Eating Healthy Is Important!

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I know I get flak from this all the time from all my people, but nerds, trust me, eating right is important for your longevity, for how you feel, and for everything you do including your creative endeavors because it helps you get your brain going.

When you eat poorly, you feel sluggish, slovenly, it just is what it is. I know, I’ve done it (and sometimes I still do, though I try not to). Changing those habits will change everything you do.

I start off my mornings in a way that will get me up and going and not feel heavy.

If it’s a workout day, I eat after hitting the gym, but otherwise it’s when I wake up. Here’s what I consume to stay healthy:

Black Coffee – my caffeine addiction. it wakes me up and gets me writing the blog. On workout days I replace this with a pre-workout mix that has more vitamins and creatine, but also the same amount of caffeine I ingest regularly in mornings, that’s more to get me going faster so I get out the door to the gym, while to help me with my physical condition I use some great supplements that I got online, since there are some great supplements for this, and this authority site explains that and how to select your supplements.

Non-Fat cottage cheese:  high protein, no drawbacks.

Bone Broth (1 cup): This gets more non-fat protein plus some collagen to help the skin and bones. Most healthy stuff on the planet.

A protein shake comprised of banana, a cherry-berry kale frozen mix (one cup), pea protein powder, 1 tpbs flax seed, hemp seed, chia seed.  Super foods in here a lot, plus as you guessed, extra protein. I like the banana for extra potassium as it’s important for me not to get leg cramps.

I do this almost every morning, though sometimes I vary with eggs to add to the protein and change things up a little.

It’s just part of my routine which has lost me 10 lbs in one month, and got my mind working at levels much better than before.

Try it and let me know the results!

If you like a good lifestyle, read my steampunk series because it’s got positive heroes who are doing their best to better themselves and the world around them.

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