Happy #MAGADay!

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One year ago we s tarted winning  again. Is it any wonder my debut novel came out the asme week the God-Emperor fulfilled his prophecy to ascend to the Cherry Blossom thrown?

Well on the one year anniversary of all the hard work we put into our memes, which became reality to Make America Great Again, we have a treat for you.

Some of the only pop culture out there to celebrate this glorious day. It’s called MAGA 2020 and it features stories by some of the best in the business like John C. Wright and Brad Toregerson, along with some amazing essays by political philosophers like Milo Yiannopoulos and Ivan Throne.  Oh yes, and it has a story from the leading Hispanic voice in Science Fiction — Jon Del Arroz. It’s aptly titled ‘Winning Is What We Do.”

Do check it out and make this your gleeful look into the future so you can enjoy MAGADay with the rest of us:


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27 thoughts on “Happy #MAGADay!

  1. “One year ago we s tarted [sic] winning again. Is it any wonder my debut novel came out the asme [sic] week the God-Emperor fulfilled his prophecy to ascend to the Cherry Blossom thrown [sic]?”

    I guess you are just too excited to spell check…

  2. I’m so glad you refer to yourself as “the leading Hispanic voice in speculative fiction.” There’s no way anyone else would come to that conclusion on their own.

      • I question your definition of “lots”, but whatever. If it makes you feel better to make such a bold and patently ridiculous assertion about yourself, be my guest.

  3. I love the great Milo’s philosophies on overweight people: “100% per cent of fat people are fucking gross.” And: “Fat people should absolutely hate themselves.”

    Oops. Awkward. Given your stance on fat shaming and frequent demands for disavowals, I guess you have no choice but to boycott this book because of the awful things Milo has said about you. You can burn it. Just like you burned your baseball tickets. Because you always take such principled stands.

    PS – I also love how VA and NJ celebrated your anniversary last night.

      • Cool story, bra.

        Speaking of bras, you should burn yours. Let your man boobs fly free!

        I agree—no one gives a shit that you’re overweight. No fat shaming here, unlike with Milo.

        #MAGA – Make America Gigantic Again!

      • Hey! Emmett Zits-Bloom missed me! Hey, Zits-Bloom! Sounds like you secretly want me in your bed. Homophobia sure does reveal a lot about someone. You scamp. Lol.

        PS – You’re still about as funny as Chevy Chase in “Man of the House 2.”

          • You know Jon, I’d consider conceding that point. Sometimes, I think Ryan actually wants a productive discussion. I get the impression he can’t make up his mind; Intellectually Honest Debate or Troll? Decisions, decisions.

            Toothprick, well, I’ve never read an Internet Troll with such fragile feelings. Poor guy. I almost feel bad.

          • Ha! Oh, you silly boys…

            Secretly, Jon fears that he’s a loser—a failure, unable to crack the big time.

            Meanwhile, Emmitt Zits-Humorless has really thin skin, hiding his fragile feelings behind his teenage dream of being as sarcastic as Fletch…but only managing to be as dumbwitted as Chevy Chase’s talk show.

            It’s called projecting, boys. And you both do it in IMAX.

          • I instinctively want honest debate, but Jon is a troll. As it turns out, I have trollish tendencies. So both are on the table.

          • I’m not sure what you’d want to debate. People are shitty to conservatives in entertainment industry, this is true. That is bad because you shouldn’t target people or blackball people as a group like that. This is also true. Otherwise I’m just producing art.

          • And conservatives have been shitty to people. For a long time.

            I disagree that you shouldn’t blackball. I firmly believe in freedom of speech, but not freedom from consequence. Same something bigoted or shitty, and pay the consequences.

          • You want conservatives blackballed from producing art? that’s why you’re here every day? Kinda weird as a stance man.

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