Too Much Fun: A Wizard World Recap

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I’ll be doing more on the YouTube channel today regarding my first real set up and sell books convention, but it was quite a good time.

The con wasn’t well-attended. It was pretty quiet all the way around. For people who went, this meant you could get quality time with whoever you wanted to and they didn’t have a ton of pressing demands on their time.

Naturally, this meant I wanted quality time with Jewel Staite, but my wife found this out very quickly and so I did not even go and say hello to the Firefly actress. This did not save me from the wrath of my wife who was mad about my “intentions”.  I dindu nuffin! 🙁

So instead I hung out with some quality guys from the comic industry who are just as hot as Jewel Staite: Ron Marz, Rob Liefeld, and James Pascoe.

We shared some great stories, had a lot of fun, and of course sold some books and art. I was rather pleased at the amount of people who came up and bought five or more books all in one go. It’s nice that people have so much faith in my catalogue.

Also fun was hanging out with Preston from Pocket Jacks Comics, who I let crash at my house rather than have a hotel expense since he was out from Texas. it was a good party all the way around,

He introduced me to YouTuber I Love Kim Possible A Lot, who does a lot of My Little Pony Reviews. We might be doing some collab in the future, it was pretty cool getting to know her.

And made some new fans,friends and readers!

I think I’ll do a few more of these next year.

If you’re new, make sure to go check out my books. I have a new trilogy out this year with the Saga of the Nano Templar and I think you’ll love it!

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Wizard World Bay Area Starts Today!

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I’m really excited – this is my first show since being a full pro where I’m going to be setting up with a table and selling my books.

I’m nervous, but in an excited way. Woke up really early because I can’t wait to get there. Not having done much hand-selling, this is going to be a new experience for me. I’m hoping with my bestselling books and comics, I can break even over the weekend at least. We shall see!

If you’re in the area though, I will have the table all weekend. The event will be at the Oakland Convention Center. I’ll have all my books for sale, and you’re welcome to bring some for me to sign.

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld’s going to be there too, which is pretty exciting. I love the stands he’s been taking against corporate culture screwing with artists lately.

If you can’t make it, make sure to read my books this weekend. The whole Nano Templar series is out! Start reading here. 

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