Yesterday Is The Ultimate Gamma Male Fantasy

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I don’t go to see movies very often because of the time it takes and expense just never seems worth it to me, but my kid is a huge Beatles fan so I went to the movie Yesterday.

There is some mild swearing and talk of sex and a “fade to black” moment where it’s implied in the film, but honestly not all that bad compared to what most movies do these days. So on that level, it’s a fairly harmless film, though I can’t recommend for children under 12 completely just because of those facts.

The premise is simple: everyone forgets the Beatles. Only one person remembers them, and so he saves his songwriting career by resurrecting their songs.

It’s a cute premise and I’m sure something a lot of people fantasize about (what if I was the beatles??!) but the problem with me was as it developed I saw how much of a gamma male fantasy this story was.

The gamma male is typically spotted by:

  • Intelligent
  • Sexual reject
  • Unsuccessful
  • Thinks of himself as a “secret king” – i.e. IF ONLY THEY WOULD DISCOVER ME
  • And are dishonest to themselves and others for appearances sake

The whole movie was not just gamma male, but gamma fretting, as this character as he gets bigger worries more and more about the internal lie eating him up, that he’s a fraud, until the pressure becomes too much. I see this a lot with gamma males who do make it big in the arts, as they often get too much fame/money and are unable to perform on their contracts because they know they’re not the real deal.

It was interesting to see the admission of that perspective, of which I presume the writer has gamma tendencies, but unfortunately the lesson wasn’t in the honesty or dishonesty part – it was more a relationship romance movie with the plot of musical fame gained without merit as a vehicle more than an important part of the plot itself.

The relationship is where it really is just a gamma fantasy that would never come true. The female, Ellie, is utterly in love with the character, sees his TRUE talent from what it is, which is even secreter than his secret king fantasy of knowing the Beatles songs when no one else does. He’s a great musician and no one else knows it except her. And she is head over heels for him the whole time despite his – not being very attractive, being awful to her, never gratifying her, never being attentive of her.

She makes all the moves on him the entire movie, and he just freezes absorbed in himself, and she stick with him through the whole thing. It’s absurd and it’s definitely not how attractive women react to gamma male behavior—they are quite repulsed by it.

The film really has an unsatisfying ending to it, and probably should have been 20 minutes shorter as the premise wore thin pretty quickly, and the characters were not interesting enough to hold, and nor was the actor. Of course… it ends with him discovering no one’s read Harry Potter. Something else to make my eyes roll.

If you’ve read Harry Potter, you should READ ANOTHER BOOK. Start with For Steam And Country. Last day it’s free is today:

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I’m Blown Away By @VallisAlps

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We interrupt my normal blog to talk about… what i want to talk about cuz this is my damn blog!

I find often that readers tune out when I switch topics to baseball or music, but whatever, this is what I’m into at the moment.

I discovered a band called Vallis Alps. I know nothing about them, and I don’t even remember how I found them (it was a few months ago when I downloaded their stuff), but I’ve been listening to them more and more because their tone, mood, and compositions really reflect what I like to hear out of music — a much deeper, introspective sort of work.

It begin with the woman’s voice, which doesn’t have the normal pop timbre where it’s someone trying too hard to be a jazz singer that kind of mumbles their words. She sounds like a classical musical singer like a Julie Andrews or something, and because of the way she sings, it adds a more intelligent air to what the band’s doing.

The tone choices follow in not pushing general pop patterns. There’s hints of EDM in there, but I actually liken a lot of their feel to the moodier Depeche Mode, or the Smashing Pumpkins’ experimental Adore album, maybe even to some of Aphex Twin’s ambient works through their compositions. I also appreciate the turns in beat changes, because as you expect the songs to continue one way, they often veer another.

And atop it all, lyrically these folk are a cut above a lot of what I’ve listened to lately. The line from the video I’m linking “empty-handed cuz I live in daydreams” definitely hits me right to my core as a writer, as it definitely feels like that as I retreat into my writer shell every day.

It’s amazing stuff, and I really hope to hear them continue. I may try my hand at making music again because I’m so inspired.

Listen to them here:

And you can get my book For Steam And Country Free for ONE MORE DAY! Don’t miss out. Get in on the series and catch up cuz Book 4 is coming in October. 

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Yesterday was nuts!!

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More than 15,000 people downloaded my book yesterday.

The message is clear: people want my work, they want good fiction, they have no tolerance for the abject bigotry of the Science Fiction Writers of America’s treatment of Hispanic authors like me.

Right now, For Steam and Country is sitting at the #3 book on all of Amazon, while 3 follow up books are in the Top 10 in Steampunk . It’s like I had a giant new release… without a new release!

But lots of new books will be coming soon. With this kind of momentum and the huge support of the reader community, I will be laying on the gas pedal very soon, and I look forward to all of you being along for the ride.

For now, the best thing you can do is tell your friends about the Von Monocle series, how it has the airship adventure that’s promised by Steampunk and yet so few had delivered until I hit the scene. How with each book it gets exponentially better, and how you’re going to be absolutely shocked with where I go with book 4 as I dial up the weird world to 11 (I had to ground you all first!).

Everyone can start here and read for FREE: 


And the next big support should be The Blood of Giants. You will want to read this before book 4 comes out. It’s important! This book is also available on audio: 

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SFWA, Mass Shootings, And The Ugly Ideology Of White Supremacy

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As a Hispanic man, reading the El Paso shooter’s manifesto about Hispanics being a problem that need to be remedied, and how we’re the ones taking the jobs of whites chilled me to my core.

I’ve faced this same attitude in real-time, with the old-guard establishment whites in science fiction publishing doing everything the can to hold me down since my first book became popular in 2017.

The personal attacks have been vicious—every single time I have a success in independent publishing, it seems like they amp up their assault-style rhetoric in order to try to sicc an angry mob of white supremacists against me in order to try to harm my career. These are often fellow authors who have big credentials in the field, Hugo award winners, and others. It got so bad at one point, the gossip website File 770, whose purveyor has stirred up a lot of this assault rhetoric against me, chastised his own readers—many professional science fiction authors—for mocking my Hispanic name.

It was from here, where my problems with The Science Fiction Writers of America, a once esteemed professional guild who now plays toxic identity politics against Hispanic authors like myself, began.

Over the weekend, I was pronounced banned from SFWA, an act which is both a heavy blow to me as a professional writer trying to make a name for myself, and an atrocious act as standards are applied to me, a Hispanic author, which are not applied to many of their white members.

Most of the people who seethe at me and harass me within SFWA are angry, old white women—such as Cat Rambo, Mary Robinette Kowal, and John Scalzi—who are upset with the fact that their chokehold on culture is slowly eroding into a more diverse market, where new ideas are pushing out the samethink that the organization has pushed for decades. As a #1 Bestselling and Award-Winning Minority Author, I’m seen as the face of this change in the industry, which creates a hostile environment in which I am constantly in danger.

From File 770’s rabble-rousing came SFWA’s former president, Cat Rambo, who attacked me in their comments, calling this blog “egregious stupidity” in an attempt to demean my intelligence, highlighting stupidity from the perspective of a privileged white woman attacking a Hispanic man—of course drawing comparisons of intelligence like many white supremacists do when they target the IQ of different races.

She didn’t leave it at that, but pushed further, calling a market report in which I diligently researched and spent dozens of hours culling through data, “alt-numbers” in an attempt to sweep away my findings on demographic statistics in publishing. She, in a violation of SFWA’s rules, used SFWA’s business account to retweet her post trying to harm my career. Others have been removed from the club over this kind of abuse of power, but, much like the rights of my brethren on the streets who get asked for ID when they’ve committed no crimes to “prove” their legality, those rules don’t apply when the target is Hispanic.

She ran a whisper campaign against me as well, telling several author friends to unfriend me on Facebook—this is the president of what’s supposed to be a professional organization doing this to an up and coming professional author—if it sounds like the nastiest of racial bullying in Junior High, it’s because that’s exactly what this was.

Her relentless attacks led to a stalker sending pornographic materials to my house in an anonymous, explosive package. The heat was so much I was scared to make public appearances for a long time, in fear that much like this active shooter in El Paso, someone would target me because of my identity. This was one of the stated reasons for SFWA to not allow me into their professional organizations. I was the victim of a crime, and I’m attacked for it because of my identity.

I voiced such concerns to WorldCon for their 2018 convention in San Jose. There has already been a lot of racial strife in this area with the Trump Rally and violence ensuing there the year prior, and with so much racial tension amping up, I wanted to ensure the safety of me and other authors. They did not reply. I racked my brain for what I could do, as WorldCon is such an important convention for a professional sci-fi author like myself to be able to network and conduct business. Since I couldn’t get a reply, I posited I’d have a camera on me in case someone attempted to assault me at the convention. SFWA listed this as one of the reasons they wanted me banned from their professional organizations, as I would have a camera on me, though many of their white members take photos and videos at these conventions. My having the ability for my own safety is crucial for public appearances given the current climate of mass shootings and anti-Hispanic hysteria, especially in such a white-dominated environment where my success is seen as taking from the older Caucasian crowd who can’t compete with the current marketplace.

Like usual with white supremacists, the SFWA Membership Committee under the guidance of Mary Robinette Kowal, blamed the victim.

It became worse with WorldCon, as I received a Facebook death threat from a white man who told me he had my address, and if I came to San Jose he would show up at my house. The threat of violence was implicit, and I filed a police report about the matter.  Worldcon’s head of security – another white woman who is friends with many SFWA members– refused to protect me or assist me even after this event. The mostly-white convention board banned me from the convention insultingly libeling me “racist bully” in their justifications—not seeing the irony of their statement in their attack of one of sci-fi’s most popular Hispanic authors.

After these crazy events, SFWA failed to respond, creating a history of ignoring my safety concerns, which I’ve documented in several emails. Because this year’s Nebula Conference was in my home state, I wanted to attend and cheer on several fantastic authors from the 20BooksTo50K group who received award nominations, and to do business and network much like WorldCon. I reached out to the organizers on multiple occasions to ask what kind of safety measures they would take for a Hispanic author like myself—and despite multiple emails, I never received a response. I could not attend the event because I can’t jeopardize my safety with two young children I must raise at home.

It’s especially crucial that conventions protect victims of harassment like myself, and take threats seriously. As we saw over the weekend, these angry, white, financially disabled types, who make angry posts about Hispanics on the internet, are the type of terrorists who often snap and can open fire. From reports I received, there was no metal detection or check for guns at the SFWA event, which meant if I would have attended, I could have been at severe risk of an incident occurring much like El Paso.  Why would such an organization ignore possible threats against a minority author? SFWA had at least 3 panels on mental illness in writing—trying to help their members who they openly admit are mentally ill –but with such folk around precautions need to be taken, especially in these troubled times where so many white, mentally ill people are on edge about race.

It’s shocking and horrifying the way I’ve been abused and dehumanized as the leading Hispanic voice in Science Fiction. It’s a cross I have to bear not because of any choice of mine, but because of my distinguished heritage, in which my grandparents, hardworking immigrants, came to this country for a better life and to provide for future generations. I work hard in science fiction every day, struggling to try to overcome the prejudices of the industry foisted upon me by its leaders like Mary Robinette Kowal, who once treated me as a friend, but now that she’s become president of this sick organization, has quickly turned her back on diversity and inclusivity.

But I won’t let it hold me down. In response to this atrocious treatment, and being kept from what’s due me, I’ve made my #1 Bestselling, Award-Wining book For Steam And Country, the first in my wildly popular steampunk series, FREE in protest. Though the slings and arrows of racism sting, I can take solace in knowing that the general population of science fiction readers support diversity and inclusivity, oppose the nasty race-baiting that occurs in the upper echelons of establishment publishing, and suppport fresh new ideas and #OwnVoices in Science Fiction.

Since making this announcement that my first book in the series is free, it’s already become #1 in Science Fiction overall on Amazon, a feat in which I’m truly honored. But if an organization like SFWA won’t let the #1 Science Fiction author in their science fiction professional organization, what is the point? Send them a message that you support diversity by making sure you pick up and read the book.  

You can voice your protest for their treatment of Hispanic authors to: – who is their membership committee. Your voice matters. Our voices matters, despite their attempts to erase progress.

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Real Competition Means Production

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I got a comment this morning saying I’m consistently producing at levels of the real comic industry.

That’s always been the goal of everything I’ve been doing, as well as my movement that’s surrounding this.

The mainstream comic book and book publishing industries have failed us at every turn for the last 20 years. They are pushing SJW identity politics into every single piece of fiction, and trying to force fiction into an endless cycle of boring current events zingers which aren’t relevant in 3 months let alone 5 years, and yet they’ll call it ‘literature’ to make it sound fancy.

They want everyone to be stuck in a rut, angry, outraged all the time, and most importantly MANIPULATED so the populace is malleable to all of their creepy social experiments.

They don’t care about your fun. They don’t care about you.

The only way to get you to stop caring about them, is to have content that’s available to discuss, and have it often — to keep the discussion going. The comic medium especially REVOLVES around this. This issue of Spider-Man comes out. You talk about it. Next month something happens. You talk about it. The next month, the same, you talk about it.

That consistency is how the serial story resonates with people. It’s why you have episodic TV shows that further stories, and why those are so popular, especially when you can binge a lot at once.

And so that’s what I’ve done. My production output is equivalent to getting 1 monthly floppy 22 page comic book out. I try to put them out quarterly or so, which gives you the ability to binge watch or read a book that has a serial continuation just like you would from the big-2, but without their nonsense and with a good story where the characters really develop, where real change happens and it doesn’t get reset.

I appreciate that it’s being noticed by some, but what’s needed now is for you to tell your friends. Flying Sparks 3 is around the corner, and we need to push this to new heights to keep it rolling. The productivity is noticed in a lot of circles (it’s why a lot of e-celebs hate me, since I shine a bright spotlight on my delivering what they promised), even in the mainstream industry as you wouldn’t believe the folk who are starting to talk to me.

We keep this up, and we’re gonna see real change. Avalanches all start with a small movement of a couple of rocks. It’s coming.

For now support my Patreon, where a lot of my monthly work is produced and it gives me a steady base to help keep this coming. It helps the blog, my production costs for everything, plus I again deliver more content than almost anyone who runs a Patreon:

And Flying Sparks Volume 2 is still available if you haven’t got your copy. I ship them immediately. Get your books now: 


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Spy Training #Steampunk Now On Audio!

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The conclusion to the first trilogy of Steam Knight novellas is now out on audio! 

That makes the 5th book in my bestselling, award-winning steampunk world to be available for audio.

it is 100% best after reading For Steam And Country > Knight Training> The Blood of Giants > >Guard Training > The Fight For Rislandia, though if you’re just following James, it’s the third in his series and they do progress.

Get in now. I’m ready to go for the release of The Iron Wedding, Von Monocle Book 4 in October, and we will likely be following that up with another James novella right before Christmas.

Spy Training is a ton of fun. Huge world-building with lots of implications for future books, and fun steampunk gadgets for the knights to play with. Enjoy it here!

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Meme Of The Day: Maybe This Time…

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I had a computer hiccup where I Lost my blog this morning, which is why there isn’t one. And of course it happens when I have a particularly long one. You’d think I’d realize that writing on WordPress doesn’t work and just to do it on word and hit save regularly like a smart person.

But maybe this time… it will work. Like some political systems that were tried and end up in a lot of people’s deaths.

Monarchy is really the best call, especially benevolent ones that allow subjects to allow some freedoms and property rights. Like Rislandia. Read about it in For Steam And Country. 

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