Supporting Faith Goldy – I Disassociate With Censoring Site Patreon

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I just finished up my periscope announcing this, but I am horrified at the shocking treatment of Faith Goldy by the crowdfunding website, Patreon. Patreon has banned other journalists in the past, but this time it’s a flagrant political move to silence independent journalists and content creators who won’t go along with the establishment media.

Faith has been doing great work, reporting as a conservative and Christian.  Patreon claimed she violated their community standards by posting this video:

The video is Faith showing up at a demonstration, showing the behavior of the terrorist group, ANTIFA. They swore at her, spit on her, tried to grab her equipment, it was very disgusting. Faith did not engage in violence herself, she simply reported on the situation.

The fact that Patreon would ban someone because she was reporting the news, and would punish someone for getting spat on, is disgusting and disturbing. It’s clearly politically motivated, and therefore I can no longer justify the 10% of my income stream going to this company. Like the NFL, like Marvel Comics, we cannot support people who hate us.

It will be a financial hit for the short term. When moving platforms like this, usually only 80% of people make their way over, and freestrtr takes a bit more of a percentage than Patreon, but its time to make a change, and time to disassociate with companies that would gladly deplatform people like me.

I’m restarting my campaign on freestartr. We have a very modest goal to get some new content going (in addition to the short stories and draft chapters I provide every month)  which will happen when we reach the $360 a month level. My goal is to get there this year, which I think is totally obtainable. $1/mo really helps out when a lot of people join in, and $3/mo is just a Starbucks coffee for a short story by me. It’s a good deal! Also, it’s supporting freestrtr as a startup, which helps them add functionality and grow to be a competitor to the censoring Patreon.

This should be good all around. Please join up on my Freestrtr campaign and let’s get this culture change rolling!

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Announcement: Rally For Freedom And Anti-Discrimination Demonstration At Worldcon 76 San Jose

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Civil rights activist Erin Sith, trans for Trump, and I talked about this briefly on our livestream last Thursday. As we are both minorities on the right, we’ve both had a lot of shared similar experiences where those of privilege on the left have treated us inhumanly because we left the proverbial slave plantation they set up for us. 2018 is the year we will let our message be heard, in unity, in love, and for tolerance and diversity.

We are planning a gathering outside Worldcon 76 in San Jose, on Saturday, August 18th, 2018. I’ve talked with the city of San Jose and the convention center and we are cleared to go on their end. We cannot allow these institutions to willfully discriminate and spew hatred just because someone is an outspoken political personality. With Worldcon’s actions emboldening ConCarolinas and Origins to similarly attempt to harm and discredit other popular conservative authors because of politics, enough is enough.

We will make our voices heard.

The lawsuit is still in process, but with Worldcon continually showing an unwillingness to talk or treat conservatives as if they are humans, it appears as if their strategy is going to be to “just delay until after the convention.” This doesn’t invalidate the civil rights suit as those involved are personally liable. But because of that, it makes it crucial to have a demonstration on site, so they see patriots who love America and science fiction, hear our message clearly that we will not be silenced or deplatformed over their hatred.

If you’re interested in joining the demonstration — either attending, being a speaker, helping us organize, covering costs, let us know. Contact me at jdaguestposts (at) gmail (dot) com. We will make culture a safe place for conservatives again.

If you like my civil rights work or anything i do, support my Patreon. All this work is necessary and it’s on top of all the great content I produce for subscribers. Check it out.

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Livestream Tomorrow: I Interview A Furry!

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Alt-Furry faces the same discrimination as conservatives in every facet of culture. I talk to one of their leading voices, Len Gilbert, who is also the author of the great alternate history book, Out of the Ruins. Len’s kindly allowed me to ask him ANYTHING, so you’ll be sure to have a good time…. who knows what can happen? You won’t want to miss this.

The stream will be at 11:00 AM PST on Wednesday, May 23rd.

My content isn’t monetized except via patreon. If you like me producing content on the blog, youtube, periscope, or like my stories, or all of the above, consider throwing in a $1 a month on Patreon. It helps get things going. There’s a lot more offered on my patreon as well. Great short stories, novel snippets, exclusives and more! Check it out.  

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For Steam And Country Discussion At Lorehaven Books

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Lorehaven is a Christian book club highlighting sci-fi and fantasy books by Christian authors. I wrote an article for their speculative faith a couple of weeks ago, and a brief summary of what steampunk is that led on their site this morning, including a little bit about what I wanted out of the genre that’s missing.

It’s meant to kick off a discussion of my award winning novel, For Steam And Country, which they’re going to be running on their facebook group. Join up with the group as I’ll be discussing the book a little bit in depth over there, talking about different scenes and what I enjoyed about writing the book. If anyone’s got any questions it would be great to help spur discussion.

Book 2: The Blood of Giants is complete, cover’s done, just getting some proofreading done so we’ll have a sequel soon. It’s a great time to get on board and read For Steam And Country along with me and some other folk. Pick it up here if you haven’t already.

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Alt-Hero Is Sending A Message To The Comics Industry Again

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Last week saw the release of Alt-Hero #1 to backers. I read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it (though I did read the script much earlier). Now we’re seeing the digital release on amazon to the general public. Already this morning it’s the #1 new bestseller, #2 in the category overall, and at #2,200 of all books in the kindle store. An impressive start after already having broken barriers with its $235,000 crowdfunding campaign.

The book launching again to incredible success on Amazon is just another message to the establishment. Get with the times, or you’re going to be run over. The thing is, they’ve shown time and time again at Marvel and DC that they have no interest in changing, no interest in caring what their customers think, and no interest in anything except for pushing their extremist agendas, so even with success here, we won’t see these companies making a move. They’re backed by big Disney and Warner Bros. money. It doesn’t matter if they make a profit. They exist for film licenses alone.

But where this will have an impact is for companies that struggle to make ends meet like Image, IDW, Dynamite, and the other small companies. It will take more than just a book reaching this level of success, or even two now that we have Jawbreakers and Alt-Hero, but if we can keep up the momentum on our end we’ll end up changing the industry, because the companies that do struggle to survive WILL want to at the very least get advice from those who are making money. These are businesses after all.

They’ll have to get with the times and get with the cooler, non-corporate approved content in order to maintain their audiences who are expecting fresh stories with fresh takes. We are putting out fresh ideas and fresh books that are reminding people of what it was like back in the old days, when writers weren’t censored in the name of political correctness.

There’s a lot more to come. I’m 4,000 into my draft of the Alt-Hero novel after working hard this weekend, and I have comics on the way as well. For now, the momentum is on our side, let’s keep the pressure on and keep it going.

If you want to help me create comics and keep the pressure on, support my Patreon. It’s about the only way this blog is monetized if you’d like to just help out, but I also put up short stories, novel snippets, and other cool content. Support is about halfway to where I’d be able to create a weekly web comic of a page a week to get things going–which is definitely where I want to be. As soon as we get there, the sooner we can move the needle.

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Announcing The Happy Frogs Books Of The Month!

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Over at the Happy Frogs, we keep doing more to make sure that we’re positively influencing the culture. Our dragon award nominating recommendation list went up a couple of weeks ago — it would be great if you’d take a few moments to peruse and vote for these works so they get the recognition they deserve.

But we also want to do something a little more close to home, which is why we are officially launching Ribbiting Reads: Happy Frogs Books Of The Month later today. We’re splitting it up into something old and something new — as we shouldn’t just focus on new releases, but we want to provide a breadth of cultural reading for our club members and followers. This is going to have a huge impact over the time. Think Oprah Book Club for normal SF/F readers.

The books for this month will be announced on my Periscope later today.

We’ll of course continue to put up our slates for major awards and there will be a 2nd annual Ribbit Awards next year (the 2nd most prestigious award in science fiction). The Happy Frogs are just getting started and gaining momentum.

If you’re going to Libertycon, you’ll for sure want to pick up a Happy Frogs t-shirt and a Make Science Fiction Fun Again hat (if you area one of the many people who already have one, make sure you pack them!). It’s going to be epic. No one’s done what we’re going to do at a sci-fi convention before!

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Those Who Attack Right-Leaning Art Are Destructive To Our Movement

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We are in a budding movement. It’s still small and still in its infant stages. We are up against a culture that is lockstep with a fully controlled news media who will print anything in order to promote their culture, and likewise will ignore and diminish ours at every turn. They have a fully controlled big-production industry from comics to publishing to movies, to where they can promote their big names and brands with millions of dollars of advertising revenue, they have Big Tech who will censor our content so it can’t be seen by others and promote who they want to be stars, and they also have a collectivist-thinking legion of fans who are all 100% in lockstep who will attack us on the social level and give “reason” for the three big corporate arms of their media empire to shun us.

It’s overwhelming.

On our end, there are several loose independent coalitions trying to get things done. Whether that’s ComicsGate, the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance, Castalia House and its circle of creators, or others, there are very few of us still in the scheme of things, and we’re all Indy’s, even those of us who are minor internet celebrities.

Whenever I have a story blow up big in the media, which is becoming more frequent, I get detracting comments. “Why would you associate with ______?” “Why are you promoting _____?” “Don’t you care about ______ that ______ allegedly said once?”

I almost always mock these comments or ignore them. I will not attack fellow creators on the right ever. We’re already under immense pressure from above. We’re being banned from conventions en masse. We’re being blacklisted from publishers by threats from industry professionals. There’s no way you can ever get me to talk smack about someone who’s struggling as an independent to create art and make it against these insurmountable odds.

Every time you do it, you are holding our movement down.

I know it sounds counter intuitive, as the media will lambast Person X and make them look really bad! If only we had respectable creators, well then they couldn’t lambast and that’s what we need, right?

It’s wrong. No one on our side is respectable to their media machine or legion of groupthinkers. No one is even HUMAN on our side according to them. So what if we have some ideological differences? So what if the artistic project isn’t my cup of tea? It’s not like it’s some giant corporate promoted propaganda, it’s an independent person doing it on their time, taking enormous risk.

I’m only here to lift up the movement. I don’t care about disagreeing with someone on minor matters, I don’t even care if I love the product they put out. There’s personal reasons their product is done the way they want — that’s what art is all about. Sometimes there’s financial reasons that it looks or feels a certain way as well.

So I urge you, if you don’t like a book or whatnot or someone on our side, don’t say anything.That’s the best you can do. You’re not obliged to promote everything, but don’t squash this movement in its infancy.

Attacking on that level is destructive to us. It is in fighting while the mainstream major media laughs and ridicules and further tears us down. I’m human. Of course I don’t like every person in our movement, but you’ll never see me trying to tear them down in public. It’s crucial we all follow this suit and create our platform to counter the degenerate mainstream culture. It’s time to win.

If you like my thoughts and if you’re down to check out my books, read my award winning novel For Steam And Country. Like anything, it’s my art, but a lot of other people think it’s some of the best of our movement so far. Check it out here.

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Livestream Facebook Live With Trans For Trump Erin Sith!

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We’ll be doing a livestream 8 PM PST Thursday May 17th, tomorrow night. Follow her on FB to get the notification and make sure you don’t miss it, will be blasting the link everywhere when we go live (facebook doesn’t do advance stream links).

Erin is a civil rights activist with a focus on the 2nd amendment, a very important culture warrior in our fight for equality and justice for people on the right who face discrimination and threats of violence from alt-left internet trolls. Tune in tomorrow. Erin is also extremely brave by being a member of the trans community speaking out on behalf of Trump. She is the Candace Owens of the trans community and more people need to see her message for equality’s sake.

I look forward to speaking with her tomorrow night about the wave of conservative bannings in the arts, as well as her activism work.

Erin has also very kindly offered to escort me to Bay Area Science Fiction conventions in the future for my safety’s sake. Thanks Erin!

Support my streaming, blog, comics, and writing. I produce a lot of good product every month and this is the way I monetize it. Subscribe to my patreon today and join us in changing culture for the better.

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SJW Insanity Goes Deep: Right Wing Furries Attacked and Deplatformed

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There’s no geek area that’s safe from being under constant attack if you’re a conservative. Even furries, a very niche subculture where people dress in animal-themed suits to create their “fursonas” aren’t safe. One would think given the anonymous nature of being a furry, and how collectively they are under constant attack and ridicule from everyone else that they would stick together, but being a conservative is too high a crime even in those circles.

Yesterday, Fur Affinity, a popular furry art site, banned several people based on a new “code of conduct” in which they applied purely based on political affiliation. Popular right wing furries were removed from the site, along with many others who are center-libertarian leaning.

What they had in common was their right-leaning tendencies on their public twitter profile. The site in other words went and searched for furries on the right and did a crackdown based on identity, not necessarily anything that was going on on the site. The standard they listed, QuQu noted on his blog, was not applied to openly ANTIFA furries, and so it was entirely a move to try to harm and shame conservatives.

This is harmful to furries because art is a large way they roleplay with their fursonas. The artistic aspect of furdom is a very large component of what they do, and if they can’t have access to popular artists because of a site’s discriminatory policies, it harms their ability to participate in the community as a whole. As such a small sub-section of people already, this ostracization is in a lot of ways worse for furries than it is for comic or book writers who are being attacked.

It’s going too far. At this point, it’s full on civil war on the left — with their intent to silence conservatives in culture as a means to influence the 2018 midterm elections. It needs to stop and civil rights need to be respected. We will be fighting for our furred brothers and sisters, and standing with them in the cause. Enough is enough!

If you like furred creatures, one of the most popular characters in my award winning steampunk novel, For Steam And Country, is Toby the Ferret. He’s actually really important to the plot. You’ll have to check it out to see why.



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New Federalist Article Detailing Abuse Conservative Creatives Receive

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Sorry I’m a little late this morning. Have a new article up in the Federalist about the Jawbreakers comic and the blacklisting involved and my notifications have been out of control.

Read the article here.

And if your’e from the Federalist, I’m primarily a science fiction writer who’s been harassed out of conventions because of the SJW mobs. I’m doing my best to fight back by speaking out and community organizing so we don’t have to face this kind of rampant discrimination in the future. Buy my books and support the cause! 

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