Special Lunch Stream: Tomorrow

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If you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel, you’ll see that our stream was moved to Tomorrow in celebration of the new release of my short fiction collection: Make Science Fiction Fun Again!

We will be reading from our first collaborative short story effort, which appears in this collection, titled, “Unsafe (In) Space” — a touching story about a transgendered lesbian knitting circle in space. You won’t want to miss the stream or the collection.

Subscribe to YouTube (and hit like!):

Buy Make Science Fiction Fun Again (paperback version for your coffee table out now so you can trigger your liberal friends. Ebook will be available tomorrow, up for pre-order now).

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New Federalist Article: Thot Patrollin’

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I lay out the details of this weekend’s #ThotAudit in the normie news:


Which is a friendly reminder while that it seems like a YouTube comic guy might be swarming and causing a scene… but I set actual discussion agendas for hundreds of thousands of people, not just a couple hundred comic weirdos on Twitter. It’s part of why these guys push so hard against me, because they’re jealous of my influence.

The other part is I write fun, professional level stories. Art isn’t everything. My stories can stand on their own and do, and it’s a threat to guy who don’t write and draw. I’m making science fiction AND the news fun again. You can pre-order my new short story collection with an intro from Gamergater Daddy Warpig here (out tomorrow).

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You’ll Never Believe What Happened to SF Legend Gregory Benford At LosCon

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(Thanks to Mike Glyer for helping me track down some of the info of these events)

Gregory Benford thought he was just speaking on another panel, something he’d done dozens of times over the last 40 years of his career, especially after his novel Timescape won the Nebula Award and has since been hailed as one of the greatest science fiction novels ever written. The topic is The New Masters of Sci-Fi, letting panelists know who in the current day takes on the mantle of the greats like McCaffrey, Heinlein, and Pournelle, and having a robust discussion among authors and friends alike.

It should have been a fun time had for all, as LosCon had a wonderful line up of panels this year that many other conventions could do well to take note of, but for those who attended this panel at LosCon, they’ll only remember one thing for the rest of their lives– a moment soured by identity politics. Another convention ruined by outrage culture and the extreme left doing anything but allowing people to have a good time.

In the context of the discussion, Bedford made an innocuous statement, not to anyone in particular, but talking to himself about what makes science fiction great. He simply uttered the words,”If you write sf honey, gotta get the science right.”

Most of us reading along will nod our heads along with that statement. Of course, the science is important to at least maintain a certain veneer of accuracy. But for a woman in the audience, Bedford’s words triggered her.

She started ranting about sexism, about the word “honey” as if it were some kind of insult. Even though nearly all of the new modern classic authors mentioned by the panelists were women, somehow women couldn’t get their fair shake with this panel.  A long time champion of fandom, Barbara Landsman described the incident: “I couldn’t believe it. My heart started pounding and I knew nobody else was going to say anything. When I caught Benford’s eye I knew that I was just going to do something.Somebody had to stop her. But it didn’t work. She came in there with a political agenda. She wasn’t happy with anything that anybody on that panel said.”

But she didn’t stop. She took over the panel. Ruined the atmosphere. Ruined several fans’ times who were just there to debate who’s the greatest of the great authors. This is what the religion of social justice and their alt-left extremists do wherever they go. You can’t just have a convention. You can’t just have a panel talking about science fiction. They have to make a scene, they have to destroy the fun.

It’s unfortunate, because while most convention committees have given into this political terrorism that festers in sci-fi fandom, LosCon actually had a slate of panels mostly FREE from identity politics. Other than inviting Literally Wu, it seemed like a pretty good slate. It was just going to be a fun weekend. But people remember when their fun gets ruined by these crazies, and the people stay away from conventions. I don’t know what occurred at years past, perhaps such outbursts or commentaries were commonplace, but LosCon is suffering now due to this ever-outraged political tyranny. Their attendance was reported as low to begin with.

This kind of energy doesn’t help. Readers want fun. Fans want fun. If they can’t get that, they leave. It’s a simple statement in every scenario. In this case, people wanted to listen to what an accomplished author like Mr. Bedford thought qualified as a “modern master” of sci-fi. They wanted to think of their favorite books, not get riddled with some feminist rant.

The scenario escalated, and, according to one of the greatest authors working in the field today, David Weber, “someone with the con had felt justified in marching Greg Benford out of a con — out of a SIGNING, in fact — and telling him he he had to leave the con immediately because of an alleged incident in a panel discussion.”

Someone, probably the shrieking woman herself, went to the con comm and demanded his removal. And like every instance when someone is accused, they send security to deal with someone. I can’t fault the con comm too much, and it does turn out that they rescinded that decision, but the heartache, the pain, the hassle they caused Mr. Benford is unacceptable in any context. This is what happens when the feminists get out of control– because they are in control of these conventions at the end of the day.

It’s going to be hard for us all to get back into fun in 2018. The political is the personal now, and vice versa. The rabid fake news media has sent us all into spirals of anger and panic over everything. Nothing can be left untouched. We even have a man who is probably going to be the next president of SFWA calling Tolkien “racist” in recent days. The absurdity of this kind of behavior from the leaders of the field is to blame, and it’s why so many reasonable people walk away, turn to comic cons and indie books on Amazon, rather than deal with these dying establishments.

For Mr. Benford, it settled down, but did anyone really do anything to repay him for his time and effort he put into the convention? The man has been quiet and saintly through this, and he deserves your reader support at the very least. 

This is just another example in the culture war we’ve been fighting since I called out a convention in 2017 for their absurd identity politics, but we’re here to Make Science Fiction Fun Again. No one tells me what I can and can’t write. No one tells me what I can and can’t do. And I’m going to bring readers fun, and when I speak, I’ll bring fans and audiences fun as well. Ain’t no harpy ranting about words like “honey” gonna stop me.

Make sure to pre-order my short fiction collection, Make Science Fiction Fun Again. Out Thursday. It’s bound to trigger the SJWs so badly they might not want to inhabit this planet anymore.

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Unranked Chevron Review Of Flying Sparks

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“Jon has a penchant for writing female protagonists in a way that’s not annoying.”

“The characters feel real.”

“A very good book.”

For his question of where you can get one, you can do so here (but obviously not signed or with the pretty Tim Lim bunny print). The price point is going to be limited time to try to get a lot of people on board for Cyber Monday and the end of the month. So pick it up now! Volume 2 is in the works and will be up sometime next year.

I’m honestly so honored with how well this book has been received. It means a ton to me and I’m excited to be able to take the funds and push this into art for multiple comic projects for 2019. Now let’s see if we can get this going monthly!

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Twitter Is A Shithole Website

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It looks like I made the right decision in jumping off Twitter when I did. This weekend, the site cracked down on a number of right-leaning people, and even feminists who boldly made statements such as “men are different than women”.

The platform has gone full crazy, even deactivating the account of Julian Assange — who doesn’t even have internet access.

As a response, popular blogger, Glenn Reynolds took down Instapundit’s Twitter account, no longer going to be using the site. Instapundit has been extremely valuable for disseminating information in the culture war from articles on interesting topics (such as Twitter censorship) to promoting the books of your favorite Hispanic author (me).  With Instapundit off twitter, the site again becomes a duller place just for alt-left shrieking at the president and for trolls to harass people. There’s no other point to the site at this point and it’s best to declare it dead.

I recommend anyone get off twitter. It’s enemy territory. It’s just for angry mobs and its “like” function actually does addict you via producing dopamine in your brain when you see something’s getting traction on that level. It’s useless for selling, it’s useless for conversing.

I’ll be on my private Discord for my patreon supporters and on MeWe for the most part. It’s more fun, you should come join us.

Speaking of fun. My book Make Science Fiction Fun Again is available for Pre-Order, and is out this Thursday. Come join us in celebrating fiction that’ll entertain you. 

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Fleetwood Mac 2018 San Jose Review

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Content Warning: this post contains an analysis of boomer music. 

Last night I was dragged to see Fleetwood Mac at SAP Center by a buddy who had an extra ticket. A very nice ticket at that, just behind the soundboard ,the perfect place for the audio experience of a show if you know much about music. I was intentionally boycotting this show given the treatment of Fleetwood Mac of their long time guitarist, producer, song writer, and artistic soul of the band, Lindsey Buckingham. They kicked him out of the band earlier this year, and the rumours have it that it was because Stevie didn’t want Lindsey doing extra leg work of acoustic rarities shows in between their very slow schedule of one gig every three days. Lindsey, being a creative energetic, wanted to put out an album and go to work in addition to the money-making yet another greatest hits tour.

Instead of resolving the differences, Stevie gave an ultimatum to the band: “it’s him or me.” Since she fills arenas on her own, they made the business decision to make a few million bucks and tour anyway. They grabbed some really good talent to replace Lindsey in Mike Campbell from Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers and Neil Finn, an accomplished songwriter in his own right.

But, my buddy told me he’d be spending the night at home if I didn’t go, I was his last hope, and so I relented and went to this show. I saw Lindsey Buckingham’s solo tour at the palace of fine arts a couple of months ago, and while he didn’t have the full band experience here, he played with passion, played rarities, did what he wanted as an artist and is as sharp as he’s ever been. Not so much for the rest of the band…

Mac opened with “The Chain” as they’ve done in every tour since 1982’s Mirage Tour. Immediately I noticed a lackluster energy from the group. The dynamic wasn’t there. Lindsey really brought an angry passion to this pop group which just doesn’t exist with the two-girl fronted version of the band. They tested this line up before in 1992 with “Behind The Mask” where they made an album without Lindsey. It just ended up a cheesy mess. It felt similar here with Finn taking on Lindsey’s vocal parts. My buddy, not a big fan like me, noted “He seems like a really good karaoke singer.” It did feel like that. He sang fine, just without the passion Buckingham brought to the songs and so it made everything flat.

And that’s how the concert felt. Flat all the way. No passion to anything they did. They play these same songs on every single tour with little variation–even picking the Buckingham songs to sing that were wholly unnecessary with Stevie/Christine’s catalogue as they could have easily covered up the blatantly awkward “Now Neil Finn is singing!” parts of the concert with some of their other hits — or dare to do something cool and play some of their other songs. But they didn’t. It was a very similar set to what we’ve seen over the years.

Now there was one difference and this was the shining element of the show, the one saving grace: They did 3 blues songs from early FM: “Black Magic Woman”, “Oh Well”, and surprisingly “Tell Me All The Things You Do” from the Kiln House album. The last one was particularly impressive, as it’s not something I’ve heard them do, and it brought a cool vocal dynamic between Christine and Finn which was a lot of fun. Stevie Nicks singing Black Magic Woman was pretty amusing as well, but she was off the stage through most of this section of the show, and the band just has zero charisma without her. Christine looks old and frail, Finn looks out of place and knows it, and Campbell just kinda is running around the stage being weird throughout the whole show.

What made this tough to sit through was the lack of charisma and energy all around. I feel bad for Christine especially, I’ve seen her a few times over the last few years, and since she’s come back from her 10-year hiatus retirement, she just hasn’t been the same. Her voice is pitchy, missing flat on a lot of the solid points, and she obviously knows it, seems very unconfident up there. Keyboard wise, I saw her do more in this show than I’ve seen her do in years, but as a keyboardist myself, I frankly could have done more in the blues songs to wow the crowd. It was nice to see her do what she used to do to some extent though, but she just doesn’t have the chops she used to.

Another oddity was Mike Campbell’s guitar playing. While he’s definitely a virtuoso, and he played most of the songs fine, he missed some of the subtle points of buckingham’s texturing that made the songs sound fantastic. I noticed this especially in “Gypsy” and “Dreams”, the Nicks hallmark songs where the parts really aren’t so much about their complexity, but about the lilting tones Buckingham was able to squeeze from his guitar. The emotion just wasn’t right here in anything Campbell did. And Campbell laid back a little too far to feel like he was dragging songs with his guitar. Usually musicians rush to cause problems, but he went too far in the opposite direction. It made his parts awkward and not quite right on the guitar level throughout the entire show.

Most lackluster of all was Stevie Nicks. She’d lost her voice a long time ago and doesn’t sound the same, but she had a distinct “going through the motions” air to her for the first half of the show. She doesn’t have pitch issues like Christine, but she is the entire charisma of the aged band at this juncture and it was just like she didn’t care for the first half of the show. Contrasting to Lindsey’s solo show a couple months prior, he had so much passion through everything that it dripped. The lack of that dynamic really killed the band. Most shocking of all, was there was a technical difficulty where Stevie lost her in .ear monitor in the middle of Landslide — she actually screwed up singing, stopped the song mid way through, a big no-no for an artist. As a singer it’s particularly easy to recover but she didn’t. It was one of the most bizarre missteps I’ve seen from a big band in any concert I’ve seen.

The good news was, after Landslide, it was like she woke up and realized “I’d better nail this.” Her passion level went up for “Gold Dust Woman” which was one of her better renditions of the song I’ve seen in the last 20 years. The encore song they did Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'” which Stevie covered back in 1996, running a tribute video to him. It was fine and good, can’t complain about homaging Petty, but it was still another reminder that we’re missing something — missing Buckingham in particular.

They have a robust backing band of nearly every instrument excepting a bass guitar, so the band doesn’t have to do a lot of the heavy lifting to sound reasonable on most songs, but there were enough missteps to where it was awkward the whole way through, the fun was sapped from a lot of the classics, and Christine’s inability to perform made for a sad evening.

The band made their choice. They wanted to make a few bucks and it didn’t matter what Buckingham wanted artistically. Seems par for the course of the drama-laden career of this band. I’m going to go back and listen to the Tusk album now, an album where they didn’t play a single song from on this night, Buckingham’s magnum opus of beautiful art that was what he wanted, but clearly Stevie Nicks resents.

If you appreciate my review, check out my books. My Steampunk novels are filled with passion and great fun. It’s available in almost every format. Check out the first book here:

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I Guess The File 770 Guys Ain’t So Bad…

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These last two weeks have been hellish to say the least. I haven’t talked about a lot of stuff on the personal front, but if you’re following along on social media, you’ve seen some folk absolutely lose their minds at your favorite humble Hispanic author (me). My understanding is that my leaving twitter has only escalated the situations to where they’re not even coherent anymore.

Despite that, I was able to get all of my books out and shipped for my first wildly successful IndieGoGo campaign, and reviews from real readers are all exceedingly positive.  A smattering of messages I’ve received + reviews posted:

“Final Score: 3.2 (Above Industry Standard)”

“just wanted you to know I loved flying sparks”

“I’m loving it so far. Read the first two chapters last night.”

“Chloe (Meta Girl) is a simply wonderful character. She has the right mix of confidence and insecurity to make you root for her from the first page. There are background story arcs, but each chapter also has a solid story of its own that is fun and action-packed. Even the side characters are interesting and well-developed. There is none of the angst or darkness that infects modern comics: these are characters who act, not whine, and it’s absolutely refreshing. Here’s hoping we see more of Chloe and Johnny!”

Great stuff!

But you came for the clickbait headline here, and I have to say with all honesty, I prefer the File 770 folk to this current crop of trolls for a couple of reasons.

One, the Filers insults aren’t typically full time. There’s a couple who just are obnoxious, but for the most part they’re very tame compared to the stuff I’ve been getting lately — and moreover, almost all of them voiced concerns over my family’s health and wished good health in recent posts. I actually really appreciate that and was pretty touched they remembered and cared.

Two, they’re more intelligent. The trolls I’m facing on twitter are much like the group I saw from Bleeding Cool last year. They just repeat the same thing over and over and escalate and escalate and never let up… and while I get a bit of that from a couple members of the File 770 crew, there’s at least some dialogue there. I feel like I could actually hold a conversation with some of these folk if it weren’t an “internet grandstand” situation and they were just across a table from me. Of course, the science fiction establishment knows this which is why they work so hard to keep me away from conventions and the like because my general niceness would shatter their narrative. And periodically I do have decent conversations via email with Mike Glyer. Not so much with the comic troll crowd.

Never thought I’d be saying something like that in my life, but hey, the times they are a changin’.

It’s probably in part due to the shake up I’ve caused in the industry to Make Science Fiction Fun Again. My new short story collection is available for pre-order here. It’s very fun. Also: trigger warning. 

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Make Science Fiction Fun Again Available For Pre-Order Now!

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It’s here! The short story collection you’ve all been waiting for. Why?

Because it’s a tremendous short story collection. The best short story collection. Believe me.

That’s right, it’s time to MAKE SCIENCE FICTION FUN AGAIN!

I’ve been hard at work producing shorts all year for my Patreon subscribers (which you should subscribe to cuz you’d already have the book and all the stories here and more!) and it’s awesome to finally get this collection out there. The actual release date is Nov 29th, but I wanted to get this up there for black friday/cyber monday shoppers this week. The physical book will be available on release date, and I’m getting a LOT of requests for that since I posted the back cover on my facebook yesterday:

As you can see, I have the best blurbs from the best people in science fiction and in mainstream publishing!

So go out and pre-order the book. It’s got great short stories with all the things you love like mechs, sex bots, baseball, nazi soldiers, and a transgendered lesbian knitting circle in space.

Excerpt of “Love IRL”:

The construct shook, steam protruding from its hybrid mechanical-biological underarms. Its optical sensors flashed red. Its hulking mass loomed at twenty times a normal human avatar. Veins, piping, and electronics protruded from its form.

Kenji had been here before, with his guild mates. Last time they tried this, their party wiped. They couldn’t move fast enough in the three-second warning space before the monstrosity’s ultra-attack: Megaquake. This time, they’d be able to fan out to the safe distances between the flurried lines of earth magic. Hiro, guild leader and warrior tank, stood dutifully at the front, pounding away at the enemy, even while the creature drew itself inward in a defensive posture.

Uehara, the mage, stood in the proper position away from the monstrosity as to not take much damage from the coming attack. The safe zones were limited, but Kenji managed to find himself close enough to a place where he, as a barbarian melee class, could keep from losing too many hit points, while still staying close enough to counter-assault. Everyone was in position, but where was Ayame?

A brief glance behind him was all it took to see she was in the path of danger. The cleric was near-frozen, in the middle of her special defense-healing spell, Holy Reckoning. Even frozen in place as she was, she looked beautiful. Slender, shoulder length blonde hair with pink strands glistening between them, big blue eyes. She was beautiful. And she was right in the path where one of the tendrils of earth would hit her. Dammit, Ayame.

It also features the best intro to a short story collection ever written by Daddy Warpig! What are you waiting for, pick it up now! 

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John C. Wright’s IndieGoGo

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I don’t usually dedicate full blogs to indiegogo projects, but John C. Wright is in a different class. He’s one of the greatest sci-fi writers alive, and it’s cool to see this project coming to fruition. I discussed this series over the summer with his wife Jagi and it’s very exciting stuff coming from the Wright household. I’ve already backed this at the paperback edition, and am considering doing a much bigger backing because the Wrights are such great writers AND great people. I think you’ll really enjoy their work, especially if you’re looking forward to my deus vult in space series coming next year.  On that subject… you might see that the $6,000 stretch goal has a little something, that will be first book of the aforementioned series which is titled Justified: Saga of the NanoTemplar. And it’s included if you support the Wrights!


Check it out:



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Spiritual Warfare

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It’s very easy when looking at physical events to ignore the metaphysical. We have very limited capacity to detect the spiritual realm, after all, but when patterns appear it becomes evident there’s forces at work that are beyond what we can simply observe with our eyes.

These last two weeks, evil has been on the move. There’s been an overwhelming weight, especially in California, bearing down on everyone and everything. The fires spread like the pits of hell, the smoke hazes everything and makes it impossible to see clearly or even to breathe freely. it creates an environment that’s ready for strife.

And that’s where the demonic thrive. I’ve watched it escalate in people without seeing the patterns over the last week. Hate’s flared between people where there should be none, mental illness has been exacerbated like a domino effect from one person to the next. In order to accurately fight it we need to understand Satan’s goals in sending his forces here at this time:

  1. We’re already in a society where it’s pushing toward hedonism and away from a Christian life. It was done with a smile as it transitioned our nation and especially the state of California into something unrecognizable within three generations. The smiling’s done now, and the sinister acts of evil are now ready to take place as most people are complacent.
  2. Evil wishes to divide Christians and the church foremost. Because if we stand together in love and prayer, it will be driven out.
  3. Without a strong Church acting together, the demonic have free reign to enact their will–which is chaos and strife for creation.

This is where we’re at. It’s moving at a rapid pace these last few weeks and I don’t expect it to slow. Bu we have the ability to push back by recognizing it. Here’s some very quick steps we can take to change the momentum of evil:

  1. Deescalate conflicts between brothers and sisters. We’re in this together. There’s bigger forces at work than whatever our squabbles are.
  2. Pray for peace and exorcism. Demons and Satan flee when the name of Christ is invoked. He scares them, as he should. Acknowledge the spiritual elements of what’s going on, don’t ignore it. They can’t harm you because you are already marked with the blood.
  3. Follow your Christian leadership. This sounds like an obvious one and something very simple, but it’s not. Show the evil spirits that we are one by action and deed. They want to pick easy targets, because these evil spirits are cowards by nature. If you show we stand together, nothing can stop us.

I’m going to be watching out for this in the next few weeks, and if I see any updates I’ll post what I can. Keep this in mind. Share it. Let people know there’s more here than just the material going on — because part of the enemy’s game plan is to create an environment where we don’t acknowledge the spiritual and are blind to it, because it’s hard to fight what you can’t see.

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