NaNoWriMoPrep: The Anatomy Of A Novel Part V: The Outline

Happy Halloween! Which means tomorrow is #NaNoWriMo. Oh my. Remember to breathe!  This is the last installment of NaNoWriMo prep. I actually did mine over the weekend, but there’s still enough time for tonight. The last thing to do – is the dreaded outline!  I actually break down my concept, close my eyes, think about it scene by scene and write it down.  Continue reading

Doomtown: Revisited

Someone asked me about all of the work I did for Doomtown: Reloaded, the card game from Alderac Entertainment that just met its demise for new production. This game has the coolest mechanics, worth checking out on the clearance racks of stores for sure.

I wrote a LOT of words over the last couple of years, including naming some cards, which was pretty fun. Below I’ve pasted a link for every story I did for the game for easy access, and there’s a special bonus for people who scroll down and read to the end, something all Doomtown flavor aficionados will probably want to see.  A gift for trusty readers in anticipation of my forthcoming novelization of Star Realms, coming soon!  Continue reading

NaNoWriMoPrep: The Anatomy Of A Novel Part IV: Expanding the Big Idea

We’re only 6 days away from NaNoWriMo. Are you getting nervous yet? I know I am. I have a book dropping mid-November that I have to promote every day. I have edits of another book I’m working on, I’ve got my job which keeps me busy and two kids which keep me even busier than that. Whew. How am I ever going to find time to write a novel?

This is exactly why I’m preparing as much as I can in advance so I can just be in the flow and not think about it. So far we’ve gone over generating ideas, worldbuilding and producing characters that have some life to them. I’ve made 6 character sheets myself, and anticipate at least 4 perspectives out of this book. So what next? Continue reading

Space… the Tiny Frontier


Military Science Fiction or Space Opera has had a long tradition in the gaming world. There are a LOT of crossover fans of both of these things. I remember as a youth I’d play privateer and escape velocity (still the best computer game of all time, I don’t need your stinking graphics or cut scenes! –grumblegrumbleoldmangetoffmylawn-) getting my own ship, trading from port to port, fighting off or becoming a pirate and then building to blow up whole systems. It was awesome.  I spent hours up far too late playing games like that and others like it, imagining myself as a ship captain or pilot through those experiences.

Naturally my reading habits stretched to those strange new worlds as well. I took in anything I could find that had a starship on its cover, as much as I was eagerly finding games that did the same thing.  Continue reading

Top 5 Space Operas Of All Time

It’s not secret I’ve been thinking a lot about space opera recently. It’s my favorite thing to both read and write and I’ll be coming out with my first book in the genre in short order! In the meantime though, I’ve put together my list of my top five favorite all time space opera series. Any of these would be a great place to get started if you’re interested in the genre.

I know there’s some that a lot of people would think should be on the list: Honor Harrington, Ringworld, Lensman to name a few. While I understand the appeal of all of those, the characters of the ones below are so near and dear to my heart that I don’t even think those excellent and well regarded series compare.  There is some overlap between “books  that inspired me to write” list last week and this, because I love Space Opera so much.  Continue reading

NaNoWriMo Prep: The Anatomy Of A Novel Part III

Hello there, NaNoWriMo enthusiast! Whether you’re writing, thinking of writing, or just interested in how these books are made, you’ve made it to Part III of my Anatomy of a Novel blog series. This step is going to be the first part where I’m actually going to be doing the work along with anyone else at this point, as I’d had plans for parts I and II for awhile now.

This part is about defining your characters. Continue reading

Interview with Author S.D. Grimm


I don’t do a lot of guest posting on here, but from time to time I do have interest in promoting work that’s interesting to me. S.D. Grimm is the author of the forthcoming YA fantasy novel, Scarlet Moon, from Gilead Publishing. I’ve gotten to know her in the past through the writing community and in particular author Nadine Brandes, who also has a new YA fantasy, A Time To Rise, out now.  Ms. Grimm early on gave me the privilege of reading a few of her chapters back in the day when she was submitting her novel, and I was very impressed with her work, and happy to see that it’s coming to market!

You can find out more about her here:

Facebook, Twitter, Website, Pintrest 

And once more, Scarlet Moon on Amazon:

Scarlet Moon is coming out tomorrow, October 21st, marking her debut novel. So I figured it’d be interesting to sit down and ask her a few questions about the book and herself! Enjoy. Continue reading

NaNoWriMo Prep: The Anatomy Of A Novel Part II

Welcome to the second part of our NaNoWriMo series: The Anatomy of A Novel!

Last time, on this blog, I mentioned that the next step would be to create some characters to play around in our idea and make a story go.

But we’re not ready to do that yet. Before we can get to a character and who he or she is, we need to figure out a little about the world they live in. Culture, technology, religion, politics, sports teams (especially sports teams. If you are an LA Kings fan, you may stop reading this blog now.), can dictate a lot about who we are and how we make our decisions.  That informs our characters.  Continue reading

The Five Books That Got Me Interested In Writing

I’m going to take a brief detour from my NaNoWriMo prep, as today I started thinking about when I became interested in writing, and what pushed me to it. Honorable mention has to go to the television show, Babylon 5, as reading those scripts opened my eyes to in depth story telling at a young age, as I became interested in the magic behind creating something for the screen. Without further ado, here’s the books:   Continue reading

NaNoWriMo Prep: The Anatomy Of A Novel Part I

After my last post, I received a question asking: how much prep can you really do for NaNoWriMo? And that’s a really good question.  I’m aware that there’s different types of writers out there, some people just write and go, letting the flow take them where it needs to. This really isn’t for a writer more in that camp.

I, like most people, have limited time. So I have to plan my writing. I may get 30 minutes here, an hour there, and I need to make sure that is maximized if I’m going to hit goals. NaNoWriMo isn’t the hardest goal to hit, as it breaks down to about 1,667 words per day, which I do pretty regularly, but if you miss a few days or get stuck, it can be overwhelming to catch up.

I plan a bit ahead of time so I don’t have to worry about what I’m writing, I just have to execute what I already intended on doing.

Which brings me to part one of my Anatomy Of A Novel series: Where Do Ideas Come From? Continue reading