Flying Sparks Stretch Goal Update – $12,370 is the number!

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I updated my $12,370 stretch goal for people interested. When it hits, backers are going to be getting a 6- Page short story via a bonus PDF of a team up of my main character, Meta-Girl, with the public domain superhero, Dynamite Thor, who I reimagined for the modern age. It was a proof of concept story I was doing when I was first building the characters for Flying Sparks, and was done with an amateur artist who graciously lent a few pages to me. 
The story turned out fun, and I eventually want to do a full on Dynamite Thor book because I think the concept is ridiculous. Here’s an unlettered sample page from the story:  
Make sure to back Flying Sparks and to tell your friends. I have so much content for this book that we can keep going with stretch goal after stretch goal. Let’s do this!
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It’s Hard To Build Bridges When Our Enemies Fight For The Sake Of Fighting

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It’s always boggled my mind as to why the SJWs keep at it. A lot of my troubles with the publishing establishment stem from the fact that Cat Rambo went after me hard after she started the whole scenario by attacking my writing on the hate website File 770, while simultaneously acting like I’d started it by my responding to her. She never apologized, always doubled down. But why did she attack my writing in the first place? What was the point? How did her calling my blog “egregious stupidity” further science fiction, help other writers, or even do anything for her career?

There was no point to it.

Excepting I’m a “wrong identity”. In the world of identity politics, where it’s become so toxic that they even attack their own (see Worldcon last week and the twitter storm that followed), all over identity and over nothing else. They have to fight for the sake of fighting because they see my identity or others’ identities existence as an affront to them or their power structures.

It rarely does anything for them. The odd part is when a moderate regular reader tunes in and sees this sort of behavior from the establishment in publishing, I’ve noticed this trend every time, which is why I don’t respond how they want and why I frustrate them so much. Just blasting out what they say and showing the public how “professionals” act does a couple of things: 1. it erodes their structure more 2. it rallies people to the cause and me.

This same “fighting for the sake of fighting” has been used all the way down the line. Worldcon fought me, SFWA fought me, last week Tor Books’ employees fought me. They don’t understand, even now, at all that they’re giving a large portion of the reader base and a large portion of the author base reasons to turn against them and seek alternatives which is fueling this indie market. It’s like they don’t even comprehend the cycle perpetuates itself.

Imagine a world where Worldcon simply said “we understand you have safety concerns, we’ve made our security aware there may be potential threats to you, and we will do everything in our power to protect you just like we do other attendees.”

What would have happened if they worked with me? There would have been no incident. They wouldn’t have pushed their convention to be a political activism cause, and they wouldn’t have turned off so many pros and fans or fostered the environment we saw last week.

What if SFWA had simply said “you’re a professional, you have the sales, we have the evidence you qualify and we respect that. Please just don’t bring politics into the club as it’s an authors’ club?”

I’d be working for them now, doing marketing for them and helping the struggling authors there maximize their presences and it’d be a different ballgame.

But they seem incapable of doing that. Vox Day’s laws of SJWs appear to be accurate at every turn and the second is SJWs always double down. They have to fight for the sake of fighting because they have nothing in their lives except for the fighting.

It means we can expect this kind of thing to continue and the harassment’s going to get worse. The best way to diffuse this and the only way is to make our crowd bigger than their mob, because mobs get very scared very fast when they’re confronted with superior numbers. Their entire energy and structure is based on being able to swarm and isolate.

The good news is — they’re really having trouble doing this these days. By their fighting for the sake of fighting, they’ve mobilized a lot of us. We’re not alone anymore. We don’t have to be afraid to speak out.

How do I know we’re on the rise? Look at my crowdfund for Flying Sparks that’s raised nearly $11,000 in one week. That’s crazy for a first time comic writer, but like always, I put together a quality product that pushes for fun and has zero identity politics. Everyone can enjoy this book left or right. Check out Flying Sparks on indiegogo now.

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#NCBD Crowdfunding Livestream — Writer’s Chat With Chuck Dixon (Wednesday 7 PM EST)

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Pleased to announce I’ll be livestreaming with Chuck Dixon on Wednesday, August 1st at 7 PM EST to talk about our crowdfunding projects, the state of the comic industry, the changes to the future, and I’ll probably gush at Chuck over his 90s Robin run, cuz Stephanie Brown is bae.

Watch the stream here and please share!



Support Trump’s Space Force by Chuck Dixon:

Support Flying Sparks by Jon Del Arroz:

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Introducing Indiechron – The Guide To ComicsGate Crowdfunds

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Over the weekend, I launched a new page in conjunction with Edwin Boyette and popular YouTuber That Umbrella Guy. The page is meant to track the sales of Comicsgate-based projects in order to provide an aggregate amount of sales, plus help people find new projects to back. Our intention is to capture all of ComicsGate within the page and have some nice updates over time so we can see how our sub-industry is going that started with the mega-success, Jawbreakers: Lost Souls.

It’s called Indiechron and the name comes from Comicchron, the traditional comics sales tracker.


The page is in its infancy, as we are just coming up with the concept and trying to get this going. I’ll pin it to the top of my main page earlier so there will be an easy link in the navigation bar for people who want to check on it. We’ll update every few days at the least and are trying to add projects as people tell us about them.

If anyone out there is good at WordPress I can use some technical help because as of right now there’s a small issue with the width of it and I can’t seem to push the width wider. Other than that, we’re open to feedback on how to present the content. This is a work in progress.

If you want to support ComicsGate, make sure to pick up Flying Sparks on IndieGoGo! Flying Sparks features writing by me, a cover by Jon Malin, cover colors by Brett. R Smith, now unlocked an interior chapter cover by Will Caligan, and we’re fast approaching a stretch goal to have a beautiful print of Meta-Girl done by Timothy Lim. A lot of the community is involved. Check it out here.

Now over $10,000 in backing!!!

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Every Day I’m Hustlin’ – A Zillion Livestreams

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Part of the reason my stuff keeps selling is I’m constantly selling. It’s a pain in the butt, it’s not very fun, it makes my social media accounts not very fun too (I’m sorry friends!) but it’s a part of the game in order to get the next leg up. I’m focused on business first, and over the last several days, I’ve hit a zillion livestreams to promote Flying Sparks. Here’s some of them and I’m going to be continuing this blitz over the next week:


This one was really fun, focused on writing/art and craft:

Ian Miles Cheong:


Weaponized Nerd Rage:

Edwin Boyette:

Mike S. Miller:


I think I even did a couple of more but I’ve been run so ragged the last few days I don’t remember. If i missed your channel, sorry! This is probably more video content of me than you ever wanted but here you go. Every one of these helps connect with new readers, and that’s so important. Gotta put in work.

Thanks everyone who had me on, is going to have me on and especially those who watched and backed Flying Sparks! 



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You Can’t Stop The Signal

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They tried to shut me out when my first book came out, removing me as a speaker from my beloved BayCon and turning all of my friends against me. That book went on to be nominated for the Dragon Award.

They tried to mock me and tell me I was “applying for a job at Marvel Comics the wrong way” blasting a nobody author with fake news when I called Marvel out for blacklisting conservatives. That got me a job at The Federalist and expanded my reach like crazy.

They tried to shut me down when I whistleblew on the publishing industry, and how they discriminate against male authors. My next book went on to sell even better and won an award. 

They banned me from Worldcon because I speak out, because I write articles for Milo/The Federalist. That made my book last week become a #1 Amazon bestseller. 

They then mocked me, sent a whole mob from a big New York Publisher to try to diminish and lie about me and claim I didn’t actually accomplish anything. That made me a successful crowdfunder.

They are running scared. We are actually changing the culture with every project we push, every friend we make, every person who reads. They smell defeat, and they’re lashing out harder than ever before.That’s what this is all about.

Do not fear them. They can’t actually hurt you. Some of their lies will sting, some of the friendships you lose will be a bummer, but the people who abandon you are not your friends anyway, the lies will glide off you because you have the truth on your side.

God is with us. We are fighting against evil. The evil took the form of corporations controlling the entertainment industry. They did so unopposed for decades, but we are able to get our own platforms out and get heard now. Speak loudly. Speak without fear. Speak the truth. Good will come. We are victorious already because He was victorious for us.

Thank you everyone for funding Flying Sparks in 3 days. This is incredible and it’s all your support. This is a big signal to the establishment publishing, that’s why they’re spending the last 3 days trashing me very publicly.

But now it’s in different products, different genres, different audiences. They can’t say “it’s not real” because the dollars are there and VERY public. Everyone wants good, fun artistic projects like science fiction and comics used to have. And we have a lot more coming. Help us get to the stretch goals so we can commision art from disabled veteran Will Calligan and community organizer Timothy Lim. Both have been target of attacks like me and I can’t wait to commission their work!

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Tor Tries To Shut Down Hispanic Author’s Promotion Efforts

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Tor Books is very scared of me. So scared they’re trying to shut my promotional platforms down by having their followers mass report me after they harass and gaslight me. It’s absolutely crazy that a company would do this, but this is where we are in 2018. Why? I’m a #1 Amazon Bestseller, a successful crowdfunder, an award winning author. All without their approval.

I mentioned the other day how Tor employee and the EIC’s wife Teresa Neilsen Hayden started harassing me on Twitter by making a passive aggressive snide remark on my character and telling her following I’m not really a #1 Amazon Bestseller (I am). I naturally sent her a screen shot back to prove the fact, but it didn’t matter. This was the first time she had interacted with me ever, and it was an attack from her position at Tor with the obvious attempt of trolling an independent author:

Teresa spent a whole day harassing me and fellow conservative author Robert Kroese. She’d tap in threads, make absurd claims specifically with the intention of getting us angry by broadcasting complete lies, and then block anyone other than the authors themselves who said anything about it to make it appear as if there was an echo chamber responding only on her side and that there as no dissent from what she was saying.  She spent a FULL DAY targeting me over and over and then blocked me once I posted too many facts about her falsehoods. She sent dozens of tweets in this harassment effort.

After it was determined she couldn’t get away with lying about my Bestseller status, she immediately proceeded to bash the bestseller tag as if it were no accomplishment. She spent another FULL DAY doing this over multiple tweets, engaging a hugo nominee in the process to help make the attack escalate and create a “pile on” effect.

Then she had the gall to act as if I were the aggressor for questioning why this is okay with Tor that someone very public from their company goes out and harasses independent authors and tries to knock them down as they’re getting to a successful point. That is not an ethical thing to do with your competition as a large corporation, after all:

But that didn’t stop there. Even though I’m blocked, not responding, have moved on for my life. All of yesterday was still a “I hate JDA even though I’ve never interacted with him” day on her feed with multiple character assassination attempts:

Ironically, she most recently has accused me of “predatory behavior” which is exactly what she’s doing from her position at Tor:

She even got other authors like Steven Brust, Wesley Chu, and James SA Corey to jump on a pile on of me and start making nasty tweets about me, mocking my bestseller status. But what did Twitter do? Well, her fans mass reported me in an effort to hold me down.

Twitter blamed the victim. Why? Because I’m conservative and they’re the liberal publishing establishment. Now I’m out of being able to use my promotional platform for a week because Tor Books harassed me. This is more than messed up, and I believe it was completely intentional on Teresa’s part.  I’m now shut down and unable to promote my books to my 5,000 fans for a whole week:

It makes sense. I was getting HUGE momentum. I still have my #1 Bestseller, they can’t take that away from me. But the very week after that, I’ve launched a crowdfund campaign in a completely different genre – superhero comics, and that’s proving to do well also. In just 3 days I’ve gotten 95% of my funding goal of $6,000.  This scares the hell out of the establishment because not only am I doing great on Amazon, but now I’m showing I can be a fundraising machine for creative projects.

Moreover, my books are all better than theirs. Even though Tor author Steven Brust wants to throw shade at me without reading my books in an effort to keep the gatekeeping going:

I can’t promote my project anymore. They took that away from me, and that is very wrong for a big company like Tor to do on every level. Please go out and share this post and share Flying Sparks with the community. They’re not going to hold me back or slow me down for a second. I’ll just find other avenues and you will NOT silence me, Teresa.


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Tor Books Attacks Your Humble Hispanic Author!

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Nothing scares these people more than a minority going off the reservation and speaking out against the inherent bigotry the SJWs have. They work so hard to hide it by relentlessly talking about how they’re “protecting” us and “helping marginalized” authors. When the truth is, their bigotry runs so deep that they almost always are patronizing us as if we are unable to handle ourselves.

It’s a big reason I’ve come under immense fire out the gate, and why it continues to escalate, even though I’m minding my own business and just producing at an incredible rate, and wildly succeeding in selling those products. Maybe that’s what’s got them running so scared.

My first run-in with Tor was when one of their bigger authors, John Scalzi, decided to lambast me during the Dragon Awards last year. My first novel was nominated, Scazli wanted to play gatekeeper, and so he blasted a number of tweets and even a blog directed at me to try to let his audience know how “bad” I am. He’s continued to do so for the last year, even lambasting the quality of my books. Why are my space opera books a threat to him? Probably because people like them on average far better than The Collapsing Empire. The Stars Entwined holds a 4.5 star rating while his book holds a 4.1 on Amazon.

Next came editor Moshe Feder, who edits all of Brandon Sanderson’s books. Brandon has always been super kind to me, and I’ve been a super fan as a result. I had a signed and numbered hardcover of every one of his books. I’m one of those guys who literally funds Moshe’s career. Oddly, Moshe lambasted me on Facebook (I had never talked to him or talked about him before in my life) saying about me: “Obviously isn’t smart enough to be a good writer.”  Why on earth would an editor at a big firm like Tor lambast an author like that who’s just coming onto the scene? It makes no sense. If Tor gave two craps about their readers (as I was one) they would have at least issued an apology.

It’s continued. Since I hit #1 Amazon Bestseller last week with my novella Knight Training, the establishment at Tor has lost their collective minds. One of their low selling authors, Nick Mamatas has been lambasting me constantly, assuring his followers I’m not “really a bestseller.”

Of course, I have the screen shot with the handy orange tag Amazon gave my book last week to just paste to the thread. But they don’t stop there. Mamatas then decided to tell his followers Steampunk was a genre with only 15 books in it in order to diminish my accomplishment. My fellow bestsellers in the genre, Cherie Priest, Cassandra Clare, Gale Carriger, and Philip Reeve were not available for comment on this.

But the publisher of Tor took notice after that. This week I launched Flying Sparks, my beautiful superhero comic of a hero and villain in love, and the mantra of Jon Del Arroz “isn’t really a bestseller” continued. The publisher’s wife and employee of the company Teresa Neilsen Hayden launched an attack on me because I spoke positively of fellow author Vox Day, who has recently taken a generous amount of time actually criticizing some of my work in a constructive way and guiding me to help me become a better author, something no one from Tor has ever come close to doing in their childish namecalling and gaslighting attacks. She said this:  “he’s not a bestselling author by any definition of the term that’s used by readers and booksellers.”

I showed her the screen shot but she keeps at it. She’s still slinging mud this morning just spewing hate at a minority author from her position of privilege. The question I have is why is my success such a threat to them? How does my accomplishing something diminish them? If I’m such a nobody like they keep saying, why are they spending so much time on me? What kind of company allows their employees to attack other people in the industry like this?

If you want to scare the heck out of establishment publishers like Tor, or Marvel, make sure to back my Flying Sparks. It both has me from science fiction publishing and artist Jon Malin — a blacklisted former marvel artist who they’re claiming doesn’t matter in the comic industry. Maybe it’s the Jons that scare them? Check it out here. 

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The Train Wreck Of Identity Politics: Worldcon Edition

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Worldcon has been a cesspool of identity politics for a long time now. The current team handling the 2018 convention has at every turn expressed that playing the identity politics game is more important to them than science fiction (which is what the World Science Fiction Convention is supposed to be about), more important than acting like adults, and more important to them than their own convention, it turns out.

Their signaling started late last year when I emailed chairman Kevin Roche that conservative authors were coming under attack due to events at other conventions where a conservative youtuber was threatened by industry professionals who conspired against him in a private facebook group. This, combined with my own recent experiences driven by SFWA President Cat Rambo’s hate campaign waged on me, which brought about several people in the science fiction industry stalking me, doxxing my children, and culminating in a creepy anonymous package sent to my house, made it so that a convention like worldcon wouldn’t be a place where conservative authors could be safe. We were (and still are) at real risk of physical harm.

Roche didn’t respond to me. Why? Because I had the wrong identity. He appeared not to care about conservatives. To people like him, my serious email is a laughing matter. In the SJW mind, they’re convinced that allowing horrific things to happen to people like me or others is an act of “punching Nazis” and therefore is justified. It’s all based on identity and nothing else.

Roche doubled down in January when the hate mob came after me again by putting an unprecedented ban on me. No other person has been pre-banned from the convention other than convicted pedophile Walter Breen, and I’ll add that Breen only was banned for ONE DAY. They treated me like I’m a criminal, even though I’m an upstanding citizen, father, and Christian. Why? Identity. I’m an outspoken conservative and therefore according to their website they’re removing “racist bullying” from their convention. I didn’t bully anyone, but they certainly bullied me.

Standards don’t matter in identity politics. Truth doesn’t matter to them either. Only identity. Everything is justifiable if it’s done to the right identity. Everything must be protected if the person has the right identity. It creates the most toxic of environments in these circles where everyone is constantly trying to signal their identities, their stories identities, etc. in an effort to get ahead. Just look at the Hugo Nominees for this year. It’s a joke and it was done intentionally to “promote marginalized peoples.”

But when you go down this path, the identarians are never satisfied. It was ironic that Worldcon itself came under attack by a person who claims to be agendered, Bogi Takacs. Worldcon’s crime? They accidentally referred to eim as a him. And no, that’s not a misspelling on my part.

The worldcon community lost its collective minds. People were quick out the gate to condemn worldcon, disassociate. Why? Identity. As someone who’s even more extreme of a niche, Bogi trumps Worldcon. And the cycle begins anew. It was hilarious on twitter the last couple of days watching authors fight, tear each other apart, all over trying to signal their virtue even more.

People defending Worldcon say it’s Bogi’s fault for “not addressing the problem privately and just going public”. How ironic is that? Kevin Roche never responded to me, never told me what I was even accused of doing wrong even to this day. They just went public saying I “intended on violating the code of conduct”, never specifying what that was in some nebulous identarian argument that I must just be horrible. And because of identity, the outrage community agreed. All that mattered was identity, even in holding that standard. It’s because with identity politics, there are no standards.

Wolrdcon found themselves in such a trainwreck over this and other identarian mistakes this week. Their “marginalized voice” hugo award nominees didn’t get enough panels. They preferred popular name authors in panel selection. This is bad. Why? Identity. How dare they put white male John Scalzi on a panel when a marginalized voice needs to be heard – even if John Scalzi is a draw to the convention. Businsess decision are not even something they can make because of identity politics.

It’s gone so far, but have they learned their lesson? Will they apologize to me because of the absurd childish way they treated me over being the “wrong” identity (I thought identity wasn’t something you could choose?)? I doubt it. SJWs never learn their lessons. They always double down. And at the end of the day, they always destroy the organizations they usurp.

It’s really sad, but Worldcon’s gone down this path for a long time. This is the end result. They’ve killed traditional fandom. All I can do is forge a new one, because I’ll never be accepted with this identity.

I have a crowdfund going that deals with identity – not in the political way – but with SECRET IDENTITIES. Meta-Girl is dating Johnny Benvinuti, but hasn’t told him about her superheroics. He also hasn’t told her he’s a criminal. The drama deepens as their worlds collide because of a strange alien artifact Johnny found while trying to fence a stolen painting. Read it all in Flying Sparks, on IndieGoGo now.

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Make Comics Great Again: Flying Sparks Comic Live On IndieGoGo!!!

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Flying Sparks: A Hero And Villain In Love – On IndieGoGo Now! 

The Origin

Working in comics has always been my dream. Well before I finished my first novel, I’d been writing comic scripts. I worked on a viariety of web comics with different artists of varying amateur skill who would pair with me… most only lasting about 4-5 pages before they burnt out and wanted new and fresh projects (artists are really flakey!). I’d written a few shorts that appeared in a couple of anthologies as well, just to try to test my abilities as a writer and make sure I could make a script flow. But I wanted to have the big show, a real comic book that was serialized like the old books I used to read.

It wasn’t long before I began craving a superhero universe of my own. Flying Sparks actually started as a “hey what if I told the perspective of a villain who’s really just like a fence trying to make his way and survive, and he really doesn’t want anyone to find out about his powers or business…” and eventually i hit upon the character of Meta-Girl.

Meta-Girl To The Rescue! 

Meta-Girl is really a combination of a few archetypes in comics to form the ideal character I want to write. Ever since I came across Chuck Dixon’s Robin in the 90s, I had a fascination with Stephanie Brown — a plucky girl with a lot of will who refuses to take no for an answer and the tenacity to keep at it through all adversity. I also really liked the relationship dynamics between her and Tim Drake, as it reminded me a lot of the old Spider-Man books where they’d focus a lot on personal plots with Mary Jane in his younger days. I took a little bit of Stephanie, but i didn’t like the dark aspects of her background or of the Bat-Family in general… so I threw a little Supergirl into the character.

I then thought it would be fun to make her have gadgets and not actually powers. It meant she’d be starting from scratch, not naturally stronger than everyone, not able to fight, she just has to use her smarts, her willpower, and the advantages her gadgets gave her. Maybe this came from my Steampunk fascination, where gadgets really rule the day (and you can read about in my primary novel series), but I shook all those aspects together and came up with Meta-Girl. You’ll see she has a real Superman-like character in the background, Meta-Man, and a strange relationship that’s guardian-like as he looks over her. I keep this a secret as to how they’re all related and what the backstory is, but I reveal it in a later book. The world I built goes back all the way to the 1950s and the Korean War, and there’s a lot of depth that doesn’t make the page that I hope to be able to revisit in future stories.

I even made 2 scripts for Meta-Man audio dramas to fill out the oldschool period piece aspect of his vibe.

But this stuff is all in a folder, waiting to be developed. And that’ll come later, God and readers willing.

Up, Up, And Away! 

Today, we have the first 3 issues of Flying Sparks on IndieGogo, and the main story is about Meta-Girl and the original villain, Johnny Benvinuti, as their paths cross, intersect. It’s a hero and villain in love, but neither of them know about each others’ secret lives. These first three chapters really set the world, the stage for a groundwork of an ongoing series where it’s about 1/2 relationship drama and 1/2 superhero story. My focus is on characterization as always, and I think you’ll really fall in love with these characters.

My artists are a big portion of what makes this awesome, an they did a great job. I have Jethro Morales, a long time collaborator, doing art. He comes from Dynamite’s Green Hornet and Dejah Thoris, and my colorist Sanju Nivangune comes from Zenescope entertainment. Both long time industry veterans and it shows in the quality of the art. It’s worth buying just for them alone.

This is my first foray into comics crowdfunding, and I’m nervous. This is my dream, this is what I want to be doing even more than my novels, and this is what I hope the future will hold for me. It all begins with Flying Sparks, and if the readers like it, there’s a lot more where this is coming from.

My goal is a modest $6,000. I’ll be honest, the goal even doesn’t cover the art costs of the issue, but just the printing, production, and the brand new cover by my great new friends Jon Malin and Brett R. Smith. My hopes though is to do quite a bit more than this in order to really build this Flying Sparks universe out into something special in these years to come. I’m okay with funding at this point because I want this story to get out to the world and to push comics forward and change the industry.

We can make this happen as a community, and I thank every one of you for being there with me on the journey so far. This community has been so amazing, and so supportive, I’m glad I have the best fans and friends in the world here to take this next step with me.

So let’s see how it goes. If you’re on my mailing list, you received an 8-Page preview on Friday. I hope you liked it, and i hope you’ll check out Flying Sparks on IndieGoGo.  

Please share with your friends!!

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