitcher along with him.

That was their intention the whole time, it’s clear, and it’s disgusting.

This is what they do. They bait. They brand the topic. They lie. Every time.

The good news is, this executive knows better than to apologize. He has written off the whole story and called it for the nonsense it is.

It’s the only way to handle these media types. They are evil. If I were the Astros, I would revoke their press passes and never let them in the clubhouse again. Why would they want that going on when they have a world series to play?

The fake news tried to destroy me on several occasions in science fiction and comics. I give them birds like I’m Oprah handing out cars. That’s the only way to handle them. Support people who aren’t going to back down to fake news intimidation. Read my new book The Iron Wedding today. 

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When Churches Won’t Push Christian Culture

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The churches in America have been cucked worse than almost any other institution since the 1960s.

You’ll see grandstanding churches host spirit cooking witches like Hillary Clinton and hold her up as the next messiah.

But when a rapper denounces his former lifestyle and tries to change the culture for Christ, what do they do? They make a statement AGAINST it. They straight up turn donations away and make a public grandstand.

There’s only one reason to do so. It’s to please the world, the father of lies, to get golf claps from the unbelievers.

Meanwhile other churches will never support Christian movements. You don’t see a single church talking up our new Christian science fiction the PulpRev has been launching to great success. The church wont’ take a stand for its own culture, its own values, because at this point the American church only wants to be popular.

If you strive for popularity and a watered-down secular lifestyle for your congregation, you will find you have not congregation. Why would people come to try to change their hearts, to get something different — when all they’ll get is Satanic Society-lite? Let’s have Disney movie night at the church and brainwash our congregation with Devil Mouse!

It’s absolutely nuts. And pastors would find if they went up and took a stand against this fallen world, a place of sin and destructiveness, they’d grow the church much faster than trying to please satanic consumerism.

Support real Christian fiction. Get the Nano Templar series today and start reading. Let’s build this from the ground up. Lord knows our church institutions won’t help, but WE are the body of Christ, not a building.



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How Do We Change The Cultural Conversation Away From Nostalgia Brands?

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It happened yesterday.

Some shitty space franchise which has not made a good film since 1983 has the entire internet going ballistic like a bunch of monkeys waiting for a banana treat.

And this is what my social media feed looks like.

We know the story’s going to be trash. It’s going to be pop commercial consumerism with member berries and not much creativity at all because of the backlash of the last film. And so we’re going to get an endless cycle of youtube critics positing that the movie will be terrible, people clicking on it, people going at seeing the movie a zillion times to confirm it’s terrible, posting about it, youtube critics bashing it, people tuning into yotube critics bashing it, and then the actors crying about misogyny and racism and creating free promotion to make this another billion dollars again.

It’s so tired. And it’s entirely on you, the person who reads the blogs, watches youtube to NOT CLICK THESE THINGS. Do not talk about the movie. Don’t watch commentary on it. Starve it of mentions.

This is what they do to independent alternatives. The media refuses to talk about it. You will never see any one of these sites ever mention Flying Sparks or Justified because they don’t want people knowing it exists. And the only way to deal with that in information warfare is to do it back to them.

Every time you click on a youtube review or preview of this movie, you are feeding the machine. You are keeping it going.

Make content supporting indies. Click on the content that’s supporting indies.

It happens on the blog too, the people here aren’t immune. If I make a post positively promoting say, Robert Kroese’s book, I will get 50 clicks. If I go OMG MARVEL YOU WON”T BELIEVE SJW, I will get a thousand clicks.

You have to stop being the stupid consumer if you want the cultural revolution to go further. I’m sorry to put it that way, but I don’t mince words and this is the hard truth.

Talk about independent works. Speculate on them. Make the conversation. It’s tiring, it takes years and it’s a slow build but all it takes is critical mass. The more people that do it, the sooner we’ll be able to take down these giants and have real properties with meaning.

If you enjoy my content, read my steampunk series. The Iron Wedding has the deepest worldbuilding, the best characterization of probably any book out there. It’s been layering in for the first three books and frankly, it’s a genius work of art. Don’t miss out because you’re busy drooling over some poorly designed fantasy space ship from the 80s. Read now. 

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Sorry Nerds, Your Devil Mouse Superhero Movies Are Not High Art

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It’s been quite a week watching Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola roundly denounce the superhero films of the last couple of decades, which one after another have milked comic book franchises for characters created in pulp comics in the 1930s-1960s.

Hollywood really has failed to create anything new in years, and the masses have dumbed down to a point where if it’s not a recognizable brand, they won’t talk about it, they won’t be interested in it, they won’t go see it.

There’s a reason why “Joker” was originally a completely different movie which had nothing to do with Batman, and then it got renamed and the names changed.

It’s because people are that stupid. They will not go see a film for its quality and art, but they will drool all over their computers for their Bat-Brand.  And it performed because of such.

But filmmakers understand that pop-art is not high art. Where fanbois are clamoring for these movies to get awards for their remakes of comic books which already told these stories in a form which was meant to be trite and for kids, real artists are struggling to create their content, not getting the attention they deserve — and it’s ALL BRANDING.

It’s sad to watch, and this is why the filmmakers who know what they’re talking about call these movies for what they are — mass produced garbage. It’s formulaic popcorn for people with no lives to see over and over… like that guy who met Brie Larson and said he’d seen Captain Marvel something ridiculous like 130 times.

People on twitter mocked him, but most of the people who did are just as thirsty for these movies are he is.

It doesn’t change their content being worthless. None of these movies will stand any test of time, and unfortunately, the takeaways of the internet dweebs is that these filmmakers are awful for making truthful comments, rather than trying to learn from these greats. Because people identify so closely with their beloved corporate brands these days, that they can’t handle any concept of reality.

Don’t put your faith in Devil Mouse brands. You have one life, and there is only one truth worth identifying with.

If you understand my commentary, you’ll probably like my books. Read Justified today and see why it’s different than the corporate drivel. Remember, true art creates beauty by pointing to truth.

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The SJW Mob Comes For Baen Books Over The Stupidest Thing Ever

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Alternate Blog Title: If You Cuck, You Lose (Baen Books Edition)

Much like I discussed with Mike Miller getting removed from Kickstarter a couple of weeks ago, I don’t particularly feel sorry for Baen Books.

I say this as someone who when I was a kid it was my dream to get published there.

But since I’ve become popular, Baen has tried to push themselves away from their Sad Puppies identity, trying their hardest to get back in the good graces with science fiction establishment who soundly shunned them at the Hugo Awards for many years running. Many of their larger authors would rather signal how virtuous they are to those types than actually engage in the culture fight, which is fine, but the idea here isn’t to shun Baen — it’s to serve as a warning to others that no matter how moderate you act, no matter how noble and proper you try to be, they will come for you anyway.

And over innocuous things.

Baen put out an anthology of stories by people named David, a sort of a joke, but because they had so many authors under their umbrella with the name. It was edited by David Boop, a nice guy who suffers from “I’m a moderate must disavow the right winger!” syndrome of which I’ll hope he’ll recover at some point.

The situation was, when this anthology released and Baen started tweeting — they got piled on by the SJW crowd going THIS IS DISCRIMINATORY CUZ DAVID’S ARE CIS WHITE MALESSSSSS.

Oh no. Perish the thought of publishing white males.

One of Baen’s folk tried to explain the situation:

It’s a long thread, but tl;dr is “we didn’t mean no harm.”

Of course, responding to the SJWs just gives them validity and makes them hyperventilate harder. That’s why I just mock them rather than try to explain myself in any situation. They’re going to come hard anyway, there’s no point in trying to have a rational dialogue with sub-humans who can’t process rationality.

One author reported to me that Baen has gone so far as to delete tweets about the anthology because they’re getting so much harassment.

This is what happens every time. If you’re not EXPLICITLY SJW, you are their enemy. It doesn’t matter how moderate you pretend to be. It doesn’t matter if you make long-winded facebook posts disavowing me or Vox Day because you’re super triggered about a meme or whatever. It doesn’t matter if you produce good books.

We are in a cultural war. It’s happening. You cannot avoid it and it’s escalating to the point where you cannot even publish your own authors in an anthology as a publisher.

Stop pretending to be moderate and fucking fight the real battles.

This has been a public service announcement.

I don’t pretend to be anything i’m not. I just release great books that say Deus vult. Because there’s only one way, truth, and light, and I’m not ashamed to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ as Lord.

Read Justified now to see what I’m talking about.

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The Most Ambitious Book Yet

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The Iron Wedding is out today — Book Four in the Adventures of Baron Von Monocle, my most popular series.

And do I have incredible twists for you. You won’t see what’s coming at all, but it’s been hinted at throughout the first books.

The series takes off in a radical new direction with wonders, thrills, and excitement like you haven’t seen before.

I told everyone the first trilogy were books intended on grounding you in the perspective of a “level one farm girl character’s perspective” as the story builds… but I can’t give away anything without spoiling some of the jaw-droppingly epic steampunk goodness which is headed your way in The Iron Wedding. There’s just too many cool concepts which are going to rock you.

You’ll have to see for yourself.

Read The Iron Wedding here and continue your adventure on the greatest steampunk series of all time.

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