The ComicsGate Harassment Business Model

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ComicsGate at one point was a journalistic reaction to youtube critics being harassed by professionals — threatened and targeted at conventions.

It’s changed a lot in the last couple of years under the influence of a former comic pro Ethan Van Sciver, with a group of youtubers banding together and using outrage marketing to try to sell products which wouldn’t be able to compete in the general market otherwise, plagued by general low-quality storytelling and incredibly long delays, and in the case of a recent admission for a book called Detective Dead, a book which is never going to come at all.

Once the power became consolidated, youtube subscriptions and views began to level off or drop, and backers and sales began to go down for the books, the big “professionals” of the group decided to create a perpetual clickbait outrage marketing scam to get attention to their books.

People have weird identity hangups with the hashtag ComicsGate and who is or who isn’t, who’s disavowed or kicked out, which isn’t really relevant because all of these embattled former Marvel/DC pros and the major youtubers who hang around them operate the same way. This includes people like Mike Miller and Doug TenNapel, even though it’s tribally fractured at this point and they don’t use the term. The concept applies.

The strategy involved looks like this, and until you see what they do and understand it in real time, it’s tough to see what’s happening and easy to get caught up in the emotion and “outrage” they peddle in the moment. It looks like this:

  1. They Launch An Attack On A Creator – Mike MIller did this to me last week making a hate youtube stream ranting about me for an hour like a nutjob and riling up his dwindling audience against me.
  2. They Launch A New Book – Within 24 hours of the clickbait attack on youtube of me, Miller launched his new kickstarter.
  3. Repeat as necessary. 

You can see the pattern as it develops. Sometimes it works, othertimes it doesn’t. There’s not a ton of value in attacking and harassing a small indie creator like me, Mike Miller has found out, but when they’re unable to gin up any real controversy for bigger clicks, this is what they do.

You’ll note Van Sciver did the same recently with a staged internet fight with The Quartering, a large youtube channel.

All of these incidents are disingenous. They do it just to get sales because they understand the writing and concepts of their books aren’t compelling and they fear fan reaction just based on the merit of books.

Understandably so, as there’s been so many hyper-late books, cancellations, quality control issues, lack of writing skill. It’s been a real trainwreck to say the least.

Back when this started, it was supposed to be about great books, but market fears have caused this group to act almost identically to the SJW industry they pretended to rebel against — which makes sense in retrospect, because these are creators from those same companies. Of course they’d act the same.

It’s made it harder to cut through as an indie book and get seen, as good books get blacklisted from major channels just like we’re blacklisted from major outlets. They can’t compete with classic and fun superhero storytelling like Dynamite Thor, so this is what they resort to.

But we’re still chugging along and doing our own thing, releasing good books nearly quarterly at this juncture. If you’re here for real comics, you’ve come to the right place. Back Dynamite Thor today and let’s set the culture right with the new counter-culture revolution. Make Comics Great Again!

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Kickstarter Restores Dynamite Thor While Mike S. Miller Calls for Its Cancelation

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It’s been a wild 24 hours.

I got a nice apology email from Kickstarter telling me the book’s been fully restored and it was an error on their part. I’ve confirmed that FULL searchability is back on the site!

Now people can finally search for Dynamite Thor and find and discover the book. We’re WAY behind though because we’ve missed that launch window where people were seeing it for the first time, the book being effectively erased for a week. So Dynamite Thor needs your support more than ever. It also needs you to share this story and the book!

It goes to show, despite the narrative, kickstarter is not the enemy. We may have had a rogue employee inside who tried to push against the book, but when it got seen by general customer service and escalated, they did the right thing. They’re not here to mess with our comics, they’re here to be a platform where comics can be created and spread among a general readership.

It’s great. And we’re FUNDED even despite all the odds!

But the weird part is embattled Former DC Artist Mike S. Miller (Injustice, Game of Thrones) went on a bizarre rant yesterday on his Bible-reading stream — yes, in theory, supposed to be a show about promoting Christianity and you’d think he’d stand WITH his Christian brother — to call for Dymamite Thor’s cancellation.

He demanded I just give up and take my ball and go home, acting like my book is some sort of incredible failure despite it funding under these circumstances.

He also threatened to ban me from his youtube chat because one of his moderators and good customers brought up the book in the first place — which is what made him go on the rant. A strange, anti-customer behavior just to try to get at me.

I’ve never seen such abject hatred or derangement from another indie comic creator. Even creators on the left are civil to me, even Ethan Van Sciver calls me and at least tries to dial things down from time to time — but Mike Miller pushes this insanity to new levels.

Mike is in a precarious position. He’s lost ComicsGate support so he’s trying to rebrand himself as “The MAGA/Christian guy to cult follow.” Unfortunately for Mike, he’s spent his time kissing up hard to never-Trumpers like Ben Shapiro while attacking major Trump-supporting indie creators like me, and preaches the insidious prosperity doctrine on his channel, using Bible shows to shoehorn verses into whatever his behavior is at the moment to try to justify it.

It’s a bad look, and I doubt MAGA/Christian readers will respond, especially when he goes so far as to push cancel culture on a stalwart creator who’s been for both of these causes forever. It appears like an insincere desperate attempt at relevancy.

But I will not bow to the pressure from people like Miller. I’ve dealt with this since I’ve come on the scene. When you’re the real deal, these types come out of the woodwork and this is what happens. As Christ said in John 15:18 “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.”

Ire from the false teachers like Miller is expected. We just have to keep moving forward, keep producing and keep winning the battles like we have with Kickstarter.

Back Dynamite Thor today and show your support for the REAL change in indie comics, a producer who creates regularly, shares your values, never waivers, never changes. We are the future while DC Artists are a thing of the past.

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The Quartering UNHINGED

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It’s been a bad week for the YouTube outrage peddler, Jeremy Hambley, commonly known as The Quartering.

He started out by attacking popular video game and comic creator Doug TenNapel, challenging the extremely successful artist by saying he would no longer support TenNapel becuase he’s “not real counter-culture” since he refuses to use the #ComicsGate hashtag on Twitter.

It’s a ridiculous proposition, as no one associates the hashtag with counter-culture at this juncture, but only with one youtube program, Ethan Van Sciver, who co-opted the term from comic customers two years ago to consolidate money behind his own youtube outrage outfit. Since he and his minions took the term it’s been a hashtag synonymous with harassment, death threats, and cyberstalking.

Hambley promptly deleted the tweet, creating a fervor among the #ComicsGate users. This is where Hambley started to see that the hashtag meant nothing, but was just a drama outrage farm.

It was also the beginning of Van Sciver turning on Hambley like he’s done to so many other guests on his show.

Hambley received attacks from many of the anonymous bullies under Van Sciver’s wing called “The War Campaign” — a group of low-status males who pretend they’re fighting an actual war by spouting at comic creators on Twitter.  Eventually, Hambley had enough and called ComicsGate for the drama mess it is.

This prompted the outrage machine of Van Sciver’s livestream to start talking about Hambley, including showing of private DMs.

Hambley became outraged as well, whether for his own show or clicks or earnestly it’s unclear, but he began attacking Van Sciver for releasing his DMs.

But this is where it gets weird.

Your Favorite Hispanic Author (Me) DMed Hambley to show support, to tell him I’ve been there before — much like I did when I broke his story to Milo Yiannopolous’ which propelled Hambley into mainstream success (see the trend? It’s usually my stories that give these people their shots!). Hambley, instead of talking rationally, took to Twitter and copied MY DM to him and started swearing about me profusely. As seen here:

I’ll note I never once mentioned ComicsGate to him nor have I adopted any “anti-CG” identity. I’m a comic creator, and I stand in solidarity with people who were wronged by mainstream establishment, or by people acting as bad actors as Van Sciver did to him.

The ironic part is Hambley complained about leaking DMs — and then turned around and did the exact same thing to me in order to get likes.

His grift style is exactly the same as Van Sciver, but he doesn’t pretend he’s making a product. All he does is peddle in outrage, and he’s left with little else:

His channel shows it all with “EPIC FAIL” and “LIAR” plastered on every video. He contributes nothing to the culture, just another gamma male who got a little too popular for his own good and thinks he can do the exact same things as other youtube gamma males he complains about, and then claim some sort of superiority over it.

They love to declare victory even in their defeats.

These YouTubers add nothing to culture. They don’t provide anything positive, they’re just clickbait and outrage peddlers who whine over and over. In fact, they don’t want a real counter cultural movement to thrive or survive because if it did, they’d not have anything to discuss on their channel.

This is why they attack people like Doug TenNapel or myself in order to try to supress our works which are actually family-friendly, pro-American culture, and acting like real change.

I’m doing my part to restore American culture, to make comics great again. Back Dynamite Thor today and be part of the solution, not a part of the perpetual outrage like the Unhinged Hambley.


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Indie Comic Creator Bullied and Stalked At A Convention By Twitter Troll

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For comic and film writer Preston Poulter, he thought it would be another day setting up at a convention to sell his wildly successful comic books, which Poulter says he does nearly every weekend around the country.

But he didn’t realize that he’d be harassed by an online twitter troll who has bullied him and other indie comic creators for months to try to harass them out of the industry. The alleged stalker is Mat Hansen, who goes by the pseudonym “Panboy” on Twitter and Youtube, a member of a group called War Campaign who dedicate their entire lives to harassing independent comic creators. Much of the War Campaign’s tactics include relentless berating of creators and photoshopping their faces onto sexually explicit images with dildos and in homoerotic situations– which I will not post here because of their extreme graphic nature.

Pan often goads creators, daring one to meet him in a local park, presumably to instigate some sort of fist fight or other form of physical violence.

This weekend, the threats online trolls have made to Preston Poulter were made very real, as a man in a mask showed up at Poulter’s table to harass him in person with the following bizarre and creepy exchange according to Poulter:

“On Friday a man dressed in a blue Captain America hoodie and an Iron Man mask approached my table with one of the show’s programs and asked me to sign it. He has his phone out and war recording it.

I told him there was no place to sign the program, and he irritably said, “Just sign it anywhere.’

I found a blank spot and said, “OK. What do you want it to say?”

His reply was, “To Ethan.”

“And what are we saying to Ethan?”

“From Pocket Pussy.”

“Not gonna write that.”

“Why not? It’s what you are!”

“I take it you watched the Wenger stream?”

“Where you ran away from Ethan because you were too big a coward to face him?”

“Where I explained that people can call me names, but that doesn’t mean I have to participate with their conduct.”

“From Pocket Pussy!”


“Fine. From Preston then.”

I signed it.

“From this angle I can see your bald spot! I’ve got it on camera.”

“Neat. I got a picture of it too.”

“Haha. You’re going bald. But somehow you’re the leader of those against #Comicsgate.”

“I kind of am. Crazy, right?”

“You’re a coward and a pussy!”

“OK. Enough with you, get out of here.” He called me some more names and left.”

The unstable action was followed by Panboy posting a picture to his Twitter account several hours later which showed he was at the same restaurant as Poulter– The Yardhouse, which is two full miles from the convention center. Another act which appears to have been intended to intimidate Poulter from selling his books at the convention.

Poulter didn’t let the incident get him down, but rather posted his sales figures for the weekend where he went on to sell thousands of his popular books White Lily and Guinevere and the Divinity Factory.

This incident is a further escalation in a string of incidents where the group identifying as War Campaign has targeted and harassed several indie creators, including myself, as I received threats of beheading from one of their leaders in September 2018. The group tried to gaslight me on the incident claiming the tweets were fake until it was finally admitted they were real on Ethan Van Sciver’s livestream. Despite the admission, none of those involved ever apologized to me for claiming they were fake.

There have been dozens of other incidents, but this marks the first time we know of a physical action taken to stalk a creator. It makes going to conventions, public appearances, and the act of selling independent books a dangerous act, something convention organizers should be well-aware of and hopefully provide security to handle such incidents.

As fans and creators we must all stand to condemn actions like this. No one should be bullied from selling their books. No one should be harassed like this. Comic books are supposed to be fun and for everyone, not just for a few part of an “approved fandom” club who now make physical threats to try to keep others from enjoying the medium they claim to promote.

You can support Poulter’s books here. Please share this and make other creators and fans aware of this horrific situation in hopes we can avoid this ever happening again.

Check out my #1 Bestselling Comic that also has the harassers in a fit. They did a 5-hour livestream on YouTube Saturday berating me and claiming I “don’t care about comics”. Funny, as I’ve produced 22 issues in less than 2 years. The angry, bitter trolls don’t want you to read great stories because it shines a light on the fact that they’re about suppressing comics from readers, not promoting them. Read today, no crowdfund, no wait: 



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Stealing Backers’ Money (Solo)

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It’s shocking to me the amount of grifters who got in on my comic book movement which was supposed to provide a BETTER alternative to Devil Mouse and its evil twin giant at Warlock Brothers.

We saw a problem in the industry, that the companies were screwing the consumer by making propaganda pamphlets, cheaping out their production with lousy paper, putting sub-par art on stories, and generally just treating the fanbase like a cash cow where they could say “I don’t even care about you” and the gamma males would come back thirsty to buy more.

Unfortunately, people from these very companies saw exactly this trend. They saw they could do exactly the same thing as the big-2, brand themselves as an “alternative” and produce the same lousy content. Their friends in the YouTuber game all got in on it, which is why we have atrocious books like Jawbreakers, Lonestar, and Graveyard Shift. They are some of the most unreadable content out there.

Until today.

Backers are starting to receive Stealing Solo, another youtuber-pretend-to-be-comic-creator project by a Star Wars gamma male complainer who latched onto the nonsense drama movement to bilk a few bucks off of the gamma comic readers. He came dangerously close to branding something which Disney might hit for copyright infringement, and that only made the crowd thirstier for the knock-off.

The Comic Book Hut, one of the few honest youtubers out there, hit upon a goldmine when this book came out, because the quality of this book is so shockingly bad it even makes Jon Malin’s work look professional.

He found out that these guys who took over a year to create what was going to be a sub-par book just trying to hit people in the Star War memberberries cheaped out every element of production. They printed backers’ addresses on the back of each book and mailed them out — WITHOUT ENVELOPES! How insane is that?

But that’s not even delving into the book quality itself. Look at this preview page:

The stiff, amateur line art might be acceptable from a random book, with a little poorly done gradient photoshop coloring, if this book had been something that was someone with 50 backers, someone struggling to create a comic. But these guys clocked FIFTY THOUSAND on this book and then produced this level of art. Look at the poor lettering up top that looks like someone just added in a box in MS Paint.

It’s insane.

It makes me so sad to watch books like this get cash raked in because of cult personality, with the content being some of the worst out there. I would be embarrassed to produce this quality of book even with my stuff barely breaking even at less than a third of what this raised.

If readers came through and actually went for real alternatives making real quality books, what could we do with this movement? I can only imagine having $50K to play with for art on a 48-page book. I’d be working with THE TOP ARTISTS IN THE BUSINESS with that kind of funding.

But the movement was never made of readers. Just thirsty idiots who wanted to complain harder about Star Wars and circle jerk about how oppressed they are because some mega corporation won’t listen to them, while holding up the people who have the most idiotic takes, complain the loudest, and put zero work into their craft.

This is the end result of ComicsGate. It’s a shame. I really hope next time around people pay attention to the real quality product and not the world class bullshit. Maybe 2020 will change things? It’s going to be up to you.

For now, if you really want to see good writing in a Star Wars-like universe, read Justified. This series is absolutely pro. It’s got incredible reviews. I paid top notch for the cover art, the editing, and produced a modern science fiction classic. Start reading here.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Introducing ComicsGate Comics!

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Good morning, true believers!

Jon Del Arroz here, the Leading Hispanic Voice in Science Fiction and proprietor of the Diversity & Comics YouTube channel.

Watching the trends in the independent industry as of late, I’ve been pushing independent comic content at rates faster than anyone before, including the equivalent of monthly comics plus a new feature of monthly exclusive short comics on my Patreon in the style of old Eerie or EC.

The publishing experience has led me to conclude that we can do better for ComicsGate, the movement I founded in 2017.

Therefore, immediately, I am launching a new publishing and comics services company, ComicsGate Comics, to help small independent creators get their books published and on platforms where everyone can see it and always be able to purchase their work!

We will be providing formatting and distribution for complete books, and Editor in Chief Ya Boi Jon will begin offering editorial and project management services to make your comic creation experience go more smoothly as of today.

If you are interested in either the ComicsGate Comics publishing, Ya Boi Jon’s services, or both, please email jdaguestposts at gmail dot com to discuss terms.

Together, we will build a brighter future for independent comic creators, and help customers and readers discover OFFICIAL ComicsGate comics.


You can pick up our first book today in both kindle and print format. Flying Sparks #0!

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I Hate “I Don’ Support That Platform” Concern Trolls

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There’s nothing more annoying than someone on twitter or facebook rambling about how they would -love- to support my work, but because it’s on Kickstarter/Patreon/Amazon/Whatever they can’t support it.

It’s a virtue signal tactic that people like to do, and I notice it’s often the same type of people who don’t like to take real stands to actually fix culture, but the folk who love to get caught up in the “outrage” brigades that spin their wheels and give youtubers clicks and superchats. They’re about the complaints, not the solutions.

I get about one of these concern trolls a week, sometimes more at this point, and invariably, responding to them with helpful ways to purchase my work is a complete waste of time.

The folk who do this aren’t interested in supporting the art that’s making culture change, they’re not interested in my books at all. They’re just interested in the “team” virtue signal, and by nature of making their posts, signaling to their friends that I’m “not on the team” because I’m “using the wrong platform.

If someone were actually concerned about SJW big tech, they wouldn’t BE on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, making complaints about SJW big tech. Those are all THE WORST SJW big tech platforms.

So when they go off on Kickstarter, as if IndieGoGo is better (which we know IGG discriminates against the right over politics), it’s just to signal to their YouTuber ComicsGate monkey troupe that “I am one of you, Jon is not!” There’s never an actual interest in my real comics that are on time, coming out at a speed of pros, and actually providing solutions to the crisis on the comic industry. Why? Cuz you can buy my books on Kickstarter/Backerkit,/Amazon/Direct from me, however you want. I’m accommodating as many platforms as possible. These people aren’t about the books, and so I generally chastise them for being the retards they are.

Here’s why: whenever I post these alternative links, the complainers invariably NEVER purchase. They gotta save their money for superchatting their YouTuber so it gets read on a stream like a chump, after all.  No time for real comics or real change.

And it’s the same thing on Patreon. I get just as many “concerned” folk telling me how SJW it is and how bad it is. Folk telling me “You should use Subscribe Star”.  So I set one up, I sent it to those people, and as you see, there’s zero backers on subscribe star (though my patreon is cooking along very well). It’s not even worth the time to have set up the platform to accommodate these people who told me to do it. They literally wasted an hour of my life I could have spent writing.

Instead of complaining about the marketplaces, support the art. I’m not in the business of researching every marketplace and trying to pull my books in there — cuz I want my books to be seen by the most people possible. That means advertising on Twitter/Facebook, selling on Amazon/Kickstarter, using Patreon, because those platforms get the most views of people who might CONVERT. You should already know where to find my work and support, so you shouldn’t need me to investigate somewhere else to put it up.

Besides, what’s better than being a rebel, using these marketplaces in order to make money for MY cause, when I know they seethe and would LOVE To ban me? Nothing. By being in their space, I am making the most impact, I am creating the most change.

So I’ll use whatever damn platforms are available, and if I get banned, so much the better cuz it just means they’re afraid of me.

Back my current book now on Kickstarter.

Support my patreon.  

I’m working harder to provide more pro content than almost anyone out there. This is the cultural revolution. Get on board and stop complaining about the entertainment industry unless you’re willing to do something about it.


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Someone’s Feeling Threatened

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A couple of weeks ago, I just blocked the remaining ComicsGate yahoos of “pros” who turned a right wing rebellion against leftism in comics into their personal brand, after finding out that they were ushering in artists who were pulling the same crap that creators like Dan Slott or Mark Waid do regarding fans who voted for Donald Trump.

It’s like anything, once SJWs get in, they change the purpose of an organization until it’s meaningless and worthless, and that’s what happened here.

But unfortunately, the biggest YouTube celeb of them all can’t just leave me alone to make comics:

This is on the troll site Kiwi Farms, which why he posts there at all I have no idea, but even moreso, why is he shitting on Flying Sparks, a book he spent days promoting it just 12 months ago? If it was good then, why isn’t it good now?

It’s pretty obvious when you look at it from the lens of how a gamma male thinks. It’s a lot like the way John Scalzi poo-poo’d my Dragon Award nomination for my space opera novel.

The gamma thinks he’s so great, so talented, and everyone must see it on every level, and moreover he should be KING of his craft. Only his approved books are the ones that matter.

When I came on the scene having a novel that was 1. unapproved by gatekeepers 2. hated by the publishing establishment and yet 3. selling thousands and winning awards, Scalzi couldn’t handle it. He worked DECADES to get where he’s at. How dare this newcomer enter his turf and be applauded?

It’s the same thing here but on a bigger scale in the gamma male’s mind, because Ethan has a different comparison with my book and his on a few levels:

  1. I’ve entered comics and come out with and delivered 3 graphic novels in a one year span, while he hasn’t been able to draw an 88 page (of which I believe some are just pin ups and the like) book in 18 months.
  2. I’m a professional writer, award-winning, known for deep characterization and great work while he’s not had much experience writing at all, and so the depth of plot, the characterizations, the skill in my writing craft will be something which he feels inadequate about given his silly concept of a robot frog, and hopes readers won’t notice.
  3. He knows his book is not a million dollar book, even though it raised a million dollars — which is why he’s delayed so long because of that pressure.

It’s sad to watch, but even sadder to watch a guy who’s been in the industry for 30 years do everything he can to push out someone who’s been around for 9 months over what amounts to jealousy. I could never imagine wasting my time on trashing some newbie’s book even now. Why not let the readers decide?

Here’s what readers say about Flying Sparks:

  • “The Best Indie Comic of 2018”
  • “By far the best ComicsGate Book”
  • “Tone is perfect, some subtlety, twists, romance, light humor, and good action. Must buy comic!”
  • “Great story. One of the most fun superhero comics I read in a while.”

4.8/5 star reviews on Amazon.

What do readers say about Cyberfrog?

Who knows. It’s still not out.

The real reason this creeps up now is I mentioned yesterday that I am delivering VOLUME 2 of Flying Sparks (which I do all the shipping myself by hand too) and that the first batch is out to the post office. It eats at him that I can produce on every level and get things done on time for nearly 350 pages of content at this point, with pro, award-winning writer, and not to mention all three of my graphic novels have PRO art from Jethro Morales who works for Dynamite and Image Comics.

Moreover, I don’t need his platform to get it funded and done. I don’t have to leech off of him to survive like so many of his fake friends who are using him for his channel. Can’t play king-maker when I’m already a king.

Everyone Loves it who reads it. Give it a try if you love comics.  Shipping now so you won’t even have to wait.

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