The Rise Of Corporate Communism

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I’m seeing a distinct lack of posts by my “well corporations are free to do whatever they want. Muh corporations!” from my Libertardian friends — or perhaps it’s because I have less Libertards following me than I used to.

It’s pretty amazing how quickly these multi-national corporations jumped from “Made In America” as brands like the NBA or Disney seek to censor their people, change their products, all to bend over for China.

When they see a market of billions vs. a market of a few hundred million, these corporations will ALWAYS choose to squash freedom down to the individual level. They will always choose the evil human rights violating over their true market if it’s perceived there can be some sort of gain there.

They’re bought and sold. And communists learned the game over the last decades — buying the corporations and getting a foothold to bend it to their will is a much better plan to destroy capitalism than ranting about it.

This is why corporations are evil. This is why they should NOT have rights like human beings do. And this is why you should be supporting independent entertainment that isn’t mass produced garbage drawn up by a board, and not these big brands.

Or you can be like LeBron James.

The choice is yours.

If you haven’t caught up on my new series, read Justified, the beginning of my Nano Templar series. I never equivocate on my values, because I don’t report to anyone who dangles a purse string.


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