Amazon Is Getting More Evil

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It was only a matter of time before the platform went for full censorship. Roosh was the warning shot across the world last year when they took his book down. Because of who he was, no one listened.

Maybe someone will with Tommy Robinson?

Under pressure from left-wing journalists and activists, Amazon is purging right-wing authors from its store, including a book co-authored by English Islam critic and independent commentator Tommy Robinson.

The web retail giant has become the dominant market player in book sales, accounting for nearly 50 percent of physical and 83 percent of e-book sales in the U.S. As such, Amazon has the power to effectively cut an author off from the vast majority of the books market.

Amazon began its new round of purges by targeting the white nationalist fringe. In February, the tech giant banned a number of books from white identitarian Jared Taylor, and a book called The White Nationalist Manifesto by Greg Johnson.

Of course I can see the cucks crying, “it won’t happen to meeeee. Those are just extreeeemists.”

Until it does. They always creep in incrementalism when they come to censorship. We’ve seen it done on so many other big tech platforms, why do you expect Amazon, a huge monopoly controlled by Jeff Bezos, would do differently?

We’ll see if they allow Milo Yiannopoulos’ new book, How To Be Poor, up.

Make sure to back my projects because it’s probably a matter of time before I’m banned from platforms where I can sell my books. Need to reach the critical mass of support now to survive when it happens. Besides, Flying Sparks is called “the best indie comic of 2018” by readers. Volume 2 is even better! Back today.

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Handling SJW Attacks

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Since my blog on DC McAllister, a lot of people have asked me for pre-emptive advice on how to handle SJW attacks and getting mobbed online. First off, I have to recommend the book SJWs Always Lie which has a full manual on how to do this, but there’s also my own experiences.

First off is the most important part:

Change Your Mindset

When you get under these kind of mob attacks, often it begins with what appears to be friendly warnings from employers, friends, colleagues, etc. but you can tell there’s something else underneath. You’re being judged, and more than just about a concern for a simple action. These people are giving you clear warnings that you’re out of line, you’re no longer part of the club.

It starts fairly early. You say one thing that is from a freethinking perspective, different than the norm, and the whole group is talking about you behind your back. You can’t put a finger on it, often times they’ll just start treating you differently, ignoring you, no longer inviting you into crucial tasks. Sometimes they’ll explicitly tell you you’re out. Most of the times, they act in cowardice in the form of the group together.

Our first instincts in these situations are to panic. “I don’t want to lose my tribe! I need to fit in. I need the approval.”

It’s tough. Losing friends, jobs, family members is painful. It’s wrong that folk would do this to you over disagreements on anything. It’s disloyal. It flies in the face of everything you know is good and true. That’s all correct. However, these aren’t rational beings, this is a mob.

Your mindset needs to change. Acceptance doesn’t matter, and moreover, you can’t obtain it. The condition for the acceptance is to 100% change your convictions, who you are, and you can’t just give it lip service. They will know. You would have to be a brainwashed drone that says and does all the right things. It won’t happen and you and they both know it.

What you need to accept is that you won’t be accepted.

You’re going to be alone. No one, even the best of friends are going to come to your defense. They are either in agreement with the mob, or they’re so afraid of the mob they will keep their mouths shut for their own safety. Appealing to these folk will only get you frustrated, and only cause a bigger open fight with the former friends you thought you could rely on.

It’s okay to be alone. Your principles make you who you are. Accept yourself, that there’s nothing wrong with what you’re saying, and accept that through whatever occurred, you’re going to have to go at it with not much help.

There’s support out there, of course. I found wonderful people when I came under attack, but keep in mind the support you find will come from people who have their own lives. They’ll care, but only to some extent. You can’t call these people and yap for hours like you did with your former mob friends. It will feel distant.

But realize you’re now a revolutionary. Your words have power, and that power drives the NPC mobs completely crazy. It’s because what you speak is truth, and that’s what’s important. Remember, even the Apostles spoke truth up to the point where people killed them for it — and they rejoiced in it. Sometimes you’ll have personal wins from truth, sometimes not, but if you stick to it and have a joyful attitude about it, you’ll influence more. Those twelve sure changed the world by having the mob attack them.

And that’s where the mindset shift really has to come in. Have fun with it. Enjoy the ride, because it’s going to happen regardless. No apologies will do anything, they don’t actually care about your words.

It’s a tough step, but when you get there, these mobs become nothing but little nuisances.

I’ve been fighting against these attacks for a couple years now. They haven’t stopped, they haven’t slowed down. But they’ve done nothing to me. They can’t even stop me from successfully producing my own books. This is my third fully-funded crowdfund, and with your help, I can create even more art. Back Flying Sparks Volume 2 today and enjoy a great comic from someone who takes on these ridiculous mobs all the time.

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This $10K Stretch Goal Is Absurd!

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We gotta get there as fast as possible. You’re the ones who can make it happen.

When I started this comics movement back in 2017, I knew I’d eventually want to release books, but wasn’t sure on the plan. Now it’s become a reality where I’m coming out with books regularly, at a speed with the pages that matches the REAL comic industry. As this continues to grow, we’re going to blow them out of the water.

My crowdfunds aren’t just used to fund one book, but I pour the money into art to produce for multiple, which is what makes supporting me unique compared to other creators. You’re pushing for a real industry change here, for comics to be created on a monthly basis (as is the goal).

But there’s a lot of people who want to help, and a lot of people I want to help, which is what this stretch goal at $10K is designed to do.

It’s the INDIE DIGITAL SUPERSTARS pack, which contains first issues from a whole smattering of different books:

Alt-Hero #1

Chuck Dixon’s Avalon #1

Sporkman: Conventions

Nyobi #1

Punchline #1

Something Real #1

Juanpool #1

The Ember War #1

and a sneak peek at my upcoming book later this summer with Dynamite Thor #1. You’ll be the first to check it out.

This stretch goal unlocks over 200 pages of full comics to read, all by great creators and friends of the movement.

If you want the books, this is where you should go. I haven’t seen any other crowdfunds making this crazy of an offer. We are a true community of creators and this is only going upward.

Back Flying Sparks today. Let’s get us to that 10K mark and beyond. Support conservative creators making changes to the industry! The culture is everything!

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Another Right Wing Scalp Is Claimed…

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…by the right.

Why do we eat our own?

You may not have heard of DC McAllister before. but she’s a writer who’s done a ton of work for The Federalist and The Daily Wire as a staff writer. She’s been doing it for a long, long time, the type of person who’s consistent, putting out really good writing work. The kind of person you’d want at your writing outfit. She’s not a celebrity, not all over the news all the time for her shock-jock style antics or with long legs at the end of the desk in a short skirt. She’s just a good writer.

And it doesn’t matter, cuz the right is not about merit as much as they like to squawk like they are.

Our establishment only cares about optics, and what the left thinks of them. It’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever seen, and it’s why we consistently lose. Our leaders constantly apologize to the left for being, even when the base and even they probably don’t agree.

McAllister made a vulgar tweet, one which was actually pretty true, even if it was a little cringy in the way it was stated. And there’s context to it.

She’d been under fire by a social media mob for talking badly about The View, which is the most horrendous awful program on television. Meghan McCain is used as a token whipping girl against hardcore leftist crazies. She’s used as an optic to be “fair” but in reality it’s just about mocking conservatives and Christians with a smirk saying “See, this is what they are.” It’s their platform, and enemy territory.

McAllister’s tweet was taken as a personal slight to McCain, when it wasn’t meant as such, and the internet went wild going after McAllister. People kept piling in and suddenly a New York Magazine writer by the name of Yashar Ali chimed in concern trolling her.

He’s a leftist, he works for New York Magazine. He’s a vocal homosexual as well. He made a comment implying that McAllister’s husband was beating her.

It was too much for McAllister.

Her tweet (since deleted) was: “Oh so sad. @yashar is lost. He doesn’t know his purpose as a man. He doesn’t know his purpose as a human being. He doesn’t know his purpose as an Individual. So he wallows and tries to find himself in another man’s asshole. Sad.”

While vulgar, she’s not wrong. And second, since he pushed about her husband, it’s firmly in a personal realm.

Naturally everyone flipped out. Ben Shapiro made his standard virtue signaling, everyone in the establishment turned on McAllister for “homophobia.”

Who’s cheering at her firing?

Jezebel, Salon, USA Today.

The enemy.

People who aren’t going to give the Daily Wire or the Federalist the time of day. People who are here to bring these companies down. They’re not going to get cookies from these groups for throwing their writer under the bus when she was under heavy internet mob attack and lost her cool. That’s all that happened.

And most of their audiences agree with her, even if we aren’t into the vulgar elements of what she said. Obviously someone who’s criticizing a masculine man and turning away from God to a sinful lifestyle is lost. There’s nothing wrong with saying that.

When will our side learn? This happens every time. We can’t even TALK about issues anymore because of the way the left frames them and we accept it.

It’s disappointing. And I stand with DC McAllister even though she did the wrong thing… by apologizing. But that’s another blog topic.

If you appreciate the right, support our cultural efforts. The establishment doesn’t give culture the time of day, leaving us to flail much like their commentators. You are the ones who can make the change. Culture pushes the Overton window. Culture is what influences the next generation. Back Flying Sparks today and help make a change. 

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Expanding Worlds

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I suffer from serial worldbuilding expansion.

If you’re a reader, you probably like this, because I know as a reader I’d want as much tertiary content as possible for my worlds.

I’ve done it for Rislandia as well as for my Flying Sparks universe.

I just cant help it.

There’s only so much worldbuilding that can be done in main stories themselves. One has to stick with the plot, has to stick with the character’s perspectives, and in doing so, a lot of notes, a lot of detail can’t make the final product of the stories by necessity.

Flying Sparks is definitely one of those things where I have a huge world developed around it. I have live action dramas written, old timey radio plays written, extra info in character bios, several different side comics at least built in idea form, all to build out the world that can’t get shown in the struggle of Johnny and Chloe to maintain their relationship through their secret lives.

It’s fun to reveal these when I get a chance, but of course some ideas are harder to produce than others. It’s why with Rislandia, I’ve chosen to just do what I can in that regard via short stories set in the universe rather than try to get ambitious with multimedia.

I hope at some point the reader base gets to the point where I can explore these other media in earnest, as that’s always been the goal to try to produce some absolutely crazy art through different experiences.

But it will come in time. I’m just impatient to get a loot of my work out there.

In the meantime, do tell your friends that there’s a lot going on in these worlds, that I’ve developed depth and am holding a lot in reserve for both the Flying Sparks world and the Rislandia properties. Getting the word out will allow this stuff to develop more and that’s what’s needed right now.

Flying Sparks is available on Kickstarter now, as you’re probably aware if you read this blog. It’s got a lot of cool stuff to develop at the higher tiers and it needs the exposure. Let folk know about it.

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Video Games Cause…

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…something good?

Yes, you’re reading that right.

I figured we have enough bad news all the time that when I see a good story, I want to repeat it and shout it from the rooftops.

A 15 year old girl went missing, and police did everything they could to find her, including Officer Strebel of the NYPD 19th Precinct going into online video games she played and trying to find her via her username in chats.

The girl logged on, he chatted with her, she was found, came home safe and sound.

Great work by police in figuring this out, and wonderful that video games could be used for some good.

A real picture of the officer and some of the chat which was displayed by the NYPD 19th Precinct on their twitter:

And in other good news, Flying Sparks is fully funded and is easily going to hit its first stretch goal for extra content through the chapter covers. You can get us there easily by backing this fantastic indie comic today.

Back here. 

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We’re Funded, Now Let’s Secure The Goals!

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Yesterday was a huge day.

The campaign picked up big steam and we reached our target of $6,000, which means the art costs for Flying Sparks are covered!

That’s great news.

The even better news is there’s much more to come to add value to this campaign. I’ll go over the next few stretch goals because they are pretty awesome.

$7500 – The Chapter Covers – This adds nice covers to every book. I have no doubt we’ll get there at this point, and so I’ve previewed them for folk.

The first is by Holly Laing, my favorite webcomic artist who has done Terra for 10 years:

For the next two, we have Jethro Morales, our interior artist’s great art. This one has The Hooded Rogue, a villain featured in volume 2:

And finally we have an homage cover to Spider-Man. As you can tell, things are about to get really tense for Johnny and Chloe:

After the chapter covers the value town really increases.


I’m working together with a lot of indie projects to bring a ton of #1 comics to you. It means you’re going to get a lot of comics. This includes: INDIE DIGITAL SUPERSTARS PACK! All backers will receive digital copies of Alt-Hero #1, Chuck Dixon’s Avalon #1, Something Real #1, Juanpool #1, Punchline #1, Jon Del Arroz’s exclusive unreleased Dynamite Thor #1, The Ember War #1 and  short 8-page Flying Sparks prequel comic, “Hannah’s Story.” More than 150 pages of FREE comics! 


At $12,000, Gary Shipman, our cover artist did a nice sketch of Meta-Girl. We will color it and add it to the back cover. Beautiful art I won’t spoil until we get closer to it.

$15,000 is probably the most exciting of all the close ones — I wrote a short comic of an origin story for Meta-Girl. We will have our team with artist Jethro Morales draw this comic and all backers will get a look into Meta-Girl’s origin.

I can’t wait to get to these and hopefully beyond. We need your support to get there though.

Volume 2 is really great stuff, make sure to back it today! 


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Vaccines Are Population Control

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One of the scariest government reaches ever has just occurred in our nation. You won’t find it in right wing or libertarian news outlets because they’re so panicked about being labeled “anti-vaxx” that they can’t even go out and tell the truth. It’s yet another example of why our media fails so much to counter The Narrative, but that’s another blog topic.

Rockland County has in effect declared Martial Law on its citizens because of the measles. The media is calling it an “unprecedented move” as it’s banning children from public places.

Something smells fishy here.

First, if vaccines worked so well and they made us all immune, why should we be panicked about someone having it?

The whole claim is that this ends the disease and we have to therefore inject tons of dead viruses into our body in order to have a healthy society. It seems counterintuitive that we should then be scared of the same disease we were told we eradicated.

The truth is, most outbreaks of measles and mumps happen to VACCINATED people. So it appears whatever vaccine is being used is not all that effective. For outbreaks to be a big problem, this would have to be the case, and it means all the shutting down discussion on any vaccine topic by shaming anyone trying to discuss it seems to have a deeper purpose.

Second, how many people constitutes an “outbreak?” We’re told it’s only 150 cases in the last year or so. How many people have it now? 154 over an entire year spread out could mean as little as 4-5 people have the disease.

And yet they declared martial law.

I mean “a state of emergency” because we don’t like the term martial law. That’s not palatable to the populace. Please inject yourself again if you have bad thoughts about this.

It’s very similar to government overreach in New Zealand based on one shooting–they’re grabbing all of the populace’s guns.

This is a very scary move, and as NBC says, unprecedented. The government is wont to declare martial law over something very small, banning members of the public from certain places. I can’t imagine how this will be used next, and the implications are very frightening.

On the vaccine end, the discussions need to be had. Is every vaccine effective? Is putting them all together in a cocktail healthy for children? Or is there something else at play? Are these used for something else, like creating a populace who ARE chronically diseased all the time and further dependent on the government healthcare?

Our own president said it: “Healthy young child goes to doctor, gets pumped with massive shot of many vaccines, doesn’t feel good and changes – AUTISM. Many such cases!”

I’ve yet to see him be wrong.

Please vaccinate yourself from mainstream entertainment by backing my Kickstarter, Flying Sparks Volume 2! This is the alternative to the garbage being pedaled by us by Hollywood and the comic industry. Readers call volume 1 “the best indie comic of 2018”. It’s very close to funding and needs your support!

Back Flying Sparks Today! 



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Comic Review: Amazing Spider-Man Alien Costume Saga

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Just read the Spider-Man Alien Costume Saga Complete Collection vol 1-2, which are out of print but are still floating around there in some places. It comprises of issues 252-262 of Amazing Spider-Man along with the final 10 or so issues of Marvel Team Up and Spectacular Spider-Man 90-100, concluding in Web of Spider-Man #1.  I’ve been super sick the last week so just been doing a lot of comic reading while trying my hardest to rest.

I’d read some of the issues in Amazing a long time ago, which was always my first priority in collecting, but didn’t have a lot of those Spectacular books and the Marvel Team Up I’d never read. So a wonderful compilation.

The books hold up WAY better than I expected. Frankly I didn’t want to put it down. The main conflict in Amazing Spider-Man revolves around the Rose trying to gain control of the underworld and working with Hobgoblin to do so. Spectacular, meanwhile, the Black Cat and Spider-Man are working against the Kingpin. Marvel Team Up is all over the map with one off storylines.

Just a ton of action, a lot of fun personal development for Peter and his friends. This really is what I expect out of comics.

They do rely on way too many of the same tropes over and over (peter’s broke, bugle doesn’t want more spider-man photos) as set up devices, but overall I think the whole arcs with the Kingpin and Hobgoblin were some of the finest Spidey moments out there.

The Black Cat relationship rang a little false, though I do love all the surrounding hijinx with her powers. Mary Jane is a much better character at this point (though I know Black Cat develops much better later).

I was surprised for how little a time he actually wore the alien costume. It went for just a handful of issues, and I’d expected it to be a lot longer given how much emphasis is placed on this.

Still, so many iconic moments, the ending in Web of Spidey 1 is brilliant to this day.

Now I just have to debate getting the Roger Stern Omnibus and the Masterworks stuff to fill in the gap between the Original Clone Saga and this. I don’t want to go into hardcover formats but I’m dang tempted…

If you like the 70s-80s Spider-Man, you’re going to love Flying Sparks. Back Volume 2 on Kickstarter now. Nearly funded! 

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Flying Sparks Volume 2 Is Live!

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I left you with a cliffhanger in volume 1…

…the resolution will leave you breathless.

Mob Ties picks up right where book 1 left off, and I put my foot firmly on the action gas pedal and never let up. It just gets bigger, crazier.

There’s new deadly villains.

There’s new devastating secrets.

There’s new intense romance complications.

All of this and more in Flying Sparks volume 2: Mob Ties.

It’s available on Kickstarter right now, and we’re running a campaign to cover the art and print costs like before. It’s a new platform, but I hope you’ll join me. We need to make a statement and show this wasn’t just a one time thing, that you’re here for GREAT BOOKS and not just because of last summer’s events.

If you didn’t back the first wildly successful campaign, we got you covered. There’s tiers for book one and the Meta-Man special so you can catch up on the Flying Sparks universe. But also look at all the great stretch goals. We’re adding more value to this books with a Digital #1s pack and more that mean this book is the best bang for your buck out there.

If you love the 80s books with Spider-Man and Batman where their whole lives dropped because they got caught in a mob war, and the epic romance you’d get with Spidey and Mary Jane or Batman and Catwoman… this is the book for you.

Back Flying Sparks today!

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