Vaccines Are Population Control

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One of the scariest government reaches ever has just occurred in our nation. You won’t find it in right wing or libertarian news outlets because they’re so panicked about being labeled “anti-vaxx” that they can’t even go out and tell the truth. It’s yet another example of why our media fails so much to counter The Narrative, but that’s another blog topic.

Rockland County has in effect declared Martial Law on its citizens because of the measles. The media is calling it an “unprecedented move” as it’s banning children from public places.

Something smells fishy here.

First, if vaccines worked so well and they made us all immune, why should we be panicked about someone having it?

The whole claim is that this ends the disease and we have to therefore inject tons of dead viruses into our body in order to have a healthy society. It seems counterintuitive that we should then be scared of the same disease we were told we eradicated.

The truth is, most outbreaks of measles and mumps happen to VACCINATED people. So it appears whatever vaccine is being used is not all that effective. For outbreaks to be a big problem, this would have to be the case, and it means all the shutting down discussion on any vaccine topic by shaming anyone trying to discuss it seems to have a deeper purpose.

Second, how many people constitutes an “outbreak?” We’re told it’s only 150 cases in the last year or so. How many people have it now? 154 over an entire year spread out could mean as little as 4-5 people have the disease.

And yet they declared martial law.

I mean “a state of emergency” because we don’t like the term martial law. That’s not palatable to the populace. Please inject yourself again if you have bad thoughts about this.

It’s very similar to government overreach in New Zealand based on one shooting–they’re grabbing all of the populace’s guns.

This is a very scary move, and as NBC says, unprecedented. The government is wont to declare martial law over something very small, banning members of the public from certain places. I can’t imagine how this will be used next, and the implications are very frightening.

On the vaccine end, the discussions need to be had. Is every vaccine effective? Is putting them all together in a cocktail healthy for children? Or is there something else at play? Are these used for something else, like creating a populace who ARE chronically diseased all the time and further dependent on the government healthcare?

Our own president said it: “Healthy young child goes to doctor, gets pumped with massive shot of many vaccines, doesn’t feel good and changes – AUTISM. Many such cases!”

I’ve yet to see him be wrong.

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Comic Review: Amazing Spider-Man Alien Costume Saga

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Just read the Spider-Man Alien Costume Saga Complete Collection vol 1-2, which are out of print but are still floating around there in some places. It comprises of issues 252-262 of Amazing Spider-Man along with the final 10 or so issues of Marvel Team Up and Spectacular Spider-Man 90-100, concluding in Web of Spider-Man #1.  I’ve been super sick the last week so just been doing a lot of comic reading while trying my hardest to rest.

I’d read some of the issues in Amazing a long time ago, which was always my first priority in collecting, but didn’t have a lot of those Spectacular books and the Marvel Team Up I’d never read. So a wonderful compilation.

The books hold up WAY better than I expected. Frankly I didn’t want to put it down. The main conflict in Amazing Spider-Man revolves around the Rose trying to gain control of the underworld and working with Hobgoblin to do so. Spectacular, meanwhile, the Black Cat and Spider-Man are working against the Kingpin. Marvel Team Up is all over the map with one off storylines.

Just a ton of action, a lot of fun personal development for Peter and his friends. This really is what I expect out of comics.

They do rely on way too many of the same tropes over and over (peter’s broke, bugle doesn’t want more spider-man photos) as set up devices, but overall I think the whole arcs with the Kingpin and Hobgoblin were some of the finest Spidey moments out there.

The Black Cat relationship rang a little false, though I do love all the surrounding hijinx with her powers. Mary Jane is a much better character at this point (though I know Black Cat develops much better later).

I was surprised for how little a time he actually wore the alien costume. It went for just a handful of issues, and I’d expected it to be a lot longer given how much emphasis is placed on this.

Still, so many iconic moments, the ending in Web of Spidey 1 is brilliant to this day.

Now I just have to debate getting the Roger Stern Omnibus and the Masterworks stuff to fill in the gap between the Original Clone Saga and this. I don’t want to go into hardcover formats but I’m dang tempted…

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Flying Sparks Volume 2 Is Live!

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I left you with a cliffhanger in volume 1…

…the resolution will leave you breathless.

Mob Ties picks up right where book 1 left off, and I put my foot firmly on the action gas pedal and never let up. It just gets bigger, crazier.

There’s new deadly villains.

There’s new devastating secrets.

There’s new intense romance complications.

All of this and more in Flying Sparks volume 2: Mob Ties.

It’s available on Kickstarter right now, and we’re running a campaign to cover the art and print costs like before. It’s a new platform, but I hope you’ll join me. We need to make a statement and show this wasn’t just a one time thing, that you’re here for GREAT BOOKS and not just because of last summer’s events.

If you didn’t back the first wildly successful campaign, we got you covered. There’s tiers for book one and the Meta-Man special so you can catch up on the Flying Sparks universe. But also look at all the great stretch goals. We’re adding more value to this books with a Digital #1s pack and more that mean this book is the best bang for your buck out there.

If you love the 80s books with Spider-Man and Batman where their whole lives dropped because they got caught in a mob war, and the epic romance you’d get with Spidey and Mary Jane or Batman and Catwoman… this is the book for you.

Back Flying Sparks today!

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Worldcon 76 Committee Member Attacks Hispanic Author With Fake Review

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One would think that while Worldcon was in a lawsuit with me over their defamatory statement calling me a “racist bully” that they would at the very least instruct their committee members not to further tamper with my business or try to harm my reputation over their angry extremist political stances.

Well, it looks like they’re at it again.

Worldcon Committee Member, speaker, and attendee, Christopher Garcia, has taken to the internet to leave one-star reviews on my books in an attempt to hurt my rating and my career.

I’ll also note real readers don’t agree with his statement on my book, as they’ve given me an incredibly high 4.8/5 star rating.

Given his odd phrasing, it’s impossible to tell whether he even actually read the book, though it appears as if he has not. He also implied with “I’m glad I didn’t pay for it” that he pirated the book, which is almost more troubling than the fact he’s trying to harm my business over his personal malice of me (I do not have any personal contact with Mr. Garcia, so it seems his anger directed at me is due to the lawsuit).

It’s a very strange look, and a reminder that the SJWs will stop at NOTHING to try to force us out of business. They are malicious and mean-spirited, and very upset that people on average enjoy our books over theirs.

I’m committed to fighting back, and I will not let people like this bully me or anyone else because we don’t ascribe to their extremist philosophies.

We’re going to keep crowdfunding, starting tomorrow with my new book Flying Sparks Volume 2: Mob Ties. And we’re going to keep releasing great books to Amazon.

If you want to check out my writing, please do so on Amazon, or come back tomorrow when we go live with the Kickstarter for the new comic!

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The Feast Of War Recap: The Value Of Good Men

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Apologies for the lack of blog on Monday, but I was recovering from a weekend of too much fun, joy, energy, and needed the headspace to work on prepping my Kickstarter launch on Thursday for Flying Sparks 2: Mob Ties.

You might be wondering what the title Feast Of War is, or why it was so much fun. I’ll explain.

The Feast of War is a gathering of men set up by philosopher Ivan Throne. The concept is to come together, discuss business, share fellowship, enjoy the fruits of labor with good food and wine, and have a place where men can get away from the world for a moment and reflect together.

It’s invaluable.

It’s also something our society’s lost that we used to have. If you look at old fraternal organizations whether it be the Freemasons or something else, these groups of men’s fellowship in community were VITAL to our societal cohesiveness, and the general happiness of men.

We allowed those institutions to dwindle, and in doing so, never replaced them with anything where we can connect on the masculine level we are supposed to. In fact, it’s been deemed bad by society that we show masculine affection toward one another.

It was a great time on multiple levels because one, on the superficial hedonistic level, it was high quality in terms of the food and accommodations, especially the atmosphere in beautiful Napa.  But two, the quality of the people present meant for engaging conversations we don’t often get in our regular busy lives.

The most valuable lesson from The Feast of War is that as a man, you need to surround yourself with good men. You need to have men to bounce ideas off of, to hold you accountable, and that you’re willing to loyally do the same for them. Even if you don’t have the same hobbies – some folk were into guns, others into books and comics, others into entrepreneurship—you can still do well from listening to and talking to smart men who broaden your perspectives.

We need much more of this in our society. The Feast of War is a starting line, not a finishing point. These networks need to develop more, and I’m looking forward to putting in the work to make sure it happens in the coming years.

For now, make sure to go find a Feast of War near you.

And don’t forget on Thursday I’ll be putting up a Kickstarter for my new comic, Flying Sparks Volume 2: Mob Ties. I need everyone to back and share and push this viral. You guys are the best and I depend on you!

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I Fought With The Mob And I Got Ties #FlyingSparks

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Only 6 days until we launch Flying Sparks Vol. 2: Mob Ties.

I’m so excited. Flying Sparks has been so well-received it’s rejuvenated my love for comics all the way around. My vision when I created this was to get a superhero world that transcended comics. I want to expand to audio dramas, film, and more to create a whole experience around this story that is unparalleled. A full multi-media experience, stuff that stretches my limits artistically and brings you the coolest content possible.

And we’re getting close to this being a reality. The first volume raised over $30K, which allowed me to branch out into more art, side stories, character bios, and other books which are coming down the pipeline and being created as we speak. I’ve got 7 graphic novels in development, 3 of which will be part of a shared superhero universe built around Flying Sparks.

But there’s a lot more to go. This flagship book is going to pave the way for so much, and volume 2 really is so much fun it blows the first one away. Anyone who reads my novels knows that after any set up in book 1, I go full bore with break-neck paced action, and Flying Sparks is no exception.

Johnny has to fight a full on gang war. So does Chloe. It’s going to get really difficult for our protagonists to keep their lives secret from each other. Lots of conflict on both the personal and the plot-action level.

There’s a ton going on and I love how this story is building. Thank you everyone for supporting so far and I hope you’ll back the campaign.

Over the next week I’ll be putting up some preview art, talk about the exciting stretch goals and more.

If you missed the first book, no problem. It’s available on Amazon now. Or you can get it through the campaign as well.

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#ComicsGate Doesn’t Want Or Need Gatekeepers

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Political gatekeeping has to stop.

Last summer saw a group of guys who were forging ahead in indie comics in a way that was unique. We pushed each others books, cared about the craft, were working toward building a world where GOOD books were what mattered.

The whole point of ComicsGate was to point a middle finger toward gatekeepers, especially those on the left who try to stop right-leaning content from being seen.

Yes, a reminder is needed again that this whole movement came about because the extreme left establishment that runs comics blacklisted people on the right wing. Entire point was to counter this behavior, and to welcome independent creators with open arms who want to put BOOKS FIRST.

As I maintained this message through the fall and winter, after the crowdfunding period ended, same with the honeymoon period, some folk went into political and fiefdom finger pointing just like the establishment did. I opposed this, and I still oppose this.

Some folk saw the light, we made up. Why? Because we’re stronger together. Independents rely upon each other to boost each other because we don’t have the giant network, platform, and distribution that Disney and Warner Bros have. They are our opposition.

Now I blog today because of a group that took the IndieCron concept from me, an idea that originated on this blog. Originally, Edwin Boyette and I pushed indie books, and made an easy resource for people to find them and how well they were doing. Anyone who wanted in could be in. We weren’t gatekeepers. We were just facilitating readers connecting with creators. That’s the whole point.

Unfortunately, IndieCron got co-opted by a couple of guys who decided they would be the arbiters of what books they want seen. They became just like Disney and Warner Bros. Content they don’t like for thatever reason—politics, personal, even content they judge “aren’t going to sell” now is getting removed from their site. It’s become pointless. I’m very sad too see my idea used like this.

But there’s an answer. This is why I started

This site is designed to promote and support ALL indies. Anyone who wants on can be on. It’s a spot for readers to connect with projects and creators. It’s not a pissing match to make some sort of nebulous statement like the other site has become.

We all need to stand together and stop the nonsense. When we divide like is being done, it divides the readers, it divides the creators, we will have LESS books getting into LESS people’s hands as a result.

My dream has always been to create something new and different. Where it’s about the love of the books. I hope you all will join me.

And join in on The Ember War before it’s too late – this book was the first one that IndieCron refused when the new owners went off the rails. None of the major YouTubers even acknowledged the book despite it being a great sci-fi book by top-tier creators who are KNOWN for performing. Readers chose the book anyway. The Ember War made $25,000+ without them. Their gatekeeping not only is pointless, but they’re not even very good at it as readers will choose what they love anyway. And they love great science fiction by an award winning author like me.

Buy it now before it closes this weekend! 

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Another Complete Graphic Novel!

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Just yesterday Jethro Morales turned in his final pages for The Ember War graphic novel. The 120-page epic adaptation of Richard Fox’s bestselling sci-fi series is now complete!

I’m super excited, as we’ve been working on this book for about a year. It’s taken a lot of time and effort, but it’s paid off really well. Jethro’s really progressed as an artist, I think I did a killer job breaking down the plot and shifting it over to a comic book format, and we have one of the best graphic novels of 2019 — PLUS — we did something historic by making one of the first indie books to be adapted into comics.

A big deal!

Backers will be getting issue #4 very soon. And issue #5 will be wrapping up coloring shortly and going to the letterer — on time for an April delivery like we expected.

We will be CLOSING PRINT ORDERS of the book THIS WEEK. Do not miss it if you want to get in on The Ember War.   

All this is in prep of launching Flying Sparks Volume 2: Mob Ties on the 21st. 10 days away. I want to get everything wrapped up so I can focus full attention on my superhero campaign.

This is going to be a big test. Last year, our market was bolstered by a political wave which was running through the culture. Now I’ve delivered on my promises, put out great books, and we’re approaching round two.

Flying Sparks Volume 2 will be showing the world that this isn’t just a one of, it’s the real deal.

And I need your help. Get on my mailing list. When it’s out, back it immediately so we can get the momentum. Tell your friends. Tell the major youtubers they need to support the book. And keep telling them over the course of the campaign. To push this to the next level it’s gonna require a group effort.

I hope you’ll join me, and thank you everyone for being here so far! It’s been a wild ride and the best is yet to come.

Flying Sparks Vol 1 is also available on Amazon here.



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Tucker’s Got The Right Of It

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I beat the drum a lot of “never apologize to SJWs.” We’ve seen it over and over again in the book industry, as people come out with their art, get roasted because they “offended” some outrage mob on Twitter, and then they apologize for something they’re not sorry about, that they never did wrong, and that ultimately doesn’t matter.

Tucker Carlson, the Fox News host is under fire all the time. He knows how to handle it. He’s been able to parlay his quick wit into moving up the chain to one of the top people in the media because of the way he stands his ground, is logical, and refuses to acknowledge the SJW narrative.

Over the weekend, Media Matters amped up the campaign because he’s so successful, he’s too much of a threat for them. They uncovered him on a shock jock show saying edgy things more than a decade ago:

Carlson, who was hired by Fox News in 2009, also used sexist language to talk about women, including then-co-workers at NBC and public figures. He referred to Martha Stewart’s daughter Alexis Stewart as “cunty,” called journalist Arianna Huffington a “pig,” and labeled Britney Spears and Paris Hilton “the biggest white whores in America.” He also said that women enjoy being told to “be quiet and kind of do what you’re told” and that they are “extremely primitive.”

Funny part is, he’s probably right about all of the above.

But either way, who cares? Tuck knows that the left is gonna be outraged over him, comb through his hours of speech every week, cherry pick some stuff, and try to make him look like a monster. It’s cuz of who he is, nothing more, nothing less.

He knows this, and refuses to apologize.

Once you’re identified as “other” by the mob — whether you’re apolitical like 20BooksTo50K or someone highly political like Tucker, you’re their target. It doesn’t matter what you say. It doesn’t matter what you meant. It doesn’t matter how much you try to appease them.

They want your blood. They want you fired. They come from that perspective first and then they come up with reasons to justify it.

They are not interested in any actual policy, or accomplishing anything other than destroying you.

If you apologize, you’re not only going to not get them to stop, but you’re going to lose the other side who would have supported you because you’re admitting wrong. Just don’t do it. Stick with your plan. Ignore the SJWs or ridicule them. It’s the only way to survive.

I’ve survived multiple SJW attacks and come out way ahead. Part of that is in launching my own indie comics which have been wildly successful because people want to back someone who’ll fight against the establishment nonsense. I got the opportunity to work on an adaptation of the bestselling Ember War Military Sci-Fi. The comic is closing out this week because we’re almost ready to ship and Flying Sparks 2 will be launching soon. Get in on it now.


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Captain Marvel: FINALLY, A Movie Supporting Trump’s Immigration Policies

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I’m not going to give the same hot takes as everyone else. You’ll have your movie reviews that talk about the mess that is Captain Marvel. I think the sad part about the whole movie that there’s just very simple choices which are easy to fix and it could have been a fine movie. But! There was a very interesting subversive element because of the way they chose to tell their story which ends up a very interesting message.


For Marvel fans, the whole twist of the movie where the Skrulls are just sad good little refugees who are being held down by this meanie Kree empire as they chase them down to the ends of the galaxy to exterminate them was a WTF moment. The Skrulls are evil shapeshifters. It flies against the face of every archetypal element of shape-shifting in humanity’s collective memory. It’s about the dumbest twist they could have come up with, especially with Marvel’s history. It also didn’t make sense with the beginning (as it was not foreshadowed at all) and the characters did complete 180 flips in order to shoehorn the plot in. A trainwreck to say the least.

However, there was one element that came out of it where it put a smile upon my face.

The end of the movie, the little girl naively starts going on about how they can stay with her and her mom, in their house. The heroic mom shuts it down immediately despite her idealism. Why? She knows the Skrulls don’t belong there. They can’t stay.

Despite the Skrulls fleeing a fascist oppressive group in the Kree (who in this context appear to be an allegory of middle eastern tyrants), the Skrulls cannot stay on Earth. They even explicitly say they can’t stay here. They have to go back.

It’s much like Trump’s agenda on refugees from Syria from the beginnings of the campaign. They can’t stay here. He says we need to work with local partners to set up safe zones elsewhere for them to live — just as Captain Marvel is intending on doing when she takes off away from earth at the end of the movie.

With the Skrull past of shape-shifting and lying, and just too many problems they created, even if the Skrulls are nice people with their families trying to make better lives for themselves for the most part, we just can’t take the risk of having them on Earth, let alone Captain Marvel’s friend’s house.  It won’t work, and the heroes know it, despite the naive idealism of the little kid.

It’s a bit heavy-handed of a message by Disney, but it shows the writers and board understands: They have to go back. There’s no choice.

If you want fun superhero fiction without the messaging, read Flying Sparks. It’s just good old fashioned fun comics. Chuck Dixon calls my writing “worthy of your support.” You’ll want to read volume 1 before the new book hits Kickstarter later this month. Buy it here.


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