So Begins The Comics Reconquista

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Everything changes, yet nothing changes.

I wasn’t particularly surprised to see over the weekend the group I spearheaded a couple of years ago now championing the LGBTQWTF agenda and talking diversity unironically as the movement got co-opted by folk who were not pushing pro-Christian nor pro-conservative agendas.

I wasn’t surprised to see people “outraged” at Mike MIller’s positions on homosexuality — about the one thing Mike has been consistent about in the last 2 years.

But this is what happens, whether if it’s an invasion of migrants from another culture, or letting the left into your right wing cultural movement.

They take over.

They change it.

It becomes unrecognizable to everything that was great about it.

It’s time to pull a full Atlas Shrugged. Make a new valley free from outside influence, free from the left, free from anything the SJWs push.

We’ll carve out our own territory, our rightful territory, and build an empire worthy of challenging the establishment’s lockstep destruction of truth, justice, and the American way.

We stand for Christianity.

We stand for Nationalism.

We stand for traditional family life.

We stand for bettering oneself.

This is the Comics Reconquista. We will win this culture war by producing truth and beauty, by not compromising core values for a few bucks, by being authentic, by showing the way despite adversity or whatever the outrage of the week is.

Our agenda is simple: bring truth and beauty back into the world through art, and fight back the hordes of barbarians at the gates.

Hop on board by starting here, with Flying Sparks Volume 2. We’ll be going to print toward the end of the month so there’s just a few weeks left to back. And unlike many others, I am producing content at real levels that compete with the industry at large. 332 pages so far since I’ve been on the scene in 9 months while others are screwing around on YouTube peddling the left wing agenda to you in another form.

Back Flying Sparks here.

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Talking VENOM

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I ended up on the Epic Marvel Podcast, which is a podcast discussing old marvel books back when comics were good. He had me on to read and discuss Venom: The Mace… which was not so good. But I eviscerated it with my expert writing prowess. It was really fun.

Read that graphic novel at your own peril… but you can listen to why I hate it here:

Venom, Ep. 5: The Mace

And definitely subscribe. This is a fun podcast.

And if you want a much better comic, get Flying Sparks. It’s everything good about 80s-90s comics compiled into one book and made better:

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Meme Of The Day: Stupid Programs

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I still can’t figure out how to stop steam from autostarting on my computer’s start up…

Like my content? Support my books. I’ve released a short story and a new comic EVERY MONTH on patreon. Value is amazing. no one produces this much great content and gives it to backers. It’s the best-kept secret on the internet. Subscribe today. 

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YouTube Strikes Fast, Strikes Hard, No Mercy

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I’m not at all surprised that YouTube upped the ante of demonetizing and banning conservative channels again. It’ no longer “just extremists! It cant happen to me!” like the cucks love to proclaim. It’s now normal journalists. This is just the beginning.

There’s no reason to do a hot take on the specifics, as there’s more than enough out there already, but it’s even hitting channels that are smaller comic-related channels where small youtubers who need a few extra bucks are finding their content demonetized.

The internet has not been free in some time. It is no longer a grand information wheelhouse where ideas can get out there. It’s now an oligopoly controlled by a few selected companies that are approved by the US and Chinese governments. Anything that goes against the Narrative is going to get shut down.

They understood they made a mistake by allowing freedom of information in 2016. It was utilized by normal folk to create a populist uprising to make Donald Trump president, and the powers that be are hellbent on ensuring that never happens again.

Why? They want to maintain their power over you. They only want their approved candidates to win so they can keep getting laws and subsidies that only benefit them.

They want you to be slaves, body and mind.

Pretty soon there will be no means by which to fight back against Google/Apple/Amazon/Facebook There will be no discoverability for anyone. Complete messaging control is what they crave.

That’s why it’s so important to support independent content and art, because if we can’t survive this push, they’re going to put people like me in jail for daring to speak out against the corrupt system.

This is our only shot at culture change.

Buy my signed books here.

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A New Indie Book Database

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I got sent a new indie book database to help folk connect with indie authors. It’s really cool, something I was thinking about doing for a bit but happy that someone else took up the mantle on the project.

I want to support indie books as well all know and also cool tangental things to the industry like this, it’s super important to help the community get going.

Here’s the website and it’s only as good as the data you input. If you’re an author or a fan make sure to sign books up!

And if you like indie books, make sure to grab my steampunk series. Just waiting on Amazon to approve the Blood of Giants audiobook and should be out soon. Catch up on book 1 now! 

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An Intense Diet And Exercise Plan

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I’m about Day 4 into an intense diet and exercise plan… which means i’m completely zapped of energy. Yesterday I was so lethargic I could barely function.

It’s my body reprogramming itself to get used to this new reality.

But I’m gonna keep going with it, cuz I know to see the results i want it’s going to take work this summer.

I’m keeping under 2100 calories a day and under 60 grams of fat per day, and doing so with a ROBuST workout program where I’m trying to do the program 5 days a week. I’m both very sore, and very tired. It’s cutting into my writing for the moment.

But that’s okay! Like anything in life — you have to go through hard work and pain if you want to come out the other side a winner.

There’s no way around it.

If you sit around and take the easy path you will lose and be stuck.

So embrace pain, embrace work, and you’ll better your lives.

James Gentry embraces the work of becoming a knight. He works harder than anyone else in the program, and it pays off. Read about his adventures here. Also available on audio. 

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Meme Of The Day: It’s Corporate Cancer #PrideMonth

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The bullshit about forcing homosexuality and other bad lifestyle choices onto soicety has reached peak corporate. And there’s a reason for it — hedonistic lifestyles tend to get you to consume more, so they can keep selling you trinkets over and over and push you further in debt.

From The QuQu:

“DINKs are the #1 demographic to market to since they have so much disposable income, and your friendly neighborhood multinational corporation would love to create more of them.”


And there’s no reason for them to do it. They’re not fighting for anything. There’s no equality that needs to be reached. It’s all propaganda to try to sexualize your children so they’re enslaved to all these corporations:

Don’t be a slave to corporate greed. Read your Bibles and support independent artists.  


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