Top 5 Most Wanted Comic Omnibus Reprints

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There’s 5 I really want at this juncture, and so I’ll list them here as a blog:

5. Captain America by Kirby – This is a hole for stories not in other formats like the epic collection so I would like to have these to do a more complete Cap read-through.

4. Captain Britain – I’ve never read the material in here, but this is a strange one for Marvel to have printed to begin with. I doubt it will get a reprint, but it’s so hard to find I’m curous.

3. X-Men: Inferno – Not really an omnibus, since it was labeled “oversized hardcover” but this is one of the most interesting X-Men storylines and has been out of print forever. Definitely need a reprint of this!


2. Rachel Rising Hardcover – When this came out I was an idiot and thought “I have all the single issues.” This is my favorite book of the decade and I want this more than just about anything.

1 Fantastic Four By Hickman Volume 1 – Honestly, I want Rachel Rising more, because I have this in complete collection form, but I am a completionist collector and not having a complete Fantastic Four omnibus library bothers me.

If you like my taste in comics, you should try mine. It’s really good. Flying Sparks in issue form starts here with #1 and goes on a wild ride of epic superhero story from there:

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