Stealing Backers’ Money (Solo)

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It’s shocking to me the amount of grifters who got in on my comic book movement which was supposed to provide a BETTER alternative to Devil Mouse and its evil twin giant at Warlock Brothers.

We saw a problem in the industry, that the companies were screwing the consumer by making propaganda pamphlets, cheaping out their production with lousy paper, putting sub-par art on stories, and generally just treating the fanbase like a cash cow where they could say “I don’t even care about you” and the gamma males would come back thirsty to buy more.

Unfortunately, people from these very companies saw exactly this trend. They saw they could do exactly the same thing as the big-2, brand themselves as an “alternative” and produce the same lousy content. Their friends in the YouTuber game all got in on it, which is why we have atrocious books like Jawbreakers, Lonestar, and Graveyard Shift. They are some of the most unreadable content out there.

Until today.

Backers are starting to receive Stealing Solo, another youtuber-pretend-to-be-comic-creator project by a Star Wars gamma male complainer who latched onto the nonsense drama movement to bilk a few bucks off of the gamma comic readers. He came dangerously close to branding something which Disney might hit for copyright infringement, and that only made the crowd thirstier for the knock-off.

The Comic Book Hut, one of the few honest youtubers out there, hit upon a goldmine when this book came out, because the quality of this book is so shockingly bad it even makes Jon Malin’s work look professional.

He found out that these guys who took over a year to create what was going to be a sub-par book just trying to hit people in the Star War memberberries cheaped out every element of production. They printed backers’ addresses on the back of each book and mailed them out — WITHOUT ENVELOPES! How insane is that?

But that’s not even delving into the book quality itself. Look at this preview page:

The stiff, amateur line art might be acceptable from a random book, with a little poorly done gradient photoshop coloring, if this book had been something that was someone with 50 backers, someone struggling to create a comic. But these guys clocked FIFTY THOUSAND on this book and then produced this level of art. Look at the poor lettering up top that looks like someone just added in a box in MS Paint.

It’s insane.

It makes me so sad to watch books like this get cash raked in because of cult personality, with the content being some of the worst out there. I would be embarrassed to produce this quality of book even with my stuff barely breaking even at less than a third of what this raised.

If readers came through and actually went for real alternatives making real quality books, what could we do with this movement? I can only imagine having $50K to play with for art on a 48-page book. I’d be working with THE TOP ARTISTS IN THE BUSINESS with that kind of funding.

But the movement was never made of readers. Just thirsty idiots who wanted to complain harder about Star Wars and circle jerk about how oppressed they are because some mega corporation won’t listen to them, while holding up the people who have the most idiotic takes, complain the loudest, and put zero work into their craft.

This is the end result of ComicsGate. It’s a shame. I really hope next time around people pay attention to the real quality product and not the world class bullshit. Maybe 2020 will change things? It’s going to be up to you.

For now, if you really want to see good writing in a Star Wars-like universe, read Justified. This series is absolutely pro. It’s got incredible reviews. I paid top notch for the cover art, the editing, and produced a modern science fiction classic. Start reading here.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Introducing ComicsGate Comics!

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Good morning, true believers!

Jon Del Arroz here, the Leading Hispanic Voice in Science Fiction and proprietor of the Diversity & Comics YouTube channel.

Watching the trends in the independent industry as of late, I’ve been pushing independent comic content at rates faster than anyone before, including the equivalent of monthly comics plus a new feature of monthly exclusive short comics on my Patreon in the style of old Eerie or EC.

The publishing experience has led me to conclude that we can do better for ComicsGate, the movement I founded in 2017.

Therefore, immediately, I am launching a new publishing and comics services company, ComicsGate Comics, to help small independent creators get their books published and on platforms where everyone can see it and always be able to purchase their work!

We will be providing formatting and distribution for complete books, and Editor in Chief Ya Boi Jon will begin offering editorial and project management services to make your comic creation experience go more smoothly as of today.

If you are interested in either the ComicsGate Comics publishing, Ya Boi Jon’s services, or both, please email jdaguestposts at gmail dot com to discuss terms.

Together, we will build a brighter future for independent comic creators, and help customers and readers discover OFFICIAL ComicsGate comics.


You can pick up our first book today in both kindle and print format. Flying Sparks #0!

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I Hate “I Don’ Support That Platform” Concern Trolls

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There’s nothing more annoying than someone on twitter or facebook rambling about how they would -love- to support my work, but because it’s on Kickstarter/Patreon/Amazon/Whatever they can’t support it.

It’s a virtue signal tactic that people like to do, and I notice it’s often the same type of people who don’t like to take real stands to actually fix culture, but the folk who love to get caught up in the “outrage” brigades that spin their wheels and give youtubers clicks and superchats. They’re about the complaints, not the solutions.

I get about one of these concern trolls a week, sometimes more at this point, and invariably, responding to them with helpful ways to purchase my work is a complete waste of time.

The folk who do this aren’t interested in supporting the art that’s making culture change, they’re not interested in my books at all. They’re just interested in the “team” virtue signal, and by nature of making their posts, signaling to their friends that I’m “not on the team” because I’m “using the wrong platform.

If someone were actually concerned about SJW big tech, they wouldn’t BE on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, making complaints about SJW big tech. Those are all THE WORST SJW big tech platforms.

So when they go off on Kickstarter, as if IndieGoGo is better (which we know IGG discriminates against the right over politics), it’s just to signal to their YouTuber ComicsGate monkey troupe that “I am one of you, Jon is not!” There’s never an actual interest in my real comics that are on time, coming out at a speed of pros, and actually providing solutions to the crisis on the comic industry. Why? Cuz you can buy my books on Kickstarter/Backerkit,/Amazon/Direct from me, however you want. I’m accommodating as many platforms as possible. These people aren’t about the books, and so I generally chastise them for being the retards they are.

Here’s why: whenever I post these alternative links, the complainers invariably NEVER purchase. They gotta save their money for superchatting their YouTuber so it gets read on a stream like a chump, after all.  No time for real comics or real change.

And it’s the same thing on Patreon. I get just as many “concerned” folk telling me how SJW it is and how bad it is. Folk telling me “You should use Subscribe Star”.  So I set one up, I sent it to those people, and as you see, there’s zero backers on subscribe star (though my patreon is cooking along very well). It’s not even worth the time to have set up the platform to accommodate these people who told me to do it. They literally wasted an hour of my life I could have spent writing.

Instead of complaining about the marketplaces, support the art. I’m not in the business of researching every marketplace and trying to pull my books in there — cuz I want my books to be seen by the most people possible. That means advertising on Twitter/Facebook, selling on Amazon/Kickstarter, using Patreon, because those platforms get the most views of people who might CONVERT. You should already know where to find my work and support, so you shouldn’t need me to investigate somewhere else to put it up.

Besides, what’s better than being a rebel, using these marketplaces in order to make money for MY cause, when I know they seethe and would LOVE To ban me? Nothing. By being in their space, I am making the most impact, I am creating the most change.

So I’ll use whatever damn platforms are available, and if I get banned, so much the better cuz it just means they’re afraid of me.

Back my current book now on Kickstarter.

Support my patreon.  

I’m working harder to provide more pro content than almost anyone out there. This is the cultural revolution. Get on board and stop complaining about the entertainment industry unless you’re willing to do something about it.


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Someone’s Feeling Threatened

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A couple of weeks ago, I just blocked the remaining ComicsGate yahoos of “pros” who turned a right wing rebellion against leftism in comics into their personal brand, after finding out that they were ushering in artists who were pulling the same crap that creators like Dan Slott or Mark Waid do regarding fans who voted for Donald Trump.

It’s like anything, once SJWs get in, they change the purpose of an organization until it’s meaningless and worthless, and that’s what happened here.

But unfortunately, the biggest YouTube celeb of them all can’t just leave me alone to make comics:

This is on the troll site Kiwi Farms, which why he posts there at all I have no idea, but even moreso, why is he shitting on Flying Sparks, a book he spent days promoting it just 12 months ago? If it was good then, why isn’t it good now?

It’s pretty obvious when you look at it from the lens of how a gamma male thinks. It’s a lot like the way John Scalzi poo-poo’d my Dragon Award nomination for my space opera novel.

The gamma thinks he’s so great, so talented, and everyone must see it on every level, and moreover he should be KING of his craft. Only his approved books are the ones that matter.

When I came on the scene having a novel that was 1. unapproved by gatekeepers 2. hated by the publishing establishment and yet 3. selling thousands and winning awards, Scalzi couldn’t handle it. He worked DECADES to get where he’s at. How dare this newcomer enter his turf and be applauded?

It’s the same thing here but on a bigger scale in the gamma male’s mind, because Ethan has a different comparison with my book and his on a few levels:

  1. I’ve entered comics and come out with and delivered 3 graphic novels in a one year span, while he hasn’t been able to draw an 88 page (of which I believe some are just pin ups and the like) book in 18 months.
  2. I’m a professional writer, award-winning, known for deep characterization and great work while he’s not had much experience writing at all, and so the depth of plot, the characterizations, the skill in my writing craft will be something which he feels inadequate about given his silly concept of a robot frog, and hopes readers won’t notice.
  3. He knows his book is not a million dollar book, even though it raised a million dollars — which is why he’s delayed so long because of that pressure.

It’s sad to watch, but even sadder to watch a guy who’s been in the industry for 30 years do everything he can to push out someone who’s been around for 9 months over what amounts to jealousy. I could never imagine wasting my time on trashing some newbie’s book even now. Why not let the readers decide?

Here’s what readers say about Flying Sparks:

  • “The Best Indie Comic of 2018”
  • “By far the best ComicsGate Book”
  • “Tone is perfect, some subtlety, twists, romance, light humor, and good action. Must buy comic!”
  • “Great story. One of the most fun superhero comics I read in a while.”

4.8/5 star reviews on Amazon.

What do readers say about Cyberfrog?

Who knows. It’s still not out.

The real reason this creeps up now is I mentioned yesterday that I am delivering VOLUME 2 of Flying Sparks (which I do all the shipping myself by hand too) and that the first batch is out to the post office. It eats at him that I can produce on every level and get things done on time for nearly 350 pages of content at this point, with pro, award-winning writer, and not to mention all three of my graphic novels have PRO art from Jethro Morales who works for Dynamite and Image Comics.

Moreover, I don’t need his platform to get it funded and done. I don’t have to leech off of him to survive like so many of his fake friends who are using him for his channel. Can’t play king-maker when I’m already a king.

Everyone Loves it who reads it. Give it a try if you love comics.  Shipping now so you won’t even have to wait.

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The ComicsGate Grifters

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I’ve always been good at investigative journalism. It’s a curse as well as a blessing, but I dig and find out things, which is where I’m important to our conservative push in culture.

I’ll remind the internet since there are short memories:

When I popularized ComicsGate as a hashtag, it was from my research finding out information about a secret group of facebook professionals conspiring against YouTube reviewer Richard C. Meyer to try to “goad him into throwing a punch” and trigger what they hoped was his PTSD from combat in order to get him branded as dangerous and thrown out of conventions.

These were “professionals” actively colluding and conspiring to try to harm someone to keep them from having influence in the industry — people who work for Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Dynamite, and others. The cause of it was because of politics — specifically a left wing monopoly trying to harm all right wingers in the business and make sure we don’t get to produce books or have any influence. They want all books to force LGBTQWTF on children, none to have male or white lead characters (unless villains), and to push identity politics so that not only are the primary demographic of readers kicked out of comics, but so that they stir up anger to get white, Christian, Republican, men out of the country.

It’s dangerous. They’re pushing violence at conventions toward those ends. It’s why I was so concerned for my own safety at Worldcon, and why they tried to libel and brand me rather than protect someone attending.

Last summer I saw a concerted effort by a group of industry professionals (just like happened with Meyer) trying to force the general conservative out of ComicsGate, as the hashtag had flooded into something much bigger than before. After Alt-Hero had a huge crowdfunding hit on its hands, lots of creators jumped in for their books. Once that occurred, the YouTube channels of a lot of people skyrocketed in subscriptions. People who weren’t into comics at all just tuned in for one thing — drama.

The drama became much more important than books all the way around. In fact, the number of people actually into books became the minority in the group. Once the drama happened, power had to be consolidated because the “outrage of the week” can target anyone, and the only way beyond that is to have a critical mass of following so it can’t hit you.

The consolidation was done by forcing out anyone with right wing political beliefs and trying to damage their reputations. Just like the old guard industry did when I started #ComicsGate, now a group of star wars fans and left-leaning internet trolls (who took the name War Campaign) decided to try to police people and bully folk on the internet to get their way. A lot of the creators who knew they were riding an outrage train bowed to their wishes rather than doing what was right, because the mob seemed to be going one direction. All they cared about was the mob.

And the mob veered further left. The left wing usurped comicsgate, a movement that was supposed to be a haven for the right away from these forced leftist identity politics. We’ve seen it recently as Doug TenNapel has been attacked summarily for his Christian beliefs. They even came and attacked Mike Miller because of his anti-LGBT stances (as if they didn’t know it before). No one is safe from the outrage mob, and it’s veering further and further left.

But grifters came in from the left to take money from conservatives all while this is happening. They think you’re too stupid to realize and see it. That you’ll just hand them money cuz they smile at you while they cash the checks and call you stupid behind your backs.

It’s a tactic of the left in order to destroy any good culture from taking root, and it’s working.

Here’s what I uncovered, as one of the darlings of the new ComicsGate, Donal Delay is anything but on your side:

It’s the exact same wordings we saw from people like Dan Slott or Mark Waid or Nick Spencer. All these guys are out there virtue signaling to the left, trying to kick out the right.There’s one difference between them and Donal:

Donal doesn’t have the talent to just be open and honest and make it in the industry. He is happy to use the right wing outrage movement for $ in the indie sphere, because it’s a quick rise to the top of getting funds on crowdfunding sites.

They’re using you. And they think you’re so stupid you’ll just CONSUME.

Get excited for product. Buy product. Get excited to buy next product!

That’s all you’re being used for, smiling at you in public, while sneering at you in private. It’s disgusting. They think you’re this stupid.

And so far, with the ComicsGate group, they’ve been right. All of these guys keeps doing great and making more money off the outrage of the week, even while they don’t come out with their books on time, the books are shoddy when they do come out half the time, and the actual talented conservative creators get shoved off the platforms.

Sounds a lot like Marvel and DC to me. This is what we were supposed to be fighting against.

Demand better from your creators. Both on the product side and on the values side. We’re never gonna make a dent in culture if we’re pushing Diet SJW.

It’s easy to see who the real deals are — because they’re the ones who will speak truth and right when it COSTS them audience. If someone only says something that’s appeasing a crowd, it’s a big red flag that they’re not legitimate.

I wish I wasn’t right all along, but unfortunately, I spot patterns very well. It cost me half my audience to be right, but at least I have my soul.

I also have multiple books out while these guys are struggling to get out one. And my books are hailed by readers as “the best indie comics of 2018”. It’s got deeper story, it’s got no left wing signaling, it’s just good. Support good books by conservative creators.

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IndieGoGo Tampers With 2nd ComicsGate Campaign

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@ElectricDino12 reports this morning that IndieGoGo has not delivered him his funds on his comic book, Rebel Yell #2, even though the campaign closed back on Feb 21st.

“Indiegogo has had since Feb 21st to disperse the funds for our successfully crowdfunded Rebel Yell Issue #2, but they say that the comic has yet to be reviewed by their “Trust and Safety” Team? We’re still waiting, folks,” he reports.

The “Trust & Safety” team is the same group that began messing with Alt-Hero Q’s funds by Chuck Dixon, eventually holding backer’s funds for over a month, and then refunding all pledges in what appears to be fraudulent action by IGG.

Rebel Yell is made by a small creative team, a group that made only $541 on the campaign, so it’s not likely to get much attention by any of the major outlets, but it’s still something harrowing. This company is not safe, and is messing with multiple projects not before they go up, but after backers have given funds to it. Oddly, IndieGoGo had no problem with their Issue #1 and allowed the campaign through without any problems.

The crowdfunding platform is not safe to use at all, and it appears they’re far more willing to take action on their own to harm creator owned comic projects. Use the site at your own risk.

My Flying Sparks volume 2 is available on BackerKit, a 3rd party company which hasn’t bothered anyone, and has been very cordial on the phone with me over several conversations. iIf you missed out on the project, you can get it here and be assured the funds will get to me.

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Revolutions Need A Purpose Or They Will Not Last

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Waging the culture war is often like beating your head against a wall on repeat, hoping eventually the wall will fall down. It requires a hard head for one, but you’ll find more often than not that people you thought were on your side will attempt to put walls around you.

It sounds like a vague analogy, and it is to some extent, but it’s also what I’ve encountered since doing everything i can to start a cultural revolution in comic books in 2017. As we know, my movement I began is called ComicsGate. And since that time, it’s morphed from what it was supposed to be into a club of grown men acting like a high school mob.

And it’s not healthy. I’ve done everything I can to try to get it back on track, and still am working toward that end, because there’s a huge real battle out there.

But we have to have purpose, and remember what the roots were. I’ve been hamming on this point for nearly a month because there is a subset that won’t listen and is continuing with the same ways that are stagnating the growth and making it so no normal person would join up if they’re in their right minds.

The purpose has always been this:

  • The mainstream industry is blacklisting conservatives
  • We are opposed to that
  • We want great comics that aren’t pushing an identity politics narrative

That’s it. It’s pretty simple and a great base to start producing and getting going. I’ve put my money where my mouth is and produced 3 full graphic novels in this time to try to counter the industry, making the equivalent of monthly books with my hard work.

And meanwhile, a lot of other folk are meandering and stirring up drama with cosplayers on YouTube, muddying the points above because it’s more about their personal YouTube clicks than anything else.

Yet more are taking to blacklisting conservatives because they are trying to appeal to a “centrist” core that they imagine exists. They act like the mainstream industry only label themselves ComicsGate. It flies in the face of everything we’ve tried to create.

It’s ugly and unfocused. And it’s time for change.

We need to get back to our purpose. And those who can’t are showing themselves, because they want a few short term dollars from outrage. It’s not sustainable, and doesn’t do anyone any good. Those are the people to look out for in the movement, the ones that will do anything to maintain a buck while not producing much of anything.

Join me in fighting against the mainstream that’s in lockstep and looking for any reason to hold us down. But we have to stay with those bullet points above. Otherwise, we’re just here flailing and yelling for no reason.

My book’s now up on BackerKit for people who missed out on the campaign. Join a lot of readers who are moving comics forward in a positive direction.

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#ComicsGate Doesn’t Want Or Need Gatekeepers

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Political gatekeeping has to stop.

Last summer saw a group of guys who were forging ahead in indie comics in a way that was unique. We pushed each others books, cared about the craft, were working toward building a world where GOOD books were what mattered.

The whole point of ComicsGate was to point a middle finger toward gatekeepers, especially those on the left who try to stop right-leaning content from being seen.

Yes, a reminder is needed again that this whole movement came about because the extreme left establishment that runs comics blacklisted people on the right wing. Entire point was to counter this behavior, and to welcome independent creators with open arms who want to put BOOKS FIRST.

As I maintained this message through the fall and winter, after the crowdfunding period ended, same with the honeymoon period, some folk went into political and fiefdom finger pointing just like the establishment did. I opposed this, and I still oppose this.

Some folk saw the light, we made up. Why? Because we’re stronger together. Independents rely upon each other to boost each other because we don’t have the giant network, platform, and distribution that Disney and Warner Bros have. They are our opposition.

Now I blog today because of a group that took the IndieCron concept from me, an idea that originated on this blog. Originally, Edwin Boyette and I pushed indie books, and made an easy resource for people to find them and how well they were doing. Anyone who wanted in could be in. We weren’t gatekeepers. We were just facilitating readers connecting with creators. That’s the whole point.

Unfortunately, IndieCron got co-opted by a couple of guys who decided they would be the arbiters of what books they want seen. They became just like Disney and Warner Bros. Content they don’t like for thatever reason—politics, personal, even content they judge “aren’t going to sell” now is getting removed from their site. It’s become pointless. I’m very sad too see my idea used like this.

But there’s an answer. This is why I started

This site is designed to promote and support ALL indies. Anyone who wants on can be on. It’s a spot for readers to connect with projects and creators. It’s not a pissing match to make some sort of nebulous statement like the other site has become.

We all need to stand together and stop the nonsense. When we divide like is being done, it divides the readers, it divides the creators, we will have LESS books getting into LESS people’s hands as a result.

My dream has always been to create something new and different. Where it’s about the love of the books. I hope you all will join me.

And join in on The Ember War before it’s too late – this book was the first one that IndieCron refused when the new owners went off the rails. None of the major YouTubers even acknowledged the book despite it being a great sci-fi book by top-tier creators who are KNOWN for performing. Readers chose the book anyway. The Ember War made $25,000+ without them. Their gatekeeping not only is pointless, but they’re not even very good at it as readers will choose what they love anyway. And they love great science fiction by an award winning author like me.

Buy it now before it closes this weekend! 

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