The Steam Knight – Available For Pre-Order

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Courage, Danger, Valor…

…all await in Steampunk’s special forces.

The Knights of the Crystal Spire are Rislandia’s most elite fighters. Trained from a young age, they alone can face the deadliest enemies of their kingdom and beyond.

James Gentry joins the Knights’ ranks, starting as an apprentice on his journey from a simple farmer’s life to the way of the warrior. He must face spies and traitors, soldiers and assassins, and doing so under the watchful eye of a beautiful princess.

Does he have what it takes?


Over the last year I’ve put up three novellas featuring my steampunk knight, and now that I’m in control of my own publishing, I found it’s best to put them all into one bigger book and add them into the main Adventures of Baron Von Monocle series.

Fans demanded to see James as a character and watch him grow, and I wanted to add in a strong male lead and war-buddy male friendship into the series to give it a little more depth. The stories in here are James dealing with a very difficult life in these elite forces and growing in his capacity as a knight.

If you haven’t read these, it’s a lot of fun! Moreover these stories are designed to be read standalone so you don’t need prior knowledge of the series to get in (though it definitely adds to the world). There will be a paperback version coming along with the release. Pre-order now! 

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